$10 Million Without A College Degree

How could some kid without a college education make over ten million dollars on the Internet.

Well we’re going to talk about that. I’m going to show you exactly what I did and what you need to know if you plan on making money without going to college. And we’re starting right now. When I was a kid I was really good at math. I went to high school and I took math tests and I always got A’s on the test. But there was one problem and the problem was is I didn’t know how to show my work.

So I would do my math problem and I’d get the answer but I wouldn’t show any work and so the teacher thought I was cheating which meant that I failed the class which meant that my hopes of college were pretty much down the drain. So instead what I decided to do is not go to school which was probably not a good idea gotten a lot of trouble. But at any rate there I was and because of that I wasn’t really college material. I graduated from one of those continuation schools and when I graduated I didn’t have that much money.

Now what I did is I worked a little odd jobs I worked at McDonald’s sold some computers and in my part time what I did was I had a magic business. I would actually do magic shows for local companies and for local birthday parties and things like that churches and stuff. And so I was I was learning magic and I made a little bit of side money but nothing really that big. I was pretty much broke because my brother and I moved out when I was about 15 years old and we had to pay rent and everything. So I had to figure out a way to make this work.

And in California rents are not very cheap. So there I was I was doing my magic doing my work and one day I was trying to build my magic business up and I came across this ad in the local magic magazine. It looked like this and it promised to show magicians how to get more bookings how to make more money as magicians and so I went through and I was like OK this is pretty cool. And I learned the art of advertising I learned that I could just change the words on an ad and that was the difference between like getting a lot of money and no money. And so I kind of got hooked. I was like wow are you kidding me.

Like seriously changing words on an ad is the difference between making nothing and making lots of money. Like seriously it’s pretty cool right. And it’s crazy because changing the words on the ad What’s the difference between nine hundred dollars a month in bookings and like five thousand dollars a month in bookings which to me was like wow and I’ll make five grand a month. That’s pretty cool. And at that point I could have just stopped and been happy with the extra bookings but instead I started to look into it and say well if the words on the paper could be the difference between five thousand a month and nine hundred a month then I think I want to learn the art of writing words on paper. And so I went through and I started studying marketing and I was like OK let’s learn about marketing and advertising and how to write these ads and and what makes them work.

And I remember something I heard from Jim Morone and he said that formal education i.e. college will make you a living but self education can make you a fortune. And so I decided to dive in and self educate myself about marketing and advertising and what makes these ads work and what makes them not work. And so I decided to start testing things out with mailing letters out to local companies building Web sites. I even ran some ads in magazines for business and magazines for magic and doing things like that. And I became a real student of writing these ads because I figured hey here’s all these people that are working their ass off for sixty thousand dollars a year after investing like hundreds of thousands of dollars in college. That to me didn’t sound like the greatest investment to me.

I thought well what if I could learn this art of writing ads like this ad here which cost a quarter of a million dollars to run which you guys can look at these ads they cost a fortune to run and they keep running them because they work now. They work because of what I learned and what I taught myself which is how to write a good ad that gets a response. And because I learned that skill I was able to take that and use that online and make millions of dollars from the comfort of my own home without having a college degree or even stepping foot in a college once in my life.

So let me talk to you about what I think is the biggest money getting opportunity of all time and you can do this without having a college degree. [00:04:10][7.8]

So a college degree you don’t need.

 That’s our college hat. Don’t need a college degree. So one of the things that we got to learn is how do we want to make this work. Because right now there are billions of people on the Internet right now probably millions right now but there’s billions connected to the Internet and these people on the Internet are looking for stuff. They want information they want to learn about things they want discounts and all kinds of things.

Now the key is is that these are captivated people this is you’re captivated audience. Now if you were able to write an ad or a letter to these people and get them to buy something or get them to do something or fill out a form or click a link or even call a phone number if you could get them to do that then you could make a ton of money. This is the secret a lot of people don’t know because it’s not really taught anywhere they teach you the basics of advertising and everything like that but they don’t teach you the real world stuff about marketing. Now if I could go here as a business guy and I’m like Here I am as a business guy. I don’t know why but apparently I will wear bell bottoms. OK.

So here we are. I’m the business guy. OK. And let’s say that I’m over here.

And I have something to sell okay maybe I’m affiliate and I can sell something and get paid. Maybe I find a product that works really good and I can sell it and get paid. Right. So here we go. [00:05:36][10.1]

We think we got all these companies that are willing to pay us these big moneybags. All right. Here’s our big moneybags.

OK. They’re willing to pay us moneybags when people do stuff which is cool. So all I have to do is learn to take a link from The Advertiser Web site. This is a custom link for me and I get paid when people buy things click things download things fill out forms call phone numbers whatever it is you name it.

I get paid and sometimes I’ll get paid like two dollars just to give away a downloader. I’ll get paid one hundred dollars to get someone to fill out an application for a credit card or something like that. Now my job as a marketer again remember that skill that I learned without college is being able to speak to these people in a way that’s going to work. Let’s say these people over here are interested in travel. OK. And this is an example you guys are going to like. So they’re interested in travel and they want to fly all around the world in their jet setting whatever it is.

OK whatever it is they’re interested in travel and they like discounts on travel. All right so I got all these people looking up discounts on travel over here. Let’s say I have this link and this link is for a credit card. Sign up form that gives them rewards on travel. Right. So these people can save money on travel by using this special credit card. All I got to do is write a good ad for these people. Send them to the credit card sign up form and I get paid one hundred dollars or more. Every time someone applies. Imagine if I get 10 of those a day that’s 1000 dollars a day in money.

I could be making compare that with the average starting salary for someone who just graduated college. You’re looking at like forty thousand to sixty thousand dollars a year and you still got to pay your student loans which is kind of insane. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not knocking college here. I’m glad my doctor and my lawyer went to college. It’s a very good thing right. I’m very glad they did. And for people like that I think college is the thing. But some of you guys out there might be looking at it and maybe you’re looking at a career later in life or maybe you’re looking at.

Should I go to college or start my own business. And we’ve got to look at it and say do the numbers add up for us and do we know what we want to do.

Because I think there’s much more efficient ways to make money because if you’re able to get 10 people to fill out this form boob you just made yourself three hundred and sixty thousand dollars a year which is pretty much as much as a good doctor makes. And this is exactly what I’ve been doing over the last 20 years to make over 10 million dollars on the Internet driving people to things because I know the ad to write and I know the people to talk to and it’s a very simple process and if you want to learn how to write ads to put money in your pocket in a really simple way then I urge you to subscribe and click the bell notification. So that you can get all my videos about how to make money with advertising and you can join us live here on the channel to learn exactly how this works.

Ask questions and figure out how you can make money writing ads for profit. It’s very simple and in my opinion it’s something literally anyone can do if they’re willing to put in the time and learn to do it. Sometimes I’ve made over one million dollars in a year using this exact method and I’m going to show you exactly how it works. So make sure you subscribe click the bell and hop over to affiliate dew dot com slash ad man. To learn more about how to make money being an ad man. Or woman. For that matter. Thanks again for watching. I’m Marcus. And I’ll see you in the next video.


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  1. my ex-father in law told me that the ability to think independently and then act and actually do something is much more important then formal education,and that the world is full of educated bums but the thinkers and doers make everything happen.

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