Youtube Affiliate Marketing – Making Money With Affiliate Links On Youtube

Youtube Affiliate Marketing – Youtube Affiliate Links Guide

How To Make Money On Youtube With Affiliate Marketing.

First of all we need to understand what youtube is:

  1. Youtube is a video uploading site (duh right)
  2. Youtube is a KILLER traffic method for affiliate marketing

So now you know that the main goal of making money as an affiliate marketer is to drive traffic to relevant affiliate programs that will generate money.

The easy way to do this is thru the youtube adsense monetization program.  This is where youtube places ads on your videos and gives you a percentage of what the advertiser is paying.

NORMALLY what I see across the board with this method of monetization is an average of $0.002 per view.

Now at $0.002 per view… you are gonna need a hell of a lot of views to make any money with your youtube videos… take for example and say we had a video with 10,000,000 views.

(disclaimer… my largest video has 450,000 views so you can see that this can be hard to get)

But if your video did get 10 MILLION views… you would expect to earn about $20,000!

Woooo hooo marcus… $20 Grand!

Well hold on now… because to consistently make videos that get 10 million views is damn near impossible… even pewdiepie is only averaging 4 million per view and the only one I see consistently pulling down 10 million views per new video is MR Beast!

You Can See These Results On Social Blade

BOTH of these guys have been doing this forever, have huge channels with 25 and 100 million subscribers… so to get up there with them will take a lot of work.

So if you wanted to earn $100,000 a year with youtube monetization… you would need to be generating about 50,000,000 video views or more per year.

So what gives… why does someone like MR beast or pewdiepie show earnings of $10-$20 Million Per Year Or More?

Well here’s the deal.

Most youtubers DO NOT rely just on monetzation… monetization is one of the lowest amounts you will ever make with your youtube channel.

I have a channel with approximately 2,000 – 3,000 daily views and if I relied on monetization alone I would barely be able to afford lunch every day.

HOWEVER… with that same channel I have been able to earn millions of dollars.


Here is how it works.

Youtube Affiliate Marketing And Affiliate Links.

How to build your audience and get them to do things that make you money.

Now most people think OH hey… you know what I need a sponsor.

BUT sponsors will not start seeking you out until you have a lot of views… A LOT OF VIEWS!

So what you need to first do is understand what your viewers are all about.

If you have a channel about music and one of your videos about the Ibanez fancy new guitar is getting a ton of views… then you need to specifically target that video and make some affiliate links for that guitar.

That way you can get paid each and every time someone watches your video and buys the guitar thru your youtube video and your affiliate link.

NOW… you could go up there and start slapping affiliate links on your videos and hoping for the best… I have a friend who does youtube affiliate marketing with amazon and he makes about six figures a month with his affiliate links.

AGAIN… he has a ton of traffic so if you are a new youtube affiliate marketer… you will need to be more strategic about this.

Let me show you how this works.

Lets say you have a channel about meditation music or guided meditation… this can be an easy market to break into… and you can get a lot of views.

take a look at these two examples.

One has 313 Million total views (and its said based on the normal monetization numbers hes probably making around $100,000 per year) now that is just an estimate if he was only using ads on videos.

BUT what if he offered the MP3 download version of his video on his site and asked people to enter their name and email to get it.

Well then he would be getting THOUSANDS of people every day to join his mailing list.


If you can take that mailing list and send them links to affiliate offers for meditation music downloads, audible subscriptions, books, courses, therepy offers, relaxing supplements, ect…

Then you can start making a fortune.

This starts to add up very quickly once you have the mailing list going… and the cool thing about this is that you can now email your whole list everytime you come out with a new video… you can put that new video up on your blog in about 3 minutes and add some affiliate links to each post to drive even more sales.

So now instead of making 0.002 cents per viewer you are able to make a HELL of a lot more.

For example… there are affiliate programs on clickbank for meditation, manifestation, happiness exercises, and more… and these pay up to $139 on average for a sale.

Or you can look on offervault for affiliate links for your youtube channel and you will see things like

Stress Relief Essential Oils $40 payout

There are also meditation courses you can link to directly that offer 40% per sale PLUS recurring revenue for various meditation programs.

You can promote the audible software and get paid on a free trial.

Or you can simply put all your audios together from your videos and sell those as a custom mp3 pack.

Its really quite simple to do if you use youtube as your traffic method.

The magic to making this work is creating your own website with your own domain name and giving people a REASON to click your link on youtube.

For example I like to say… for notes from this video you can download a PDF on my website.

Or for links used in this video check out whatevermysiteis .com

Using this method I get over 100 leads every day from just one of my channels.

I find that I can usually get about 10% of the viewers to click and about 50% of those to opt in.

Meaning if I make the video and get 10,000,000 views like the example above… I would be getting 1,000,000 clicks and 500,000 opt ins.

Some people do this in a broad way by having the same link on every video.

If they have a money making tutorial channel they may say something like “my favorite money making method here” and have the link.

Some people like my friend just put straight amazon affiliate links in their description and say something like “check out my gear list below” and they list the stuff and put affiliate links to each item.

NOW I am not a big fan of this particular youtube affiliate marketing method because it does not make room for a proper affiliate disclaimer and your visitors never come to you directly so you would be leaving a lot of money on the table.

The best way to do this is by having a dedicated opt in page for your video that is easy for people to type in.  for example I use whatever.

So if I have a video about paid traffic I would make it

Or if it’s a video I know will do well I will get a separate url for it like or something like that.

This allows me to track everything and change it at a moments notice… so every traffic teaching video I have will lead to the traffic giveaway opt in page… that way If I ever need to change it – I simply change the one page and it now is updated everywhere.

This is important because affiliate links can change… and you want to be ready if they do.

Can You Post Affiliate Links On Youtube?

As of writing this 12.27.2019 youtube is ok with affiliate links as long as you have a proper disclaimer and you are not spamming them with junk videos just to get clicks and views.

You need to make sure you ALWAYS follow all the rules and terms.

Treat this like a business because it can make you a lot of money if done correctly.

Here are the steps to start youtube affiliate marketing.

  1. Locate a niche that you can get traffic in… not something like funny videos… that is to broad… maybe something like meditation music for anxiety or something (if you already have a channel skip to the bottom of this report)
  2. Find some affiliate offers you can run that people watching your videos would be interested in
  3. Make some targeted videos and post your links

NOW I realize youtube is a big place and some videos will SEEM like there is nothing to offer… like funny cat videos… how can you monetize a funny cat video or a recipe video.

Well the first obvious solution would be to sell cat supplies or something or recipe books for the recipe market.

As I always like to say… obvious makes little money.

But if you get a little creative then you can see how this works really really well.

For example what if I told you that you could get paid $1.60 every time someone downloaded free recipes?

Well you can 😊 this affiliate program I found at offervault pays $1.60 per download and it gives the users a free recipe toolbar so they can find their favorite recipes.

This is the exact method I used to turn “junk traffic” into millions of dollars with the myspace craze back in 2005-06 where I promoted an affiliate offer for smiley faces and music players and got anywhere from $1.35 up to $3 per download – the cool part is the visitor doesn’t have to pay for anything… they just download the toolbar thru my affiliate link and I get paid.

There are tons of these programs available if you search for “browser extensions” in offervault.

From video converters that pay $2.50 per download to internet speed tools to weather toolbars you can put on weather videos that one pays $2.50 as well… they even had PDF tools, radio browser extensions, games, coupons, and more.

This is how MR beast makes a ton of money promoting the honey discount ap… he has them as a sponsor but imagine if he was paid per install as well?

There are toolbars with helpful forms, tv streaming, watching sports online, and a whole lot more.

The list goes on and on from toolbar affiliate offers to giveaways…

Imagine you have a makeup channel and you want a way to make money.

You can get paid to give away free make up samples like dove soaps, mac cosmetics, beauty boxes, and more… some of these pay as much as $8 – $15 to give away free samples.

The cool part is they convert on a simple form… you don’t even have to sell anything… you can just get people to fill out the little form to get free samples and BAM you get paid.

Like this one here where it pays $2.40 for a makeup sample… all the user has to do is put in their email and hit submit for free samples and you get paid.

or maybe you have a travel channel… you could promote vacation gift cards or travel rewards credit cards on your youtube channel.

You could promote simple free dating site signups if you have a channel about dating or something like that.

You could even find affiliate offers for home improvement for a home repair channel.

Or suppose you have a workout or exercise channel… you could promote all kinds of offers…

The possibilities are endless and you can make a lot of money with youtube affiliate marketing EVEN if you have a small channel.

Check out my free youtube affiliate marketing course below and learn even more about how to make money with affiliate links and youtube affiliate marketing.






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