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What if you could do work today and actually get paid today?

Yeah, as in… Have the money in your bank account or your pocket. Literally right now.

Today, we are talking to you about how to get paid instantly online.

I’m Marcus. The affiliate marketing dude, and today I’m going to show you some of the things that I learned at the beginning of my Internet marketing career over 20 years ago.

These are methods that took me from trying to figure out this business to actually making millions of dollars online. So you want to pay close attention to him because these are the kind of things that you can do today and actually get paid today instantly.

Before we get started, I wanted to read a comment that someone posted recently here on the channel.

It was a guy named Nicholas and he said, Hey, Marcus, I’ve been watching your videos a lot recently. And I just wanted to say thank you, because using your knowledge and resources, I have managed to actually make money in the Web hosting niche. I started at the beginning of August and I’ve made three hundred and five dollars so far. So as you can see, people are getting results, watching these videos and learning the same stuff that you’re learning.

Now, I’ve got to tell you, the results are not typical, implied or guaranteed. The average person doesn’t do the work. So the average person doesn’t get the money. And most people quit before the magic happens. As my buddy Brian always says. Now, let’s go ahead and dove in and talk to you about how these instant paid methods work. First of all, you’re going to notice there’s lots of videos that talk about instant pay methods and they all say the same stuff.

They say, go to Amazon, M Terk, fill out a bazillion surveys so you could get a dollar. Go to fiver, upwork or be a lift or Uber, Uber driver or something like that. Now these methods can work and they can get your money, but a lot of them are kind of elusive, as we all know.

You’ve got to fill out a lot of surveys to make your first dollar. And if you put your ad on Fiver, it might take you a month before you get your first sale.

So we want to talk to you about something that you can start getting in right away and get paid to day.

Now, in order to get paid today, you need to pay close attention to the payment methods, because there’s only a few ways that you can actually get paid today and actually receive it today.

One of those methods is PayPal. PayPal now has a way where you can deposit the money and get it the same day, which is pretty cool. Or you can even use the PayPal debit card and go to the A.T.M. and get the money instantly. Another method that you can get paid by is payoneer.

You can drop the amount to your bank account at the beginning of the day and you’ll usually have it at the next day or at the end of the same day. If you do it in time, you can also use direct transfers like EFT deposits and things like that.

You can use Stripe, which pays the next day, or you could use the debit card methods with many affiliate networks. That’ll pay you the same day as well.

Now, in order to make this work, we have to understand the difference between advertising and prospecting.

And of course, it’s pretty obvious advertising is where you’re going out there trying to attract customers to you. You put your ads out there, you put some videos out there, you put some content, do some social media posts, and you hope that people see them and contact you for business. Prospecting is a little bit different.

Prospecting is something that you can do when you need to make money fast and you need to get customers now and you can’t wait. What this is, is actually going out there and proactively seeking out people who want what you have to offer, striking up a conversation or answering a post or talking to them on social media forums or whatever and actually bringing them into your business. I did this a lot in the beginning of my career from about 2000 to 2005, and it’s actually gotten a lot easier nowadays.

And we’re gonna show you how this works as well. So we need to understand the difference between advertising versus prospecting. Advertising typically takes a lot longer and you have to build a relationship with your market before you sell.

Prospecting can be something where you could literally find someone in the heat of the moment having the problem that you can solve forum and boom, you can get that money right away. Now, of course, in order to do this, you have to have something to offer to your visitor, whether it’s a skill, whether it’s something for them to buy, whether it’s a service, whatever it is, you have to have something that they’re going to want that they’re willing to pay money for. Now, these can be very, very simple skills.

And what you’ll learn is that a lot of these skills you can figure out in an afternoon and become somewhat of an expert on him if you stick to something very simple.

Some of these skills include setting up a membership site. Very simple. It’ll take you like an hour creating logos and thumbnails, blog optimization, order form creation, technical stuff like fixing WordPress, fixing membership sites, helping people do things on their sites. Video marketing, such as creating whiteboard videos, explainer videos, SlideShare videos, any kind of video people want Web site building from the very basic stuff to building a simple WordPress site to the complicated stuff like building an entire infrastructure. Simple chat bot setup.

Lots of people are getting into these and you could set them up in about an hour and probably make a good penny doing it. Search engine services like submission link building, content writing and things of that nature, ad writing, feio help. And lastly, we have dropped servicing, which means I don’t have to do any of the work.

I can just find someone willing to do it, pay them to do it and pocket the difference. And these are services that people are paying anywhere from five dollars to several thousands of dollars for people to set up for them. It’s very easy. It’s very basic. It doesn’t take a lot of time. It’s not a lot of hard work. And you can make money really fast. Now, let’s talk about how this works and where you’re going to go prospecting so that you can go out there and find the customers who need the services so that you can get paid right now. Now, the key to making this work is to be very, very specific.

For example, if I wanted to go and prospect in Facebook groups, I can find all kinds of groups like this one about membership sites, softwares that has over 44000 members or this one in the same niche that has 16000 members. A group about online course creators. With 7000 members, a group about blogging, with over 37000 members and another group about blogging that has 35000 members. Now, you could go out there and you can find Facebook groups about literally anything from how to do WordPress to how to do Infusionsoft, how to do Khadra click funnels a Weber, you name it. If people are interested in the topic, they’re going to be in there. And a lot of the questions that are received in these groups are tech type questions that you can fulfill by learning the simple skill set or using the skill set that you already have. And it’s actually very simple. You’re going to see that people will post questions like these questions that were posted just today where people are asking for very specific help. Ali says he’s looking to do a simple quick information WordPress site. How do you integrate it with Infusionsoft? This is something very simple.

I could probably solve his question in about an hour and I could charge one hundred dollars or more for the solution and I can get paid. Right now, here’s another one.

Andy says, Is it possible to create a paid email newsletter with Kartra? I could show him how to set that up. I could set it up forum and boom, get paid right away.

Here’s another one from R.G. who says, What’s the best way to set up my blog with Khadra? And so these people are looking for help with blogging and very, very simple tasks. If you don’t know how to do the task, you can figure it out in a couple of hours at the most. It’s actually not that hard to do. If you understand how to use the Internet at all, pretty basic stuff.

Another place you can go and prospect for customers are forums within your niche. There are forums that are about literally everything from Internet marketing to how to train your dog. Very simple or even weight loss. You could simply go into these markets maybe, you know, about weight loss or maybe you know about how to train dogs or maybe you know about membership, plug ins or whatever it is. And you can offer something specific to your customers, whether it’s a custom workout plan, if they’re working out, whether it’s a custom meal plan, if they’re on a diet, whether it’s helping them with a membership plug in, if they’re looking for membership plug ins, whether it’s something on WordPress, whatever it is, you can go out there and you can help them with it.

Heck, there’s people right now that are paying people to build YouTube thumbnails. What’s a YouTube thumbnail? That’s that little thing you click before you see the video. It’s actually very easy to make. You can make them in a couple of minutes and you can sell them very, very easily. So we could go through and we can find these people.

If we look at these forums here, you could see this guy needed help with a WordPress membership plugin because he wants to set up a membership site. You could show him the best plugins and then offer a service where you can set it up for him. Or here’s a guy who says, I’ve invented a new product. What’s the best way to market it? We could show him the best way to market it and offer him services of how to set up the site. Where we could set up the site forum and make it very easy. Here’s another one where he says, I need a theme for my store. Which one should I use?

Well, I would tell that guy to have a custom theme. Should always have a custom theme. And custom WordPress themes are very easy to make if you have the right software. Literally, you could do this in a half hour and you could charge upwards of a thousand dollars or more for a good custom theme. Boom. Do the work now. Get paid. Now! super easy.

And lastly, here’s another guy looking for an affordable e-commerce theme for his WordPress as well. So as you can see, this stuff is very, very easy. Now, in order to get paid, you’re going to want to make sure that you have one of the pay method setup. PayPal is probably going to be the easiest, fastest method to get setup right away. You can also use pannier and you just create a little link or give him your email address associated with your account.

They can send the money to you. And boom, you can get paid and withdraw it right now to day very fast. And this is not that hard to do. You just need to get out there and prospect and get people with the right message and get them with the right service. The cool thing about this is once you get one service dialed in, you can perform that service really, really, really quickly. Case in point, when I first started 20 years ago, there was a simple service that I did for people in the marketing company Herbalife. I found out that they all wanted like a catalog as a Web site. So I simply made a catalog. And as time went on, I could literally spit these out in a couple minutes. And I was getting paid 250 to five hundred dollars or more just for creating that simple Web site.

And again, because I was using these methods, I would get paid instantly and be able to withdraw it on my PayPal card right away.

And as you can see, some of the skills pay lots of money like Photoshop, editing, removing backgrounds from pictures, making logos, stuff like that.

Web site building can be a job that small from one hundred dollars or a big job for three thousand dollars or more. Graphic design pays between one hundred dollars a job and three thousand dollars a job.

Video marketing. Between three hundred and eighteen thousand dollars per video. WordPress troubleshooting is about one hundred and fifty dollars or more.

Proofreading and editing, social marketing, you name it.

People are paying for this stuff right now and a lot of people don’t know what problems they have. And it’s your job as a prospector to go share with them.

Hey, this is what’s going on with your site. Here’s how I can fix it. And it’s very, very easy to do. My close rate on getting new customers was insane.

It was like literally one out of three people I talked to would end up ordering. Now, again, those results are not typical, implied or guaranteed.

But this is the kind of thing where if you go out there and do it, you will make money flat out, plain and simple. Go do it. Subscribe, click the bell and I’ll see you in the next video.

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