What it Really Takes to Earn $1,000 a Day

What it Really Takes to Earn $1,000 a Day as an Affiliate Marketer — affiliatemarketingmc at YouTube.com

Have you ever wondered what it takes to make $300 to $1,000 a day in profit with affiliate marketing? Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today.

Very few people ask me what an affiliate marketer does on a day-to-day basis that actually makes money. This is very important, because that’s what you need to be doing. You can’t just go out there and learn a bunch of stuff–you have to take action and make it work. So, we’re gong to look at daily tasks and divide them into two categories: getting new visitors and converting existing visitors. Some content is designed to do both, but most will fall into only one.

You can repurpose and duplicate your content to fit into both, and with that you can double your income.

Let’s take a look at some of the things that work on a daily basis. It could be:

  • Finding new traffic avenues
  • Testing something (like Google AdWords, MSN or Bing ads, Yahoo ads, Facebook ads)
  • Facebook post
  • Facebook group
  • Twitter campaign


People come to me and say, “Marcus, these are things that I’m already doing. Why am I not making three hundred to a thousand dollars a day? What’s going on?” Well, the secret here is that you need to be doing them deliberately. You can’t just go out there and post some raw ugly affiliate link on Facebook and expect people to buy things. That’s not how it works. You have to refine your market. If you have a bunch of people that are very, very hungry, and you have a hamburger stand, you don’t have to be a great salesman to sell a hamburger, because the people are hungry and you’re the only one who has food to eat.

So it’s very easy now online. You have segments and segments of markets, so if you go out there and just post something on Facebook or Craigslist and you just hope to get the right people, that’s not what you want to do. As a marketer, your number one job is to find the right audience. Find the right market. Who are you talking to?

If you’re going on Facebook, you want to go into a targeted group of people and talk to them, or create a targeted group and talk to them. If you’re going on pay-per-click ads, you have to bid on the right terms. Who’s looking up your stuff?

For example, on Craigslist, I recently found an ad for Uber. It said, “check this out, it pays x amount of money,” and it went to an affiliate link. I don’t know if Uber allows this (some affiliate networks do, some don’t), but it appears that Uber might allow it because there’s tons of them (unless they’re just getting away with it). But the moral of the story is that it’s a good match. You’re looking for people who want a job, and you post the Uber ad, and it pays you when someone signs up or something like that. And you’re just making money all day long. So that’s an example of a deliberate move. Same thing with Facebook. If you find a group of people that are into fishing or something like that, you want to get in there and provide some value, then link them to stuff that makes you money.

Providing value is another thing that we do as affiliate marketers.

When you look at this and know that offer for Uber pays 50 bucks for a new person to sign up on the form, you think about how to get all these people to that offer, whether it’s from Craigslist, pay-per-click, a Facebook group, or whatever it is. It’s got to be deliberate. It’s got to be within the terms and conditions of all the sites you’re using (which is pretty easy to stay within). Then let’s say you get one hundred people a day to view an ad, and three to five people sign up. Let’s say that four people sign up: Multiple that by fifty dollars, and that’s two hundred bucks right there from a couple of simple ads.

You have to be deliberate and delegate the tasks you do on a daily basis.


Let’s say that I find people who want to set up a blog and start blogging. I can create a report, a video, or some piece of content to teach them how to make a blog, and I get $100 to $300 per sign-up. All I have to do is put my effort into getting this right. Where are these people? Maybe there are bloggers on a Facebook group. Maybe there are people on YouTube. I could make YouTube videos for how to set up a blog video. Maybe I make a little PDF report for how to set up a blog.

Now, let’s say my daily traffic is 100 people watching my videos, because the videos are targeted. I tell people, “If you want these instructions, get my PDF at my site and get web hosting.” Out of that amount of people, let’s say that 3 people get hosting. I’m now making $100 to $300 in commissions. I’m going to be building a list, but I’ll be making money as I go along as well.

This is an example of how it works. When you’re building a list, this is where it really starts to compound and work really well. It’s not that hard to do. You have these videos that are getting new visitors, then you start to focus on existing visitors.

Now let’s take a look at the daily tasks I would do for existing visitors. This could be something like send email. Email is a really good one if you have something about blogs. You could go out and start a Facebook group in your market, and you could start to talk to people. Facebook groups are very big for that—you can interact with your audience. You could also do Twitter. You can find good content and give it to your videos. You could repurpose content. You could make all kinds of cool stuff and make lots of money doing that.

So you want to delegate the tasks, make them very deliberate, and focus on what pays. While you’re reading this, there are people on dating sites, on bidding sites, on Facebook, on Google, on sales websites—they’re everywhere. Your job is to do something every day that brings them to you brand new, or something that bonds with t them that you already know. You can go and convert your existing visitors with little daily tasks.

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