What Is Internet Marketing? How Does Internet Marketing Work?

Hey guys it’s Marcus here with AffiliateMarketingDude.com!

Today I’d like to talk to you about what internet marketing is.

Lately there’s been a lot of heat around this term like “Is internet marketing a scam?”, “What does an internet marketer do?” and things like that.

So I’m making this video to show you what it is and how it works and how you could get involved and how it’s definitely not a scam. Marketing is just a way of getting a message across to a certain group of people and hopefully sell them a few things along the way.


So here’s what we’re gonna do. First up you can see we have these lovely pictures that’s what happens when the kids play in here right we’ve even got a picture of the dog here and everything like that.


Let’s say that we are an affiliate marketer and obviously this is my attempt at making a nice picture but this is the affiliate marketer here right and what he does let’s say he’s an internet marketer okay and he’s got bell-bottoms on because I think bell-bottoms are awesome and they should definitely come back in style so really cool.

So now this guy, he has a bell-bottoms store right we’ll call it bell bottom 70s.com or whatever okay and his goal is to sell these bell-bottoms.

Now as an internet marketer he can use many different means to sell them.

He could use email, write email. He could use search engines. He could use Facebook. He can use just about anything that is online related.

So he’s got his stuff here. He could use email search, Facebook, he can use any type of online advertising and his goal obviously is to sell the bell-bottoms so he would go on if he does email. He can go to like 80s easy nor 70s blogs or whatever and and tap into email lists or he can create his own list.

If he does search engines he would get people that are searching for bell-bottoms and seventies clothing and retro gear and everything like that right or he can go on Facebook and go to everyone who likes a certain type of music everyone who likes bell-bottoms or some kind of fashion or something like that he can even do any kind of online advertising.

He can do YouTube right and do all kinds of stuff where you show people dancing and the bell-bottoms. Really cool stuff right alright.

So that is the essence of how internet marketing works.

So his goal is to reach miss Sally Hayes here and Sally Hayes wants to get all of the bell-bottoms right and when she buys them okay he gets money and he can reach her using all of these methods alright that’s the basis of internet marketing.

Now there’s other things that go on here as well.

Let’s say we want to do email marketing or affiliate marketing okay affiliate marketing would be okay here’s Mrs. Jane whatever right and Jane whatever wants to market these because she has a fashion blog that’s all about 70s fashion alright she says I got this fashion blog, this is really cool and I get a lot of traffic but I want to make money on it alright so she goes to Mr. Internet Marketer and says Internet Marketer do you have an affiliate program? Internet marketer says yes we do okay so now instead of going direct reaching, these people searching for everything and selling the bell-bottoms now Jane has her blog all right it’s called like retro Jane or whatever right and retro Jane has all these things on here and what she does is she now puts an ad on her site this could be a banner ad, it could be a link, it could be a picture of a product or anything it could even be a video.

What happens is now Jane takes her people to her site okay and now once they purchase or click on this link they click on the ad what happens is they now go to Mr. Bell-bottom site, our internet marketer right and Jane gets a commission for referring them.

So Jane gets that commission for referring them now all of this is part of internet marketing it works really well right and what happens is the end user the person that Jane got here will call her retro Jenny right.

Retro Jenny likes bell-bottoms right and she’s like okay cool I’m gonna buy these bell-bottoms and when she buys them right both Mr. internet marketer and our affiliate marketer Jane get the money.

That’s how it works and unfortunately this girl needs job here so we’ll make something up right so here’s what we got and this is how it works.


INTERNET MARKETING by nature is a STORE TRYING TO SELL STUFF right and then of course you have affiliate marketing which is all part of internet marketing as well where you could have a site you can do direct linking you can do banner ads you can do YouTube you can do all this stuff where you’re making money.

Now there’s also affiliate marketing where basically you have a site and all you do is put an ad code on it.

The ad code will call her Adsense Abby. Adsense Abby, she’s got a blog just like Jane does and she says you know I really don’t want to go to Mr. bell-bottom guy for whatever reason right or maybe she doesn’t know bell-bottom guy says she says my sites getting a lot of traffic what if I put Adsense on it right so Adsense Abby has her site called whatever right seventies digs or whatever.

Her blogs got all this content and all these people come to watch all her seventies fashion stuff and over here she’s got a little code from Adsense or from Chitika or some other ad serving network maybe buy sell ads or whatever right and all that happens is this code automatically puts ads on the site.

The cool thing about this at first is that you don’t have to sell anything so sell know sell right so YOU DON’T HAVE TO SELL ANYTHING AND YOU GET PAID WHEN PEOPLE CLICK ON THE AD right now when people click on retro James ad as an affiliate right she has to sell something to get paid but when people click on Adsense on Abby’s site right she gets paid just for the click.

So click click right click click click she gets paid for the click now it is good to do that but the problem with Adsense and other networks like that is they don’t know your market as well as you do. Because here is retro Jane out here and she knows that all her people are interested in certain stuff so she knows what’s going to sell plus there’s another way of doing this where you can go through CPA networks or affiliate networks.

CPA Networks: are affiliate “houses” that broker offers. In these networkds you can get paid per click, paid per lead, paid per sale, and even paid per download.

And these CPA networks and affiliate networks basically what they do is they have tons of offers right so offers right and these offers come from they go out and they find all the internet marketers that want to sell stuff.

So they’ll be like okay we got the bell-bottom offer we’ll just put BB right we got the bell-bottom offer, we have an offer for like a download, we have an offer for mortgage right and so on and so forth.

Now what happens is the CPA affiliate network acts as a middleman right you can have stuff like commission junction never blew the anything like that anything pure fly there’s tons of them out there and what they do is they broker with these people to get the ads that you need and get the creatives which are advertisements. This would be called a creative.


Creative: A general marketing term used for the material used to generate leads and sell advertising developed and designed by art directors and/ or copywriters in an ad agency.

Okay and you would put that on your site and you get paid for an action hence the name cost per action affiliate Network CPA right or cost per acquisition and what they’re doing is they’re basically buying a customer and you can get paid per click, per sale per download, per lead when people fill out forms and all kinds of stuff even paid on free trials as seen on TV offers and everything like that.


So really good stuff.

This is what internet marketing is all about.

This is what internet marketers do.

This is how it works in a broad scale I hope you enjoyed this video.


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