What Do I Need To Do To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing


Marcus, What Do I Need To Do To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing?

1. What Kind Of Budget Do I Need To Start With?

After getting simple sites we recommend that you have at least $80-100 to start with web hosting and other items you may need along the way… you can use your current hosting if you wish.

2. Can I Host Multiple Sites On One Hosting Or Do I Need A Bunch?

As long as you have a host that supports multiple domains per account (usually a shared account you can get for a few bucks a month will do) this will allow you to host 20-30 simple sites 🙂 on one account.

3. What About Domain Names… Do I Need A New Name For Each Site?

You will want to get a new domain name for each category site ie: fitness, mortgages, ect… you can however have multiple fitness type sites on one domain.

4. Do I Need A HUGE Pay Per Click Budget?

Nope not at all… actually we start very small and increase our budget only after seeing some results.  You can usually test a new site with less than $30 and many times if you follow our directions you will at least break even or even make something on the test… and on top of that we show you how to get over $200 in free PPC ad coupons with your new site set up… so you can test your new ads “on the house” 🙂

5. How Much Time Per Day Should I Dedicate To Simple Sites To Be Successful?

We recommend 15 – 30 minutes per day actively working on specific tasks (found in your daily task guide) to start seeing results.  Keep in mind your work will add up over time to big numbers so you can start making even more daily even when you are not working.  However you can work as much as you like 🙂

6. How Fast Can I Start Seeing Results?

This is a lot like the “how much can I earn” question… it really depends on you as a person, the work you put into it, and how focused you are.  With that said there are ways to start earning starting today if you really want to… you just need to focus and work at the things that get results.

Remember 90% of this business is mindset… you must focus on the fact that people are always online, they are always searching, and someone is gonna make money today.. might as well be you 🙂

7. Is The Whole Idea To Run 1,000 Sites That Make $1 A Day Each?

While this can work… it simply gets to be a bit much to handle for anyone 😉 I would focus more on starting with 3-5 sites… watch which ones have potential and build them up.  Some of your simple sites may do a few bucks a day, some $27 a day, some may do 100s or 1000s per day… the key is to let the little ones make their money while you work at making the big ones even bigger.  Its much easier to take a site from $10 to $100  a day than it is to build new ones.  So focus more on building the ones you have rather than just making as many as possible.  My simple sites software will show you how to nurture a site to massive profits pretty fast…

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