weebly affiliate marketing – affiliate program review

What is Weebly Affiliate Program?

Weebly is an affiliate program for enterprises and resellers. As a website owner, this is the best affiliate program that you need to apply as a Weebly partner. You will have a chance to grow from free site to premium site because of how their website is simple to use.

Benefits of registering with Weebly Affiliate Program

On each sale made from your referral link, you get a 30% commission.
Cookies will be sued on the visitor’s browser for three months after the visitor has clicked on your link. You will get your commission if the visitor buys before the cookies expire.
With a database of more than 20 million users, you have a high chance of getting referrals.
Reliable tracking and payments.

How to become a Weebly Affiliate?

Weebly has a contract with a third-party company; hence, signup payments are made by Shareasale. After you create n account with Shareasale, click the Weebly affiliate program to get all the necessary details you need to sign up for the program. You will be required to sign a form with details of your contact, website, and payment details. After you finish signing up, you will get an activation link on your email, which you click to activate your account. Weebly will need a maximum of two business days to review your application. If your request is accepted, you will get your referral links from your Shareasale account.

Featured products in Weebly

From the Weebly affiliate program, you will get all the tools you need to build your blog, online store, digital newspaper, or anything you need for your online presence. They offer many plans regardless of your budget. The higher you pay, the more benefits you get from Weebly. The following is a basic plan which Weebly offers.


They have a starter, which is absolutely FREE. There is a catch because your website will have a limited storage limit for data and photos. Also, your website URL will have a “. weebly.com.” Since it’s free, you can begin building your site with no investment in terms of cash.


With a $4, $8, and $12 per month, respectively, you can get your unique site domain, which doesn’t contain the URL “. weebly.com.”

Affiliate Program Tools

Many affiliate program tools are available from ShareASale. To get all the tools to click on the “Get Links” button on ShareASale. You will see the following tools available:


The simplest way of getting users to notice your suggested companies is placing a banner on your header, sidebar, or footer. Weebly has great banners that come in different colors and shapes to tell your visitors more about Weebly.

Text Links

You can simply hyperlink text in your blog for visitors to click. You can directly refer them to Weebly using your referral link.


This is one of the best tools that many companies aren’t using. Weebly is above all affiliate competition because they have put a video in use. Anyone who watches video from your page will be automatically locked to you for four months if they buy a plan you will get a commission!

What are the Payment Options?

Shareasale has two methods of payments:

Check via ordinary post
Check via Federal express – This method will deduct $20 as a service charge.

Weebly pays on every 20th of every month with a minimum payment of $50.

What Is the Commission Rate?

You will get a commission whenever a user using your referral link signs. When you refer a customer to Weebly’s website, they are automatically locked for four months. If they end up purchasing any product from Weebly, you get a 30% commission of that payment. You will earn a commission depending on your plan.

Pros/Cons of Working with Weebly affiliate program


It has a beautiful platform that is easy to use, affordable for its users and is known globally because of its many users


It faces large competition from sire like WordPress, which offer higher rates.

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