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Don’t fall in to the keyword tool trap.

This is a trap I found myself in years ago after spending tens of thousands of dollars on various different keyword tools to try to find the right keywords to rent my web sites and get cheap ads. And in this video what I gonna do is gonna cut past all the junk all the confusion all the info overload and show you 10 killer keyword tools.

Which ones you should pay for if you want to go that route and how to get tons of free data for free so that you can find the keywords without investing a ton of money.

And in this video I’m going to show you 10 different keyword tools how to use them how they work when you should use them and how to find keywords fast for your market. We’re going to show you all kinds of stuff so stay tuned. We’re starting right now.

All right.

So here we have the 10 key word tools listed on the bottom of the screen we’re going to show you where they go how they fit and which ones you need to use. Now we have four major categories of keyword tools. We have niche research competitive research domain tools and ad tools. Now what you’re going to notice is that I’ve actually taken a lot of the info from these tools and have included them on a really cool toolbar that I made for you guys that you can use. So if you want to get that toolbar you can go over to

Put your name and email and you’ll get this toolbar that is going to link you to all kinds of tools and stuff like that. We’ll walk you through that a little bit later. Show you how the keywords differ tool works and everything like that. For right now let’s talk about where these go.

First of all we have the Google AdWords Keyword tool. Now in order to use the Google AdWords Keyword tool and get the full range of data you will need to have a running ad. Now it doesn’t need to be spending a lot of money or anything it doesn’t actually need to be running it just needs to be approved and that’ll get you guys the info you need. Now when you go to the Google AdWords Keyword tool what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna go into your AdWords account like this OK and then you are going to click on the tools somewhere here. There we go.

We’re going to click on tools and settings. We’re going to go into planning and they’re going to go into keyword planner. Now the way this works is pretty cool because it’s like the back door of Google that shows you everything that’s going on in Google right. So we’re gonna go in here and we could literally type whatever keyword we want. Let’s say we want to type in printable and then we can get results of the word printable and see exactly what’s going on. So we could see here the word printable is looked up sixty six hundred times a month. It is a medium competition.

The competition here is for paid traffic not for free traffic. OK. So this is for paid traffic. And then we could see all the various keywords that are related to the word printable and we could see how many times their search for per month. And we could see printable coupons is looked up quite a bit. Bath and Body Works coupons and on and on we go. So this is a very very good tool for using if you’re looking at paid ads or free ads or just want to find out exactly how many people are searching for various things in Google which is really cool right. We can go in. We can use that. Now this is a really good keyword tool. Obviously this is like the best of the best because we’re actually getting that data from the horse’s mouth the horse being Google saying this is how many people search for these various things. And keep in mind over four million people every 60 seconds are searching Google. That’s a lot of people and they’re searching for a lot of this stuff. So you definitely want to have the Google AdWords tool in your tool kit. And of course Google AdWords is under niche research.

Let’s go to the next one here. We have our next one which is Spy foo. This is a little known tool. This is mostly for competitive research which is pretty good because like if I have a competitor I can actually go to spy FU I can type in their domain and I could see exactly where they’re getting their traffic where their keywords are how much traffic they’re getting. I could even see the ads that are running right. So really really cool. Great info. This is actually info that you can get with a free account. This is just a free trial account that I have. You can upgrade for more info but with the free trial you can get all kinds of good stuff. You can see what kind of keywords or ranking for the top keywords page keywords and on and on we go.

So this is really really really good because if you have a competitor like let’s say my competitor is you know whatever and I type it in here I can actually see what they’re doing see what keywords there are because a lot of times I might not think of the keywords that my competitors are using and I might not even know what is getting that much traffic. So this is a very valuable tool. And what I would do is take the keywords you get from this one and then punch these into your AdWords tool and then see what else you can get. Right. So I could see here like I ranked number 46 for Click Bank if I could boost that to a number five ranking I can get a lot more traffic. So really really cool. We can see how this works. And then of course if we put these keywords in our other keyword tools we could find all kinds of stuff right. So that’s really what this is about is drilling down deep and finding out what people want and the spy food tool is a great great tool to use even if you just have to use the free trial that works as well. Now also I do want to tell you that a lot of these keyword tools have made a little list and links for you over at keywords and all you got to do is go over there put your name and email inbox you’ll get notes from this video as well as some links to these tools and a little breakdown of how they work why they work and when to use them.

Let’s dive in to number three. Now number three is a keyword tool. I have been using for almost 20 years now. It came out a long time ago. It’s a great keyword tool and that is the word tracker keyword tool. Now the word tracker keyword tool works a lot like the Google AdWords tool. So it’s going to show you like how many times there search for every month. What the keyword is a little graph of you know here’s when it gets searched a lot shows you the competitive analysis. Now this competitive analysis is for organic rankings which. Good. Right.

This is important because we can actually see at a glance which ones we can probably rank for for free. Now one of the most invaluable tools that is included with the word tracker is the suggestions these suggestions are really really cool because these are gonna be things that you may or may not have thought about. For example if I hit like PDf or something like that it’ll actually go in and do some research for the word PDF and maybe I’ll find out. Hey people are looking for like To Kill a Mockingbird PDF or you know how to combine PD f or whatever is a great way to find niche markets a great way to look at this stuff and then you’ll see that it does time out but you still get some good data for free. The key to making this work is to know the kind of keyword you want to go in in the beginning. So like if I find out oh hey you know what I want to do convert PD F to word then I can take this and I can put this in my keyword tool like this and then it’s going to isolate that word and show me exactly. There you go. Show me exactly what’s going on. And I could see. OK well let’s see which ones have the lowest competition. OK so convert from more to PDF or something like that and we could see at a glance exactly what’s going on. So this is an excellent tool. Now this tool is we include some of the free results from this tool and the keyword sniffer tool over at keywords and Just go there put your name and e-mail. Get the download and you’ll be able to start using that right away as well as spy foo and everything like that. And you guys can see the way it works is very easy because you can just go to the power search type your keyword in here and then you can see at a glance exactly what’s going on. And a lot of these tools are actually referenced in this including like word tracker and some others so it’s going to link you to these tools right at a glance like Hey dude I want to check the competition here. Boom it’s going to do that for you. So it makes it really really really easy to work with. OK so that’s over keywords for dot com.

The next one we have is the S E M Rush keyword tool. So the SVM Rush tool is a lot like word tracker and it gives you a little bit more data a little bit of stuff here. It’s got a different keyword difficulty ranking obviously like one hundred is difficult if it’s lower it’s better and we can go in and see hey you know what. These are really good. You can also see the cost per click gets you a little bit more data gives you different related searches here. It’ll also do phrase match exact match and related. So like if you do exact match you could see that the competition is going to drop quite a bit because obviously exact match is a good one right. So pretty easy to look at. Pretty easy to deal with and you can actually see hey this is exactly what’s going on. So these are the keywords that I can get. OK. So really really good SEM Rush is definitely one that we should use as well. Now I like to use all of these in conjunction like when I’m doing deep keyword research I like to use everything I can because I want to dominate a market. I don’t want to just screw around. I want to like dominate and make it work and a really cool way.

The next thing we want to look at here is the IO keyword tool. Now the IO keyword tool is a little clunky in my opinion.

Now it does have Google YouTube being Amazon and everything like that but it’s a little bit clunky in the results they give. So like if I do printable OK it’s not going to give me perfect results and then it does Time out. If you don’t pay but they’re okay results right. It’s not the greatest. Now let’s take a look at what it looks like for like YouTube if we do printable and we can see what’s going on there looks okay. Looks decent. We can look at like Amazon and stuff like that see what kind of printable stuff people want for Amazon. Now this one looks a little different because I don’t know if these are actual searches on Amazon. It kind of doesn’t look like it because of the nature of the keyword. So you know kind of take that with a grain of salt. So like I said it’s a good tool to use. If you’re looking for a free tool but again it’s kind of limited and they only give you like five results here. So you know use it as you can but that’s definitely one you do want to check out.

Next up we have Google Trends. Now Google Trends is kind of like a niche research tool because what you can do with Google Trends is you can see what people are searching for. So like if you don’t know what niche you want to go into. You can go into Google Trends and you can see what’s going on right. We could see like Emmy Awards we can see what’s being searched for a lot and a lot of times I’ve actually used this to find niches one niche that made me like millions of dollars just by searching the trends and saying oh wow this is pretty popular. Like right now we could see that football games are looked up quite a bit. If you made a site about football games like my old football site you know maybe that’ll work well. You can also see like real time search trends if you want to see what’s going on right now. You know like people are looking up the McRib like that. You know that’s a good trend to get on.

Happens. I think they come out. Every year we can also look at like whatever electro spinning is. And on and on we go. So there’s lots of different things you can look at here to see what people are searching for. You can even do like categories if you want to do category for business. You can see what’s going on in the business world see what people are searching for and then if you click on each of these it’ll actually bring up the more related and the more exact type stuff for you. Now you can also go in and you can type something in and see what the trends are for a specific word like printable and then it’ll bring up you know all the different printable stuff down here as well. OK. Pretty pretty cool. And you know it’s going to give you all the data you can even do you know download or whatever you want which is pretty cool and it helps if you spell it right. So that one’s pretty cool too. And you can see the different downloads people want breakout means it’s like doing really good and you can see some keywords that are really really looking good here like Dale Junior download maybe people are looking for like Dale Earnhardt. Maybe people are looking for like race car backgrounds or something like that which by the way you can make money on this stuff you just need to follow along with what I teach. Which definitely is why you want to subscribe and click the bell. All right.

Next up we have AHREFS tool. It’s kind of like a domain tool also competitive research tool. It’s one of my favorites it is one of the ones that I actually pay for. It’s a little pricey but once we log in like this you can see how it works. Once we log in like this I can go in and I can put a competitor your url like this and it will actually give me a ranking check. So this is really good once you start getting your site ranked because you can actually click on organic keywords and you can see all and you can see all the keywords you’re ranking for you can organize and buying like search volume. You can see how you’re doing. Do they go up or down. You can kind of try to improve from there which is really really cool because I can actually go in and really really get into search engine traffic start boosting these rankings up to get a lot more traffic. Like I just found out Google tricks I actually rank for Google tricks number 77 I could boost that up and get some traffic. I didn’t even plan on getting that keyword but it worked pretty well Shopify affiliate I’m breaking number forty six so I could boost that one up and do pretty well as well and you could see at a glance what your keywords are like and what they’re doing so that you can improve and do a lot better. You can also look at your top pages like this and you could do this for your competitors as well which is like invaluable information which is pretty darn cool. But again that one is a paid tool to get the full results. I think you can get by with some free stuff but the paid one is great. If you’re really diving in.

Next up we have keyword spy which is kind of like a competitive niche research tool. So keyword spy is a good one. This one is also on the keywords sniffer tool which is pretty cool. So like when you’re using the keyword sniffer tool and you type your word in here you can go into Google Earth not Google trends you can go into a paper cup competition and this is going to show you that the keyword spy tools it’s going to show you the keyword spy report of what it cost what the search volume is what the ads look like what the competitors are like. So I could take this and put this competitor into one of my keyword tools like let’s say I wanted to put this into a h rafts or something like that. Right. I could put that in here and I can get a keyword tool and I can go for some of the words that he’s competing on it shows like what the value is we can do organic keywords as well and I’ll show you what they’re ranking for where they’re ranking and everything like that. And you can go in and find words that are actually pretty easy to rank for and start to tackle some of those which is pretty cool.

OK. So really good stuff. Really good keyword there that keyword spy.

Next up we have Alexa which is a domain tool as well. This one is also in the. This one’s also in the keyword sniffer dot com tool. So when we go to Alexa we can actually type in a domain like this and then we can go through and we can put in there we could go through we could see what keywords the ranking for the opportunities which words you can get better. And this is a free free version. So I mean this is pretty good shows you some similar sites shows you your bounce rate sites linking in keywords by traffic. We got keyword gaps easy to rank keywords that I could go for. So I could start ranking on these pretty easily. Opportunities buyer keywords the whole gamut. So it gives you a lot of stuff for free it also shows you your traffic trend you could see we’re doing a lot better since I’ve been using a lot of these keyword tools. Now the lower the number the better. Obviously like Google is number one. So if I do google doc. Or I think YouTube might be number one or something like that. You can see there number one. So really cool really easy to use and you can kind of use this on any domain to find out exactly what’s going on. You can find out what other domains are doing. So really really cool really easy. That’s the Alexa tool.

And then lastly we have the keyword finder tool which is kind of like an ad tool also a niche research tool here. OK. So on the keyword finder this one’s good. This one’s also in embedded into the tool that we have for you. It gives you some good results here. Now I am using the paid version here which is definitely worth it. You know you just kind of have to pick your battles and see which one you want. Now you could get by with just using the Google AdWords tool and some of the other free ones. But if you want to have more detailed results you can get one of these paid ones as well. So really really cool. I mean these keyword tools are definitely very valuable to use. What I would do if I were you is I would go over to I put my name and e-mail in and get the list of tools and also start using that toolbar because it makes it really easy. And we also have some domain tools for you as well on that toolbar that you can use. You could just pop your domain and here you can check the back links that we rank the index pages Alexa rank. So a lot of these are all included there. So it’s kind of like a one click access to everything and you can usually get by with the free versions but sometimes you might want to upgrade to the paid ones. So I hope you enjoyed this little video about keyword tools. And I hope it helped you and make sure you subscribe click that Bell and go over to keyword sniffer dot com and give us a like and put your name and e-mail on keywords for dot com and I’ll see you in the next video.

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