The Perpetual Struggle… A Handwritten Letter From Marcus…

this is a letter i wrote about 9 years ago… one of the gals this letter was inspired by is now a full time internet entreprenuer and was able to see past the clutter and quit her job… the other… i haven’t heard from in a long time so i am not sure…

it was inspired by talking with many people late into the early hours at the bar (back before i got sober) with some people struggling to make it in this internet marketing business… some were in tears over the money and time they spent to get almost no where…

this was my letter to them… i thought you might like it as well…


Click Here To Download Marcus’ Letter In PDF Form

Click Here To Download Marcus’ Letter In PDF Form

22 thoughts on “The Perpetual Struggle… A Handwritten Letter From Marcus…”

  1. Loved it, Marcus.

    Heartfelt and true, I can tell based on how you talk to your students in your training as proof.

    As I started it did remind me of the Zig Ziglar quote, and lo and behold … !

    I try to apply that in working out how to market my products, my affiliate marketing sites (I’m working on now), etc. It’s good to always be reminded of it until it is just a factual and perpetual viewpoint.

    Thanks again for sharing. It’s gold, just like most everything else you provide your audience, students and will-be students.

  2. It’s funny Marcus I was just looking for a way to help crafters on my site and your email came up. I still don’t have the answers but what you said is exactly how I feel, I want to help them. That is exactly what I think God wants. I just don’t know exactly what more I can do. It sounds like we sort of had the same background but I was fortunate enough to know what the dangers were in drinking. I still at my age feel inferior. I know I can do much better for our crafters, I just don’t know how to go about it.

    Thank you so much for the letter… I wish the very best to you and your family.

  3. Nice letter and so true. I really didn’t realize how much I loved internet marketing and how much I would learn and grow until I started really caring and helping others as much as I can. Now I can see profits coming more. More connections and friend requests now too. Thanks for the letter and the clarity.

  4. Marcus,

    I have been learning from you close to a year. You were the one that got me to go to Bluehost/… get a hosting plan..hubsite (website below) and then other niche sites. I have about 10 sites running Amazon Affiliate ones. I trying to get the Google Tracking tools to work on them. So I can trace what page/post is getting hits and sales. I want also to start flipping some on Flipper so I can earn more and be able to invest more. I bought simple site profits 2017 When will the new one come out. I want to after selling some Amazon create some Clickbank and other affiliate offer niche sites to see how that earns. Just getting the traffic info from Google to show protential buyers on Flippa is my key to move forward. Do you have a better way for me to track and record other than Google Webmaster Tools. My sites are WordPress with a Genesis Theme. Please let me know

    YahSpeed and the word God is a pagan term Immanuel (God with us) Jesus


    1. Hi Marcus,
      I loved it. It is so through and it is great to know that you care about us. As you mentioned I have lots of blocking beliefs which I need to change. I try to promise myself to do that.
      Wish you success and health,

  5. Hi Marcus,
    That was spot-on for me. The challenge I’m having is with the blue host site. your step-by-step doesn’t go
    with your with the content of the site. Maybe if you can update it would be very helpful for me and your other students possibly going thru similar issues. That’s the main reason why I updated to your High Ticket Niche program 3 month ago and I heard any update on that either. If you could help me out there that would be so awesome of you! If I didn’t believe in you and what you are doing I wouldn’t have bought
    your program. Thanks ahead of time for your help.


  6. Hi Marcus,

    Thank you for sharing this letter. Sometimes people need to hear that someone cares about them, what they might be struggling with and trying to overcome. Personally I’ve received a great benefit from these few handwritten pages and am deeply thankful.

  7. I can relate to your story!
    Someday I will go into details on how I started all over at the age of 75!
    By the way I am R7_eagle on YouTube. Will be changing it back to R7_ as soon as Google lets me.

  8. Marcus Ive know a lot of good people and a lot of smart people. Its rare to find so much of each quality in the same person.And you figured out in the infancy of the internet and affiliate marketing that in this invisible medium of a binary universe that you saw solutions to problems that others did not see.So your leadership in this new frontier has lead you to a comfortable living and a great family life. But just as important to you and us is that you do enjoy teaching and leading us to the “AHA” moment. I’m not there yet but I have confidence that it will come and you will have been the majority of the reason that I reach my goals. Thanks for your expertise, your logic, your smarts and most of all for caring and tirelessly pursuing our goals with us not for us! You ROCK Marcus! That is my highest compliment!!

  9. Hi Marcus! Thank You for your time and thoughts, it is never easy to talk about our most private experiences. Thank You for sharing. Everyone has some story to tell…life.
    I have enjoyed your letter (some words hard to read, I understand writing on the plain) but thank you! Short letter, loaded with so much information. All right now, going through my head and arranging in some sense. Will read a few more times.
    Thanks to Bebra, Rachel and all of You for cheering up! All the best!

  10. Great letter Marcus, I feel this is the biggest reason you have developed the following that you have. And why, aside from ALL the charlatans on the Tube, I have chosen to stick with you and see how this plays out. Your sincerity comes through in the webinars “and” the videos, that you truly care what becomes of the individual on the other end. I chatted with you recently after a webinar and after months of foot-dragging, decided to take one last chance at financial INDEPENDENCE. Meaning I might finally be able to give my family, not what I think they deserve, but hopefully just a more positive outlook. We have taught them the best we can that someone’s bank statement doesn’t give account of who they truly are. I myself have had to overcome walls, pits, and bitter resentment in my life, (Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die. St Augustine) but we will save that for some other time, haha. And though we will all continue to face struggles in our lives, it helps to have someone around that sheds more light on the subject, as it were. Be it technical, or just through some daily positivity. You are guilty of both! Cheers my friend, and blessings to the family! 🙂

  11. The one reason I have followed you and bought your training is due to the sense of caring about helping all of us aspiring successful marketers in the most sincere way. I am sure trying to help so many of us to see ourselves in the way you have trained yourself to view your possibilities can require so much patience and forbearance and I appreciate that virtue I see in you. You show an humble and caring demeanor which gives us so much comfort that maybe we have someone teaching us the right way with the lowest possible ulterior motives That is worth more than gold. Thanks so much for being willing to do that as I speak for many of us I trust.

  12. Nice Letter Marcus I feel you brother the blocks are out there and sometimes close to home. I have decided to do whatever it takes.It seems every day there’s some new struggle, I don’t have to give you the list .im very familiar with Zig Ziglar ever man has his own journey to bare. Thanks for the Letter i needed to know you are with me.Of course, we all want it sooner than later but that journey is a part of us. Can’t wait to see that high ticket Niche.looking forward to that.

  13. Hi Marcus,
    That old letter you wrote really connected with me. I’m feeling a lot better about my own outlook & i intend to do a lot
    more than I previously had planned. Thanks for sharing the letter and the CARING!

  14. Hi Marcus,
    Your letter resonates! As someone who is new to affiliate marketing in 2018, relating to a letter that was written almost a decade ago shows that not much has changed in the digital space in regards to the perpetual struggle one faces in the Affiliate Marketing Industry… Luckily there is a mentor, in you, who cares and want to see his students succeed in pursuing their dreams… After learning as much as I can from you I will do my best to help others solve their problems as well… Marcus Rocks!!

  15. Hi…sir…
    its very touching that a person…who is so far…and..still so near. always taking care through emails and videos too…we..all like it.

    sir….sell my stories…than only i believe that….u…can sell….the smallest story….in a big prize…!
    Am I correct sir ?

  16. Thank you for sharing. Being vulnerable is a scary proposition for anyone, but humility, caring and honesty will always shine through and win over the big ugly lies we tell ourselves. Happy to “know” you 🙂

  17. One reason I have come to you after buying so many other products, is that I am impressed by your vulnerability. I appreciated hearing about your hospitalizations, and know that you do really care about people.
    The second reason I came to you is that you have actually made money with this business – and I certainly have not made enough!

  18. Thanks Marcus. This really touched my heart. Right now, i am at a state where i honestly have no money to get my domain and hosting from bluehost, but i’ll continually go through your trainings and opt for free site and traffic as a start till i am able to upgrade.

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