Simple WordPress Plugin for Tracking Ads and Making Money

#1 one problem with BLOGS??

It’s very difficult to get either cheap traffic or traffic easy enough to actually turn it into money

Now we are  going to show you how to do this.

A really really simple  way….

That will make your visitors click.

Show you what your visitors are most interested in.

Take them to sites that make you the most money.

Now  on setup we have the powered by smart  affiliate programs ads that is where we want to get started and  put some ads on our blog so that we can drive people  to what makes money.

We don’t want to…

Do this in a way that the ads look like ads.

In marketing we have this term called banner or ad blindness and that basically means if the same ad shows up on the site you’re looking at over and over you start to ignore it.

When people ignore your ads !!

#1  key is to make your ads not look like ads……

What we’ve done is we’ve actually tested this method on hundreds and hundreds of thousands

of clicks in many different niche markets.

The one thing that works the best…

Is to give people good content based on what they want .and you can notice this on things like which is a major news site.

You’ll notice  that when

 you scroll


You see different   things ,  that you can read …  and get more information , the  idea is to find something you want  and  click the information that you want.

Same thing we want on our site !!   

To where the Ads are actually getting   people to more information and selling them on either clicking or on getting them to the things that we think will help them.

VERY IMPORTANT. Now to put this more real for you.

We could put ads on it… for example 

TOP 5 Ways to Spend to Save Money 

Refinancing your House

Then you can take them to refi ads or a site teaching them how to refinance with expensive Adsense.

Another step is to consolidate their credit card

 and when they click on those ads they go to the

site for consolidate credit card.

You’ll notice in Adsense,

If we were to look at the prices for like solar house which is also a way to save money

or refinance you’re going  to see that these words  are actually very expensive.

Another one could be debt consolidation.

You’ll notice that these things naturally have to do with our market but it’s more expensive because we’re getting them into the more expensive stuff.

Like these advertisers are paying a lot more than someone just looking up for money saving tips.

Which is going to generate really low paying ads and you’re not going to make a whole lot.

If we were to do tips for  credit card you can see  there’s not even any advertisers

there so you’re not going to make a whole lot of money.

The goal is..   

#1   Make the ads look like good content that draws the visitor in.

#2  To watch what  they click on.

#3   Drive them to stuff that pays us a lot of money.

You’re going to notice how easy this is to use!

Simply by going to your WordPress dashboard.

Installing the plug-in and hitting manage ads.


It tracks  ,    





Now in addition to that…  

To get the most clicks possible, blind up with the colors on your blog to make it stand out  more. To make it look like good content and different! What we want to do is to go to manage ads.

Notice that we can see the different ads we set up .

Increase your Adsense Earnings and Get Top Search Engine Rankings.

Different things  like this are about what my customer wants. My visitors want to learn how to make money with their blogs  and get more traffic.

Which one gets clicked on the most.

What the click-through rate is,that’s actually winning.

So that you can learn about your market and put what they actually want. And in addition to that it’s also creating a very attractive set of ads on your site.

If we go to the sample page, you can see that we have ads like Top Profit Tips and the tips are Get Top Search Engine Rankings and Increase Your Adsense earnings.

It’s a lot like how the Huffington Post and other news sites draw people in and get lots of traffic. Because of the fact that they are giving people what they want. Like when you read a newspaper you don’t necessarily read it cover-to-cover, you go find what’s interesting to you. And your visitor wants to find what is interesting to them.

About how to save money and different things like that. I can have these ads show up exactly where I want…

We can even go in and make these stand out. If we were to go in and say,  I’d like those links to be blue.

And you’ll notice that now those are embedded as part of our content.

What it’s also doing is when people click one they go to a different site.

Whether it’s an affiliate offer or whether it’s like an Adsense site like this one that makes me a lot of money. Because you’re taking them from what they want and putting them to stuff that people pay a lot.

This is a way to build out a network of sites

Now one of the other cool things with this plug-in is  

You can put it in the actual post.

You can put it in as many

 times as you want.

How easy it is and how everything is in fact being tracked!!

We got our impression!!

We got our clicks.!!

You can see the click-through rate is six point four five percent.

You can actually go in and see which ads are getting the most  clicks!!.

So this is a really cool plugin!!

Now as if that wasn’t good enough.

Right?  Which is cool!!

you could use it you

make money !!

You can also have as many groups as you want !!

So if I go in and I I see all the sudden that the homepage is where all my traffic’s going…

..or maybe hello world is where the traffic’s going. Everyone’s come into this hello world post which in the blogging world this happens all the time.

You might make a post and all of a sudden it gets a bunch of traffic.

Let’s say, this one is about saying hi to people

maybe it’s  something that’s not exactly what our entire blog is about.

You can actually go in and create a new group , let’s call this the SAYING HI  group.

We say we

don’t want it in the homepage.

do want it in posts.

want it in that hello world post.

on the sidebar, that’s going to put it on      the sidebar.

Then we save group.

Then we say manage ads.

And you can put as many different ads as you want.

You’ll notice they will only show on that one post we have.

And then,of course if you have a second group. You say,  we want to just put that within a page or a post or whatever. You can go in two posts .You can hit all posts like this.

You could create a new one. 

Let’s say we create a new post.

It’s called new post 55.

Then we could go in and you can see that,

we have our saying hi group.  

You do Center right.

You hit publish.

Testing. Tracking everything. Making good looking ads. Putting them where they convert.

Getting them to other stuff.

So if you like this plug-in….which I know you do..

It’s an awesome plugin.

I use it on my stuff all the time and

we’re going to do some tests and

everything to show you how it

If you’re ready to get this plugin. We’re going to make it extremely affordable for you.

Because I want you to get in. I want you to use it make some money and then come

back so I can help you make even more!!

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I’ll see you on the inside.

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