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Today we’re going do a welcome video!

Welcome to the BootCamp! Show you everything from there!

We show you:

Trigger Word Method – Niche Finding

Time Out Method – Organic Traffic

Blanket Bidder – Pay per click

Glossary Method – Digging Deep into a Niche

I want to open your eyes to what is going on in the Internet. So you can see that affiliate marketing is bigger than just me sitting here in my backyard office and you sitting there wherever you are at affiliate marketing is a huge thing. it goes on everywhere and there’s lots of people making lots of money! it’s a multi multi billion dollar industry! online E-Commerce in training, youtube and all this stuff! it’s huge!

I want you guys to look at the magnitude of it because anyone and everyone can get in this business but you’re going to know that it’s a lot easier than you thought! you might have thought it’s kind of difficult; its kind of crowded; there’s a lot going on but I want you to really really focus and look at what’s going on here.

Niche finding is very important.

What I want to do is I want you to really focus on what is going on.

Now, most people they start here with the Google Adwords keyword tool and when they go…

They go to ClickBank and they are going to check for something here and we are going to look at the Affiliate Marketing Place on Click Bank. They’re gonna go look for products that are available and look at the payouts of the products…


Let’s say even if you were to promote something that was $89 or $90 a sale let’s take a look at what this is going to look like if you’re going to go to our Google Adwords tool and we’re going to type in something like Weight Loss.

Weight Loss is pretty competitive it is pretty expensive to get into. if you were to go for weight loss, you’re gonna see here it’s $1.84 – 50 cents.

That means that if you go to Google and you type in Weight Loss

You’re gonna see these ads here. ALL OF THESE GUYS HERE ARE PAYING

What this means is that this stuff is really really expensive. if I have this traffic here, it is going to cost me a $1.84 per click and I sent that traffic to a landing page or an affiliate offer. If you go direct to the offer, and we know the offer pays me $90, we have to look at our conversion rate . Let’s say, I buy 100 visitors. That is going to cost me $184. Now, in order to break even, out of 100, I need a 2% conversion rate. That b**** needs to convert at 2%.

If you look at the clickbank here sometimes they have statistics on their affiliate page. The gravity on the page says 39 that means 39 have made a sale In the last month on this page.

That means getting a 2% conversion rate this is going to be pretty difficult. You have to look at the market these people are not looking to spend money and we have to take that into consideration because they’re just looking for tips on weight loss so it is really broad getting a 2% conversion is going to be pretty difficult to break even.

It’s going to be difficult to breakeven it’s going to be difficult to profit. If you want to double your money you need a 4% conversion rate. It’s going to be extremely difficult.

I’m going to take you behind the scenes and show you how this works first of all were going to start with the trigger word method we are going to go in detail with a trigger word method regular look at the grocery method and we are going to find natures that will work I will get you guys traffic and inexpensively and it’s just that will get your truck fixed for free and everything like that

There are lots of things going on that I want to give you an overview of I don’t want to overwhelm you but I want to give you an overview so that you understand exactly what’s going on.

At the end of this call I want you to be confident in finding niches  out there.


As part of the BootCamp, you also get a niche chosen by me. I would use that in conjunction with a niche you chose as well.

  • We’re going to learn the Trigger Word method
  • We’re also going to look at the Glossary method
  • We’re also going to look at the Broad method.

Let’s start off with the Trigger Word Method

We want to find your trigger where the best place to go is the affiliate marketing do it simple sites big profit you’re gonna go in the members’ area, go into 2017…

you guys also get the anniversary edition which will be out soon!

click on Niche finding

you’re gonna see trigger word training.

you can just take this list and you can copy it. put it in a notepad and you can save it on your desktop



We have some other trigger words that I can get for you and you can use as well.

Using the trigger words is very important because you can actually go through…


We’re gonna start with a trigger word

When you’re using your trigger word I also want you to use your toolbar…

you also want to use this  Power search tool in conjunction with your Adwords tool.

Let’s go ahead and take a trigger word we’re gonna go right here…

We’re going to type in Remove


We are just going to type that in and see what people want to remove. you’re gonna see some results here, and you’re also gonna see related ones up here but the new Google Adwords so they don’t show you a lot of stuff – These have nothing to do with remove so we are going to use our tools from the simple site course and we are going to type remove in here and we are going to click on click to research

This is going to be a valuable valuable tool for you guys so we are going to go research keywords

This is going to take us to the Keyword Finder tool

So we look at Removal…

A lot of people want to see this – Malware removal, Spyware Removal. I’m going to take this and pop it into my Adword Tool just to get an exact amount.


We have malware removal. This is going to isolate more towards malware. See how that has changed.

You will see that some of these are expensive some of them are cheap

Usually, the cheaper ones are going to have low competition. Like this one…

Let’s get that on Google…

I see that there are no ads. Downside to this one is that it is already a product that already exists…

A great way to get traffic on that is to do a review or a video or something like that

Can actually see if there are videos I get a lot of traffic so this is how to download the malware bytes. This is actually on a forum.

Let’s see what kind of traffic he’s getting

15,000 not too bad let’s take a look at some others but then again notice that it is on a forum so I want you guys to view this things make us knowing that this is a really good downloaded it is showing us a lot of stuff so there as a lot of people downloading this stuff there is a petition going on …

We also see ads here

That’s the training is to get you guys to think but I think I understand what does it going on you guys are good what is going on that is insane and once you see it you cannot unlearn it

We are going to take a look at that and see if it is a viable niche – Can we use this?

So for that keyword what can we do?

Let’s also open up OfferVault. OfferVault is a really good tool to use. We can go here and we can look up malware. It could work pretty good! let’s see what the prices are…


Let’s look at this one…

On a $22 sale you are getting $75! which is pretty darn good!

Yeah, I wanna get paid 75 bucks to sell it by 20 bucks!


Let’s take a look at that if that is viable…

In this market we are seeing a per click amount of 65 cents, 53 cents, 43 cents… so yes, this would be a niche that would be viable. This would be one that I would actually work because we are looking at a per click cost of anywhere between 20 cents to 60 cents per click. I am definitely gonna build a mailing list with this one because I can help these people with all kinds of stuff – data backup, data recovery…

So this here is our cost per click 25.48

Visitors are going to cost me $60 the question is can I get one sale out of 100 clicks?

Yes I think I can and I think I can do it on a mailing list as well and get a lot more people!

This has a lot more viability and is a lot more profitable than just going for something for like weight loss and I didn’t know what this was going to be until I search for a trigger word.

What you’re going to do next is you are going to look for something that is out there…

So if I go to Google I search….

We are going to do what is called the Timeout Method

  • Time out method is when you search for it in Google search for it in quotes scroll down click on the 10 and you are going to keep clicking the biggest number until it times out

There’s not that much competition. It says page 11 of about 101 results. That means there’s not that much competition on this at all. I could make like a little free antivirus review site…

What I would do in this market is…

I would actually create a site about various different malware programs and do research on it.

30% commission on this one! You can actually sell that product and you also have a bunch of other stuff you can do as well. You can get people into data backup. That’s a huge one! The payouts are really really good! You could do data recovery, you see that these pay pretty good…

Yeah if you do your research you will find that there will be some really good programs for cloud backup

You can also see the reverse for paying for the ads the reverse for Adwords is Adsense.

So if I am doing something like data backup, you’re going to notice that these are more expensive so I can actually have a site about back up and put Adsense ads on their end and I am going to get a portion of whatever they are paid per click.

Adsense is just the flip side of Adwords. if you’re dealing with Adwords that is where you are paying for traffic, if you are using Adsense that is where you get paid for traffic.

I’m going to Google and I type in Alcohol Rehab, you are going to see these ads, these are what people are paying for. if you want people to see your ads here, you pay.

If we go to my site, you can actually see ads where people are paying. This is a code that brings ads on our site and I’m getting paid a portion on whatever that ad brings.

You are going to see this a lot with people who are doing arbitrage.






There is all kinds of stuff out there if we do

Remove malware

What you’re going to see here is like best antivirus comparisons which is basically doing the same thing. He is an affiliate of all of these…

Sponsored content! looks like he’s doing sponsored stuff! What you are going to notice is that this guy has lots of sites. how easy it is to make this page? you can see what his whole site looks like.

Remove adware – he is right there as well! and you can see the different kinds of pages…

If you want to see what these guys are doing you can actually go through and see what ads they’re running.

Go ahead and use the keyword sniffer tool.

If you do remove adware, click go and then go to PPC competition and you are going to see who is coming up, these are the top sites. A lot of these guys are doing the exact same thing. You just need to go out there and start doing it!

You can see exactly what people are doing with the report.

Here’s all the keywords, here’s the ads, and how much they are spending.


I want to give you guys the backdoor to everything in this call. It’s gonna be overwhelming at first but you’ll get it in the end. Every body is doing the same kind of deal.


You can also do a reverse IP search and that is going to do a reverse IP on this guy’s site. It usually shows all the stuff that is on his server and see what is going on.

A lot of these people have a lot of sites and they do very similar stuff.


Here’s another one I want to show you.

These are very important, this is just going to take you to another search engine.

He makes money because these ads pay him.


You don’t have to understand it all…

You are looking into what people are doing.

Because when you are looking into what people are doing and you start to see what happens, then I think you can do really really well. This is primarily driven on paid traffic.


Let’s see what we had for…

Adware removal

Imagine if you were to go and do your adware site, rather than just a review type website…

Whenever you see people on the site, on the search who are doing blanket bidding, Whenever you see guys like these here, traffic is really cheap.

These guys are just paying like 5 cents a click. They are just Click Flopping. Sending you to random sites.


Whenever you see a blanket bidder or arbitrager – leading people to a search site.

This dude is leading them to a search site.

Whenever you see that prices for the ad is so low. You know that because they are just hawking clicks. If you see that, then it’s pretty good. I can probably get this, 20 – 50 cents on the high end. My target range would be 30 cents on this. You might be able to get it lower. Another thing to realize is that when you bid on this, you are gonna come up on other search sites. A lot of sites, on forums, they are gonna have Adsense.


This is an ad right here.

And here…

I guarantee you that this traffic is dirt cheap! Probably less than 7 cents a click.

When you are doing the keyword research, let yourself go down the rabbit hole.

You have to look at your word and you have to immediately see what you can earn with.


Let’s do printable. Let’s see what is out there for printable.

Let’s say we want to go with printable grocery coupon.

Low competition.

I want you to realize that if you go something for this, you can just bid on all of these.


Let’s look at what is the difficulty in entering the market. Let’s go to Google.

Blanket bidder tells us it is cheap, I could probably get this for 7-15 cents.

Question is “Can I get it for more?”

Let’s see Coupon and see what comes up.

This one is going to pay you on an email submit…

This would be an example of what we call a direct hit offer.

We want the next best thing to be to download a bunch of coupons and get some money.


Would it work on our market? Based on this page, I could probably get 1 out of 3 to fill that out.

That means if we are paying 10 cents a click, and I can get 1 out of 3 to fill it out.

If I get 100 clicks, that would be $10, I f I could get 30 people to fill that out, 30 x 1.25 = $37.5 – That’s a profit of $27.50!

If you get a mailing list, that is going to build and start to compound, and BOOM!


  1. How to always get the low end of the range?
  • How Google works is you have a bidding war between people that are advertising.
  • This guy up here is on the high range
    • These guys down here are on the low range

Whenever you have a blanket bidder on the top, that is cheap!


2. How do you look up other search engine ad words?

  • The same people are showing up on different search engines.

  • You can actually get really stealthy on this. You can find out what this company is, sometimes they will have their business name in it, and we can try a reverse IP lookup.

  • It shows us all his sites. You gotta get out there and see behind the scenes of what is happening,


3. Does the Google keyword tool work for Bing or is Bing really different?

  • The cost for Google vs Yahoo, they are not gonna differ a lot. You can use the Bing Adwords tool to see what is out there. The keyword tool here can help you with that. You can isolate and play around a little bit.
  • Bing is less expensive and is usually easier to work with. Let’s say I go with Bing, there would be less traffic on bing.

  • The major traffic is the amount of traffic you get. I suggest that new people could start there – it’s a bit mellow.


4. How do you see the Blanket Bidder?

  • It’s by knowing what the site is promoting. If I do printable grocery coupons…

    Kensaq Information – what the hell is that?

  • I click it and I see it’s a search engine.

It looks different. These are Blanket Bidders.

  • We are looking at where everything is so that we understand.
  • These are primarily pay per click.


Let’s look at the Glossary Method to dig deep into a niche.

Let’s say, We can make a lot of money in mortgage and refinance, and we type Refinance

My goal today is to change the way you search the internet!

If you guys get that in your brain starting from the get-go, even if you don’t understand this completely, you’ll start to notice these things and it’s going to start the ways you see these things and these things are going to be different.

This is the WHY. That’s where I want you. I want you to understand the WHY.

  • Why is this guy up here?
  • Why do we use trigger words?
  • Why would we use this?

We are gonna get to the HOW as we move along but we are gonna stick with the broad overview because I think that is going to help…  My goal in this training is for you to see that there is other shit going on and that there is a lot of people making money.

If I want to figure out what other people are doing, and you want to find out, you can kinda see, using stealth tactics, and finding what this guy Is up to. You could actually see. Why is seeing what others do important?

  • You can see, you can learn. Let’s see what this guy is doing for this. You can reverse engineer it. You could build sites based on what’s working because if they are still buying ads then that means it’s working.

I am snoopy, meaning I wanna know what these people are up to.


I want to look and check this out – See this ad on cars, how is he making money?

He has ads all over.

If he is making money doing this, he’s there. Somehow, he can afford an ad at the top of MSN.


Years ago, when I was doing myspace. Years ago, on the myspace Page, our ad was up here.

If you, back then, looked at this, you would have thought that guy is a dumbass. But, now, if you were able to go in, that this guy has an ad on myspace that has been there for 2 years,

What the hell is he doing?

You would have clicked it and you would have been able to see this stuff. Now, that ad right there was a $5,000 a day earner for me.

Imagine that? Imagine if you knew what a site was doing that made 5,000 a day. Imagine if you knew what the other sites did as well. There’s a bunch of stuff you can do if you reverse engineer that.

Like a buddy of mine, who actually ripped off my site because he saw that ad and now he was making 4,000 a day. Don’t copy – but look at what people are doing.


If you look at this and this guy has this car site – pretty simple little site, we could go to the reverse IP tool and often times, you’ll see a bunch of little things that people have. Do you guys see the value in looking at this stuff?

We could go through and do a reverse IP on that and see what he is doing.

Let’s recap… Glossary Method – let’s say you want to do a niche.

If you want to do refinance, and it’s expensive. No way to compete. Even the best offer is going to pay you only $100 and if you are going to pay $4 per click, you are not going to make money.

For Mortgage, we are looking at….

If you get $40 for this, and you got to pay $40 a click, will you make money? NO

So what do we do? Do we not go for the refinance market or is there another way?

You can use the Glossary Method.

It is where you go to Google, and you type in Refinance Glossary.

You do some research on the words that people use when they are refinancing.

Let’s see what they look up…

We are going to use Amount Financed. We are going to our Adwords tool and use that.

We want to use words that people search for that are in the refinance process.

Go to Google and use that FHA county limits.

And you see Blanket Bidders! Cheap Traffic!

Why would anyone search for FHA county loan limits?

The exact reason…? If you get that… DONE DEAL! – Looking for loan limits in that county.


Is this offer – FHA Rate Guide gonna work?

You can take this word, you can make a site and there you go!


I could go to NameCheap and see if there is a domain available.

Go to GoDaddy and see how much that is worth.

Let’s see what it’s worth.

That is basically how you do everything!! This is the nitty-gritty of how everything works and where the money is at.

Now, how would we make the actual site?

  • We might get into it on the 3rd week, we are going to use WordPress.


The value is what we can sell it for. It is a hypothetical value, it doesn’t mean that you could sell it right away. This is based on what has been sold. This is a great way to get domains in your portfolio. You would just take a look at what is out there and you could just go along with it.


With the glossary method, we are just trying to go and find what we can in our market.

There are going to be terms specific for FHA.



There is stuff that you can use to give people options! People don’t know the options, they don’t do the research. You can go in and do the research. You want to get the wheels turning and understand that you can take these to the limit and make it work.


Always publish your site, unless you have something that you are afraid of people saying, which you shouldn’t. There is no benefit to not publishing your site.


You can send a link as part of the BootCamp. You can get your sites reviewed as we go along.


If you are interested in toolbars, you can go to OfferVault and search for toolbars.

I’ll show you how to find toolbars. You can start by doing add-ons.

There are several things that you can search for.


How can I get started now in terms of webhosting, website opt-in.

If you don’t have a host, I want you to go do this: Go to

On there, you are going to find a video and instructions on how to get webhosting. Go there and follow these instructions.  Do it the way I teach you so that you have everything in that when I teach you the next step, you will be able to follow it easy.

HOMEWORK: Find a good niche using your trigger words. Identify if it would be for pay per click or SEO. Find the offer, come to me and show me what you got and we’ll help you through that.

Some of the other ads I wanted to show you:

They are affiliates.







That’s an affiliate ID right there, telling you that he is getting paid for that.

This ad here:

The reason I like this, is because on OfferVault, I saw…

A news toolbar. These are working.




With this…

See how he’s got different affiliate programs.

With what you’re gonna learn, you’re gonna learn how to do it better and make it more direct.


Q & A

  • Does having Adsense on your opt-in page mean you will get less opt-ins?
    • Usually, Yes. I would not put Adsense on my opt-in page.
  • How do I get your simple sites toolbar and Adwords?
    • Simple Sites Toolbar is in your members area. If you want the toolbar, just type in AffiliateMarketingDude chrome and get this right here.

  • I don’t understand how to make money when OfferVault says they pay $1.50 for a CPA offer.
    • You buy traffic for less than $1.50. That’s how you make money. I’ve made millions making $1.50 on an offer. You just have to hone in and focus.
  • When and how to send a link to my site?
    • Go to, put it through as a ticket
    • Get me on live chat if I’m around
    • You could wait til the next training and we’ll get you there.

The membership site:


Live Meeting in Orlando Florida – HILTON BONNET CREEK


I hope you guys are excited because I have never taught like this before.

You guys are the first guinea pigs to dive in behind the internet and see what is going on.

Next BootCamp class: Tuesday


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You are supposed to be confused.

Don’t worry.

That’s normal.

We will go from there.


Have a good weekend, we’ll see you next time.

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