Simple Affiliate Site From Scratch – Step By Step Instructions

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Step One: Click Here To Get Started  Then Click – Get Started Now

Step Two: Search For Your Domain Name (enter .com, net, or org like this

Make Sure You Enter Like This (availible TLD = .com, .net, .org, .me, ect)

Examples could be but use your name 🙂

For Me I Would Use or something


If You Want To Choose A Domain Later… Use This

If Your Domain Is Not Available Try Another TLD Like .org, .net, .biz, .me, .us, ect…

Step Three:

Choose your add ons, bonuses, and pay plan…

Choose 36 Month For The Best Deal

This Step Should Cost Between $95 (12 month plan) And $214 (36 Month Plan) If You Followed The Steps Correctly


The Offers On This Page Are Affiliate Offers And We Are Compensated For Referring You… Which Is Why We Make All These Cool Videos And Tutorials For You 🙂

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