Regal Assets Affiliate Program

The Regal Assets Affiliate Program Offers A Unique Opportunity To Earn 3-5% On HIGH Volume Investment Accounts For Gold, Silver, Crypto, And More.

They offer high payouts, including pay-per-lead, pay-per-call, and revshare for the life of the customer.
Some  brand partners are earning over $100,000 per month, and dozens are earning $10,000 – $50,000 per month.

Becoming a regal assets affiliate

There is always a thorough screening process and not every affiliate is accepted. This ensures that there is quality in the program and the reputation of the company stays the best in the industry.
Once you are approved, you can access together with all the required materials, affiliate links, lead forms and landing pages.
Affiliate resources consist of:
-Lead capture forms that are not used a lot as a result of spambots signing up and altering with data.
-Text Ads and Banners
-URLs and PDFs.The PDS is used to sign up.
-Swipe files that are essential for email marketing autoresponders.
-SEO tools are necessary for converting keywords for AdWords and also SEO.
-Images and videos. Videos can be used to upload and get opt-ins.
-Landing pages with affiliate links.
There are enough resources to get you started and it is advisable to begin with a single traffic source and also mastering it if you are not an experienced marketer.
If you are ready to sign up for the regal assets affiliate program, you can go in and wait for the approval and kick off your banking in the commissions.
Reasons why regal assets offer investors a great deal
-No hidden fees

Regal assets have acquired a lot of accolades and praise, not only its customers but also from celebrity investors and industry insiders.Gold trading firm regal assets are known to financial professionals and investors because of their firm foundation in knowledge and customer service. The company has adapted as the market has changed; employees hone their skills while incorporating trading and financial experts. These experts get training continually due to challenges, market changes and also strategies.

How people can make money with the regal assets affiliate program

For people to qualify for gild IRA, the firm needs to have an existing 401(k), which has to be moved over after that.

Here are two options:

-The first is the obvious one; you can simply transfer your existing IRA to a gold IRA. Their only requirement is to be transferred between two custodians, which can be done at any time. Therefore the distribution check should be made out in the name of that new custodian to whom you are transferring the current IRA account over to.
-The second option is to take your distribution from the existing IRA and deposit it in a new one. You are required to do this within 60 days, or else your withdrawal will be taxed or subjected to penalties. Also, this can be done only within 12 calendar months if you are willing to continue to retain the benefits of an IRA and especially those associated with taxes

Currently, the regal assets offer two types of personal investment packages:

1. The first is the $5,000 merchant package that targets individuals who want gold or silver-backed investment. They can easily liquidate this when required
2. The other option is the $10,000 knighthood package aimed at individuals who want financial coverage for their whole family. Professional investors or individuals who want to invest more money for higher returns, regal assets give them four different packages.

-The $25k legacy portfolio that is designed with Cryptos and metals that have a chance for immediate profit.
-The $50k kingship portfolio that is designed to assist in keeping customers protected from inflation.
-The $100k dynasty portfolio that is aimed to support an individual’s retirement plan. This package offers the best return, protection against economic uncertainty and stability against inflation because regal specialists design it.
-Finally, there is a $250k coronation portfolio, which is aimed at high net worth individuals requiring a package that will assist them in building wealth in a long period of time.

A flat fee of $250 will apply to retirement accounts regardless of value. Regal assets surrender delivery, administrative storage and other fees for the precious accounts during the first year.
Investors are only changed from the second year and therefore, those who are starting up don’t have to worry about paying a lot of money without even making anything.

– The use of segregated storage

Regal assets uses segregated storage for clients and this means that if you purchase bullion, bars, or coins, those assets are stored in a separate storage space instead of mixing with the silver and gild of other investors.

This segregated storage is made possible by the partnership with top vault providers and it is insured. Even if some companies that give this type of storage system, they are costly, whereas regal assets are cheap.

Quick processing time and fast shipping

Let’s say you have decided to store all your bullion in a safe at your residence. You can safely so that with regal assets because they will transfer assets to your home in seven days. A guarantee backs the delivery time frame by the company; thus, you are in good hands.

Gold IRA rollovers

It is advisable always to get a company that understands the IRA rollover. This is because even the simplest mistake, such as not buying the best coin that is approved by IRA or even submitting the wrong tax document, will end affecting of your wallet. You can be assured that whatever you invest with them is safe because 95% of the regal assets’ business is composed of IRA rollovers.


If you want to make it big in the affiliate marketing world, the regal assets affiliate program is the best choice for you. It is amongst the highest paying affiliate programs that come with a lot of benefits. You should give this affiliate program a trial even if you are looking for a profitable product after your retirement. Regal asset affiliate program promotes expensive products with a high commission when you sign up for the program using the link. When individuals invest in precious metals, they invest in a huge sum of money. This gives them a chance to get high commission. When applying for the regal assets affiliate program, you should have marketing experience such as PPC through Bing, SEO, Google AdWords, Facebook and others.

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