Real Talk: Can You Make $10,000 A Month Online? Passive Income – Is It Real?

Hello guys! Marcus here. From


We just did an interactive live webinar on Youtube that asks the question “Can you make $10,000 a month online as passive income – can you achieve it?”

Let’s start with this question here I want to ask right now:

How many of you guys want to make $100,000 a year or actually 120,000?

Having a good full-time job is well and good, but why work when you can bring in money through passive income?

An average American earns around $3,714 a month through hard work and dedication. Let’s face it – if people could earn money while they’re sleeping or saving their energy for other things, they would! I’m going to teach you how to earn that $10,000 a month that you’ve been craving for!

“Marcus I want to do affiliate marketing but I don’t know how to build a website! I can’t build a website” You have two choice:

    1. You could say “I can’t do it – it’s too hard.”
    2. Or you can look at it differently – you can look at it as an opportunity and as a way to learn while at the same time being able to profit.

When you start thinking in a negative manner and when you start to doubt your opportunities to succeed, then you’re closing those opportunities for you!

a genius here we go scientist man in the making and I was curious and I looked at it I said I’m gonna think outside the I’m gonna try things and I’m gonna learn I guess see what happens.



Focus on the means before the ends – People’s minds are too wrapped around the idea that they want to earn more – these people keep saying “I want to get the $10,000”. Because of that, they’re not prepared with facing the realities of the business world.

Instead of focusing on the money, focus on the ways to get there!  

Instead of saying “I need to get this $10,000”focus more on “What are the ways to get to that $10,000?”

Find a high-ticket niche or trend that people love to search for – If something is trending at this moment, people are bound to search it up online. If there’s  a product that the media is giving a lot of attention to, it’s best that you take get into that trend as well!

You have to think about the intent of the costumer – You have to know what your audience and customers are looking for in your site or on search engines! What’s the best way to do this? You have to look at the keywords!


  • If they use the word buy or buying – they’re probably looking for something to purchase
  • If they’re looking for fix or repair, they’re probably looking to fix something
  • If they’re looking to remove or get rid, they want to remove something or they want to delete a virus
  • If they’re looking for tips or statistics, they are researching
  • If they’re looking for recipes, they want to cook
  • If they are looking for documents or PDF files, they’re looking for something to print or download
  • If they’re looking for fun, they’re looking to entertain themselves


This is actually a good opportunity to prove to your costumers that you have the expertise and the know-how that they can depend on!

Keep track of what’s trending and people will definitely flock to your sites and videos! BUT REMEMBER – Make sure what you’re making a video or site that is also a part of your niche!

People stop when they’re close to succeeding a big goal –

Know you audience – This is actually really self-explanatory. One of the best strategies when it comes to reeling in views is to know who your market is!

You have to constantly be on the watch for the latest trends and you have to keep evolving so that you can compete with other Youtubers and online marketers

Find the right media platformKnowing what’s in and out won’t really cut it when it comes to marketing, you need real and actual numbers to back up your research!

  • If you think that Youtube is the right platform to be talking about devices, then use Youtube!
  • If you think WordPress is the best way to talk about travelling, then use WordPress!

Choose the right offers – Make sure that you have the right products that will fit your niche and theme! If you’re selling flowers and it’s Valentine’s day – of course you’d place a percentage off on your products.

Create your own resources – Every kind of business has to be resourceful in some way. Whether you’re an online business or not, you need to have a product and you need the ways to sell your product!

Here’s a few things that can significantly help you when it comes to your products:


  • Videos
  • PDF files / Documents
  • Webinars


Be confident and put yourself out there – Basically, you need to put yourself out there so that people will be aware of what you’re doing! Make friends and be confident while you’re doing it!

Businesses always thrive because of connections

Lastly, make sure that you are confident. If you aren’t confident, then how will your customers look up to you and your business?


  1. State what you want and what you’re committing to.
  2. Ask yourself “What am I doing now that is KEEPING me from realizing my dream?”
  3. Ask yourself “What am I afraid will happen if I change my current behavior?”
  4. State what you currently want more than this business?
  5. Finally, ask yourself:

“Is it really that bad?”

You don’t have to worry about anything!


  • Most people stop halfway through setting up their business model since they expect that they won’t run into any problems. What people don’t realize is that running into problems is part of the process.



  • Business is a trial and error process! Successful individuals didn’t really get famous overnight or over one day, they had to experiment on what’s good and what’s not. You need to get into the mindset that you are going bound to run into some problems, but for every problem, there is ALWAYS a solution!  

Lastly, I really hope that you learned a lot from my live webinar!



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