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“I’m going to show you exactly what it takes to make money with three killer affiliate marketing website that you can kind of glean from to get more conversions, make more money, and get more people to click on your act!

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Let’s get back to those three website examples that you’re going to learn from to get more clicks, get more money, get more conversions and like other stuff too!

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Right now I’d like to get into the tactics that I had talked about earlier so that you can learn exactly how this works and kind of focus on things that are going to make your content sell because one of the things that I notice is a lot of people don’t have problems making the content. They have problems making the content convert.

You see whenever you create content for an affiliate site of video, you need to have a goal in mind!

You need to ask yourself before you write one letter, before you write one word or before you create one little intro video writer, before you even turn your camera on.

What you want to do is you want to decide what the goal of that piece of content is!

There are several different goals.

  1. If you’re getting cold traffic(that means traffic that’s never heard of) you might want to use it to kind of bond with them, kind of introduce them and get them to subscribe. That’s the beginning of a marketing funnel!
  2. If you’re sending out content like this video, I’m sending out to people who already know who I am, I might just create it to create goodwill and make you like me a little bit more, make you enjoy it and learn something so that later when you want to buy something you would want to go over and pick up my course as a way of saying thanks and you want to learn more!

Same kind of thing so we can either have bonding with your audience and getting them to subscribe creating goodwill in the marketplace or you could create content specifically to sell something.

If I want people to buy gold through my affiliate link then I would want to direct them directly to that.

Those are the different things that you might want to do with your content.


Let’s take a look at some example these examples!

First we want to take a look at “How to Power a Refrigerator” by Generator.

This is the SFGate news site. I was looking up generators yesterday and I wanted to know about how you plug them into your fridge, etc. and went here.


This is an example of getting people to click on affiliate links.  So what you’re going to see here is you have how to power a generator by generator. Right up front we see the keyword awesome stuff.

Next what I really like about this site is along the side here we have several different links that link to other things that might be in the person’s head. So in this it’s like how to run the generator, how many appliances can it run without an AC unit, or can it run a window AC unit and on and on we go.

So these are really good!

He’s got some sponsored links.

Some of them are related, some aren’t. These are all automatic so when you’re using the Google Adsense we really don’t have that much control over it. You have some Adsense over here on the bottom as well.

But what we see here is we have like a checklist. 

You’ve got ads. He’s got other content.

This is a very very good layout!

One thing I would like to see a little bit more, is I’d like to see links within content.

So if I’m like an Amazon affiliate, I would be like

number one check how much wattage the fridge has and then I might say if you have a 120-watt fridge or 100 M-watt fridge or whatever it is, you might want to go with a 7000-watt generator, okay click here. Home Depot just happens to have it on sale or Amazon happens to have it on sale etc.

Then you talk about the difference and throughout the difference these people want links to go buy one that fits for them so that is where you would plug it in. I would probably plug in maybe 3 different types of generators here based on the different tips. Also you can make calculator things like that.

But I like the way this is laid out. I like the way the content is and I like those links across the side as well because they’re inside the mind. If you’re in a dating site it would be like how to get a girl, how to get a guy, how to get over social anxiety, how to ask for a date etc Okay very good we like this one. Use this as an example obviously do it with the links involved in the content.

Very very good way to go!

Next we have one from CNN Money.

Now I like this one because it talks about a keyword that it was my home, a good investment. It has a little calculator here. You can get these calculators made for like 30 bucks or you could buy a whole bunch of them and put them on your site as well.

Very very good way to get traffic!

Now when getting a lot of traffic, one thing I don’t like about the site is the most popular stuff over here.

Nobody who’s looking up the home good investment cares about Kathy Griffin or Europe or GM right they want a good investment info.

I like the calculator there and I also like these related ads at the bottom, right best places to live cost of living.

They are related to things that people would naturally think when they are looking at is “My home, A good investment”. So there’s a natural thought process. 

We want to always capture the natural thought process right same kind of thing with SFGate where he’s got that content lined up for you and then you’ve got the natural things here.

We want to anticipate what they want and a great way to do this is with the Google Adwords Keyword Planner. Look at the subcategory word.

Another thing you can do is you could go to Google like this and you can type in generator and you can actually look at the different related types of things so you could do generator air conditioner and it’s going to give you the related things and you could use those to find out what’s going on.

Now the reason I like these types of link and the types of links that we saw on this one here is because they get people to click right and when they get people to clickIt’s going to give you insight. Because you’ll know hey check it out you know 20% of my audience is clicking on cost-of-living. Excellent!

Not only to get them to click which generates another click for another site but you’ll also learn a little bit more about them.


In order to these related type ads on your blog, we have a plugin called squeeze blog pro. It is a good one but we also have one called smart affiliate ads. Smart affiliate ads will actually make these and put a tracker so you can do this stuff really quick at a glance.

Next one, let’s take a look here.

This is for an affiliate program where they are promoting and I’m not sure if they’re an affiliate. They might actually own the product but what he’s doing is doing like those people research kind of things and the people researched things like sure our audio is working, the people research things pay pretty pretty good and what he’s doing is he’s like getting you interested.

So this would be an example of like a selling one.

He says I type my name. He’s basically going through and saying “hey check this out you need to check out this site.” It’s like a sales letter and then boom right on the page he has these things.

Now if you’re an affiliate you don’t have these things.

You could simply take a screenshot of this and get them to click through to the ad that has done so that’s a good way to do that as well also he has testimonials and things like that.

Last one as a bonus was The Weekly Financial Solutions for Debt.

It’s also a good one because he’s talking about the secret to revolving credit card debt and things like that. You’ve got the links within the content.

You’ve got the images where they’re not striking from the content but they support it. Then he goes on to talk about other stuff.

Again I would like to see some better ads here, some better things like select estate, it’s not that great. I would do a drop-down box. Those are quicker, they’re easier and it’s not like an image that obviously looks like an a

So a drop-down box would work a little bit better in that.

We have a lot of these tools, the plugins and everything, the drop-down boxes to help you do this stuff because IT WORKS REALLY REALLY WELL!


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