Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs Marcus Explains Pay Per Lead or CPL

Hey guys it’s Marcus here!

Today we are going to talk about paper lead affiliate programs.

This is where you get paid simply for generating a lead that means someone goes to a site through your affiliate link, fills out a form you get paid! Really cool!

Yesterday we went to Kohl’s to get my fancy new shirts and on the way out we found this by the register, there’s a whole pack of these and it kind of shows you how paper lead works.  Basically what it is, is if you give coals your email address they’re going to give you five dollars off your next purchase.

So to them they’re saying hey you know what your email is worth five bucks to us. That’s exactly how paper lead affiliate programs work. Basically what you do is you have your affiliate guy here, and this is the guy who has an offer.

He’s got an offer and he says well you know I know that my offer converts X out of this many leads right maybe ten out of a hundred leads or whatever it is.

He says okay great so if I’m making this money I am willing to pay someone to generate a lead right and they can generate a lead, it might just be like name put a little box here and email right, put like a little submit.

It could be name an email or it could be like a long form. In a long form write the name and email or zip code or just an email, this is called short form because obviously the form is short.

A long form requires more info, so it might be name, email, phone, address or even like a full mortgage application.  Now the cool thing about this is I’ve seen short forms go for as much as five dollars per lead. That means you get paid five bucks just when someone puts their name and email just like we showed you. I’ve seen long forms where you can get up to like $100 or more for someone filling out a mortgage refinance application or something like that.

So very very cool.

This is how it works. Basically you could get the short form offers or the long form offers whatever it is you want and you want to pair it with something that fits the traffic that you have. You don’t want to just say oh well the mortgage guy pays me more so let’s put them there.

You want to put it to what actually converts on your site.

Now there’s other things to look at basically what the affiliate offer place is going to do, and we’ll call this the CPA Network,

Right what they’re going to do is they’re going to find these offers and they’re going to give you a link.

Now there’s cool things about going through CPA networks and things like that because what you can actually do is you can do what’s called a “Prepop”.

A prepop is really really cool and before we get into the prepop I want to let you know that I actually have a killer list of these pay per lead affiliate programs on my site at so just go there, put your name and email in the box and I’ll send you that list right away. Great list, you can use it you can find all these offers and make a bunch of money.

I’ve made a ton of money using paper lead stuff but prepopping is where you actually take the data, write the data.

So let’s say you are on my list and I have your name and email address and I send out an email and I say hey check it out Coles has some special and I send you through my affiliate link to that page and when you get to that page the name and email is already filled out for you so all you have to do is hit submit and I get paid.

This is called prepopping and the way that you prepop is you’ll want to look in the offer. So when you go to your CPA network and you find your offer it’ll say you know allowed prepop.  It’ll have a little description as well. It’ll be something like you know and whatever you put after the name equals and email equals will actually prepop this form. That’s one way that you could get an absolutely killer conversion on this.

Another way is called Co reg. Co reg is C registration or reg path. 

Co reg is basically and not a lot of places offer this anymore but Co reg is basically where I get someone on my site and I say hey welcome would you like to order something. Maybe they order a free CD II or you know they order a download or something like that, something very inexpensive okay or maybe even free and I just get their address and everything.

Then what happens is after they order my Product, we get their info okay and that info is then passed just like a prepop but you’re actually passing a lot more info there okay and they call it a reg path because basically you take them through a whole bunch of things.

So just the other day I was ordering and As Seen on TV product so they could demo it for my for my followers of my recipe website okay and I ordered this product okay and it was As Aeen on TV. It was like for these pans and what they did is they took me from their site, they have this product maybe you have a resale rights, maybe you have some kind of product of your own or whatever, okay I order it. Naturally because I’m ordering I put name email, credit card, address, phone number all this information and then what happens is they say okay thank you for ordering, by the way would you also like this other stuff also?

That’s the reg Path. They say okay we’re going to pass your information and maybe they’re passing my information saying hey check it out would you like to see how to save you know $100 on your mortgage and it says it’s already got the page that’s already filled out that says you know Marcus Campbell, my address, my phone Number, everything and you could say yes and they hit submit and bam you get paid the hundred bucks! If they say no you take the same information from the order and you carry it to the next page and you say well would you like you like maybe they’d like a George Foreman grill okay same thing it’s already prepopped with all their information in it so all they have to do is hit submit BAM you get another 20 bucks or whatever it is for that offer or for a lead.

So this is how early affiliate marketing works it’s really fun there’s a lot of tools and tricks on my site. I even have some stuff that’ll show you about this.

Also another way to do this is called host and post.

Hosted post is where you’re actually hosting this forum on your website so you don’t have to send them anywhere, you just host the forum, it pings the server, you get paid so it’s really cool. There’s lots of stuff that you can use Here.

Pay per lead is a great way to make money online.

Again if you want some more tips on this and very cool affiliate marketing stuff tools and everything to show you how to get paid per lead go to right now, fill in the name and email, become my subscriber, become my friend and I’ll show you how to make money online.

Thanks again for watching!




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