Pay Per Click Traffic For CPA Affiliate Offers From Maxbounty And Offervault + Ad Writing Tips

Okay, now we’re gonna go over ad writing tips and pay-per-click secrets. Now, keep in mind that over the years I’ve had millions and millions and millions of visitors from pay-per-click search engine advertising. So, pay close attention to these tips, and they’re gonna help you do really well. Ad writing tip number one, keep it honest. Don’t say something’s free if it’s not free. Don’t, uh, lie. Don’t do anything shady. You know, really tell them what’s on the site. And if it’s gonna cost them money, you can tell ’em that as a way to pre-qualify them.


Number two, use the keywords in your ad like the Betta Fish site. Betta Fish Care Guide that uses the keywords, and it tells them what they’re gonna get. They’re gonna get a Betta Fish Care Guide. And as a result of being that targeted, we got a killer percentage rate of 25%, um, and in some areas 17% and 10%, um, but that’s very good.


Number three, if you want to be sure that you’re not going to spend a whole lot of money on people who don’t wanna buy. Like for example, if you wanna, uh, tie a tie, uh, uh, a guide about how to tie your tie fast and it’s $9, but you don’t want people who just want a free guide, then you can put, ties … tie tying secrets. That’s kind of a tongue twister. Tie secrets. Tie tying secrets, $9.95 free video or- or- or- or- uh, 9.95 for a video, 9.95 for an eBook. You know, pre-qualify ’em. Tell ’em upfront, “Hey! It’s gonna cost you something.”


Number four, look at the conversion rate that you’re getting and test different ads, and different words. You could use call words like, “Buy, or act now, or visit, or click, or something like that” as long as it’s in the search engine’s guidelines and they’re happy with it. But as you’re doing it, test different things, and look at which words are giving you the most impressions, and gear your ad to that word as long as it’s targeted. Like I found out that the word Betta Fish is giving me the most impressions, thousands and thousands of pre- impressions a day for that term.


And if I use the word Betta Fish in there, I’m gonna win, and I’m gonna get a good click through rate. So, look at the conversion and test different versions. Another tip is domain name keywords. A lot of people don’t wanna go out there and buy a new domain name, because they don’t wanna spend eight bucks, which I mean, this is a business. You’re going to spend money, uh, to do this. But if you use keywords in your domain name, that gives you an advantage as well, because then people see that and it seems to boost the click through rate.


Uh, let’s see here, we got number six. Keep it to 5 to 10 words per ad group unless the words are very similar. Don’t just plug in 5,000 words, uh, because they look like they’re relevant. Really take the time and go through, and find out if they’re relevant. Okay number seven, set daily caps. This is very important, because I mean, there’s some ads where you could run that could cost $10,000 a day to get clicks, um, and related up really quick.


So set in, uh, set a daily cap with what you’re ah- uh, comfortable with. If it’s 20 bucks a day, good. If it’s 5 bucks a day, good. If it’s a hundred bucks a day or a thousand, whatever it is, set it for your comfort level on what you are comfortable with losing. Because you might not get any sales, you know? But hopefully, you follow these rules, and you will put the odds in your favor, because this is, uh, marketing, not guessing. You know, you wanna be an effective marketer not, “Hey! I think people type in and make money, wanna give me money via PayPal so I can buy a yacht.” No, you know, you wanna be very specific, and you wanna use very specific keywords and things of that nature.


Now, let’s get into organic or free search engine ranking tips. The number one thing right now to get you ranked fast in the free search engines is going to be links from big sites. For example, if you have a link from or, that’s going to tell the search engines that you are a reputable company and they’re going to rank you really fast. Uh, so that’s a very important thing. If you have Yahoo directory links and things of that nature, it’s going to do very well for you.


Second most important thing is to provide relevant content based on keywords and the way people search. You wanna look for keywords that are very little competition. For example, if we go over to Betta Fish market, let’s take a look, and we are going to run a report based on the amount of competition in Google, uh, under the organic site, which is also known as, “free search engine rankings,” which really aren’t free, because time is money and they do take you time. And it might cost you a little money to get the directory listings as well.


So, let’s do a competition for, um, Google. Now, keep in mind also, Yahoo and MSN provide a lot of traffic. A lot. And it’s very good traffic and relevant traffic. And Yahoo and MSN are a lot easier to rank on the organic side than Google and some other ones. So, you can focus all on that if you’re looking for a quick method to get traffic, you can focus on that. Um, and tailor your site for that. We have some other tips for you in your bonus kit.


Now, let’s take a look. For Betta Fish, I have … Let’s see here, Betta Fish care has 482,000 people competing on the free search engine rankings. Now, this could be good if you’re willing to put forth the time. Because anything under a million competition, it doesn’t mean that there’s 482,000 sites out there trying to sell stuff about Betta Fish. This could be just that these words appear on the sites or pages that many times you know for, for that many pages. Um, so that’s something you can go for.


Now, if you wanna go for a quick method, I’m showing that Fin Rot in Betta Fish is looked up 11 times per day. And that’s very targeted, because these people have a specific problem, and they’re looking for a solution to it. And that is … Has 26,000 people competing. Now usually, if there’s 26,000 people, you could pretty much write a small article about Betta Fish Fin Rot, use the keywords throughout the article, get a link from a site or Yahoo directory listing, bam! You’re gonna be up on that really quick. Or you could even do a paid, uh, inclusion where you’re paying to get your site included fast. And basically what they’re doing is they’re putting you on a less expensive, um, site with less power.


But in a market where there’s only 26,000 people competing, uh, you know, you could get by with that route. Usually if it’s uh, you know, 500,000 to a million, I’m gonna go with a Yahoo directory as opposed to a cheaper directory. And in your bonus kit, we have all those in there. So number three tip is to get directory listings. And keep in mind, when you get a directory listing, use your most important keyword in the link text. That means that if you have a directory listing, and you’re going for Betta Fish Fin Rot, it should say, “Betta Fish Fin Rot,” (coughs) click here. Hmm, excuse me.


Okay, uh, another one is Betta Fish Care FAQ, 31 searches a day. So, we got almost 50 searches a day in these little words. We also have Sick Dying Betta Fish, 14 a day. Only, uh, 1100- 11,500 competing for that. And we have all these subcategory words. Uh, we have Betta Fish Bowl. We have Betta Fighting Fish, Betta Fish Diseases at 200,000. Sick Betta Fish. So, this market, you could build a small 5 to 10 page site, page site based on these words where each page is titled in your title tag and the title tags are all on the templates that you received in your bonus kit. Um, you know, and you can change the title tag that say, “Sick Betta Fish.”


And then you write an article, “Hey, if you got a sick Betta Fish, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, here’s what you could do about it.” And, um, let’s see here, Bored Betta Fish, you know, if your Betta Fish is bored, get ’em a TV or whatever it is. You write an article about it, and now you’re getting that traffic. And just like the PC Moneymaking site, all these words are pointing to selling the book.


And off of this, you could get you know, maybe a hundred clicks a day, maybe 200 clicks a day or more for free, free ’cause it does take time, um, based on your little site, simple site that’s leading them to these things. Betta Fish Care Instructions, 53,000 competing. So, this is a good market ready to be tackled. Another thing you can do if you’re looking to get included really quick is you could do a press release. You can do a press release based on the various Betta Fish thing and maybe you’re, “Hey, here’s a new Betta Fish technique, or here’s how to care for your Betta Fish better, or something like that.”


But again, when you write a press release, it’s just like writing a webpage for organic free search engine listing. You wanna provide good content, you wanna use the keywords, you wanna link to your site, and I’ve had sites get picked up in as little as 12 hours using a press release. And within 12 hours, I’ve had you know, 20, 30,000 people on that site. Betta Fish probably isn’t gonna bring that much traffic, but there are some other things you can use, you know?


And keep in mind also that the more traffic you get, it’s probably less quality traffic. So, if you just get you know, 50 a day for Betta Fish Care and Fin Rot Betta Fish, you’re probably gonna do a lot better than if I’m just getting everyone out there searching Betta Fish, you know? So, keep that in mind. Uh, last number five is lots of pages with good content. You wanna provide good content, good user experience, easy to navigate, link to your other pages. And when you link to your other pages, use the keywords in there.


Use the keywords on everything. Um, you know, and I’m not saying go out there and put Betta Fish, Betta Fish Fin Rot, Betta Fish, Betta Fish Fin Rot, Betta Fish, Sick Betta Fish. No, make a good human design site made for humans that people want to look at not just made to get traffic, because then people are … You might get traffic, but they’ll probably leave and you’ll get, uh, bad conversion ratio and things like that. So, it always pays to take your time and do it right. Think of what you would like, and that’s what the search engines are always gonna show, because if the search engines show junk, that makes them look bad, and they’re gonna take your side off, and make the algorithm to provide better sites.


So, those are some tips on how to get free search engine rankings. And keep in mind that, um, there’s a little bit more on this in your bonus, uh, kit. And this is the method that I’ve used to get over 50 million search engine visitors, uh, for very little money, uh, using these, uh, organic listings. Um, so you could do the same thing. Uh, and again, I would advice you to do it slow and deliberately based on markets just like you know, the Betta Fish market is perfect for this video, because it’s so targeted and the traffic converts, and there’s so little competition that you can do.


And keep in mind, I’m diagnosing a sick Betta Fish, 15 thou- You could just make a page with a picture of a Betta Fish and say diagnosing Betta Fish, uh, diseases, click here. And you’ll probably rank top 10 for that. And I’m not guaranteeing it you know, do it right, do good stuff, but that’s how easy this could be. Um, now keep in mind also, fish is just one market out there. There’s also many, many other things when you have an internet that’s so big, you might have people looking to build go karts, b- uh, make gas scooters. You might have people who wanna build tree houses, people who wanna learn how to get gum out of their VCR, people who wanna learn how to clean their carpet to where the stains don’t come back, people who wanna learn how to save money on laminate flooring.


There’s so many different things here. People who wanna learn to brew their own beer. There’s so many markets out there that you could tackle, and they’re ready, and ready for you to go after ’em, and there’s not a lot of competition. And there’s a ton left for all of us so that we could all get free traffic, paid traffic. Um, but again, if you’re looking for a fast way to go, pay-per-click is, is good. If you’re scared to do that, go organic. Sometimes it might take up to a month, two months, three months to get traffic.


Um, but you know, a lot of times you can get it fairly quick. So, keep that in mind. Um, use the templates. There’s templates in your kit that have a way. It’s a … It’s a generic site based on the word keyword. So you could kind of you know, use that as a key. Don’t use it exact. I mean, you don’t wanna be a cookie cutter site. Um, back in 2002 to 2004, there’s a bunch of programs out there that would provide cookie cutter sites that would change one word and the search engines weren’t too happy, because it just provided junky content.


Um, so really think about what you write, take the time. I mean, seriously the- the- the- the page, the page is on, all those articles, it took me 10 or 15 minutes to write, because I enjoy it. That’s something I care about. I’m making a site about, uh, magic tricks, something I enjoy, something I like, something I care about. If you like, uh, fixing cars, you know, maybe you could write about that. If you like, um, recipes, you could do that.


I mean, there’s a lot of people I found that type in prime rib reciepies. They spell it wrong just like I do, because I can’t spell, but I like to cook. And that’s a good market you could go for as well. So, there’s all these different things that you can go for, that aren’t even close to being tapped to the potential. And you can get free traffic, and you can get you know, um, paid traffic and press release traffic, and all this stuff funneling to help you build a sales machine, um, based on these things. And it’s not uncommon to see a site like the Betta Fish one make three to four sales in a day.


I mean, there’s people out there who, who make money off of dog training tips websites, and, and, uh, moneymaking tips websites and you know, car racing tips. All these things, they’re making money off of this little bitty niches, and you know, you can do the same thing. Uh, don’t copy ’em. Do your own thing. You know, make it ethical. Be a good business person, and you’re gonna do good. You just have to really focus what you’re gonna go for. Focus your efforts. Focus your sites. Go for niches. You know, take a look at the keyword programs we have listed. See which one works best for you.


Uh, personally, I have my personal favorite which is on there. And you know, it works fantastic, because it shows me right here at a glance all the competition for a certain word that I could get on free traffic, paid traffic and things like that. And keep in mind also that, um, there are some search engines out there that give you full disclosure of what the people are paying. You know, and I’ll show you number one’s paying 10 cents. Number two is paying 9 cents. Number three is paying 8 cents. And it’ll show you where you could go, and you could just look at it a glance and find niches really, really quick.


And that’s what you wanna do is find little niches like the Betta Fish and find little niches like you know, things of that nature that’s going to yield sales. There’s … There’s things like, uh, you know, heartburn, and, and foot stinky feet, or hurt feet, or broken arms. I think a leg cast is looked up 900 times a day. Um, and there’s all these different things that you can do. And you just have to be deliberate. It’s not difficult to get a search engine ranking. People already have ’em. You just have to really work at it, and care about it.


And again, the problem with this business is that a lot of people just wanna get number one ranking for the word “make money,” um, and they don’t think you know, about what they have to do to get that. So, do these things and, uh, you should do really well.

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