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Pay-Per-Call and Affiliate Marketing

Today we’re going to talk about pay-per-call.


Pay per call is a lot like affiliate marketing, only instead of getting an affiliate link, you get a custom phone number.


So when you log into your account, and you choose to promote a pay-per-call offer, the network will ask you how you’re going to promote it. Obviously they want to make sure you’re legitimate.


Then, they’re going to generate a custom number for you. And this is a special number that’s unique to you, for as long as you’re promoting the offer.


So all you have to do is put this phone number on your website, or in your promotions (obviously following their terms and conditions, not just spamming it everywhere), and you’ll get paid when a certain person calls the number and stays on the line for a certain amount of time.


Now, these can be leads for anything from rehab to health insurance, to quotes on carpeting or plumbers, or anything like that.


And these companies will pay you anywhere from $1 to upwards of $1,000 for a lead. That’s what I’ve seen at least.


Now, a lead is determined by a legitimate call that lasts a certain amount of time. So it could be anywhere from 30 seconds to 60 seconds, to 90 seconds, to upwards of 2 minutes or more.


When a person calls the unique number, there is a custom tracking software that says who a call came from and how long they stayed on the line.


Once they stay on long enough, you get paid in your affiliate account.


I like to go on OfferVault to search for pay-per-call offers.


You’ll notice it has several different tabs to help you search, and if you’re only looking for pay-per-call offers, you can select that tab.



And if you search by payout and see the highest payouts first, you’ll notice that some of these offers pay really, really well.



Let’s think about why this happens for a moment.


These are a lot of the things that are advertised on TV. And when people advertise these on TV, they spend a lot money, and they don’t know if they’re going to get any calls.


So when they come to people like us, affiliate marketers, these people are guaranteed a call for a certain amount of time.


There are lots of different ways to promote these offers.


I’ve seen people promote them on Facebook groups and Instagram and things like that.


You can also market them on your blog or your website.


You can even do videos and drive your traffic to your site.


When you’re looking for offers, you want to try and find the ones that are low competition. But even ones with high competition can work well, because they pay so well.


The key is to find words that the advertisers aren’t thinking about, and build a good site around how to help people with the offer you’re promoting.


There are a lot of people making a lot of money with pay-per-call offers, and it’s not that hard to do. This is exactly what I’ve been doing for many years with pay-per-call.


And here’s another tip for you:


You can make a blog that has good content for people, and when you’re promoting your affiliate offer, you want to create your own banner for it.


So you would go in and create a new image. And instead of typing the phone number on your site, you’ll make a banner that’s pretty big. You’ll keep the background the same color as your site, and you can add a message related to your offer.


Then you would add the phone number that the affiliate company gives you.



The reason you want to do this is because rather than typing it out on your site, when it’s done as an image, all you would have to do it change the number on everything on your site is to change the one image, instead of going in and changing every single link.


You just go in and change the image, and everything on your site changes to reflect if the offer changes or something like that.


And you can make this as catchy as you want, using the stuff that I teach you in the Simple Sites Big Profits tool.


So if you want to get into pay-per-call, what you should do is head over to, pick up a copy of my Simple Sites Big Profits software, and use that.


Then hop on our calls we have every Tuesday, and tell us what you’re up to, and we’ll help you out with it. We’ll show you how to get more leads, and drive more, traffic, and make more money.


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