Offervault Affiliate Programs And CPA Marketing Tutorial

Offervault Affiliate Programs And CPA Marketing Tutorial

What if you could turn 17 cents into $4 and 80 cents over and over again, like a couple hundred or a couple thousand times a day? Well, today, ladies and gentlemen, we are going to be talking about CPA affiliate marketing, one of my favorite ways to make money online in a very simple way, without having to sell things or get people to buy expensive stuff so that you can make a few bucks. No, we are talking about how to get high converting, really low barrier of entry offers that pay anywhere from a couple cents to a couple hundred dollars and put that money in your bank account in a very simple way.

Now at the get-go, if you guys are excited about this topic, smash that like button. Let’s get that like button going crazy and let’s dive right in. Next bit of business as we go through is I want you to remember that the results are not typical implied or guaranteed. I don’t know if you’ll make 17 cents, $4, $4 million, or negative money. We have no idea. The average person trying to do this stuff online makes $0 and 0 cents. That’s just a fact. But I think after watching this entire training for about an hour, you’re going to understand exactly what’s going on. We’re going to pull back the curtain and help you understand that there are people out there making 10, 20, 30, even $50,000 a day or more with affiliate marketing and CPA offers.

And I got to tell you, there is some risk involved. Some of those people making $50,000 a day are spending $50,000 to make it. So, you got to look at that and you got to understand exactly what’s going on. Now for me personally, I like to be around the 50% range, where if I make it 50 grand a day, I’ll spend 25 to get it. I think that’s kind of a safe place to be. I got friends who they’ll do like a 90/10 split, but we’ve got to look at this and we got to understand it.

Now what we’re going to be talking about is primarily paid traffic, although we will touch on some free traffic methods. If the camera will stay steady. So we’re going to go through, we’re going to dive in. Smash the like button subscribe and let’s show you what you got lined up in today’s show. And yes, by the way, the thumbnail is an actual site that I have run in a niche with the keywords, it’s all actually revealed there. We don’t do fake stuff. We got actual real life stuff that you could actually check out on your own.

Now here’s today’s lineup. Number one, we’re going to show you how CPA affiliate programs work, how the offers work, how you get paid, pretty much everything. Part number two, we’re going to show you some cool ways to get paid and some hot offers. Now this is important because every day it seems like someone comes to me and they say, “Marcus, what’s the best offer to promote?” And that’s a loaded question because I don’t know. I don’t know what your traffic is and it all depends on your traffic. And we’re going to talk about that in a little bit. Part number three, I’m going to show you my secret market flipper method in detail. Part number four, I’m going to show you quick, pay-per-click landing page structure. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is the real deal. Like if you look at this and you’re like, “Marcus, your landing page looks like a third grader made it.”

Well, it converts. This stuff converts. I don’t care what my sites look like. I don’t care if I have the latest, greatest funnel bang wizard setup. It doesn’t matter to me. All that stuff does is make me have to learn something new. All I need to do is get a message in front of someone so that they click. And if I do that, bada bing, bada boom, I can make the money. Very important, okay? So here’s an actual example. Part number four, we’re going to show you the quick pay-per-click landing page structure. In my landing pages, I use WordPress. I used to use static HTML, but now I find WordPress is a little bit easier, faster, and the search engines like it a little bit better. Part number five, we’re going to talk about why paid traffic and CPA marketing kicks butt. Very important. If you’re afraid of pay-per-click marketing, well, I don’t know what to tell you. Go watch cartoons or something. This is for the real people who want to get out there, who aren’t afraid to make stuff work. And we’re going to talk to you about some important things.

Now, first and foremost, we are going to have notes of this training available. Some people are confused about my notes. Once you go to and put your name and email in the box, we send out all the notes, all the notes are on the blog that’s behind that name and email box. It’s all there. So if you have trouble finding them, just use the search box to find the one you want and you can get it. And if you go there now and sign up, we’ll send them to you once they’re done. So you’ll just get them in an email.

Now very important because, again, this is going to be slanted towards paid traffic. All right. Paid traffic, that’s what we’re going to talk about. Why? Because I could get results by the end of the day. Like literally, you’re like, “Marcus, how long does it take to make money?” Well, my record was 13 minutes. Usually I can set something up and get some kind of results by the end of the day. And my goal is to try to break even. And I just want to break even because I know if I could break even I could probably make some money and all it’s about then is tweaking.

Now we don’t want to go crazy. A lot of people think with paid traffic marketing, you got to go risk $10,000 to see what… That’s crazy talk. You risk a little bit. Usually what we’re going to risk is 300 clicks. So if it costs 10 cents a click, you’re going to risk 30 bucks. If it costs a dollar a click, you’ll risk, 300 bucks. If it costs 2 cents a click, you’re going to risk like six bucks. If my math is correct, I don’t know. I’m kind of tired, but at any rate, we’re going to make this work.

So pay-per-click marketing is risky… sort of. It’s only risky if you’re not paying attention. All right? The most you risk is the most you put in the box. So if I say, I only want to pay $10 a day. It’s going to shut off after $10 a day. If I say I’m only going to spend 5 cents a click, I’m only going to pay 5 cents a click. That’s it. You set the parameters. So if you think it’s risky, it’s cause you don’t understand it. Now let’s go ahead and dive in to part number one. We want to talk to you about how CPA affiliate programs work. And if you appreciate me doing these kinds of videos and you like this stuff, smash the like button, subscribe. After this training, I’m going to give you a list of videos I want you to watch that’s going to go even more detail on this method.

Now, how do CPA affiliate programs work? Well, first we need to understand how affiliate programs work. Now, an affiliate program is basically a company, all right, here’s the company. He’s got his little store here, right? And there’s a door so you can get in the store. All right, this is the company. And the company might have like products or services. And this company is like, “Hey guys, you know what? We want to get more sales, but I don’t want to like advertise on TV. I don’t want to invest in banner ads. I just want other people to promote this for me because that’s just what I want to do.”

So what they do is they say, “Well, we make a lot of money on our products.” Let’s say they’re selling these money buttons. They sell the money button and they’re like, “Hey, we make $10 when we sell the money button.” So they say, “We make 10 bucks.” And they say, “Well, it cost us about $2 to make it. So we got eight bucks left. So if I get an affiliate and he sells the money button, there’s the money button. I will give that affiliate $5 because I know, Hey, you know what? I give him five. I keep three. I get the person on my mailing list. Wonderful, great, yada yada. Great. Awesome.” Okay. That’s the basics of affiliate marketing.

Most of you guys know affiliate marketing in terms of like ClickBank and JV Zoo and stuff like that. Where a guy has a course or a book, here’s our book, got some pages or a product or software or whatever, right? And he’s like, “Hey dude, you sell my book for 75 bucks, I’ll give you $30.” Or whatever. Okay. That’s how affiliate marketing works. That’s the basics. Bada bing, bada bing.

Now the way that it works is you get a link. Link. All right. Now you might go direct, like in this example was from Camtasia, I think it was, they’ll give you a direct link and it’ll be like with your username and blah, blah, blah. That’ll be your affiliate link. Okay? You promote this affiliate link and you get money when people buy stuff. Pretty simple. If you understand that, smash like button and say, “Got it,” in the question box or comment box or whatever the cool kids are calling that.

All right? So this example here says it’s got great conversion rates, 45 day cookie. That means you got 45 days from the time they click the link till they order and you get paid. They order on the 46th day, you don’t get paid anymore. That’s how a cookie works. And it says you’re going to receive 12% commission. So in this example, I would promote my affiliate link. I sell the product, which is $299. I get 12%, which is 12 on the hundred, which is approximately $36 to sell the product. Pretty cool. Pretty simple.

Now there’s this other thing in the world called CPA, CPA affiliate marketing. Okay. And this is called cost per action. Now, instead of going out there and getting people to buy this thing and making 36 bucks because I don’t care who you are, sometimes it’s hard to get someone to take their credit card out and pay 300 bucks for something. So instead of that, the company could go and say, “Wait a minute. You know what? We offer a free trial of our software and off of that free trial 10% usually sign up.” So then that’s how it works. “So basically, that means that a free trial is worth $30 to us.”

Okay. Pretty cool. So then the company they’re like, “Yeah, that’s worth 30 bucks.” So what would happen in the CPA marketing world is they say, “Well, we’re making 30 bucks per free trial. What if we pay our affiliates $10 to give away a free trial?” Now this is looking a lot better for the affiliate company. And for me as the affiliate, I’m like, “Dude, all I got to do is give away free software and I make 10 bucks? Hey, I like those apples. I will eat those apples all day long.” Very cool. Very good.

The same thing happens with an email. Let’s say, he says, “Hey, you know what? Everyone who signs up for our video marketing email list, out of that, 5% end up buying our software for 300 bucks. Pretty cool. So that means we’re making about $5 per person, I think, or six or something. I don’t know you do the math, which means we could pay $2 when someone fills out the form to become a lead. And we still got like three or four bucks left.” Pretty cool. So CPA marketing is good for the business and good for you. Okay.

Now, the reason it’s good is because it’s what I call a low, no barrier of entry. Let me ask you guys a question. How many of you guys, if I had a course on CPA marketing and I said, “Hey, I’m going to charge $197 for this course.” How many of you guys would go out there and buy that right now? Write 197, type 197 in the box. And don’t worry. I’m not selling a course. This is so you understand the concept, right? How many of you guys would go by that right now? Type 197 in the box.

Now, what if on the other hand I said, “Wait a minute. Instead of 197, I’m going to give this course away for free. Free.” How many of you guys would get the course for free? All right. And I want you guys to watch that chat box. If you pay 197 for it, put 197. If you get it free, type free. And I want you guys to see this because this is going to illustrate exactly how this works. We’ve got some 197s. Thanks guys. You can buy something later on, but watch what happens. Now, the frees are coming in. All right. So we got about 20 people that said they’d pay 197. Now watch what happens with the free. It’s pretty much going to be everyone and smash the like button because this is basically like a 197 course free.

Okay. So see how that barrier of entry is easier. And what if I knew, “Hey on everyone who gets my free course, I make two bucks or whatever.” Okay, that’s how CPA marketing works. They’re taking a little bit of risk and saying, “I think in the long run, this is going to make me a lot more money.” That’s how it works. Now, imagine if I said, “Hey, not only am I going to give away the 197 course free, but I’m going to pay you a dollar for everyone who puts their name and email in to get that course free.” That’s CPA marketing.

Why would I do that? Because I know, statistically, out of the people who are watching this video, it’s worth a certain amount to me. Out of the people who go to and get the notes. Got good notes there. I know that on average per year, that one person is going to make me X amount of money. It’s playing the odds, it’s playing the numbers, it’s understanding your backend profits. That’s how CPA marketing works and I want you to understand it on the front end and the back end so you get it.

Now let’s take a look at how this works in a more real way. Recently, I just heard a couple of days ago, ClickBank is now getting into the CPA marketing world, which is pretty cool. So we look at this and we’re like, “Okay, here’s an example where it says guaranteed $15 per free flashlight you give away.” Now check this out. This is saying that there’s like this fancy flashlight, I will try to draw a flashlight here. You know what? I’m not going to try to draw flashlight. We’ll just do this. There’s our flashlight. Because I think if I try to draw it, it might come out not looking like a flashlight, but there’s our flashlight.

And this flashlight is like the tactical flashlight that’s going to help you. And it costs $9.99 shipping and handling. Okay. But on ClickBank they say, “Hey, we’re willing to give you $15-20 for selling this thing.” That’s pretty cool. Okay. So we’ve got to look at that. Now ClickBank’s getting into it. I don’t know how their CPA stuff’s going to work, it’s kind of elusive. But when we look at ClickBank and CPA affiliate marketing, we need to understand how this works. Now there are two things you need to understand. There is one, affiliate offers and then there’s affiliate networks.

An affiliate offer is one offer. So we go over here to the ClickBank and ClickBank, by definition, is kind of like its own affiliate network. All right. The flashlight giveaway is what? Type it in the box if you know what it is. It’s an offer. So we have offers and we have networks. ClickBank would be the network, flashlight would be the offer. Now in the CPA affiliate marketing world, we also have search engines like OfferVault. All right. Now OfferVault is a place you could go to find out all kinds of stuff that people are willing to pay you for. So here we have like music stuff, create your music, ad center music. All kinds of crazy stuff here and it tells you what they are.

Now this is very important. The first line here is the offer name. What’s the offer? Again, remember the ClickBank thing. Your offer is a flashlight. All right, again, remember OfferVault is just a search engine, they are not a network, they don’t have any offers, they’re just a search engine. That’s what they are. They are search engine for offers. So we have offer name, that’s the name of the offer. We have the payout, that’s what you are going to get when the action is completed. Then we have, usually it’ll say like the type, but because we’re in some other one, it doesn’t say that, but it will say like pay per lead, pay per sale, pay per download, whatever it is. And then, you have the network.

So if I want to run this ad center music, what do I need to do? What do I got to do? Well, I’m going to have to go sign up at the affiliate network to get that offer. So if you’re not signed up at the network, you’re not going to get the offer. Now we can look at other stuff too. Let me see if I can find these here. Just give me one second and we’ll do browser extension, trying to make sure the search is clean before we put it on the screen here? Okay. So for this example here we have-

Okay. So for this example, here we have browser extension. A browser extension is like a little toolbar that you put on your computer. And these are pay per install. It says, download, download, download. That means if I give away this speed browser extension, which helps people speed up their computer, I get $2.50. They don’t have to opt-in. They don’t have to buy anything. They download it. I get paid. Now word of warning, sometimes download offers are a little less than savory. Sometimes they’re kind of weird. So you want to check them out and make sure they’re good. Maybe download it on an old computer and test it out. Do some research. Make sure they’re virus-free and everything like that. But we could see here this is how it works. Very, very simple.

And OfferVault they got lots of stuff like affiliate networks, they got pay-per-call offers. These are ones that pay on a call, right. So if we do people who want granite countertops, $2 to $3 for a phone call, they got mobile offers, and then they have traffic sources and stuff like that. Very simple. Now what we need to understand again is that OfferVault is just a search engine. If you want to run the offer, you need to go to a network. Now there are lots of networks out there. My favorites are MaxBounty, GlobalWide. There’s… no PeerFly’s not around anymore. I’ve heard about CPAGrip. I don’t know much about it. I haven’t tried them. I don’t know why. I just haven’t tried them yet. There’s tons of them. You can see all kinds of different networks. MaxWeb, TerraLeads, Agora, Algo, RevenueAds, all kinds of stuff. So there’s tons. TORO’s got a lot of downloads. And it’ll show you all the offers they have.

Now, once you have a CPA affiliate network and you’re signed up, it’s just like ClickBank. You log in, you get the offer you want, you get the link, you promote it, you get paid. Now it’s very important that you follow the rules because CPA offers, since they’re paying you on a lead, they’re kind of picky about the traffic, right. So it’s like, “Hey, we don’t want this kind of traffic. We don’t want this kind. We only want this.” So pay attention to that. And your affiliate network… The cool thing about affiliate networks is you actually get a rep, right. So I’ve had reps for many places. I was one of the top affiliates for several different places.

And they would take me out and teach me stuff and help me with codes and all kinds of stuff, and help me find offers, which is really good. So affiliate networks are really helpful. You can go sign up for them. It’s pretty easy. If you have trouble getting accepted, just be honest, say, “Hey, I’m trying this out. Here’s what I want to do. What do you think?” And I’ll give you a little hint. The best way to sign up for an affiliate network is to already know the offer you want. Think about it. If I go to a network and I’m like, “Hey, I want to promote this offer. That’s called the whatever, right? The Samsung.” And I say, “I want to promote that.” That’s a lot better than, “Hey, I just want to sign up because I watched a video about CPA offers,” right.

Obviously, if you have the offer, that’s going to get you signed up. That’s going to make it a lot easier. And if you understand that, that’ll help you in the long run. Now we have some training here on the channel about how to get accepted to the affiliate networks. We talk to you about it. It’s there. Subscribe, click the bell, go watch those videos. Lots of stuff. Now let’s go in to part number two.

Part number two is cool ways to get paid and hot offers. Now, the thing that I love about CPA affiliate marketing is I can get paid lots of ways. I can get paid on a sale. I can get paid on a click. I can get paid on a download. I can get paid on a lead. This is like when someone fills out name and email, or maybe even like a big mortgage form. Sometimes if you go over to OfferVault and you look up mortgage forms, right. Watch this. We could do a refinance or mortgage. Got to sound it out, or I’ll spell it wrong. Right, this one here is $55 for a form submit. Here’s one for $24. It’s probably a smaller one. Here’s a rent-to-own one, which I think is only a couple of fields, right? So I only need to get them to put name, email, zip code, or something like that. FHA rate, smaller form, right. So some of these, like this, is paying $55. They don’t have to buy anything. They don’t have to get a loan. They just have to apply. All right. Very, very cool. Very easy.

Much like the same way if you do carpet cleaners, okay. You’re going to find like these guys fill out leads or call a number for carpet cleaners. All right. Very simple. Now, the reason that this works. I’m going to show you the reason this works so that it makes sense. The reason this works is because if I go to Google AdWords tool, and I type in “carpet cleaner,” all right. What’s going to happen is you’re going to see how much people are paying. So if you are a carpet cleaner, you’re going to see carpet cleaner near me is like $12 a click. What does that mean? That means you go to Google, right. Like this. You type in “carpet cleaner,” and boom, these ads up here are paying $12 a lead or a click, right. So if I clicked on those ads, that would cost them money.

That’s why we don’t want to click on them, right. Unless you’re interested in carpet cleaning, but we have to look at this and understand, “Oh, I get it. They pay 12 bucks for just a click. Of course, they’d pay me 27 for a full-on lead,” right, if you get that type carpet lead or something like that. If you get it, you’ll understand it, right. Now, my job, which we’re going to into, you got to watch this whole training. I know some people got busy schedules. They’re too busy to make money. They’re too busy to listen to this stuff that actually works. But I know you’re different. You want to learn this?

Keep watching. We’re going to get into the market flipper method. Because if you can understand where to get traffic for these people, that’s like 5 cents a click. Then you get it. Then you’re like, “Wait a minute, Marcus. Oh, now I see how you turn 17 cents into $4.80, or 27, or more. Now I get it.” And if you’re in it to win it, and if you’re going to stick around for this entire video, smash a like button. Say “I’m in it to win it” in the box. Because guys, we’re getting into some stuff that is going to show you the real way to do it. Now again, pay attention to the way you get paid, even if it says lead. How many pages is the lead form?

Important. You got to know these things. If you don’t know, you’re going to be promoting a five-page form and getting two bucks. And you’re like, “Why is it not converting?” Because it’s five pages. I want it to convert on one. Very simple. There’s also things that are known as email and zip submits. All right. So there’s like email and zip. Now, these are really cool because this means if a guy goes to the form and puts his zip code in the box and hits submit, you get paid. How easy is that? They don’t even have to put their name. They just put their zip code. Why? Because it’s like something for them to do so, you can get paid. Email, they put their email in the box to get something. Very simple. And a lot of these offers, sometimes these are awesome, and they convert like 50%.

I have literally had some that have converted better than 50%. The zip ones. Sometimes they go up to like 70, 75% if they got a good landing page and you do the good job of converting it, which we’re going to talk about. So sit tight. We’ve got a lot to go over. Guys, this is the real deal. I’ve been doing CPA affiliate marketing since 2003 when one of my clients told me about a company called AzoogleAds. And he was like, “Hey, I get paid for these things.” And I’m like, “Hey, I get traffic. I think I’ll run some traffic to these things.” And millions of dollars later, I’m teaching this stuff because I love doing this. And if you understand this, get paid on a sale, a click, a download, a lead, an email, a phone call, whatever it is, you can understand how this works because it’s all about getting customers.

The most expensive part of business is customer acquisition. What does CPA marketing do? It gets the people, new customers. That’s why it works, right. Very simple. All right. So let’s go back to our notes here, and we’re going to take a look at what’s going on. Now the cool ways to get paid, we went over those, and then let’s talk about hot offers. People talk to me all the time, and they’re like, “Marcus, what is the best CPA offer? What’s hot. What’s good.” And my answer is, “I don’t know.” If anyone says, “This is the hot offer. Go promote it.” Don’t listen to them because they don’t know how you’re going to get traffic. You see CPA marketing, affiliate marketing, making money online. It’s like a slot machine. Now a lot of people are going to tell you. It’s like a slot machine that it only has cherries on it, and you’re going to win every time. As long as you buy my course, that tells you how to get the cherries every time.

Yeah, we know that that does not work, but it is like a slot machine in the fact that you need to get the three things right. If you get cherry seven bell, you get nothing, right. As who was it… I think it was in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. He goes, “You split it in half. You don’t get two nickels. You get shit.” And that’s what happens. You don’t get all the things. You don’t get anything, right. So we need to understand it. Now, what are the three things you need to know? What are the three things? Because if you get these and you dial them in, it’s all there is to it. Everything else is puffery, and fancy talk, and confusion, and info overload.

But if you get these three things, and I’m going to show you how to get them. I’m going to show you how to test them. This is not hard to do. There is risk. There is reward. You got to build something. You got to pay a little bit for traffic to see what happens. But I think if you look at this in the right way, you will understand how it works. Now here are the three things. First, you need the right traffic. Got to have the right traffic. If you have the wrong traffic, a lot of people, “Oh, well, Marcus, this affiliate offer pays a dollar for an email. I’m going to go get pop-up traffic, or I’m going to go get traffic. 10 million visitors for five bucks.”

Yeah, that’ll do it. Okay. Maybe not, right. And they get the 10,000 visitors for five bucks or whatever, and they find out it’s junk traffic. All right. Traffic is the first rung on the slot machine of CPA marketing. If you get this wrong, you will fail. If you get this right, it could be the best thing that ever happened to you. I know it was the best thing that ever happened to me. We’re going to talk about a niche where I got this, right? And it was like, boom, I got it. Right. It worked. It was simple. And we make it work, and we make it happen. So traffic is the first thing.

Next is your offer. And last is your landing page. Now, when we’re doing paid traffic and CPA marketing, we need to understand that it is our job to get the conversion. It is not about big, huge sites. This can be with a one-pager. “Well, Marcus, some search engines don’t let you do a one-page.” Well, maybe we’re not using search engines. Maybe we are. Maybe we’re not. And some of them do allow you to have a five-page site, and you need to understand it’s all based on intent. Traffic has an intent. What do they want? Why did they click? What are they doing, right?

There’s this thing in solo ads. A lot of people buy solo ads. I don’t know. I got mixed feelings on solo ads, but there’s a lot of solo ad vendors out there. And a solo ad, and this is not the traffic method I’m advocating. I just want to use this as an example. All right. A solo ad is where you buy an ad in someone else’s email list. Now what you do is you’re like, “Hey, what’s your list about?” And they say, “Oh, well, it’s about business, and I will charge you 50 cents a click.” Now some solo ad guys are cool, and they’re like, “Yeah, give me your email copy. I’ll send you your email words to the list, and whoever clicks, you get 50 cents… or you pay 50 cents.”

Now, some solo ad vendors, they go out there, and they’re like, “No, we don’t care about your email copy. We’re going to send ours.” Why? Because they’re making 50 cents a click, and they want near everyone they can to click so they can get their 50 cents. So the email copy might say, like, “Click here to win a prize.” And your ad is about like buying something, and they’re like, “Where’s my prize?” And you’re wondering why it’s not converting. Okay. That was a weird example, but I hope it made sense that not all traffic is created equal. Your traffic is valued based on why they came to your site in the first place. Let me say that again if you didn’t write it down yet. Your traffic value is based on what they did to get to your website. If they click a banner that says, “Pictures of fast cars.” and they come to your site, that’s talking about car insurance, that’s not going to work.

It’s not going to work because they’re not there for that. So you need to understand that if you don’t get that, you’re not going to get it, right. You’re not going to understand it. Now let’s keep going because if you understand this, it’ll make sense. Now with that said, I do have some favorite offers. My favorite offers. I like download offers. Those have always been my favorite, probably because I remember it was one of the first CPA marketing offers with the smiley faces. Some of my others are email submits, lead forms, different things like that are really good. Also, I love free trials. Free trials, where it’s like, “Hey, get this thing.” I saw one yesterday. It was a photo. You back up your photos on this little drive thing. And it was 20 bucks for the visitor, and I got $60 to sell it.

I’m like, “I like that.” If I get $60 to sell something that’s 20 bucks, then yay. That’s awesome. I like that, right. So those are some of the things I like. Now, what we want is we want the lowest barrier of entry possible. Remember how I said you could buy the course for 197 or you could get the course for free. Even 197, even if you can afford it, you got to get your card out, got to fill out the form. You got to have a little bit of trust. Now, if I say you’re just going to get it free, just put your name, email, and phone number in the box. You’ll be like, “Yeah. Okay. Just an email.” The barrier of entry is lower. You got to understand this. With the download offer, is there two steps? Do they have to click download and approve? Or is it just download, right.

I remember one of the first ones I did was an automatic one, which that was quickly taken out because it was like, “Okay, yeah. Auto downloads are not good.” But I remember that one, and it converted ridiculous. It’s like a 90% conversion rate. And I did the work of telling them what they were getting in the first place. But some people didn’t, which is why those kind of got banned after a while. But you’ve got to understand this. Now we got to look at the barrier of entry and how close it is to the intent. So if we go out there and we’re looking up a keyword, like maybe we’re going to do healthy meals. And they’re looking for healthy meal recipes. I want you guys to put your thinking cap on, and I’m going to do a little test here.

We’re going to see who’s paying attention. If I was going for healthy Crock-Pot meals. What would be an offer? And I want you to give me one line. One line that meets the intent. The intent of the traffic is they want healthy crock pot meals. And has a low barrier of entry. What would be the lowest, easiest like, “Dude, yeah, I could get a bunch of people to download my free recipe in like five minutes if I said this.” And what I would say is, “105 healthy Crock-Pot meals. Put your name and email in the box to download them.” Boom, done deal, right. Low barrier of entry. Now a little bit higher barrier of entry would be, “Get my Crock-Pot recipes for $1” or maybe, “Download these,” or whatever it is.

The lowest barrier of entry would be, “Here’s the ebook. Just click here and download it.” No email. No nothing. So hopefully, you’re starting to understand how these work. Hopefully, you’re starting to understand the barrier of entry because that is what makes it work. And no one talks about this. They’re just talking about, “Get $5 for this thing.” No, no, no. You got to understand the barrier of entry and how close it is to the intent. Years ago, I was promoting an affiliate offer, and this was a download. It was free download. Free download for a video toolbar. And they can watch all kinds of videos on their computer and whatever. Now I had traffic for-

During, whatever. Okay? Now, I had traffic for people looking up magic tricks. Okay? And I was like, hey, you know what? This video toolbar has got magic trick tutorials, it has it. Now I go to the landing page, it says, “Download cool videos. Yay, wonderful, great. Yeah, whatever. Lame, that sucks, it doesn’t meet the intent. I’m like, hey, learn how to do the coin pass. And they’re like, oh well, now I’ve got to download this, why do I want that? So disconnect.

All right, so what I did is I went to the affiliate network and I was like, hey guys, I make a lot of money with you. So would you be so kind as to make me a landing page that says magic trick videos, okay? Same toolbar, same thing, right? This is a little hint, if you’re getting this, smash the like button, because this is something other people don’t talk about. And if you get this, life’s about to change for you in terms of understanding affiliate marketing.

So what I did is I broke up what this thing did. It’s like, okay, it gives you lots of videos. All right, people online don’t just want lots of videos. You can get lots of videos anywhere. So I had to make a magic trick one. Instant, 100% boost in conversions. Boom, instantly. Why? Because a landing page said magic trick on it. Okay, I’m going to let that sink in a minute.

You might be, Marcus is a crazy person and I don’t understand that. Let it sink in. Because if it matches, then boom, there you go. And now, instead of trying to get all these people, looking up this other stuff, I’m like, hey, I could go for magic trick traffic, which is like 2 cents a click. I mean, if you get this, it’s going to start to make sense for you, okay? So barrier of entry and close intent, very important.

Let’s go on to number three. Number three is my secret market flipper method in detail. This is where this webinar is going to take an interesting turn or training or live stream or whatever the people call it, all right?

I already gave you a little hint of how it works and you’re going to want to stay till the end of this training. Even though most people only stay for like five minutes, because I don’t know, maybe I need to wear a clown hat or something, I don’t know. But if you get this, the secret market flipper method, we already hinted at it, right? We hinted at it. It’s like, okay, I got this video thing. What if I promote it to magic trick people? All the other affiliates are like, how do I promote this video thing to these video people? And I’m like, [inaudible 00:02:50], I’m going to go for magic tricks. And if you get this, this will give you a window into a multi-billion dollar industry that people don’t talk about. One, because most people don’t know how to do it. And two, because people who do it don’t want to talk about it. They were like, hey, we’re making money.

This what I did for, what, 12 years, before I started teaching affiliate marketing full-time, right? I went out there and I did these. And I still do them today. I also do teaching. But we look at this and we’re like, hey, wait a minute. You did this for 10, 12 years without saying anything? Mm-hmm (affirmative). I actually only taught, started teaching, because people begged me to teach. I had this, a friend of mine who was like, come on a webinar and everything like that.

But the market flipper method will change the way you think about making money online. Because you see what happens is everyone does things linearly, linearally, something. Flat, we’ll call it flat for Marcus, because he doesn’t know how to talk. They do it flat.

And they’re like, okay, I’m going to go and I’m going to get mortgage people, and I’m going to put them to the mortgage offer. I’m going to get carpet clean people looking for carpet cleaning, and I’m going to put them to the carpet offer. And here’s the deal. When you do something obvious, it tends to gravitate to break even. Why? Because everyone figures it out, and then they start paying the money. And the guy who gets the most money from the offer is the one who wins.

That’s it, it’s like Walmart, right? Walmart is like, we can buy nine bazillion of these things. And they’re like, well, if you buy nine bazillion, you’d get them for a penny. And the other guy who has a store, he’s like, I can only buy 100. And they’re like, well, if you buy 100, it’s $5 each, I’m sorry. And then they’re like, go cry, because Walmart took over the world with the help of the government, but that’s another topic for another day. And we got to look at this and we’re like, wait a minute… Never a monopoly was created without the help of the government.

But mortgage to carpet, mortgage to mortgage, mortgage to, all this stuff, okay? So we look at this and it always gravitates to break even. So what do you need to do? You need to look at the box that is traditional marketing, and you need to think outside the box over here. And hopefully your head’s a little better attached than this guy here. You need to think outside the box. You need to think, hey, here’s this video thing, how can I get him magic tricks or whatever?

You need to think this in a different way. You need to flip everything you thought you knew about affiliate marketing and traffic and all this stuff, and you need to flip it. Because if you get this, this is the world that I come from, the world of arbitrage, click flopping, and massive traffic. And I’m talking, I’ve had sites that have gotten like 20 million impressions in the day. That’s what we’re talking about.

Now on the 20 million one, did I make that much? I made like an average of 2 cents a visitor profit. Now, I would take those every day of the week, right? I’ll take a bunch of pennies, which is pretty cool. And if you understand this, this is where the rubber meets the road. Because most people are out there and they’re like, oh, I’m going to go for, you know, carpet cleaner. I’m not. What I’m going to do is I’m going to go for “out of carpet.”

Wait, Marcus, are you telling me people run out of carpet? No, I’m telling you people want to get like gum and weird stuff out of their carpet, and they look it up. And the competition drops dramatically. Look at that, low competition all the way down. 17 cents a click, my buddies, that’s where the rubber meets the road. And if you start to understand this, you’re going to get it. And then we’re going to stack it. We’re going to stack it because, in addition to people looking up specific stuff about carpet, okay, like out of carpet, there we go. That says out of carpet, right?

In addition to that, there’s all these bloggers with all these blogs that talk about how to get stuff out of carpet. I know because I do this research all the time. This is what I do for a living. So we go out there and we’re like, hey, so there’s all these blogs.

Let me ask you a question. When you go to Google and you search for something, so if I search for how to get gum out of carpet, all right. How to get gum out of carpet. What gets more traffic? This one page, right, the search? So one guy searches. So it says here there’s one to 10,000. So let’s say there’s 1000 searches a month. So a thousand people a month search for how to get gum out of carpet. Now who gets more traffic, this page on Google or all of the pages here combined, okay? I want you to answer it. Think, thinking cap, all right? This page on Google or all the links here, who gets more traffic? I’m going to wait until you answer it because I want you guys to get this.

If you get this aha moment… Guys, what I’m teaching you here is probably better than some courses that you’ve bought. This is real-world stuff from someone who does this every day. And if you get it, smash the like button, okay? And if you answered, well, yeah, Marcus, I think people search and then these sites get, maybe they click three of them, or four of them. So if a thousand people come here, that’s 4,000 clicks, right? You guys get it? Now what this does, is it multiplies it. Because now I can go to all these sites that have no clue what they’re doing.

All right, I’ll tell you, I’m going to tell you. I do this for, I’ve been doing this for 21 years. Most bloggers don’t have a clue what they’re doing. And if they have a site about cleaning their carpet, they are probably making less than 2 cents a click, probably what they’re making. So if I go to them, I’m like, hey old buddy, I want to buy some ads on your sites. I could get this for next to nothing. I’m talking like 50 bucks a month, 100 bucks a month, less than 2 cents a click.

Guys, if you get this, and guess what? They don’t have any regulations. You’re like, hey, I want to put this banner on your site. Do you care if my page, my website is one page? I don’t care what your website looks like as long as you give me the check, that’s what they’re going to say. And they’ll be like, yay. I’m happy, I got the check from Marcus. I really don’t care what the site’s about. I don’t care if it’s 10 pages, I don’t care if it’s one page. I don’t care nothing. And what you’re going to do is you’re going to say, hey buddy, I know how to make more money than you off your traffic, therefore, I’m going to buy it.

Now, this is what’s known as banner advertising or content advertising. Which is going to be a little bit risky because you got to plunk down a little bit. You might have to plunk down a hundred bucks to test an ad. All right, now there’s another thing you can do, because a lot of these blogs also have Google AdSense on them. Did you know that Google AdSense is the reverse of AdWords? Meaning I can go and I could just bid on the word out of carpet and I could bid like two to 5 cents a click and I could be on all of their sites instantly, bad-a-boom.

Now, why is this important? Well, do you remember how I told you it’s all about the three things, traffic, offer, landing page? So I’m making a bet. If you’re doing paid advertising, you’re basically making a bet. You’re like I think all these people that want to get stuff out of their carpet, I think I can probably get one out of 100 to call this number. I think I could probably do that. So if I pay 2 cents a click, okay, and I get 100 visitors, that costs me $2, okay? If I can get one person to call that number, I just turned 2 cents into 27 bucks.

Does everyone get what I’m saying here? Are you understanding this? If you’re understanding it, this is where the rubber meets the road, okay? Now, how am I going to do that? Well, the first thing we need is traffic. Okay, we got that, that’s solved. All the people looking for how to get gum out of carpet, all those people, okay? Gum, wine, whatever, they want to get all this stuff out of carpet, okay? I take them to the site, and I am like here’s 10 ways to get whatever out of your carpet. Okay, simple. Then I say, hey, if the gums is really stuck in there, or you have trouble with it, or the stains keep coming back, call this carpet cleaner, okay?

And the cool thing about that is even if I do… And, of course, you have to make sure that the CPA network allows that. Do your research, right? This is a business, you got to do your research. So many people come to me and they’re like Marcus, I just want to make a million dollars tomorrow without doing anything. And I’m like, yeah, I know there’s videos about that. But I’ve watched them, and you know, I’m a little underwhelmed.

But you got to understand this, okay? So if I can do that, all I would need to do, because what we’re going to look at is what do we have to play with? What do I have? All right, well, I got $27 a lead. So if I get one lead, I get 27 bucks. All right, so let’s say maybe the traffic’s a little bit more expensive and we get it for 10 cents. Okay, that means I can get 270 people and all I need is one phone call to break even. Do I think I can do that? That’s my bet. Yeah, I think I can do that, right? I think I can do that if I do it in the right way.

Now, again, the call one is a higher barrier of entry, the download ones will be easier. So let’s say we go out there and we’re like, okay, well maybe I’ll do something for like a PDF. All right, here’s a couple of PDF softwares that are pay, so I’ve got to buy the software. And then down here on page two, we have PDF converter $1.68 a download that’s free. PDF filler $8, I think that might be a paid one, I’m not sure. So $1.68, all right? So if I get $1.68… And again, pay close attention to this US thing, all right?

So if I get $1.68 every time someone downloads a PDF toolbar, okay, so they could edit and fix and do everything with PDFs. All right, I got to look at that and I got to say, great. So, let’s go here and say, what can we do, okay? Now all I got to do is say, okay, well, if this converts one out of 10, which they usually do. Sometimes they’re better, all right. So if it converts one out of 10, all I need to do is get traffic for less than 16 cents a click. If I could get traffic for 8 cents a click, I can double my money. Now again, remember it says US, which means they’re only paying $1.68 on United States traffic, okay? Which is simple. You go and you set your ad and you say, I only want US traffic. Boom, done, simple, okay? Then I go in and say, this is what I want to do.

Now, the second thing we need to pay attention to is our landing pages, okay? So we’ve got our traffic, PDF carpet, whatever. We got our offer, which is the PDF download or the carpet call, okay? Then what we’re going to do is we’re going to look at our landing page. Because here’s the deal, you got to understand this. If I pay 16 cents a click and someone comes to my site, that person now needs to go to the offer, okay? So what we have is we have what’s called drop-off. How many people leave without clicking the offer? Okay? Which goes without saying, the job of your landing page is to get as many people as damn near possible to click on your affiliate links. Very, very important.

Now, I got some other videos, I got some trainings, where I show you how I’ve literally gotten 99% of my visitors to click to the offer. Most people get 70% to leave without doing anything. I got 99% to click the link to go to the offer, okay? Which meant I had a low burn rate, like very few people were following up.

So we’ve got to understand that because you will have some drop-off, which means that’s going to diminish the value of your clicks. And then if you say, hey, my offer is making 50 cents a click, this is what we call the effective EPC, okay? And if you get this, it’ll all make sense to you. It’s actually pretty simple. If you have trouble with it, just watch this video again. In the description, after this training, I want you guys to go watch, binge watch the stuff in the description because it’s all going to make sense.

Now, we’re going to show you some landing pages and show you how it works, okay? I think I, oh yeah, I scrolled down. There we go.

So number four, okay? Number four is quick pay per click landing page structure. Again, what you need to do, like we’re not doing a lot of list-building, [inaudible 00:52:58], I don’t. I didn’t start list building until like 2008, and I only did it in some markets. Some markets I still just run and I don’t build a list in them. Why? Because it’s more profitable just to do click flopping, which is like arbitrage kind of stuff, okay?

Now, when building your landing page, you need to pay attention to the traffic method, the intent, the promise. Okay, this is what does your ad say? Does my ad say click here for a free PDF tool? Does it say lose 10 pounds? Does it say, whatever? Okay, whatever your promise is, that needs to be the first thing they see on the landing page. Simple. People do this wrong all the time. It’s a simple mistake, but it’s so easy to fix. They’re like, hey, here’s my free weight loss book. And then they come to the site, and they’re like, hi, I’m going to talk to you about losing weight. And you already lost the visitor. You need to get to the goods. You need to show them what they’re going to get. And you need to sell the click. You need to get these people to click, that’s your job.

You need to get these people to click. That’s your job. Your job is to get them to the site, get them to click. Done. That’s your job. Okay? How many of you guys, you’re like, “That’s my job.” Type it in the box. Say, “That’s my job.” Get them to click. Okay?

Now, here’s an example of a love handles site. The offer actually just came back. I haven’t run this in a while because the offer was gone for a while. But when I ran this, it was making 160 to $200 a day, and I think I was only paying 20 to $30 in traffic, and it was boom. There we go. And the cool thing about this is you get stats instantly. You look at your paid traffic stats, they come in instantly. Maybe a little delayed. You look at your affiliate network stats, they’re pretty much instant. You’ll know right away if you’re making money. You’ll know, “Hey, did they click? Did they do this?” And your job is to watch it and refine it.

Again, there’s a risk. You could lose the amount you pay per click, plain and simple. All right? If you’re not here to learn the business, then go do something else. Go play the lottery or something. I don’t know. But you got to look at it. Okay?

So your job is to get the click. Here’s another one I did for tattoos. All right? This was an email submit offer. So what I did is I had them put their name, or I had them put their email here. I passed that to the next page. I got $1.60 for that lead offer, or $1.30 I think it was, and then I sold some tattoo stuff. Now, on this, the email submit offer made 90% of the money. I was making 150 to $200 a day and 125 of it came from the email offer. And then I might’ve sold one ClickBank thing or one tattoo offer or whatever. Okay? But the bulk comes from one thing. And you’ll notice, when you do CPA marketing, there’s going to be the clear winner offer. The heavy hitting, that’s the one that makes me the most money. Then you’re going to have other offers that are like, “Yay. Free money.” Okay? But there’ll be one that’s the big kahuna.

All right? That’s how it looks. Now, look at these landing pages. They’re simple. They could be made in WordPress. They’re image-related. They’re very easy to see. I need to get my people to click the things I want them to click. That is my job. That is my only job. And I want them to get them to click in a real way. Remember how I talked to you about the solo ad? I could go out there and I could put a banner on my site that says, “Hey, you know what, buddy? Click here to win a prize.” That’s not good traffic. I don’t care if they came from the search engine looking for carpet cleaning. If you say, “Click here to win a prize,” you just killed the traffic. It sucks now. You just cut the value in a 10th. So you got to be congruent. Okay? You got to be congruent.

Now, with that said, look at the congruency. You want to lose the love handles? Get this thing. You want the tattoos? Put your email in. You want to save money on your trade in or get more for your trade in? Here’s the steps to follow. You want to get the weather report? Put your zip code. Now on this, I have the zip code box, even though it didn’t do anything, because I just wanted them to go to the next page, and this proved to be the best thing. Right? Now, you can also do things like maybe download the toolbar. You could have Windows, Windows 10 or whatever there is. Mac. Right? And you could have a dropdown. That’ll get a lot of clicks too.

Cheap gas. Remember how I talked about flipping the market? This was a killer one. Right? I had the gas prices. I had a gas offer that was a download and there was also a zip submit. And then I flipped them to CPA credit card offers. I got a hundred bucks when you applied for a gas rewards credit card. And I was like, “Hey, you want to save 20 cents a gallon or more?” Boom. There you go. Flip the market, make good money. Very important because, guys, gas prices is cheap. Right? We go over here to whatever browser we were using, and we type in “gas prices”. I actually sold this site to a student of mine, and he did really well with it, which is pretty cool. Gas prices here. Very low competition. Right? So if I could get them to do the credit card stuff, I’m in it. And I have my other offer to make money too.

We also have this one. Believe it or not, ladies and gentlemen, you’re looking at a multi-million dollar web page. I wish it was more flashy. I wish it was like, “Marcus, you’re such a genius.” No. This was it. This made me over seven figures. And the reason it worked is because I flipped the market. I said, “These people wanting this stuff would want these cursors.” Now, instead of just putting the banner, I put cursors that I thought they’d like. And you’re going to learn more about this in a minute, because I broke it up. I was like, “Hey, I think people will want the cursors.” And I got paid $1.70 when they downloaded the cursors. I got $2.60 when they downloaded the music players. But I broke it up. I said, “I think Bible-y people would want the Bible cursors.” And I put the little Bibles on it. Instant conversion boost. Instant new traffic method.

Are you getting what I’m putting down? How many of you guys are getting it? Smash the like button. We need to see a lot of likes, because if you’re getting this, this is where the rubber meets the road. And now you’re not going to be stuck with all the junk. Now it’s just about those little three things. Right? You just go out there, you build it, you make it work.

Here’s another one. We did the glitter layouts. Okay? If you understand this, everything will change. And you guys can see here on the channel we have lots of stuff. N1 Solution says, “You downloaded it.” Yeah. We were one of top people. I was making… I think our best day was $5,000 a day, consistently three to 4,000 a day. Right?

Now, again, results not typical, implied, or guaranteed. I don’t think the cursor and the background offer is around anymore, and MySpace kind of took a capoot, so… But are there ways to make money? Yes. There’s the PDF toolbar. There’s all kinds of downloads. There’s all kinds of stuff if you could be creative, but you got to think outside the box. And when you think outside the box, it becomes a matter of, “How could I go out…” I don’t care. The way I found this niche was not because of the offer. Everyone says, “Marcus, what’s the best offer?” I don’t give a crap what the best offer is. I don’t care, because I could have the best offer in the world and not make money because I don’t have any traffic.

Traffic is the first step. Going to the keyword tool, figuring out what people are searching for. I was doing my research and I found out people were looking up these layouts and backgrounds. And I was like, “I think they’ll like cursors. I’m going to try it.” 300 bucks a day overnight. And I was like, “Wait a minute. Now you’re telling me, instead of finding an offer and locking myself into that offer, you’re telling me I could just go figure out what people search for?”

Okay. We’ve got a video coming out Friday. How many of you guys are going to smash the like button and watch Friday’s video? And it’s a good video, because there was a lot of people talking about “how to make money listening to music”. And I was like, “Well, I could find a better way, because I know there’s this horse patoot. Right? So I’ll make a good one.” And so I went out there and I found “song meaning”. Wait a minute. People are looking up the meanings of songs? Yeah, they are. What if there’s a toolbar with music stuff, and all I have to do is share the song meaning?

Okay. How many of you guys just got that? How many of you guys are lost? If you got it, you’re going to be like, “Wait a minute, Marcus. Am I supposed to pay for this training? Because you’re telling me a lot of good stuff.” All right. Well, if you want to pay for something, you could check out But go do this. Think about that. If you have a… Meaning. The word “meaning”. There are dictionary toolbars.

Let’s look at this. All this astrology meaning stuff. Guys, are you getting it? Because if you understand this, if you understand, it’s not about the offer. It’s about the traffic. All I got to do is find the traffic and say, “Okay, 333 meaning. What’s that about?” Well, that’s about astrology stuff. So I could do like astrology. All right? So they’re looking up “333 meaning”. What is the offer that has the best low barrier of entry that fits what they want? Boom. Pair them together, go forth, and make money.

If you guys get this, all you got to do is test it out. Now you can do this with free traffic or paid traffic. Paid traffic is ridiculous because all I have to do is be like, “Okay, I’m going to bid on all the number meaning.” That’s all I’m going to do, and now I can get this traffic. And it’s literally… There ain’t no ads. Right? We go out there, there’s probably no ads, I’m guessing. No ads. No ads at the bottom. No ads on page two. No ads on page three. There’s no ads. Ladies and gentlemen, this is 5 cents a click or less. If you can figure it out, there you go. You just make it work.

And if you start to understand this, this is why it works. This is why paid traffic and CPA marketing kick butt. You can get results today. Right? What would I do? What would I do? Well, I would probably have a site, and I’d make a big site. I’d do my work. When I ran this multimillion dollar site, see how there’s tons of different variations? I worked my butt off. The first one did 300 a day. And then I worked hard and I was like, “Maybe I’ll do the Christian one.” And I did a basketball one and it flopped and it made nothing. Right? I lost five bucks. And I was like, “This one sucks.” And I went through and I worked it. So what would I do in this? Well, I’m in it to win it.

If I went to a job and I was like, “Job, I want a million a year.” They’d be like, “You need to show up every day…” Well, first they’d be like, “Yeah, you’re crazy.” But if they did actually take the bait, they’d say, “We want you here every day. We want you to work your butt off. We want you to do this, this, and this,” and I’d have to work. But for some reason, people are like, “Well, the internet just owes me a million dollars a year because I’m on the internet. I was on it back when I had AOL. So where is my check? I think a check should come out of my computer.” No. Do the work.

If I wanted this market, I would work my butt off and I’d make a page about “444 meaning” and “222 meaning”, and I would make one about all the meanings for all this stuff. And I would test and I would go like a madman. Now, I wouldn’t be silly. I wouldn’t put a credit card and say, “I’m going to test ten grand in traffic.” No. Test five bucks. All right? If I test $5 and I don’t get a lead and nobody clicks, I’m going to pause it and be like, “Okay, maybe I was wrong. I don’t think so. Maybe I was wrong. I’m going to test something else. And we’re going to go through.” And if you get it, you got to do the work. Okay? So you got to go out there and you got to be in it to win it and you can’t be looking at this pie-in-the-sky stuff.

Now, were some of these easy? Yes. Some of these were ridiculously easy, right? The one with the weather toolbar, it was so easy it felt crazy. The one with the tattoos, it was easy. I was like, “Dude, what the hell? What the heck? Smiley faces?” I felt like I was cheating, it was so easy. It’s like, “Dude, are you kidding me? I just buy traffic for two cents and sell it for five all day, every day to 20,000 clicks? Sure. Click. I’ll do it.” But you got to understand that you have to do the work.

Now, when you look at pay-per-click, there’s also content networks. There’s content networks, Taboola. There’s Facebook ads. There’s AdSense. Okay? You can look at arbitrage ads. You’ve got to be sense… You got to get the click. You have to get the click to come to your site. You have to click to go from your site to the offer. That’s your goal. All right? And then click flopping is basically where I’m just sending them to something that pays me more. Very, very simple.

Pay attention to your ad, pay attention to your traffic, make everything congruent, and ask yourself, “Who would want this?” This question can change your life. Who’s going to want this? Maybe these Christian people would want cross cursors. Maybe these other people would want basketball cursors. Maybe these people that are on MySpace would want this. Maybe these people would want this. And if we understand this, your world can change, because you could be one simple marketing move away from the life you want.

Disclaimer: you’re probably not. Disclaimer: most people will watch this, they’ll forget about it, and next week they’ll get excited about something else and they’ll never test anything. I watch people. They will spend a thousand dollars on a course, but if you ask them to spend a hundred on paid traffic, they freak out. Why? Why? Why would you freak out? Be willing to test. Be willing to do the stuff.

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