Does Netflix Have An Affiliate Program? Netflix Alternatives

Netflix Affiliate Program – Where To Find It

Netflix is very popular for the streaming services it offers. People are able to watch tv shows, movies, and viral videos without much of a problem. The question that comes by is if Netflix really has an affiliate program. The truth is that Netflix no longer has an affiliate program. To be clear, they are quite expensive and they sure don’t need one.

The affiliate program is often initiated to lure more customers via referrals. By the time canceled it out, they were trying out their incredible streaming services and distributing out DVDs to the customers. They began with some big bucks that go around $10 on every new referral which could actually generate you a good amount of money. If you try asking whether they have an affiliate program then the answer will be yes. The company actually still hosts several platforms of advertising system which actually means that the company does have the capacity to re-evaluate it if it really wants.

To be perfectly clear, Netflix does not currently have an affiliate program advertised on thier webiste… however you can find this thru offervault although in my opinion the payouts are kindof low. (this one pays $14.00 on a $1 trial)

there are also some netxflix gift card type programs you can find on offervault as well.

Here are some Netflix Affiliate program alternatives. They include;

-Sling TV
This is another internet television service that is owned by the Dish network in particular. It normally provides a variety of add-ons which include specifications of country and language respectively. This service, however, is only available in the US region. With the current cost of cabling totaling to an average amount of $100, then using Sling TV will really help you save money as well as earn you some fortune.

Additionally, this affiliate program has a refer-a-friend program that is able to give you both parties a total of $15 back and $5 off your subscription for the next three months consecutively. This means you will be earning money and also be saving off some of your friend’s money as well.

In order to refer a friend on this incredible program, you will be required to sign in to your account in the official site and then click on the “Get $15” button to be able to send the link to your friend via the mail or any other social media platforms. Upon receiving the link, your friends will then immediately be able to start customizing their own channel line-up and then begin streaming movies and your favorite programs. Upon finishing a 7-day trial and subscribing to the Sling TV you will receive a $5 discount.

This is an American company which normally provides live and on-demand TV shows, movies and many more. Users are normally provided with an option to stream on the unlimited screen and at the same time do it at the comfort of your home. This said, however, one should know that the unlimited screens usually come at an extra cost.

The service normally offers a referral program that you can easily join from the link. You will surely be able to earn money by simply recommending the service to other people be it your friends or family and you will get rewarded the moment they subscribe. What you should know is that for every new subscriber that signs up from your given referral link, you will be remunerated $10 via your desired payment option like the Visa Prepaid Card.

What you need to do is, when you get into the accounts page, you will have to click the get $10 link from the payment information section. What will happen is that you will be provided with a unique referral link that you can actually share with other people via several social media platforms.

Your referrals have to use your link in particular while signing up on the web or from a cell phone for you to get the rewards. What will happen is that you will surely be getting paid via Visa Prepaid cards for each and every referral especially when they are charged for their second consecutive month on Hulu. You can also effectively track the status of your referrals and rewards simply through the Ambassador which is the third party administrator for your given referral program.

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