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Internet Marketing Works

If someone were to ask me which part of this internet teaching job I hate the most, it would be convincing people that affiliate marketing works. A lot of people out there say it doesn’t work, or that it’s a scam.

Sometimes I get a little light at the end of the tunnel. People tell me that my methods worked for them. There are countless stories of people making money on YouTube. There are people who do reviews about cigars and give out the affiliate link for the cigar shop so people can buy them, and they get paid. There are entire communities of people doing wine videos. In the last year, the amount of YouTubers making over 6 figures a year has more than doubled. Tons of people are making full time livings online with affiliate marketing right now.

As you can see, this stuff works. My job isn’t to convince you. If you need convincing that internet marketing works, you need more help than I can actually give you. But if you’re here to actually learn how it works, then you’ll see some really cool ways to do this business.


Internet Marketing is Not Difficult

So many people think that internet marketing is difficult. This morning, I was talking to someone on live chat for one of my sites. He told me how things weren’t working, and it was so hard, and he felt like giving up. He’d been working at it for four hours.

First of all, four hours isn’t that much. Second of all, it’s not that hard. You sit with a mouse, clicking buttons, looking at a screen. You do all day anyway, on Facebook, on YouTube, on your email. You enjoy posts and content. You click on things and you learn. It’s the same thing with internet marketing. The only difference is how you feel about it. But with internet marketing, you get paid if you do it.

Back in the old days, people worked for their food, they tilled the land and did all kinds of work, and they didn’t think anything of it. They didn’t think about how hard it was; it was just what they did. But somehow in American culture, in our day and age, we look at work as something very difficult. It’s not that difficult. Internet work is easy, but you have to do it. That’s the thing. So many people think that they can buy success. You can’t buy success. You can buy books and learn, but you can’t buy success.

When you try this business, your mindset is going to kick your butt. But the difficulty of the work is in your mind. It’s your mindset telling you something is not working, it’s hard, or it’s not going to happen. Stop thinking about the “normal” way people make money—they go to school, they get a job, they work really hard. Maybe when they retire, their house will be worth more than what they paid in interest and fees, and they’ll be able to sell it and get a few bucks. Maybe they can go on a trip, or a cruise, or something else. This is what society has taught us. It teaches us that work is hard, but it doesn’t have to be hard. We just think it does.


You Could Be Earning Right Now

You could be earning money right now if you really wanted to. You could create a video, create some other content, and get some traffic. It’s easy, and it’s so simple. You can buy a domain name for nine dollars, or you can go to and start a hub site, where you get a free domain name when you get web hosting, free traffic, and more.

It is so easy to make money online right now. I’m sitting here in my 10×14 office in my back yard, with my camera and my air conditioning, where I’ve made hundreds of thousands of dollars over the last few months just by doing the same thing. It’s not that hard to do.

Think about it. People are spending so much money on the internet right now, and it’s only your mindset that is stopping you. Are you going to let it stop you? I’m not. I’m going to sit down and make a video.

People might say, “But Marcus, what if no one likes your video?” Well, that’s tough. “But Marcus, didn’t you see all the haters on your video?” Well, for every one hater, there are 100 people making a difference in their lives and getting value. The Simple Sites Big Profits course has helped thousands of people learn this business.

So let people do their thing. Let them talk, because it’s not about them. It’s about us.

You might be thinking, “Well, Marcus, you’re just trying to sell your Simple Sites course.” You’re right, I am, because I know it’s going to work for you. I know that if you get it, and if you do the things that it says, it will work for you. It will show you how to build a site, how to put up a blog post, how to make little reviews, and maybe sell some cigars or books or whatever else people buy.

“But Marcus, $297 for your product is a lot of money.”

Well, how much is it going to cost you not to get it? How much will it cost you not to get the help that you need? How much will it cost in hours of trying to figure all of this out? Don’t ask how much it will cost. Ask how much it will help you earn.

I’ve made it so easy for you, it’s not even funny. That’s why my product is non-refundable. I know the only reason it wouldn’t work is because you don’t do it and you don’t ask questions about it. All you have to do is say “Marcus, I built this site, what should I do?” “Marcus, this site’s not ranking.” “Marcus, I’m getting traffic, what do I do next?” And we’ll show you what to do next.

Is it guaranteed? No, it’s not guaranteed. You’ll most likely buy my product and do nothing with it. That’s what most people do. Or worse, they set up one blog, and they call it “Money”, and they don’t rank #1 on Google for the word “money”, so they think it doesn’t work.  They don’t try new things. They don’t forge ahead.

Don’t be most people. Do the work and make the change. You can get the Simple Sites course at


Get Started

The path has been paved. Everything is lined up for you to get started. You just need to get over the thought that it’s difficult. You need to get over the thought that I’m just teaching you so I can make money. You’re right, I am teaching you so I can make money—this is how we make a business. And in the process, you’re going to learn something.

If you’re ready to get past all the junk and learn exactly how this works, and you’re ready to start making a difference in your life, as so many people have, then go ahead. If you want to start a site and make $500 a month, $1,000 a month, $100,000 a month, or whatever you want to make, it’s right there in front of you. You just have to reach out and get it.

You have to do the work of getting in there and getting past your fear of failure. How do you get past your fear of failure? You stop caring. Who cares? No one’s going to care if your first site doesn’t make money. Wake up from your feelings of “I can’t do it”, and learn to do it—by doing it.

The fact of the matter is this: You can make a change in your life starting right now. You don’t have to read hundreds of self-help books. All you have to do is change your mindset and look at things for what they are. Stop putting all this weight behind the idea of money. Money is just a measurement. You want more? Be more. You want better finances? Be better. Provide more value to the marketplace. Be smarter. Learn more things.

Test a lot of stuff. Don’t give up. Don’t think that the system doesn’t work because you don’t work the system. It works. There are people out there that are making a living. If you’re sitting there complaining about your life and you want more, go get more. It’s very simple. You set it up, you tell yourself, “I’m going to go for this market, and I’m going to do it well.”

You don’t have to change your entire life. You just need to get started somewhere.

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