Make Money Online Secret Found In 112 Year Old Magazine Ad

Your ads stink.

That’s why you’re not making any money.

Before I made millions of dollars on the Internet, I started just like you.

I was looking for a way to figure out how to make this online business thing work for me.

Unlike most people who went out there and searched for different gurus and different methods and different tactics and different softwares, what I did is I became a student of advertising.

That’s right. I actually consumed every bit of advertising and tutorials about advertising I could. I read books. I read online reports. I printed out, as my wife said, half the Internet, and I learned exactly what makes one ad good and make lots of money and another ad fall flat on its face and make nothing.

That’s why I’m starting a new series here on the channel, which if you want to watch it, make sure you subscribe and click the bell, where we’re going to go through and talk about all the things that I learned early on about ads and how to make ads convert for you. I want to start this series off by talking to you about some of these magazines that I spent a small fortune acquiring on eBay so that I could teach you this stuff. These magazines are from the early 1900s.

I think this one here is from 1907. It’s in a delicate condition. This magazine was one of the first magazines created with the sole purpose of making money with advertising. That’s right. The only reason this guy started publishing this magazine was so that he could sell ads and make lots of money. Back then, we just had newspapers in the local areas. This was the first magazine to hit over one million subscribers in the United States alone. In addition to being the earliest, most successful magazine in modern history, this was also home to some of the best advertising.

Since this had a huge subscriber rate, they charged the advertisers a lot more, which means the advertisers had to learn to convert their ad dollars into money in the pocket.

While this specific edition is over 112 years old, you’re going to see that a lot of the common tactics that we use today in internet marketing were employed, like the advertorial scene here. You’ll even see some of the info product tactics we use online as well.

There’s even an ad on how to make money in your spare time. Of course, one of my favorite things I learned in these type of advertisements was how to advertise to people’s base desires.

What kind of desires and needs do they have subconsciously that you can tap into? Instead of selling slippers like most people would, this ad went through and linked these slippers to how people felt about you.

How does your husband perceive you in these slippers? We’re going to find all kinds of cool stuff in these ads as we go through them. Again, make sure you subscribe and click the bell notification.

One of the lessons I want to give you from this video is that this magazine, although made back over a hundred years ago, is very similar to how blogging works today.

You see, this guy came out and said, hey, I’m going to create this magazine for the sole purpose of getting people to view ads, which is exactly what we’re doing with blogging and web marketing, is we’re creating content for people to read so they consume our ads.

We want to learn from both the publisher, the guy who made the magazine in creating good content, and the advertiser and getting more eyeballs on our ads. Because if you pair those together, you can create content that people want to read and advertisements that people want to click on to things they want to buy that puts money in your pocket.

A lot of people over-complicate this stuff, which is why in this new video series here on the channel, we’re going to go through and we’re going to talk about all the basics of advertising that you need to know if you plan on making money online. Stay tuned. Click that like button. Put your comments and questions below and join us in this new series about how to make money writing ads that get results. Thanks again for watching. I’m Marcus, and I’ll see you in the next video.

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