Make $300 a Day: Affiliate Marketing is Easy

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Did you know? Right now: 

  • People are running banner ads directly to ClickBank offers and making $300 a day or more 
  • People are setting up simple images on Pinterest sending people to affiliate offers and making $300 a day or more 
  • People are giving away toolbars for free and making $300 a day or more 


And they’re making a killing! So let’s talk about how to do it.  

Some people use direct linking, where you take your traffic source and send them directly to an affiliate offer. This is easy, and a lot of people do it, but they lose touch with the sales process.  

If you’re promoting something on ClickBank (perhaps it’s “how to lose weight fast”) and you have a bunch of people who want to get ripped, then you just missed a lot of people. Their sales copy is about this specific topic, so you won’t be able to sell to those people.  

So instead, you intersect them with a landing page 

People go from your traffic source, then to your landing page, and that page sends them to the affiliate offer.  


Direct linking: traffic source –> affiliate offer   (okay)  

With a landing page: traffic source –> landing page –> affiliate offer   (great!) 

“Having a landing page allows you to cut through the crap and give users what they want.” 

Why is this good? Because now you own the traffic.  


Instead of sending people directly to the affiliate offer and hoping that the affiliate closes the deal (and losing most of your traffic), you’re capturing them, working on the sales process and making things better. You’re taking the traffic, customizing them, learning about them in a really simple way, sending them the offer, making money, and improving over time.  

You find affiliate offers and you focus on your traffic source, and on key words that people search for. Then you just make your site about the key word.   

The whole reason affiliate marketing works is because affiliate companies want your traffic. Instead of just giving it to them and hoping they do the job of closing, we intersect them with a landing page. Your landing page is designed to pre-sell them into other offers 


If you don’t know how to make a landing page, subscribe to my channel and I’ll show you. 

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Starting somewhere is going to get you results. Once you get results you can grow, and you’ll come back to us to learn more.  

Whatever you do, get started somewhere.

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