Make $120+ A Day Typing Emails Online? Super Easy Affiliate Marketing Tutorial

Do you want to learn how to make money?

It’s me Marcus, The Affiliate Marketing Dude

Today I’m going to show you a really cool way

to make up to $120 a day or more answering emails on the internet.

This is a tactic that I started using back in 2007 with a brand new business.

I made like $200 and then I ramped that business up to $70,000 a month which is crazy! The method is actually quite simple now


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Now let’s get into what that method is…

I had a regular forum on my site so when people went to the website (SIMPLESITESBIGPROFITS.COM)

they filled in the name and email form,

they were taken to a very simple form that looked like this:

The cool thing about this is not only am I going to get data about my market, but I can actually respond to these emails and make money! Boom! Because if someone comes to me and they say…

“My #1 struggle is I don’t know how to do the tech stuff…”

I can send them a video to sign up for! Get a commission! or I could send them an email about info overload or an email about what product to sign up for! You can do this as an affiliate and write emails all day long and Pocket Cash Big Time!

It only takes a couple of seconds to reply to an email but you can actually make big bucks! Just imagine if you’re getting paid $50, $100 or even $1,000 to sell a product? And you can write an email and Get It Sold!

What I’ve done today is that I’ve actually developed a Simple Plugin and I started testing this little plugin last night.

Now, what happens here is very, very important because I can take them to a Sales Page after they fill this out and then the magic happens on the back end.

Once you go into the plug-in, you’re actually going to see, at a glance, what most people chose as the subject or the #1 struggle!

 You’re gonna see, right off the bat, that most of the people that are coming on and watching my videos are having trouble with info overload and getting started.

That’s important to know as a marketer!

Really important stuff!

Even deeper than this is what this plug-in does.

First, of all you’re gonna see at a glance… Hey, This Is What My People Are Interested In

You can actually go in and click on manage tickets

You can actually see Each And Every Person who responded and What They Want

I can go in here and checkout one by Tony!

Tony says her biggest issue is info overloaded – getting started and then she actually has a little overview of what she’s looking for. I can actually go in this plug-in and I can respond…

I could say  “Hi Tony. I noticed your biggest question was X Y& Z check out and in this product,  [Here This Is Where You’d Put Your Affiliate Link]  You will find the answer you are looking for!!”

Then I could put something personal like…

“I started out with this in the beginning and it worked well for me!”

Your conversion rate is going to go through the roof!!

And the cool thing is that all I got to do is HIT SUBMIT and BOOM!

It sends it to Tony – she gets a reply personally – she orders the product

I get paid and I learn about my market!

This is a really cool way to go into any market and learn about your market while making sales!


You can do this and answer emails all day long and close the deal in a really cool way!

The secret here is People Actually Want To Buy Your Stuff!

They just Don’t Know It Yet! They want Something Personal To Help Them!


Let’s say they’re looking for something…

Like on my alcohol channel,

you know they’re struggling and they don’t know what to do. They don’t know where to turnThey don’t know if they need rehab or whatever. I actually use this method on my alcohol site and you can see I got over 2460 results!

That means 2400 people filled out a detailed report a detailed questionnaire about alcohol; they go in and they answer the questions…

Based on the answers to the question and what they put in the box…

I can refer them to a rehab affiliate program or a book or a course or a guide or something based on how to get sober! That’s kind of what we do with my channel here and it’s growing at a rapid pace!

We can actually go in and you can see the results that they’re looking at.

  • We could see that the majority of people say that They Tried To Quit Before.
  • We could see the majority of the people say that Drinking Affects All Areas Of My Life.
    • How often do they drink? Most people say every night.
    • Do you suffer from anxiety? Most people do which is important to know.

I can send them to anxiety stuff, all kinds of things to help them and i can look at what they want.

  • Have you ever looked for treatment?
  • Are you looking to quit or cut back entirely?

You can see most people just want to cutback which is good because I could teach them! You know the key to sobriety is usually to quit completely! But here’s something you can look…

  • Lastly we see there’s like a little overview of the words that they use and things like that…

The Key Is In Being Able To Reply To These People Directly Using The Plugin.

As you can see I started using this just last night and we have over 320 different responses that I can reply to. I’m guessing that if I reply to all 320 of these that will probably take me about 3 hours… if it takes me 10 hours and I’m able to close the deal on a third of them… that means I’m going to get 100 sales which is crazy!

Results are not typical, implied or guaranteed. It depends on your traffic;

depends on your offer and how well you are at selling.

But I’m going to teach you how to sell in a really easy way

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Let’s say we go here and if I get a Hundred Sales – I’m getting $80 commission…

That means I’m Going To Bank A Cool $8000 For 10 Hours Of Work! while learning about my market which is going to help me sell better in the long run automatically!

Now, I’m selling something that pays me $500….  A SALE!  BOOM!

That means I’m gonna pocket $50,000 from answering 300 emails!

Again results not typical, implied, or guaranteed!

The average affiliate marketer makes nothing

because the average affiliate marketer does nothing

But I think if you add the personal touch to your website, you can make this work

just as I have for the past 19 years. The key is quite simple: YOU JUST ANSWER THE EMAILS!


You might be saying

“Marcus… What do I go into? I don’t know about addiction

and I don’t know about this or I don’t know about that…”



You could type things in like “Get rid of mice” – People want to get rid of mice. Very inexpensive traffic here

Or maybe we have something like “Get rid of acne”

Now you can actually use this!


I can get traffic for about 40 cents a click maybe less and I can go over to offer vault and find products that pay me when people sign up! I could recommend these based on what the page sets! If they say “oh! I can’t get rid of blackheads” I say “well, the best thing i found for blackheads based on my research is this.  Go ahead and sign up here! I’m an affiliate bla bla bla bla bla and get rid of your blackheads or something like that!”

It’s very important not to make any guarantees or implications of things that you don’t know about.

Stick to stuff that you know about.

For example:

If you were to go for something like mortgage. You could set up a site about how much money could you save!               Your form would say your rate is 5% . Your house price is this… How much do you owe??? And then you get the personal thing. And you say “Hey the best thing you can do is go over here to this mortgage refinance and fill out the form.”

You get $40 on it!


Right now, you can do this with literally anything from little $40.00 mortgage loans to toolbars to really expensive products!

The cool thing about this is it works really, really, really good with expensive products!

If you’re selling a course or you’re going to Clickbank and selling something that has a really good commission on it, You’re Gonna Rake It In Big Time! So you can do this all day long!

You can ANSWER EMAILS. Put the PERSONAL TOUCH on stuff. Make SALES!!

No longer will you have an excuse to say I can’t make money online”

Because YOU CAN!

You just got to get out there!

You got to do it!

You gotta hustle!


You got to get in the trenches, WRITE TO PEOPLE!

I want to stop real quick and give you an overview of how this works:

First of all, you’re gonna Find A Cheap Or Easy Keyword

You want something like

“How to get rid of…”

Or something like

“Ways to install…”


“What to do when your computer’s broken…

or something like that…


You advertise on those words and you can get free or cheap traffic the way that I teach you!

You’re gonna drive them to a page.

This page is going to be your mailing list page.


They’re gonna put their Name And Email In The Box

Then you’re gonna send them to the Question Page


The Question Page is going to say

What issue are you having?


Then you’re gonna have subjects they can choose from

And then you’re gonna have a little box for them to put in the issue they’re having




You reply to them

“Click here to get the…

Click my affiliate link to get this…”




Everything’s wonderful! Everything’s fun!

You can mark it as usual with your website!


This is just a cool way to make sales on the fly…

by typing emails


Respond to the people who fill out your form

Tell them why they should sign up

And then ask for the sale! and BOOM!

You get commission!


I hope you like this little video on how to make up to one $120 a day or more responding to simple little emails. This works like a charm if you listen to your people and really give them what they want! Go ahead and check this out.

I have some details over at

Check that out!

We’ve got some FREE PLUGINS you can use!

I got my plugin on there as well and some other tools to help you make this method work again

I’ve been using this for a long time and it works like a charm



I’m Marcus


stay tuned for videos!




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