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Let’s face it. Most of the videos out there that you watch about how to make money, give you junk information stuff you can’t use and stuff that’s so convoluted. A rocket scientist can’t figure it out. And while you might be out there today on black Friday, looking at coupons, junk, junk, junk, junk, junk. We’re going to show you a way to make $100 a day.

Now, obviously this is not guaranteed. Most people won’t do anything with what they learn, but I think you are going to find that this is the simplest most diabolical, easy way to start getting paid online today. We’re going to go for about an hour. At the end I might ask you to sign up for some stuff because after you learn this, you’re going to want to learn even more. But today I am going to put money back in your pocket by showing you exactly what to do to make $100 a day. It’s not hard, it doesn’t cost anything. It’s very easy to start. So let’s go ahead and dive in. If you’re excited, smash that like button subscribe, click the bell, do all that fancy stuff that makes the YouTube algorithm. Like this video, because today we got a good lineup for you.

Todays Lineup:

Part One: The Truth About Making Money Online TODAY
Part Two: Five Ways To Make $100 Today
Part Three: Getting The Traffic
Part Four: Bonus Tips
Part Five: Black Friday Sale 🙂

What we’re going to do is in part number one, we’re going to show you the truth about making money online today, not tomorrow, not next week. This is something that you can start doing and actually get paid today. Now it might take a while to get into your bank account, but you can actually get results today. Part number two, I’m going to show you no less than five ways that you can make $100 today. If you’re excited, type 100 in the box, type a comment below, let me know that you are excited about this content. Part number three, how are you going to get the traffic? Again, this is today. We’re not going to talk about how to get traffic in nine months or five weeks or 10 years, we’re going to talk about how to do this today.

Part number four, we’re going to show you some bonus tips that you can use to make this go even bigger. And part number five, we’re going to show you our black Friday sale, where you can save tons of money. This wouldn’t be a good black Friday stream if we didn’t give you a black Friday offer, but nonetheless only after I have shown you exactly how to make $100 today. And you can do this as many times as you want, very important. Now, disclaimer, some people will watch this and they’ll make 100 bucks pretty cool. You watch a video on YouTube, you go in, you make 100 bucks, which is pretty cool. Now it’s not about watching videos on YouTube, you’re just going to watch this to learn, this is about something else.

Now, some people will get the bigger picture of what I’m talking about and make a lot more.

Sadly, most people will be entertained and do absolutely nothing with what they learn.

And one person at the end will partner with me on this exact method and go big.

Now we’re going to go over some really good stuff here. If you want notes, including the downloads that I mentioned that you need to make this work, go to, put your name and email in the old box. You’ll get everything free. That’s right. I’m going to teach you free, I’m going to give you the tools to use free that I actually paid out of my own pocket to have built. We’re going to give you this stuff to make this work so you can go out there and actually make it work. Gone are the days of watching videos that are promising, that an app is going to make you rich overnight, because guess what? Those apps don’t exist.

Gone are the days of all this junk that teaches you how to make money over night, guaranteed, nothing like that. We’re going to show you something that actually works. And if you want to do this head over to, you will be able to get that. You’ll get the notes from this video. When they’re done, you’ll get the links you’ll be able to use this and start right away. Literally, right now after this video is done. So if you’re excited, type it in the box. Now, here is what you need to know and you need to pay close attention. Come on in here a little closer. We’re going to pay attention to this. You’re going to take notes. You’re going to watch this entire video because it’s going to show you everything you need to do.

Part One: The Truth About Making Money Today

Find Something People Want / Need Anyway

So the first thing you got to do is you got to find something people want or need anyway. They’re going to buy this anyway. You might as well get paid. If you’re with me say, might as well get paid because they’re buying the stuff anyway. We got this example here, and I want you to pay attention to this example. So we’re going to find something. This guy, this lady, she needs a tire, she needs someone to put the tire on. She’s scratching her head, she doesn’t know what to do. Next thing you do is you learn everything you can about the product. Some of them don’t take long. Obviously, you could learn about web hosting in an afternoon, you could learn about software in an afternoon. Many of you guys probably already know how to change a tire, but we’re not going to do that.

You guys get the picture. So what you want to do is you want to go to school about the product that they’re going to buy anyway. You got it, type school in the box, type school in the comments below if you get it. So you’re going to learn about it, whatever product it is, learn about it, play with it, make it work, understand it, very important. Next, what you’re going to do is you’re going to make an irresistible bonus offer. Now, Dan Kennedy, I got a lot of books from Dan Kennedy on the shelf, used to say, “The best way to make this work is to prove to people that you’re selling money at a discount.” Write that down, type it in the box, type it in the comments, “Sell money at a discount.”

Learn Everything About That Product

Now obviously we’re not selling money, we can’t do that, only the government does that. But we are showing people how to get something better than what they signed up for. Here’s the example. And when you get a click in your brain, when you get that aha moment, I want you to type it in the box, I want you to put it in the comments below because this will change your world. So you got the tire lady. She needs to change your tire. She’s on the side of the road. She’s not happy. You learn about the product, you learn how to put on a tire, very simple. We’re not doing tires, but this is the example so you can get the aha moment that you need to have for the rest of this training. You learn about the product, you learn how to make the tires or put the tires on or whatever.

Then you make an irresistible bonus offer. Here’s what I’m talking about. If you are a tire salesman and you’re not getting any customers, you’re sitting there, you’ve got a bunch of tires stacked up. You’re like, “Hey, I got these tires, but no one’s coming in to get tires because, I don’t know, maybe I suck at marketing or whatever.” So what you do is you change it from, come to my store and get tires and you look at your profit margin. So your profit margin might be $400 on a set of tires. Hypothetically, I don’t sell tires, but hypothetically. On the internet, your profit margins are probably going to be a lot better. So you sell them for 400, maybe your take is 200 bucks, but you can’t sell and you’re sitting there with a bunch of tires and you’re like, “What the hell do I do?”

Make An Irresistible Bonus Offer

Well, what you do is you realize that people are like this lady here, she’s on the side of the road, she’s got a flat. She doesn’t know what to do. So what you do is you say, “Hey, buy four tires for 149,” or however much it costs for tires, I don’t know. I haven’t bought tires in a while, but you say, “Buy them for 149 or 400,” or whatever. You take your profit margin and you look at it and you say, “Okay, and I’ll come fix your flat tire free. You call me up, you buy the tires, I come put them on your car right there, right then for free.” How many of you guys think that that would be easy. You’re like, literally you don’t have to come in. You save 200 bucks on towing your car, you don’t have to get the AAA.

You don’t have to do all this stuff, I’m going to come and put the tires on for free. All you got to do is buy the tires that you got to buy anyway because your tire looks like it’s melting into the bottom of the earth. How many of you guys just got an aha moment? If you did type it in the box, if you didn’t watch this video again and again until you get it, because if you get this, you will be able to make $100 today. Results not typical, implied or guaranteed. We don’t know how much you’re going to make today. Most people will do nothing and most people never ever make anything because they don’t do anything, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But you get it. You got the aha moment.

You’re like, wait a minute, so if I add the service of doing it free and what’s it going to cost, 10 bucks to go out to them and put the thing on, you got to put them on anyway. Might as well help them out. This is the first thing you need to learn. Now we’re going to go into part two, which is how does this work on the internet? How do we make $100 today? Marcus, I get it. Okay that’s good, but I don’t got a bunch of tires and I don’t know how to put a tire on and I don’t want to go on the side of the road and help people with tires. Well, good because we’re talking about internet marketing, we ain’t talking about tires here. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to use these five ways to make $100 today.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you can use these and you can get paid today.

Don’t know when it’ll get in your bank account, I mean, sometimes you get paid that day, sometimes it takes a little bit, but you’re going to get the idea here because you could get results right now. Number one, the first way to make $100 a day is with a web hosting offer. Did you know that right now there are web hosts that pay you between $50 and $300, I saw one that was even $7,000 but I don’t think we’re going to promote that, we don’t need to. They pay between $50 and $100 or $200 or more. So the average across the board is you get paid $100 when someone signs up for web hosting and the company usually gives them a free domain name.

So you have a business, they don’t have a website. You have a guy on Instagram, he doesn’t have a website, he needs a website and he needs web hosting anyway. All right, good, great, wonderful. So we got the person we’re like, “Yay, they need the tire, they’re going to get it anyway.” What do we do? Web host, this is where it’s going to get better, ladies and gentlemen, stick around. You’re going to love this. So now we got HostGator, we got Bluehost, we got WP Engine, we got DreamHost, we got SiteGround.

What if you told someone, “Hey, guess what? If you get web hosting, I’ll set up your blog for free.” Literally takes you 30 minutes, you set it up. You’re like, “Here you go, thank you very much.”

Now, disclaimer, sometimes this is called incentivized marketing where you’re doing a bonus or an incentive. Make sure that the host is okay with it. Most of them are as long as you’re providing value, they don’t want you to be like signup for hosting and I’ll give you $50 cash.” No, they don’t want that. They want something of value that’s going to make the customer stay a long time. And if you build a site, you get them a domain, you be, “There you go, pretty cool.” And it costs you nothing.

We’re going to give you the tools right here on the call and you’ll be able to go out and do it.

So you go here and you sign up as an affiliate for HostGator or Bluehost, whatever you want. Then you say, “Get web hosting and I’ll set up your blog free.” Now keep that, put it in your mind, put it over here. Okay, put it over here. We’re going to get into that a little bit later, we’re going to talk about something even better. Number two, find a software. There’s lots of software people buy. I spend thousands of dollars every month for software that I buy. And guess what? If you were the affiliate, you’d be getting paid every single month for something that I needed anyway. Think about this, if I can get…

… month for something that I needed anyway. Think about this. If I can get paid for every food that the guy across the street eats, he’s going to eat it anyway, I might as well find a way to get paid, right? That’s the idea here. We’re not doing food, we’re not doing stuff like… We’re doing it online. Things people need anyway. If you’re going to start a business, what do you need? If you’re going to do taxes online, what do you need?

Now, we can find stuff let’s say you’re in the marketing industry. You’ve got ClickFunnels. People are struggling. “How do I sell ClickFunnels as an affiliate, Marcus? I want to sell ClickFunnels as an affiliate.” And they asked me so many times it annoys me but at any rate, you can use this with that. Or you could use Kartra or aMember or Infusionsoft or any software.

Now, Infusionsoft pays a really nice commission, right upfront. Boom, there you go. ClickFunnels pays a decent commission every month. I think it’s like 30 to $100 per sale per month. So if you want to make $100, you’d sell one of those good packages a day. Boom, you’re good. Kartra same kind of thing. aMember, same kind of thing. Infusionsoft same kind of deal.

Now what do all these have in common? Does everyone know what all these softwares have in common? Does anyone know? All right, I’ll tell you. Don’t worry about it. I got your back. They’re confusing as hell. Like seriously, I have Infusionsoft. I’ve had it for 11 years. I’m still confused with the stuff in Infusionsoft. Actually a couple of years ago in 2016 or 2015, I was sitting there at my computer and I hated the Infusionsoft order forms. They’re ugly. They’re not pretty. And so I found a guy and he’s like, “Hey, I’ll give you these Infusionsoft order forms. You put them on your site and they’re 800 bucks.” And I was like, boom, I ordered it. There was no support. So I ordered again from a different guy. So I paid double because I needed these so bad.

And so I paid and the guy helped me set them up and bada bing bada boom he made $800, 100% profit. Like seriously, think about this. All he did was help me out. aMember, You could literally set this up on a blog or a website or hosting in literally like 15 minutes. And you could get paid as an affiliate. You can get paid in a really easy way. Now you don’t have to learn the complicated stuff. We’re going to show you something easily and even easier. So don’t worry. Calm down. Come on, come on back, calm down, we’re going to show you a super easy way.

All right. So here’s an example, “Marcus, you teach internet marketing, but do you actually do this?” Yes, I do. Actually, did this exact method where I said, “If you guys buy this voiceover software, I’ll show you how to make videos with it.” And we got over a 5 or $6,000 worth of sales of that software as an affiliate. You could see here, like some sales I got 48 bucks, some I got 100, some I got 30, some I got 250 and on and on we go. The average was about 100 if you average it across the board with the upgrades, which means it’s not that hard to do. And they’re going to buy it anyway. But they’re going to buy this stuff anyway. You might as well do stuff that’s already sold and then add something.

Like if you were to stand outside and this is not ethical, but if you were to stand outside like a tire place and you were like, “Hey guys, you’re going to go in and get tires but if you get them from me I’ll install them free.” You’re going to get sales. They’re there to buy tires anyway. So we got to look at this. We got to understand it. Again, that way, probably not the best way, but on the internet, there are cool ways to do this and these guys love it because you’re selling their product like crazy.

Here’s another one. These are results from me. Again, results, not typical, implied or guaranteed. Did the same thing with the Kartra program. A couple of years ago, I promoted Kartra. We got $25,000 in 19 days doing this exact method. I added a little value onto something they’re going to order anyway. Think about this. If you get nothing from me, get this, because this will change your life. This changed my life and my business because literally you’re selling money at a discount, metaphorically speaking.

So there we are, check it out. I got some paychecks from this. These are recent paychecks. Like this one was July. This one was last year and bada bing bada boom, I got some cash. So we look at this and here’s what we do. We say, “Sign up for X and I’ll help you set it up free.” How many of you guys can do that? Can anyone not do that? And you might be, “well, Marcus, I know there’s videos out there that say, if you sit in your living room and scratch your head enough times you’ll get rich.” Yeah, they don’t work. I tried it. My head was itchy one day and I didn’t get paid a dime. But people gobble up these videos like crazy because I don’t know, maybe they really, really at heart don’t want to make money.

But if you want to make money type it in the box, you say, “Marcus, I’m done with the junk. I’m ready to start looking at your stuff and understanding how this works, because you’ve been doing this for 21 years.” So what you do is you say, “Sign up for X and I’ll help you set it up for free.” Pretty simple, right? Pretty easy, right? You get out there, you do it, you make it work. Now we’re getting into the diabolical stuff in just a minute. So what we want to do is we want to look at anything that has something you can help people with.

Now, I got to tell you how many of you guys have set up a blog? Type blog in the box, type blog as a comment below. Let me know if you’ve ever set up a blog or a Facebook or anything. If you can, if you could do that, if you could follow a little video and learn how to do this, you can start a business very, very fast. So what you’re going to do is sign up for X and I’ll help you out for free.

Now, anything that has something you can help them with. Again, we’re going to get into this because I’m going to show you a tool you can use, one of my themes. I’m going to show you a software you could get for free, one of my softwares, and I’m going to show you how you could put them on people’s blogs. You literally, you literally go through and you say, “I’m going to change three images.” This is what the software looks like. You change the page. That’s background. You change logo one and you change logo to and bada bing bada boom, you have a custom theme.

If you look it up, people charge a lot of money for custom themes. So if you’re like, “Hey, if you sign up for hosting, I’ll build you a theme free.” They’re going to flip out and be like, “You’re kidding. I need hosting anyway. I’ll get the theme. That’s pretty cool.” So again, you’re going to be able to get these at You can use them on your sites and you can use them on sites that you do for other people, which is pretty cool, but you can’t sell them and you can’t give them away. You can only use them on your stuff. That’s all I ask. All right? Now we’re going to get in. We’re going to make this work. Again

Part Three: Getting The Traffic

Part three, how to get fast traffic. Now we’re getting in to the diabolical stuff. We need some diabolical theme music. We got to push the money button because this is going to get really insane. There’s a software out there called Linktree. You’ve probably come across it if you use Instagram. The software has 8 million users. The software in my opinion could be done a little bit better. All right. Now, what are the downsides of using a software like this? Well, one, you don’t get a custom domain. Two, you don’t get a custom theme. Three, it’s not hosted on your own site so you can’t control it. And four, it cost about the same as web hosting.

Hmm, anyone get a little aha moment in their brain? Well, think about this a minute. Over here, you got people looking at Linktree, 352,000 people a month. You got what is Linktree. You got Linktree alternatives. People are looking for alternatives to Linktree. And it costs six bucks a month, which is about the same as hosting. If you get hosting, you get a free domain name and yay, there you go. So you’ve got 8 million users here and you say, “Okay, what if I go to someone and they’re not happy with this and they’re like, ‘Hey, I want to do my own thing,'” and you say, “You know what? Come on over here and talk to your old buddy Marcus, because what’ll do is I’ll set up your own custom software that does the same kind of stuff this one does.”

“Yeah. That sounds pretty good. That sounds pretty good. How much?” “That’s free.” “All right. I’ll also give you a domain name. I’ll tell you the domain name to buy.” “Really, really? How much?” “It’s free. All right. I’ll also put the software on your blog so that you get it. It looks like this. Looks just like a cool Linktree thing, boom. There you go. Pretty cool. It looks like this. Got buttons. Works on mobile, works great.” This is what they’re paying for anyway. And you say, “I’ll set it all up for you. I’ll make it pretty. Get you a logo. Get you a domain. Everything.” “Good, good, good. How much is it going to cost?”

“Well, today I’ll give you the nice low price. How’s nothing sound?” “Nothing? What? Are you doing crazy? Is this kind of… What?” “All you got to do is sign up for web hosting, which you’re going to need anyway. You’re going to sign up for it anyway. Costs less than this and I’ll set it all up for you. Takes you 20 minutes, maybe an hour if you’re slow,” you get your hosting commission right like that. Now, where can you promote this? “Marcus, I can do this. I like this idea. I can make $100 today. I could probably do it several times a day if I’m really out there hustling.” Guess what? Disclaimer, it does take work. You got to go out there and you’ve got to do it. We’ll talk to you about how you can outsource it, but you got to do it.

So we go out there, all right, okay, I can promote this in Facebook groups. How many Facebook groups have people that are struggling with website building, website software, all kinds of things? They’re struggling. They need help. You learn one, you got a skill, you can go sell that skill for free and get commissions on things they’re going to buy anyway. Think about that. Anyway.

Next we’ve got quick ranking tactics. We could go out there, we could do a YouTube video. We could do a live video, say, “Hey, I’m going to show you how to build this. And here’s how it works. By the way, if you want me to do this for you for free, all you got to do is use that affiliate link. Yes, I get a commission. That’s how you pay for my work. But doesn’t come out of your pocket. You’re going to buy this thing, anyway.” Think it? Are you guys getting this? Any aha moments going off there?

Next, you can do paid traffic. I could go out there and I could do paid traffic for all kinds of products that are related to mine or all kinds of things people are looking for. I could go out there into forums, post on forums. “Hey, I’m having a trouble with this software.” “Hey, I got a fix for that. You want the fix? Come on over and see your old buddy and I’ll show you how to fix it.” Blogs. You can post on blogs. You could do YouTube. You could do a live video. You could get traffic right now. You could do Facebook Live in a group. Compare these things together, build them, grow them, make it work.

How many of you guys are excited about this method? Type excited in the box. And we’ll get into some other stuff as well, because guess what? You can use this method on autopilot. I teach you guys things where you could do this on autopilot. You do it all day. Like this, you think I really sat down and taught all 177 people how to do this. No, I made a video. You think I really sat down and taught all 100 and whatever people who ordered this? No, I made a video. I did a live stream. That’s it. “Here’s how to use it.” There you go. So there are ways you can automate this. And if you get this, it’ll start to change the way you think about marketing online.

You could have a free Zoom training. “Hey guys, struggling with your software? Come on over to this free Zoom training, I’ll show you how to use it, plus I’ll show you this, this and this.” Simple. Okay. You could do a Medium post, lots of traffic stuff. You look at it and it’s like, this is not that competitive. I actually rank somewhere. I think we’re trying to get a better ranking. I think we’re like number 13 for Linktree alternatives. You got this one contact and bio. No competition. Got this one, a LinkedIn profile. Not much competition. Got this one, how to add links to Instagram. Boom, they’re looking for what you have to offer. They’re going to need web hosting or software anyway. You might as well go out there and make money with it.

Am I right or am I right? you can also do this on Craigslist, but be careful. Follow all the rules. Sometimes you can get in there and offer a service of, “Hey, you can do this. You can do this on-”

… and you can get in there and offer a service of, “Hey, you can do this. You can do this on Quora. You can do this on Direct Methods.” Guess what? You could literally go to people that are not doing it right. And you’re like, “Hey, saw your Instagram profile. Think it’s pretty cool. By the way, I think I can get you some more traffic with a custom setup link generator. Would you like it?” “Yeah, yeah. I’d like it. How much?” “Well, it’s free. Just sign up for web hosting over here, which you’re going to need anyway.”

Pretty simple. Pretty basic. How many of you guys are getting it? You can also do this on YouTube. You can do this on other channel like Facebook. Here’s the deal. Most people are doing marketing wrong. You look at 99% of the people out there that are trying to make money online, trying to do a business, trying to get people to buy stuff. I don’t know why I’m doing so many quotes. But at any rate, they’re out there. They’re looking for this stuff. And you can get in front of them and make it work in a super simple way. You can do this. Anyone can do this. If you are willing to put in the work, you’re willing to find the people.

And you can get the software. You can get the stuff. And you literally just plug and play. This is the theme. This is it. I just changed the image, changed the background, put this little software on here. Boom. Now I got something ready to go. Pretty, pretty cool.

James says, “This is brilliant.” Anyone else think this is pretty cool? I think it’s pretty cool, because guess what? This is how I started my business 21 years ago. Started out, I made … I had to make money. I didn’t have a job. I was like, “I need to get paid somehow.” And so I was like, “Hey, you want some web hosting? I’ll set up your site. You want a site?” And then they’d always upgrade for more stuff, which was pretty cool, too.

Part Four: Bonus Tips

But this is how it works. Now, let’s talk about some bonus tips. Bonus tips? Like, “Marcus, you just showed me how to make a hundred dollars. You literally just gave me the keys to the kingdom, and you’re going to give me more?” Yes I am. And then I’m going to ask you to buy stuff because, hey, that’s pretty cool. But you don’t have to. Go make a hundred bucks and tell me how good you did.

All right. Here’s the bonus tips. Number one, get your own website right now over at They got a Black Friday sale going. You can go over there. You could get a domain. If Wolf got one, it’d be like Wolf’s Easy Website or or or something like that. You get a domain, easy. You set it up. They give you half price on hosting or something crazy. They got some crazy Black Friday deal going.

So if you’ve been waiting, if you’ve been hesitating to start, now’s the time. Okay? Do this yourself. And I’ll tell you what. When you do it, take little screenshots of yourself signing up for hosting so that you can use them to show other people how to do it. All right?

So first of all, you get your own website. This is important because you want to show people how it works and you can make a little demo. So go to Literally, it will take you 15 minutes and you’ll have a site ready to go. Super, super simple. Okay?

So now, also, when you get hosting there, you’ll get the theme and the training that we talked about here. Yes, some of these you can use on other sites. The theme and the software here, the one that makes these, you can use on other people’s sites. Okay? So you can do that. Go to You can set that up.

Number two bonus, install a live chat software. All right? Install a little software where it has live chat so you could talk to your people and say, “Hey, did you sign up for hosting yet? Why don’t you do it right now while I’m here and I’ll help you get some cool bonuses?” I do this all the time and I make money like crazy.

And just say, “Hey, sign up here while I’m here, because if I’m not here, I might not be able to help you. But do it while I’m here.” They’ll do it. You’ll get your commission. It’ll show you. Most hosting companies will show you the domain they got, which is pretty cool. So you can install live chat, and you can just sit there and talk to people, just funnel people to your site, sign them up. Good to go.

Number three, answer people when they visit. When they come on the site say, “Hey, this is Marcus. You got any questions about how to set this up?” “Yes. I don’t know how to.” “Well, good. I’ll do it for you. Just go ahead and sign up here at my link so I can get my hundred bucks. And bada bing, bada boom, you’re ready to go. I’ll even tell you the domain named to buy.” Pretty simple, right?

Step number four, you could start a mailing list and a giveaway, right? You can give something away for free, “Hey, here’s my guide on why you need to use this software or why you got to use this tool or why this is the best.” You give it away, you get people into your funnel. You could build this and grow it, and you could build it into something bigger than a hundred dollars a day.

Number five, one of my tips I teach in my course is you can outsource the whole process. You could actually get someone to set up the sites. You can get someone to build the stuff. You get someone to do it and you just collect your commissions and pay people to do the stuff, which is pretty simple. That’s a little bit more of an advanced method. We do teach that in the course. I think for right now, everyone can do what I just taught. Is there anyone who does not think they can do this? Is there anyone who’s like, “Marcus, yeah. My internet is different and I don’t know what to do because nothing works.”

I think you all can do this. If you think you can’t, smash the like button, put a comment below. And go to to get the tools. They will be ready. You can put your name and email in. They’ll be ready later today or early tomorrow. You can get them there.

Now, if you enjoyed this and you’re like, “Marcus, you just showed me something that literally I would have to pay $300 for in a different course.” Literally, I’ve seen people, I’ve bought courses with less information than you just learned. Literally, they have … they haven’t taught you this stuff.

Part number five is about our Black Friday sale and the one person who’s going to partner with me and make this work in a really cool way. So how many of you guys are like, “Dude, Marcus, yeah. I want to partner with you on this and make it go big.” There’s only one spot. So if you want that … I don’t know what’s on my eye here. If you want that, we’ll make it work for you.

Now, here’s how the partner program works. What we’re going to do is I’m actually going to brand a software that I had developed. I actually paid a developer to make software based on this niche. What I’m going to do is I’m going to partner with you. I’m going to build your site. I’m going to give you the rights to the software. I’m going to set it up, just like we did for another guy, we did for a survey list building tool. And we’re going to give it to you. And we’re going to work together, because obviously I want the customers on the back end and I want to pay you affiliate commission for them.

If you are interested in that, you can do the same thing as the Black Friday offer. I’ll just show you how to do it. So here’s how our Black Friday offer works. It’s really cool. We got lots of products that you can use that’ll help you make money. We got niches. We got fully loaded niches. Our main products are the high ticket niches, which is where I find your niche and I build everything for you and I help you make money. Another product is the Mentor Me course, where you could go in, you get software, you get tools, you get videos, trainings. And every Tuesday, you hop on a call with me and you tell me how you’re doing and we’ll help you out. Very simple. Or you could do the Simple Sites, Big Profits course, which is my course that literally shows you everything step by step. Literally, you go in there, you log into your course. It walks you through everything from outsourcing to blogging, to traffic, to making money, to everything. If you want to make money online, Simple Sites, Big Profits is the way to go.

Now, I don’t want you to go to the sites and sign up for those right now, because I want you to get a deal. And the way you get a deal is by looking at that link that has been there on the bottom of the screen the entire time you’ve been watching that video, this video. Pretty subtle, right? You can actually go there to

So step one, you go to Choose the product you want. Step two, you go to, and you’re going to go to our support site that looks like this. Let’s see. We’ve got to put an A there. I typed it wrong. We’re going to go here. You’re going to submit your Black Friday offer like this. You hit Submit a Ticket. You go in, you hit Black Friday Sale. You put your name, you put your last name, you put your email, and then it’s going to take you through.

And you go through and you say, “Here’s my Black Friday deal.” You choose the product you want. So if you’re here and you want to partner with me on what I just told you, you scroll down to Plugin Partner Program and you make me an offer. You say, “Marcus, I know this is the normal price. Here’s my I offer.” And I respond to your offer. I’ll either take it or I’ll say, “Hey, that’s a little low. Why don’t we try this?”

I’ll give you a link if I take your offer or if I counter your offer. You can sign up right then and there and save a ton of money. Really cool. Last year, people saved like 50 grand.

If you want to do the Simple Sites, you hit Simple Sites. You tell me a little bit about yourself. You say, “Here’s my offer for the Simple Sites.” If you want to do Mentor, you say, “I’m going to do Mentor.” Or if you want everything, you can say, “I’m going to do everything.” And you could go in there and put your offer in for whatever product you want, and you could save a ton of money.

We’re actually standing by today, waiting for your offers. We got lots of offers to go through already. A ton came in last night. But we’re going to take a look at your offer. We’ll try to get to your response as soon as possible. We’ll get you a link. You can sign up right there on the spot and you can make it work.

So step one, choose your product. Step two, go to Step three, tell me about yourself and make your offer. And step four, be ready to sign up when I respond.

Now, if you’re confused about where to go, we’re do something we did on the last call on Wednesday that went crazy. If you’re confused about where to go, I actually want to offer you a call with me for an hour. That’s right. You hop on Zoom, we share screens, I show you what’s going on, we talk marketing, you tell me what you’ve done, and we help you out. Okay? And if you want to upgrade, we’ll actually apply the cost of the call to your upgrade.

You could go to to get that call. It’s a great way to go. And you can make your offer on there as well. And you’re going to see that a one-hour call with me is 97 bucks, which is a steal. That’s a crazy deal. But on this training, I’m actually going to change the price for the remainder of this call. So you can go to And yes, ladies and gentlemen, you can actually talk to me directly for an hour for 27 bucks and ask anything you want about marketing.

So let me ask you a question. Do you think this training was worth $27? Is there anyone that doesn’t think that the training that I just did was worth at least 27 bucks? If you don’t, type zero in the box. If you do, put 27 in the box. And I’m probably going to see a bunch of 27s and a bunch of people smashing the like button, because I just gave you something that you can use to make a living if you want to. I’ve done it. It works. It’s not that hard. It’s cut and dry. You don’t need to be a tech genius. You don’t need to have a bunch of money to start. It’s pretty simple.

So if you thought what I just taught you is worth 27 bucks, I want you to think about how much it would be worth on the phone with me on Zoom. And boom, there you go. Wolf says, “Can we buy the call now and have it in the future?” Yes, you can. If you do, then imagine what an entire hour with just me and you would be worth. No slides, no nothing. You asking your questions, you getting answers right. At the end, I’ll probably tell you the course to go into and give you a deal on it, but only after I’ve given you an hour of complete and utter value.

So if you thought that was worth it, go to Get that call. Literally, I am losing money on these calls. I make more than $27 an hour, obviously. You guys have figured that out by now. And we want to give you guys the stuff. I want to talk to you. I want to know exactly what you’re going through. So you could do that, or you could do a Black Friday offer, or you could do both. I’d say do both. That way, you get the call, because at the end of this training, we’re going to change the price of the call back to 97, which is still a killer deal. But some people are like, “I’d rather go get a Happy Meal and a Big Mac instead of talking to an internet marketing pro for an hour.” If that’s you, that’s fine. Not knocking it. Not the best thing to do for your health, but hey, we’ve got all got our rices.

So if you want to do this, go to Now, while you guys are submitting your offers at, I want to take some questions from you. I want you guys to put your questions in the box and get this thing rocking and rolling. And anything about what I just taught you, put your questions in the box. Let’s talk about it. Internet national call, yeah. It doesn’t matter. We use Zoom. So it doesn’t even matter. If you have internet access and a microphone, you’re good.

… so, it doesn’t even matter. If you have internet access and a microphone, you’re good. Troy says, “I’m poor and disabled on a fixed income, I have to watch from the beginning.” Yes. This can help you. You don’t have to buy anything from me, you can do what I just taught you. Now, if you want to learn to do it more, I think everyone can scrape up 27 bucks and get a call, or get one of the other products, at least Mentor Me or something.

But I think you guys get how this works. I think you understand by now that I’m the real deal. I’ve been doing this a long time. I only teach things that actually work. I only teach things that I know will help you, things I know you can do, things that everyone can do. If 1,000 people did this, it still wouldn’t crowd the marketplace because there’s so many people that need the help with it. There’s literally 352,000 here, and 150 there, 600 there. And this isn’t even scratching the surface. So, we got to do that.

Digincome, go ahead and put an offer in at and then ask for your PayPal issue there, and we could probably work something out. All right. So, any questions on what we went over today, let me know. This has been a fun call. I think there’s been a lot of stuff.

[inaudible 00:37:15]. Only ask your question once. How to bring unlimited traffic to URL, shorten your website. I don’t do that. And we’re going to kick you out because you keep spamming with this stuff. So, there you go. Gone.

Okay. Cool. Any real questions? I failed to pay for one of your courses. Okay, well you could get it now. You can also use your PayPal debit card on the form, it takes all cards, and that’s considered a card. So, you’re good to go.

All right. Any questions on what we went over, let me know, and we’ll hang out for a little bit. I scheduled this for an hour, so I got another … a little bit of time here. While you guys are here, go to, sign up for your $27 call. I think you will not find a better deal on the internet anywhere. It’s literally ridiculous. I’m going to have to cap it when we get a certain amount because obviously I only have so much time in the day to call everyone, and to be on those. So, go to If you do nothing else today, do that. That’s probably the best Black Friday deal you’re going to see anywhere. So, pretty cool.

All right. Any good landing page builders? Yeah, there’s tons of them. I like to use WordPress. But you could use whatever you want. WordPress is by far my favorite, and it’s free, and it’s easy, and you can build landing pages for people for free when they sign up for web hosting too. It’s not that hard to do. This stuff’s pretty simple. You just have to position it right, and that’s the thing. You have the guy up here who’s sitting there trying to sell tires instead of going out there and positioning it differently. It’s all about positioning it.

The software that you’re going to get as part of this call, you can go to It’s a theme. So, you’ll get the theme. You’ll be able to change that. And then you’ll get a little plug-in that we have that makes images on the site. Okay. Simple stuff. All right. The other software is part of my programs, but this one, we want to give you so that you can go out there, get results, and then say, “Hey, yeah, now that I got results, I’m going to buy some of Marcus’ stuff because I want even more results.”

I wanted to show you guys something simple, something you can use literally right now and get results literally today. Okay. I don’t have PayPal. I tried to sign up but I was denied. We don’t do PayPal. That’s not how I take orders, so that’s fine. But you could go to to submit your offer, or to make that work.

Do you use the same posts for all your pages? A post and a page are two different things, so no I don’t. I use different ones. Okay. You always want to have different content.

All right. Subscribe. Click that bell. How many of you guys enjoyed this? Smash that like button if you did. And we’ll take a couple other questions and then we’ll call it for the day.

All right, all right. Cool stuff. Get your call. Ridiculous offer. Seriously, other people that teach this stuff, they won’t talk to you. But here we are, we’re going to talk to you for 27 bucks. Boom. Good deal. And it’s a good way to get to meet you guys. That’s why I actually like doing them, because I get to see where you guys struggle, what I could help you with, and I find them very enlightening so that I could sell more stuff.

Have you used ShareASale? Yeah, I’ve been using ShareASale since 2003. And you could use that for this. I think that’s what we used to sell A Member. I believe it’s on Share-a-sale. So, you could use that for this method too. So, sign up for A Member and I’ll set it up for you free.

Unique content for all your sites, or can you use curated? Use unique. Yeah. Save yourself the trouble and do unique content. It’s not that much harder to do. And some niches, you just can’t curate good stuff. Anne says, “Definitely getting the deal.” Stayfit, “I’m using your theme, how do you get rid of the header?” I’m not sure which theme you’re using. But if you use the new theme, there is no header.

Digincome, “I’m using …” Okay, yeah. Just get us on support. We’ll figure something out for you. Roger, “I missed the training today, is there a recording?” Yes, as soon as we’re done, it’ll be on YouTube. “I bought the call.” Thank you. Good to have you in there, Wolf. That’ll be a good call. All right.

Shaqueile, “Thoughts on MaxBounty?” I love MaxBounty. I think they’re great, and I’ve been using them since … I don’t know. 2008 or something. Yep.

All right. Any other questions. Go to, get your training call there. Pretty cool. Do your plug-ins work on free sites? If it has WordPress, yes. They are WordPress plug-ins, so it has to have WordPress. But seriously, if you’re going to do this business, get yourself web hosting. One of the big take-aways here, go to, start your first blog, it’ll cost you less than $100 for the first year, they give you a domain free. Be in it to win it.

People come to me all the time and they’re like, “Marcus, you don’t understand how broke I am.” And they whip out their $1,000 cell phone and tell me how broke they are. And I’m like, “You got a $1,000 cell phone, dude.” And then they’re like, “Well, you know, that’s … I need that.” And then they’re like, “I got my $200 shoes,” and I’m like, “Well, I make a bunch of money and I still buy my shoes for 18 bucks because I really don’t care.” Right? Got my shirt. These were actually cheaper than getting shirts. These were 7 bucks, which is pretty cool.

So, we look at that. And it’s like, “Hey, you got to do what you got to do. Are you willing to do it? Are you in it to win it? Or are you just messing around?” If you’re messing around, by all means, there’s plenty of videos that’ll support your habit. But if you’re not, if you want to go make this work, invest the time, invest some money, make it work.

Okay. Does your software make a website hosting for my blog? No. It’s not web hosting software. I’m not sure what your question was, but it’s not a web hosting software. All right, any other questions, type them in. While you guys are getting signed up and putting your offers in, a lot of people got some good offers. One guy saved a ton last night. He made a good offer and I was like, “Yeah, we’ll take it.” Which was cool. He made his offer on the Fully Loaded Niche. And you could put your offer in at

What’s the best method for choosing a domain name? There’s a video I did last week, or two weeks ago, it’s called I Paid $2,595 for This Domain Name. Go watch that. It’ll show you how to pick them.

Do you do much link building? No, I don’t do a whole lot of link building. If you have the right keyword, you don’t need a lot of links. If I get a keyword like this, with zero competition, according to ahrefs, which is a great software, by the way. I don’t need much link building. I can probably rank for that without links.

All right. Any other questions, type them in the box. Go over to, put your offer in. I’ll show you how to do that again. So, step one, choose a product you want. Step two, go to the support site. You’re going to put in your ticket for the Black Friday offer. Choose the offer you want. Tell us your … Or choose the product you want. Tell us your offer. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Good way to get to know you, good way to get you familiar with our support site. You just choose the product you want, type your subject line, tell me about yourself, and if you want a high-ticket niche, say, “I want a high-ticket niche for $1276.” Be a dollar off, right? Pretty simple.

Entertainmentblog says, “Now I’m a fan of you.” Ah, you should be. This is a pretty good video. I think anyone can use this, and make some good stuff. I’ve been doing this a long time. So, we’re here to help. All right. I think that’s about it for now. Go ahead and put in your Black Friday offers. Get your notes and the theme and everything will be ready later today or tomorrow morning. That’ll be at If you have not gotten a call, like everyone on this watching this, if you want to make money in any magnitude, 27 bucks, get a call, ask me whatever you want. It’s recorded. You get a copy of the recording. You make it work. You make it happen.

SEMrush. SEMrush is good. I just haven’t learned all the ins and outs of it. So, I’m stuck to kind of ahrefs. You can schedule the call at the same place you do the tickets at. So, It should take you there right after you order the call.

All right. Cool deal. I’m going to change the price on the call. So, go get that at Put your offers in. Have fun. Go use this method. Go to, get all the cool stuff. And I’ll see you guys next time. Happy Black Friday. We believe in giving you money in terms of knowledge instead of some crazy offer like the other guys are doing.

So, while everyone’s fighting over the big TVs, you should be out there making money. Thanks for watching.

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