Low Content Books And Making Money With Amazon Publishing

Researchers’ are finding you can make up to $500+ per month with a solid niche publishing Amazon low content books!

What are low content books and how can I make money?

As the name suggests, a low content book is published with very little or no content at all. Essentially these are different types of books, logs or journals in which customers buy to fill out themselves. In other cases they can be informational and are designed to help organize your schedule, like a calendar. One of the most effective ways to generate a long term passive income is to create and publish low content books on Amazon KDP. A book without much content may sound like something of an oxymoron but it’s actually a tried and tested method to build a reliable income stream that can be surprisingly profitable! And what is KDP? Amazon KDP is a self publishing platform that allows you to make and sell your creations to a worldwide market. It’s by far the largest self publishing platform on the internet. Once your signed up for the KDP program (which is free) you are able to publish your ebooks or paperback books and reach millions of readers on Amazon!

There are many different types of low content books that you can create and sell on Amazon; all of which are far easier and less labor intensive than writing a regular novel or non-fiction reference title. To be successful you will also need to select a niche that can help you capitalize on the potential Amazon self publishing has to offer. For example, if you look up a niche such as ‘golf’ you’ll see it’s a very overcrowded market compared to a niche like the ancient Chinese board game ‘Go’! When you’re first breaking into the self publishing market you should try to target low competition niches. You can also use keyword search tools to help you establish the volume of traffic for a keyword search term compared to the amount of competition in the market.

Let’s dig a little deeper and take a look into another example, like a business log book. This particular low content book was uploaded in September 2020. It has a 141 rating which is good compared to the thousands of other reviews we are seeing from competitive niches. The log book also has a BSR of  8,215. So how many would that be per month (Lets say $2 royalty per book sold)? If this book is making 440 sales per month, that’s going to bring you in around $880 per month in sales. The money is there and Amazon literally does the work for you, all you have to do is publish a book and put it on amazon. If a shopper buys your ebook or paperback book you get paid and BONUS…..you don’t have to ship or deal with customer service!

Below I have compiled a list of Amazon low content book ideas that could HELP YOU create a long-term passive income but before getting started, I wanted to go over an important practice when creating low content books – the COVER IS CRUCIAL! So forget the adage ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. For example, if you decide to publish sketchbooks on Amazon, the main point of focus should be the cover. Designing a beautiful cover will help make your sketchbook stand out from others. Let’s jump into it shall we.

1.Coloring books – probably the most complicated low-content book you can design, but you will be getting a lot of sales if you succeed with this. To see results, you will need to niche down and look at the AMS ads on the Amazon KDP. Perfect designs are key to earn sales and also considering the appropriate keywords. Some common keyword for this are “sloth coloring books for kids, rainforest coloring and so many more.

2.Review books – start off by choosing any topics that you find readers enjoy, like wine tastings, movies etc. When writing the book it’s important to include information like brands, ratings, notes, prices, and the location of where the items were bought.

3.Subject-based study books – With covid-19 and the rapid change in our educational sector, students could definitely benefit from education subject templated note-taking. In some cases, students may even dig deeper and search for specific textbooks, classes or subjects. The search can make this niche more profitable. For example, you can have a notebook that allows history students to catalog details of historical events and dates. Choosing the subject-based study notebook could help you standout among your competitors and gain more sales.

4.Crafting books – Another topic that is great because it has a lot of “sub-niches” like crochet knitting, origami, panting, beadwork, quilting etc. Again, with covid-19 we are seeing individuals look for different craft-related books. With the love for crafting growing individuals will be searching for new craft-related books fostering new ideas to enhance their skills.

5.Nursing or medical notebooks – Designing nursing or medical notebooks is one of the most profitable niches you can consider right now when designing your low content Amazon KDP book. This niche in particular has a massive audience and little competition, making it a more profitable niche. You should expect to see higher sales by designing the right interior and choosing the appropriate keywords to support your book. On Amazon, nursing keywords have a score of more than 58, showing that it’s less competitive and one of the top profitable KDP niches you could venture into right now.

6.Wedding planner/planning notebooks – Anything to do with events like weddings are great! It’s a one-off type of event where people are willing to spend money. People want to have memories to keep, it’s not something they’re doing every day, every week, every month. Niches like this are really great to look into because people like having something tangible to hold. Some also bring such notebooks to their appointments and meetings to jot down important notes, dates and times.

7.Entrepreneurship or small business – Aside from having a huge audience, entrepreneurs and small business’ have a high content book purchasing rate. Small business’ are using these tools to keep their employees and themselves motivated, disciplined and organized. You’re likely to achieve more success by  sizing down to the small business and entrepreneurship topics. Importantly, consider choosing the type of enterprise or business you want,  like social media influence, YouTube, hair salon, small boutique or event planning. This greatly impacts your results.

8.Meditation journal – A meditation journal gives its owner the chance to record their progress during their meditation sessions. You can arrange the interior like a blank journal to give the user more freedom in the way that they use it or you can include dates and times as well.

9.Prayer book – Religion plays a central role in the life of tens of millions of people around the world. Prayer books celebrate the famous and popular prayers in a religion and are often treasured by their owners. You can create a prayer book with a prayer for each day.

10.Gratitude journal – Now one of the fastest growing trends on the market. This is technique  people use to journal specific events that happened in their lives in which they are grateful for. You can design the interior of the book with a space in which the customer can write 10 things they are grateful for on that day. When designing a gratitude journal you can niche down by hobbies, careers, or interests.

11.Other types of journals – Journaling has been around for decades and has always been a popular outlet to capture memories, reflections and important moments in our lives. You could create a lined journal, blank journal or a doted grid interior journal. Each type has its own aesthetic merits but all of require a high quality….you guessed it!…COVER that appeals to your target demographic.

12.School agenda planner – Students of all ages use agenda planners to keep track of important information relating to school like test dates, homework due dates or deadline dates. With these planners being a part of the classroom experience, students are more likely to keep track of their assignments, set personal goals, and enhance communication between teachers, students and parents.

13.Calendar – People love these and they need them! When creating a calendar, you have the opportunity to include at least 12 images (excluding the front cover). Of course, you can pick any theme you desire but you should do your market research first before starting the designing process. I suggest creating a themed calendar that appeals to pre-selected demographics. Quality of imagining is important!

14.A book of quotesQuotes can be profound, inspirational and motivational. Creating a book of quotes is a fantastic way to help customers live their best life and although it may take a fair amount of research to source the quotes there’s a large demand for this type of content. You can niche the quotes down into specific category – like Buddhism or civil rights. You could also include an array of quotes and put together a unique collection of powerful words. Books of inspirational quotes are perfect stocking and make a great gifts.

15.Activity books – Activity books are an enjoyable way to stretch your mind while still having fun. Activity books are popular among all types of demographics. There are 3 popular activity books dominating the market right now, maze activity books, sudoku activity books, and word search activity books. Activity books require more time and more attention to detail as opposed to other  low content publications. With strong sales and a consistent demand, activity books are a great investment.

16.Writing book for children – Learning to write is an essential skill during adolescence. As an example, you could create a cursive writing/lettering book that illustrates phrases and words along with a space for the child to duplicate and practice. The cover should target children and should intrigue them to feel excited to learn new writing skills. You can also include cartoon images throughout the book to provide a kid friendly space and a sense of personality.

17.Gaming books –  Game books contain single or multiplayer games that require a basic grid or pattern to play on. The top game books include Hangman, Grids, Dots, SOS and Tic Tac Toe. All of these are very easy to create so your interiors will be fast and easy! Pro tip – make sure the cover page is enticing!

18.Recipe/Cook books – There’s no limit to scope when it comes to the production of recipe books. Generally speaking, the best sellers are niched down pretty carefully. For example, a recipe book that covers soups, Italian food, baking or raw vegan food could deliver great sales. You’ll have to do some accurate keyword research to break through the crowded market, but if you create a winning concept you can really cash in. You will need to design an impressive interior for the book with colorful images and instructional diagrams so your readers understand the recipe process.

19.Guest books – Hotels, air b&b’s and lodges all have guest books for visitors to sign however, wedding planners and party planners also use guest books for remembrance!  When creating a guest book it’s important to incorporate an impactful theme.

20.Weight loss tracker logbook – Losing weight is something that can be life changing and having a weight loss tracker can definitely help the process when it comes to achieving your fitness goals. You can design your book focusing on goals and specific objectives or focus more on graphical representations of weight loss for inspiration.

21.Food/Nutrition tracking logbook – When someone is on a strict diet we often see them tracking the nutrients they are eating in great detail. A nutritional log should have plenty of space for the user to write detailed notes on what they’ve consumed daily/weekly or a space where they could include their calorie, fat, sugar and carb intake.

22.Music composition book – Musicians who write music need compositional books to turn their thoughts into words. The interior of the book needs to contain blank musical staves to fill out with notation. You can use the front cover to help target a specific demographic by using an image of a famous classical musician or an instrument such as a violin or piano.

23.Guitar tablature – There are many guitarists who can’t read traditional music notation and use a unique method of writing down scores called ‘tablature’. This is a much more simplified way of writing down notes and is popular among independent guitarists. You can create a book with blank tablature lines in the interior and an inspirational image on the front cover or even throughout the book.

24.Wine tasting logbook – Wine tasting is a sophisticated venture and it’s important for participants to take detailed notes about each bottle and experience. These notes may include the type of grapes used in the production or the aromas the wine gives off.  If you want to add extra appeal you could include inspirational images of beautiful vineyards around the world throughout the interior.

25.Hunting/fishing logbook – Hunting and fishing enthusiasts enjoy keeping records of the trophies they’ve bagged! They even love to take photos as remembrance. You could narrow down your niche and create a book specifically for deer hunting or salt water fishing. If you’re creating a hunting logbook, specifically for deer hunting, you could illustrate the anatomy of a deer on each page so the reader can record/compare their shots. Another great idea would be to include a space on each page that allows the reader to record the weight, age and other specific details about their trophies.

Now that you have an overview of the top 25 low content book ideas and insight on how to begin your research you’re ready to dive into the online self publishing ecosystem! With a bit of hard work, determination, and a good marketing strategy you now have the opportunity to give yourself financial independence. Launch your self publishing career today with Amazon KDP!