Instant Paypal Money With Affiliate Marketing And Resell Rights

Oh hi there. It’s Marcus a.k.a. the affiliate marketing dude in this video. I’m going to teach you exactly how to get instant PayPal money. That’s right. You can actually do something right now and get paid. Right now. Pretty cool.

Right. This is a little tactic I learned back in the year 2000 2001 when I was literally living in the living room of a mobile home that my brother and I rented which we shared with a bunch of drug addicts. I didn’t even have my own room. I didn’t even have enough money to get lunch every day. So I lived on a giant burrito and a coke every day. But I learned this tactic that allowed me to make lots of money millions of dollars over the years very very fast using PayPal and I can show you exactly what I did how easy it can be and how you can get started right now. There’s three main ways that you can get paid on PayPal instantly and actually get the money right now. That’s right. You can go use an A.T.M. card that they give you

or you could even go and drop it to your bank account literally instantly. And we’re going to go over these three ways we’re just gonna hop over to my backyard office here that I had built in my backyard so I can get some work done. And what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna show you how these three methods work and how you can start walking in the trees and how you can start making money with PayPal. Right now no matter what your skill level is no matter what you’ve done. This is a method anyone can do and it’s not that hard.

Let me show you how it works.

All right guys welcome inside the backyard office. Now we’re going to go over these three ways to get instant money on PayPal in just a minute. And if you like this kind of stuff and want to learn more about how to make a living online without having to go to work I would suggest subscribing to this channel and also click that little bell notification icon. That way you can be here every Wednesday when we go live. And you can get my new videos that teach you all this stuff. So make sure you subscribe and click that bell. Now let’s talk about these three ways to make PayPal money. The first two are pretty obvious pretty basic you might have heard of them before and then the third one is a bonus one which is what I used back in the year 2000 to start making

lots and lots of money. Now you can do this it’s not that hard to do. It doesn’t take a lot of skill. It doesn’t take a lot of work. You just got to get in there and you got to be deliberate about what you do. Now the first category here are the categories where you get paid for your time. This is where you would go out and you would take surveys and get paid for surveys you would do reviews on sites you’d get paid for the reviews you’d test different products and software and you get paid for testing out those products and software. Now these are good and there’s lots of people who make money doing this. But the problem is that it’s limited by your man hours the time you have to put into this is very very steep and the payout is very

very low. So while a lot of these companies will pay you to do certain things they don’t pay you a lot of money which means that your instant PayPal money isn’t going to be that much which is kind of a pain in the butt. Now if you are interested in review sites testing sites and things like that we have a special report over it download my notes dot com where you can check out some of those companies that we recommend that will show you how to do that right. Pretty easy pretty basic. However again you are limited. So this one is very limited. Now let’s jump over to number two which is services and selling things. This is something that I like doing. This is something I’ve done for years. Were you going to actually sell products or services online and get paid instantly via

PayPal. Let’s say you know how to set up wordpress blogs and you offer help to people and you charge him ninety seven dollars to help them with their blog or something like that. You can get that ninety seven dollars in your paypal instantly and perform the service really cool and it’s a skill that you could learn in a couple of days or maybe you’re good at making images or removing the background from images or different things like that. You can also go out and sell those as well. Now you can do these two different ways one way is direct. This is where you would have a Web site or just a PayPal link and you go drum up some business on forums and search engines and videos and other places like Facebook groups and things like that where you drum up business and you can

help people out. The second way is through sites like fiver where you could actually go on there and post your services for sale or your products for sale and you’ll tap into their customer database and get lots of sales there’s lots of people who make a lot of money doing this fiber example quick skills that some of us would laugh at because they’re so easy we do them on a day to day basis anyway. So that’s a really good way to go about this. All you have to do is take a look out there and see what the services are it could be anything from recording your voice editing an image making a little video fixing some kind of PBF document or something very simple like that. Something I bet you guys would all know how to do anyway. And you can get paid literally

instantly in a really really cool way for doing. Services that aren’t that difficult and it’s not that hard to make like 100 dollars a day doing this again if you want a list of some of these services that you could provide that I think are valuable. Go over to download my notes dot com get the notes and we’ll have a list of those as well as some of the number ones as well. So that’s a great way to get instant paper out as well.

Now number three is my favorite which is a bonus method which is a really cool way to get instant Pay Pal money for doing like very little work and build like a recurring revenue stream because this is actually going to live on the Internet a long time and you’ll get paid over and over and over and it will show you how you can make even more money. Now that method is using what I call resell rights products now resale rights products are products like drop shipping but you don’t ship anything right. This is where you actually buy the rights to a product or a book or a software course or anything like that. You buy the rights to it and you actually sell it. Now that might sound daunting but some of these you can get as little as like ninety nine cents and you

own the rights to a product that you could sell for like 15 bucks or 10 bucks or whatever it is. So let’s show you guys how this works. First of all let’s say you were going to go out there and you were going to find something in a market like credit repair resell rights or something like that. Right. So we go out there and we’re like OK now I can go and I could buy the resell rights for a credit repair book or course or something like that. You could see some of these like three bucks five bucks and on and on we go. You could take a look at other sites there’s lots of them that have all kinds of different credit repair reports and tools and books and things like that and we could actually find one that looks really good like this

here repair your credit. And this one is 750 different credit repair methods or something like that and you could see by the table and contents. Table of Contents that they cover quite a bit of things they got a bunch of reports and everything like this. Now you can see here that I could actually purchase this for nine dollars and ninety nine cents and they are saying that the suggested retail price is twenty seven dollars. So like if I saw one of these that covers my cost and even gives me profit if I sell 100 of them I make twenty seven hundred dollars and you know it only cost me still the same ten dollars because once I buy at once I own it really really cool you could do this in any niche from credit repair to taxes to whatever it is. And let me

show you how this works and how we map it out. First of all you have your resale rights product which is your credit repair. The first thing you want to do is buy that in your niche. OK really cool. And you don’t even have to have a niche you just need to buy something like this and then go out there. Right. And now what we’re going to do now that we own the product we know that every dime we get is going to come to us instantly and paypal i sell it right now I get the PayPal I can go spend it right now. Now the secret to making this work is the fact that you need traffic you need traffic to the site. Now the resale rights product actually gives you a sales page and a Web site. OK. So we can actually go

through and then give me the Web site you can upload on your host and everything like that very easy to do I teach you that here on the channel. And then once we get that all we need to do is drive traffic to it. Now the way you’re going to want to drive traffic is by going to places like Quora Quora you can go to places like forums you can go to places like facebook groups. You can put things on Pinterest and on and on we go. Now the cool thing about this is that we can go on these Facebook groups on these forums and everything and we could just ask answer and we could just answer questions that people have about the books. We get the book. We read it. We learn about it and then we take all the table and contents and

things like that and we start to answer questions that people have about repairing their credit. Super super easy. The information’s already there in the book. All we’re doing is finding the answer posting it to a question online. And then of course we drive people back to the site to buy the book and every time they buy it we get profit. Now I’ve done this lots of times I’ve made a lot of money with a simple Chile recipes book just by posting cool Chile recipes out there on the Internet and Pinterest and Facebook and everything like that and also paid ads. And I got traffic and I sold a lot of copies of it and I’ve done this with many different niches many different markets. And it’s super super easy now. What we want to do is want to look at this and say OK so

we got this we got our traffic methods we got our book we’re going to take our traffic method. So when you answer a question on a forum or on a Facebook group or whatever right you’re going to send people to the order page the order page takes you literally like 10 seconds to set up they click the button they buy it via paypal you get the money instantly then you can actually edit the product or edit the book or thank you page or whatever and you could promote other stuff. Right. This is where it gets really good because I’m going to get instant PayPal money but then I can actually go to offer vault and I could say well maybe there’s like credit repair offers or we don’t even have to type offers we’ll just get credit repair right and credit repair. I can actually

see here that this one is a credit repair and I get paid when people call a phone number. Here’s one where people apply for credit repair people get credit repair leads and you could see these pay one hundred dollars forty five dollars forty two and on and on we go. So if I get you know a couple of sales a day and a couple leads a day I’m making some really really good money. And it’s really easy to do. All I need to do is help people out online with info that they’re looking for really cool. You could even go out there and you can find like chili recipes resell rights and you can find a book about chili recipes like this is the one I use the 600 chili recipes is an exact book and I sold them for 11 dollars and ninety nine

cents I sold them all day every day. Really really cool. And I can get it for a dollar sixty nine and I could literally go out there and post the 600 recipes or variations of them on social media and start like a group of people interested in Chili recipes and then just put on the bottom hey if you want all these chili recipes click here to download the book. They pay the nine bucks I get it. I promote other offers. I make money and everything is right with the world. I hope you enjoy this method of making instant Pay Pal money make sure you subscribe and click the bell and check out the next video that’s going to pop up around here and talk to you about another killer strategy for making money on the old Internet. Thanks again. I’m Marcus a.k.a. the affiliate marketing dude.

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