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Hello everyone, welcome to the show. I’m Marcus, and today what we’re going to do is we’re going to talk to you about how I spent over $28,394 over the last couple months on domain names, why I did it, how much money I made, and we’re even going to reveal the domain names. So if you’re ready for this, make sure you smash that like button. This is a redo of last week’s call. Last week we got about a third of the way through the training and I had to leave on a family emergency. I’m back now, we’re going to try to go through this and get through the whole training.

Now, we’re going to talk to you about all kinds of things related to domain names, related to profit, related to how much these can sell for, why I buy domain names, and what it is we’re looking for. And I want to talk to you about this, because there’s two main reasons that we buy domain names, and let me see if I can bring open the whiteboard software here. All right, so let’s bring open the whiteboard software, and I’m going to show you the two main reasons that we buy domain names, okay? So two main reasons.

Number one over here, we have the reason for name only, all right? This is like, only, there we go. This is like if we’re going to buy a domain for the name in and of itself. If we bought, I think that one sold for, I don’t know, $680 million or something crazy like that, all right? So what we have to do is we have to look at this and we have to understand, sometimes we’re going to buy the domain for the name only. Other times we’re going to buy the domain for the purpose of what is linked to the domain, right? So if I have a link to the domain on something specific… I’m going to move my phone here, because I’m getting all kinds of texts from my family still.

When we look at the link domain, what we’re going to do is we’re going to look at the value of what that links are, okay? So sometimes you might have a funny sounding domain. I remember the first domain that I used with a site that was making a lot of money was called Candles By Night or something like that. And it wasn’t really a valuable domain. I mean, you could look at it and be like okay, if we were to do Candles By Night here in the GoDaddy appraisal tool, right? Candles By Night or something like that. I think it was .com or .org, it’s been years since I’ve used it, it would say that it’s only worth about $900. Now again, the GoDaddy appraisal tool is not the be all, end all. You’re going to see different stuff, like on estibot we see a zero here, and on Candles By Night, we’d probably also get a zero.

So we’re looking at this and we’re like okay, how do we look at that right? Was it worth $80? Well in all honesty, the links on that site and what I did with it were worth over seven figures to me, right? So we’re going to look at that, and we’ll be like okay, sometimes we’re going to buy it for the name only, right? So I had a domain earlier this year that was something about scooters. You guys saw me buy it on the scooter website that I was doing early last year. I bought the domain for $9, I ended up selling it a couple of months later for $6,500, all right? So sometimes you’re going to get this for the name only, and this is mostly what we refer to as domain flipping, right? Flipping. I think it has two Ps, but there’s no spell checker on the whiteboard. But we’re going to look at this and say okay, this is for domain flipping.

Now if we’re doing link stuff, we can also do flipping, but we can also do a build, rank, and sell, okay? This is what I’m doing. You guys have seen, with the Nerd Getting Fit domain name right?, I actually purchased that domain for $313.67, so about $314 I paid for that domain. Now if we were to look at that domain here in the Ahrefs keyword tool, we’re going to see that it has a domain ranking of 28, or a domain ranking of nine, and this ranking here, the URL rating is a 28. Now, we can also see that it has some back links, and I want you to remember not all back links are created equal. This one has some from CNBC and news sites, which means it’s very valuable.

Now, we can also see something that’s very important to me, which is the organic keywords. Because to me, this is important because if I can buy a domain that already ranks on Google for a keyword, then I’m ahead of the game right? Like this one, “How long does it take to get a six pack for abs,” this one already ranked on Google for it, for that term. So I instantly get that traffic, which is what the value of the domain is. So when we look at this and we say, okay, well this has a number 12 for how long does it take to get a six pack, number 12 for the misspell which actually has more traffic. We got number 14, 13. So we have lots of rankings here. Number nine for how long does it take for abs to form.

And so I’m looking at this, and I’m taking a look at what is out there, right? And if I look at SpyFu, it’ll give me a value for what the traffic is valued at, so it’s about 50 cents a click. All right, pretty cool. That’s usually where the number’s going to come up from over here, okay? So the traffic value, that’s usually give or take where it’s going to come from. It looks like here it’s saying 10 cents a click, but again, I know I can make more. So what I’m doing is I’m evaluating the domain name based on what I can do with it.

Now, when we do this, we need to understand what’s going on. And I got to tell you, I got a really cool tool for you over at This domain toolbar will give you all the tools and stuff that I use, all the free ones, and then you can upgrade to the paid ones. They have links and things there to kind of look at and understand, okay? Very, very important, and we got to take a look at what’s going on because we need to say, why is this work, okay? Why does this work?

All right, now we’re going to take a look at this and say, well what can we value these domains at? So I want you guys to answer the question based on having 883 keywords ranking in Google. It is actually getting traffic, so we’re getting about 300 visitors a month from organic free traffic for the word ‘abs,’ and if we look at estibot, we see it’s worth about $1,200. Or no, that was Free Valuator. If we look at estibot, it says it’s worth zero, and if we look at GoDaddy we’re going to see that this is worth, according to GoDaddy, $800. So now based on the information that I just showed you, how many of you guys think that this domain is worth at least $314, right? If you guys think that, type 314 if you’re like, “Yeah Marcus, I definitely think that this is worth 314. If I saw this on the auctions, I would definitely buy this for 314.” This looks pretty good right? Type 314 in the comments and in the chat box if you guys are understanding that and if you see it, okay?

Because we’ve got to look at this, and we’ve got to understand what’s going on, because the domain industry is a big part of what we do online, all right? It’s a big part of understanding what’s going on out there. And if you look at some of the recent domain names sold, okay? We can see here that went for 30 million, a dirty one here went for 14, Tesla went for 11 million,, 11. FB, health insurance, we’ve got lots of these that are going for lots and lots of money. So we’ve got to understand this, right? We have that went for five million, and that was just about two years ago.

All right, and we can see some of the high priced domain sales of 2022, right? We’re only a month into the new year, and we can see here that we have that sold for 1.2 million, that sold for a quarter of a million, Crypto University, Mannequin, for 350, that actually seems kind of on the low end to me. VIPs, and on and on we go. Now we could see this and we could understand, okay, this is big. We’re going to get an eye level view of the entire domain industry. Now if you want to take a look at what’s going on, will give you all kinds of information on domain names. Pretty good site to use if you’re interested in that. Now when I go to buy my domains, what I usually do is I use one of two things okay? So one of two things I’m going to use to buy my domains okay?

The first thing I’m going to use if I’m on a budget right? We look at the screenshot here. And a lot of people are like dude, Marcus, I don’t got 30 grand to drop on domains. So is there a way to do this without having $30 thousand? And the answer is yes, and the answer is from one of the two ways that we’re going to buy domains. The first way we’re going to buy domains is we’re going to use something called expired domains okay? You can go to Google. You could type in expired domains, or dropped domains or whatever it is, or you can use a tool which is also connected to the domain toolbar if you want to get that,, I got it set up so it’s easy for you. You can go there and get that.

One of the tools that we use is called SpamZilla. Now SpamZilla is a tool that actually goes through and it will get you all the domains that are dropping every day. And I got to tell you, there’s like 100 thousand domains that drop each and every day, and I’m going to sort these offscreen because sometimes we get some weird stuff, so I want to make sure that all the weird stuff is taken out before we show it to you guys here. Okay, so when we use SpamZilla, I think we’re okay here, it looks like we’re okay. Okay, when we use SpamZilla, what we can do is we could sort these by what’s going on right? So we could see here if we sort these by AHRefs positions, this is going to show us how many positions. So, we could see at one point had 73 rankings in the SpamZilla tool right?

So we go through here and we’re like okay, we have this, and we got 73 organic keywords. Okay, and this is for fish tank lights. Okay, so I look at this and I’m like okay, tiki water fountain, LED lights, 50 gallon fish tank, and I look at this and I’m like okay, check this out. So hear we have some keywords. We’ve got 250 searches a month. We got LED lights, we got 23 jet, 27 jet. We got curved fish tanks. All this stuff about fish tanks. Now, I got to go through and I got to look at this and say, what would the value of this domain be, okay? What would the value of this domain be? So it’s specific all right? We could take a look at the back links, and again I’m going to do this offscreen just so we don’t get anything funny. Okay, good. It looks actually pretty good.

So take a look at this right? And by the way, this was not planned. I didn’t look this one up before. We got five gallon fish tank, aquarium fish tank, and it looks like this is all about fish tank type stuff. All right? We got a domain and we’re like, okay, we got the fish tank stuff, we got some keywords, we got some rankings, we got some back links. We’re looking pretty good here. I mean, it’s not like a zinger, but if this was at auction I’d probably pay $50 for it. Now the cool thing about SpamZilla is you could actually go buy this right now right? If I was to go to GoDaddy right now… let me see if I can go to GoDaddy… all right, if we were to go to GoDaddy right now and look this one up, LED Lights Pump, we could see, we could get it right now for 19 cents. Not bad, right? How many of you guys are like yeah, that’s worth 19 cents, I mean come on. There you go.

So we could take a look at that and we’re like okay, this is good. So what we’re seeing here is that this would be a head start if I was going to start some kind of fish tank LED site, okay? Does everyone get that? Type ‘fish tank LED’ if you guys get that, if that makes sense to you. What’s happening is we’re going to be able to start on the right foot, right? And we can see that we have all kinds of different rankings for 175 gallon fish tank, Bahama spa, I mean this is very, very specific stuff. Now this one’s for a video card, that’s a little not related. But we could see here exactly what’s going on and I could see, yay, I’m using my SpamZilla tool to find out exactly what’s going on. And then we could take a look and say okay, well let’s take a look at some other ones okay? And these are pretty good. We’re like okay, this is good stuff.

All right, we have the Basic Beauty site, looks like… let’s see, organic keywords… okay, and what I’m going to do here is two things. One, I’m going to look at my first… the keywords that are now, and then I’m also going to go to the movements, because that’s going to show what it had recently right? So we could go through, we could be like okay, this would probably work for a makeup site, okay? And we can kind of see what was going on, on domains that are already out there okay?

Very cool. It’s like okay, I could just take a look, I could see what ranked, I could see if they have a spam score, I could see what’s going on and I could probably start getting traffic really quickly. And that’s exactly what you guys saw me do on Nerd Getting Fit. Now, when we’re using the first method here which is using expired domains, which we can use drop lists or we could use SpamZilla or something like that. And again, if you want to get these tools, a list of all these tools, we’re going to have them at

Now, when we go through these we’re like okay, this is looking pretty cool right? I could go My question to myself would be, all right, if I had to, if I absolutely had to, if I was in a jam, could I sell this for what I buy it for, okay? The answer is well, I could buy this for 19 cents, and GoDaddy says it’s worth $700 right? Do you guys get that? It’s like okay, is it worth it? Could I buy it for 19 cents and sell if for 718? No, I probably can’t. This is an estimate. But can I buy it for 19 cents and sell it for $10? Probably, okay? Probably. Look at this. My Beauty Essentials, Remarkable Beauty Secrets, Fashion Girl, there’s stuff that’s selling. Now, in addition to that, we are also seeing that that domain also ranks… let’s see if we have it here. It also ranks for various different beauty things. Now this is very, very important.

Now a lot of people are asking how my dad’s doing. I’m purposely avoiding the question. He passed on Thursday afternoon, so we’re dealing with that, but thank you for your well wishes. That is why last week’s webinar got cut off short. But yeah, for those that are asking, that is the answer. I think it was 5:00 o’clock on Thursday in California, so yeah.

So back to the domains here, because Dad would’ve wanted me to work. He liked working. That was his thing. So yeah, when we look at this here, we have Basic Beauty Mom, and we take a look and we’re like okay, this has some rankings. Now it’s got some India, some UK, mostly US which is good. And then what I usually do is I’ll also go movements, which I will do offscreen so that you guys can see what’s going on here. And I’ll bring it onscreen just in case there’s anything weird, because sometimes you get weird stuff. And you can see that there are some good rankings that came up. So here, for the beauty one, First Aid Beauty Five in One, Samantha, First Aid Beauty Sunscreen Five in One, all kinds of things.

And I appreciate the well wishes. Thank you for that, very appreciated. So we have all this stuff here. How to get heart shaped lips, brushes, all kinds of different beauty type stuff, which is very good. It’s like okay, we can use this. We can make this work. Lips Tutorial, some kind of beauty thing here. So now what I’m looking at right? What I’m looking at here is the LSC. The LSC is the Low Success Chance, okay? I don’t like to lose money. Very important. What we have to look at here is what is the low success chance that I can buy this domain and recoup my investment? Okay, that’s what I have to look at. And when you’re doing domaining, a lot of people get all freaked out and they’re like, “Oh man, I found this domain. I’ll pay a thousand dollars for it.” Well, we need to do our research and we need to understand what’s going on.

Because if I got and I bought that for 315 or 14 and we look at it… all right, Matt says it won’t cost 19 cents because they force you to pay for the second year. Yes, on GoDaddy it’ll be about $20 because they do two years for $20 or $10 a year. Now if you go to Namecheap or somewhere else, you can get them for like $5. If you’re looking to start a business for 19 cents, you’re probably on the wrong webinar anyway. We ain’t got none of that here all right? So we’re going to take a look at this and we’re going to say okay, we got this here, what are the chances that I could sell for 314? Well I mean, I bought it for 314, so I could probably sell it for a couple hundred bucks maybe if there’s a buyer at that time. Maybe not.

Okay, now this one I specifically purchased for building it out and selling it. I’m like, hey, you know what? If I can get in front of 4,100 people a month that are looking up how to get abs, I can make some money. That’s my thinking here. Now there are some other domains, like this one I bought… let’s see here, we’ll go to the list. And we’re going to show you the entire list. This is the list. Now it is duplicated, so there’s really only about 180 domains here, because sometimes… like see, Poor Credit Mortgages, that’s twice. Okay, so realistically there’s I think a couple hundred in here.

Now, when we look at these, some of them I did buy based on hey, I think this domain alone… so one of them here, let me see if I can find it… if I could spell correctly, there we go. So I’m out of pocket about 415, let’s call it $420. Or I’m sorry, $520. 494 plus 21, so about $515 is what I’m out on this domain. Now the question to me here,, is okay, does it have anything attached to it? Now this one was a little bit different because I bought this knowing that okay, based on, doesn’t have any back links or anything, but it is a single word and it’s a good one right?

So I look at this and I’m like okay, even though it didn’t have any rankings, even though I ain’t got nothing going on here, what I’m looking at is the fact that if we do estibot,, we are seeing… a wait time. The approximate wait time is 15 minutes. All right, not really. That was a joke, but at any rate we’re going to see if this’ll load here. But when we look at this, what we’re going to do is we’re going to look at and we’re going to evaluate it and say, what’s this thing worth if I was to just sell this? And hopefully we’ll get something… there we go. So $1,400 here, and estibot is usually pretty accurate, because what they’re doing is they’re pulling from recent sales based on the keyword, based on what people are buying and everything like that. So when we look at this here, 678. Look at GoDaddy, we have 5600. Now, does everyone understand why I bought this for $500, right? Does everyone get that? My chance of getting my $500 back is pretty solid.

Okay, now again, results not typical, implied, or guaranteed. I could totally lose my $500. It is a risk all right? So we have to look at this. Now here’s one, This one cost me about $39 and we could say okay, well let’s take a look at what this says. So we got Make Blog Easy,, and we’ll get some values on this. But on I’m looking at this, I’m like yeah, I could probably get a couple thousand bucks for this no problem okay? Does everyone get that? Is everyone like okay, this makes sense?

Now I got 937 on the GoDaddy. We got nothing here, and over here it says we need to sign up. So we’ll sign up later, but you get the idea of how this is working. Okay again, is where you can get my tools for the domains, and then you can also go to where we have other tools as well. Life Hustle says, “Why do you have the same domain with different amount written as per list?” Well what happens here is this is a exported list based on what I was charged. So I paid $4 for this domain, but then it was $8.17 to register it. I paid 4.94, then it was 21.99 to register it right, because they tack on another year.

Okay, so very important we have to understand this and say, okay, what is my total out of pocket for it? So for this one we got Make Blog Easy I’m out $38 okay? And I have to say to myself, $38 okay, this says 937, which GoDaddy’s always a pretty inflated price. But then if we go to the back links, we have to say what exactly is going on? Okay, we go through and we say to ourself, what do we have? Okay, so organic keywords nothing. Let’s look at the movements. Okay, movements, we had some semi-recent stuff for hosting. That’s good. We could take a look at some back links and the question is, is this worth $30? Yeah, I think it is. I mean, it’s got some WordPress stuff, it’s looking pretty decent. Is it worth $30? Yeah, I think I could probably sell this for $30 no problem. I don’t think it’ll be difficult right? And then we can take a look at some others, okay?

And to show you how this works, we can take a look at some more expensive ones. Let’s see, we got Now when I think of these, I’m also thinking long-term okay? So the first way we’re going to buy them is the expired drop list, and the second way is at auction right? Like GoDaddy auctions and stuff like that… and let’s see if I can turn this heater off, it is like a thousand degrees in here. Good old Florida is cold in the morning and hot in the afternoon. So what we’re going to look at here is the fact that we’re going to buy these at auction, maybe GoDaddy auctions or other auction sites okay? And what we have to look at is, what can we make? What is the chances? Because when I look at these I have a plan, all right? If you’re buying a domain and you don’t have a plan, you will probably lose money. Lose… money. Okay?

Now what we need to do is we need to have a plan okay? What is our plan here? Well I’m going to take a look at these domains, and the first thing I do, let’s say we’re going to go to GoDaddy auctions. All right, what I’m going to do at GoDaddy auctions is I’m going to get rid of the featured, because I really don’t care what they feature. Then what I’m going to do is I’m going to go ‘time left’ because I like to buy things that I can get right now. I don’t want to wait. All right, and then what I’m going to do is I’m going to take a look at the traffic. All right, I’m going to take a look at the traffic. So I could do, let’s see, this one has 100 right?

So I could go through and I could take a look at this on my AHRefs keyword tool and take a look at what this is about, and this is a little hack that I use for finding niches as well right? So this one we see doesn’t really have a whole lot. There’s no organic keywords, not a whole lot going on. All right, we’re going to go through and say okay, well you know this one, that’s got a-

… through and say, “Okay, well this one, that’s got a lot of traffic so what it is about?” Well, it was probably some kind of spam junk. We have to look at that and say, “Okay, well do we want that?” Probably not. But it does have a lot of traffic, so I’m going to go through and I’m going to put this in the tool.

And in the tool, this is saying 9,000 back links. Okay, so the organic keywords are nine, and it looks like it was about thermostats. See here? Excuse me. Thermostats. Okay, so something about thermostats. Now, this rankings and the traffic does not match up. Okay, I got a couple rankings for some keywords with 50 searches a month. Well, is that going to work? Where are they getting this big number? And it’s probably spam.

Okay, so we’re going to take a look at some others. And again, what I’m going to do is I’m going to get an idea right out of the way, right out of the gate. USA Brokers, okay, maybe this has to do with mortgages. We got my My Happy Tails. This is probably something to do with pets. My Happy Tails, probably something to do with pets, pet care, something like that. Now again, we got no keywords, so that correlates with the no traffic up here; zero on the traffic. What we’re going to do is we’re going to find stuff that looks good. And we got stuff like Teach Me Bro. I don’t know what that is, but it might be a teaching site about something like that. And it looks like it is a teaching site for Python, GitHub, stuff like that. Some kind of programming teaching site. Is it worth $100?

Well, let’s take a look. We got some interesting stuff. We got 16, 150, got questions how to prepare for a test. Okay, so I would look through and say, “Well, this is about programming jobs. However, a lot of the traffic is India, the US traffic’s not very big at all,” so I’m going to say is it worth $100? Probably. Let’s see what the US traffic is looking like. What is mongoose? How to install Git on Mac. How to install Get Mac, whatever that is, how to install Get on a Mac. That’s 1,300 searches a month. He’s a number 43. The domain is Teach Me Bro. Yeah, that would probably be worth $100. We look at that and we’re like, “Okay, would it be worth $200?” Probably not. I don’t know. Again, we have to take a look and we have to say what’s going on. And then, of course, you could just bid on it like we did here, and boom, there you go; you bid, you make it work.

Now, what I’m doing, again, is I’m looking at these as a broad scope of what can I do with it? And then also what is the LSC? LSC, if I bought that thing for $100,, could I sell it for the $100? Well, right now people are bidding on it for $100 so there are buyers. That’s a fact. All right, so if I go to estibot, is zero. If I go to GoDaddy, this’ll be over inflated, $1,100. Teach Me, Teach, Teach Me Now, Teach Meme Bro. There are things selling, so we’re looking okay.

Now, another little hack: If you find one that you like just based on the name alone, you could always buy the S or you could buy something similar. I did this with a domain that was for scooters. I think it was pal versus pals. And because I bought pals, I got $6,500 on an $8 domain. Will you get that? I don’t know. The results are not typical imply to guaranteed. Again, we need to look at the low success chance. I would say, if I had to liquidate that, I could probably get $100 for it. I think so. Very important.

Now, when we go through, we’re going to take a look at others and we’re going to get our plan. Associates, this is probably a lawyer site. And again, lawyer stuff, I can go to Offer Vault and I could find offers for lawyer stuff. Now for this, no, it’s not looking that good, nothing that great. We can take a look at some others. We got Josh Remembered, Maybe there’s something there. Okay, we got nothing. It just ranks for Figure It Out Productions. Again, one of the things you want to watch for also is trademarks because if you get a trademarked domain there’s a chance if you buy it after their trademark you could just have to give it to them, so you’ve got to be careful. This one for Thomas Alarm. Maybe it’s about alarm sites. Junk.

Now, we can also go to movements on our AH ref stool. That’s going to tell me a lot, too. Now on the movements, interesting. On movements here, we got wiring a fire alarm, security installed. This could possibly do something good. I would go through, I’d look at the back links. If the back links were about fire alarms and things like that… Some of them are. We got back links about these alarms. Okay, so this, I would say based on this and based on the fact that it did have some rankings on the movement, okay, so this could work. Here’s a number 10 for Thomas Alarm, wiring. It could be okay. Is it going to be a jackpot? Probably not. Is it worth $17? Yeah, I definitely think it’s worth $17. Does everyone get that? Type $17 if you guys get that. Okay, does everyone get that? Good.

Okay, we also have some others here. Hold Your Own, Sleep TV. It’s an okay just for the word alone. Sleep TV probably doesn’t have a lot of back links because it doesn’t have a whole lot of traffic. However, some of these are mysterious and they do have some good stuff on them so always… If you see something that looks good, check it out in your AH refs, check it out in whatever keyword tool you’re using.

Now, this one only has one back link, and we could take a look. The back link is garbage, nothing big there. We could take a look at the movements, see if there’s any recent keyword rankings. And it’s being slow. Let’s see, movements. And we could see ranks for Sleep TV. Nothing good.

Now,, I might be able to sell that. It might be re-sellable. Okay, so Sleep TV, $2,900. That’s pretty high for a domain. Now, let’s take a look at what it’s going for; $95. Yeah, I could probably sell it for $100. I don’t think that that would be a problem, so I got to look at that and say, “All right, what’s going on here?” And we go through and make it work. Very cool.

Russell says I’m not teaching anything. Are you guys learning stuff? I don’t know. Russell, you might be going on a different one. I ain’t got nothing to sell here, we’re just teaching you how to buy domains.

All right, we also have [Mavtick 00:35:55], we got Coupons Wise. Okay, I like coupon sites because coupon traffic is really low hanging fruit. And we’re going to go through my domain list and everything like that; very, very important.

All right, we’re going to go through and say to ourself, “Okay, does it rank for anything?” And let’s see, Coupons Wise. Sometimes it cuts off a letter there. There we go. All right, so for Coupons Wise, let’s see here. Movements. All right, cool. Let’s see. For Coupons Wise, yeah, not a whole lot there. It’s an okay domain. Would I buy it for $15? Maybe, maybe not. I don’t know. Very important.

All right, so we’re going to look at that and we’re going to say, “Okay, some kind of restaurant.” Restaurant ones are tough because it’s like, what are you going to do with Chili Near Me? Now, look at this. Check this out. Sleep TV is now at $565. We see that there’s the value in this domain in and of itself, so there is inherent value. For those of you who are like, “Marcus, I don’t know if what you’re talking about works.” Well, there’s value. We actually looked at it and I said, “Yeah, I definitely think it’s worth $95.” Now it’s up for $565. And we’ll keep monitoring it throughout this training because this is live stuff. This is live. You go through, you look at it and you’re like, “Hey, check this out. We got all these domains here.” We got Doctor Something, some kind of merchandise, we got something here, and we’re going to go through and take a look at what is out there. What’s out there? What can we do?

Now today, I would say today’s a pretty slim day for domains, but I did want to do this live for you so you see., $171 on the traffic. Okay, now this one, I don’t know what it’s about. I have no idea. We’re going got take a look at this and we’re going to look at

And by the way, I’ve gotten lots of messages of people who’ve said they’ve gone through my free domain training and they’ve used it to buy and sell domains and make a living. Are the results going to happen? I don’t know. Most people make nothing. That’s the fact. If you guys like this stuff and you want to work it, this is what we’re doing, we’re talking real deal stuff. And the purpose of these trainings is to show you what I teach. If you go and you join Blog Profit Network or something, this is what I teach. A guy talked to me earlier, he said, “Marcus, I don’t understand your free videos.” I said, “Don’t buy my stuff then, because if you don’t like or understand the free stuff, then you ain’t going to like the paid stuff.” This is what you get. We’re going to take a look.

Now, in this one, in Blog Profit Network at, we have a Tuesday call that goes into all about domain names. I think it was the April 27th call. Let’s see. Yeah, this one here. This April 27th call, this goes through all about domains. Really good stuff.

All right, so we’re going through and we’re like, okay, how are these going to work? Now, with the Teach Me Bro, okay, I just won that one for $133. I think I could definitely sell it for that. We got Sleep TV, $565. I don’t think I’m going to go a little higher on that because there is an inherent risk with it. TV, sleep, maybe, maybe not. There is no back link so this is just on the domain alone. Remember how I talked to you about the two things: We’re looking at name only for flipping or linking it. If it has links, we’re going got build it up and we’re going to rank it and sell.

Now, it’s very rare that I buy a domain at auction just to sell the name. Lots of people do this and they make a lot of money. This isn’t so much what I do. What I like to do is try to find things that I can build and rank, something I can sell.

Okay, so we’re going to look at my list in just a minute and we’re going to go through and say, “Okay, we got Green Forest Dining.” Interesting. It’s not really tied to a site. Okay, so Paper Monster was okay. Let’s see what this one looks like, Green Forest Dining. Okay, Green Forest Dining, it looks like Brazilian Steakhouse. Okay, so that’s interesting. If I was going to look at this, I’d say maybe I could do a Brazilian steak recipe site. Let’s see if they rank for anything like that. Yeah, they do, they do. Okay, so for this here I believe that has something to do with a type of cooking for Brazilian stuff.

Now again, I have to look at this and I need to understand what is my low success chance. Now, when I look at this I’m like, okay, recipe site equals low money, high traffic. I need a lot of traffic to make a recipe site work so I need to understand this and I need to look at it in a real world way. Is this Green Forest one worth $15? Yeah, I think it is. Definitely. Is it worth $500? Probably not, unless you’re going to sell it back to whoever has this, or whatever it is.

Okay, we can also take a look at whatever this is. Sometimes these weird ones… Look at this,

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