How To Set Up A Simple Affiliate Marketing Money Getting Funnel

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Good morning affiliate marketing dudes and dudeets today what we’re gonna do is talk about how to build. Money pages.

We’re going to try to set this up live here on this livestream so that we can show you how it works. But I got to warn you didn’t have a lot of time to prepare for this as we had a major power outage and I wasn’t home yesterday but we’re going to do our best here and sometimes doing it like this is the best. Now first let’s go through let’s show you how this works and again if you like this kind of stuff and you want to learn more about affiliate marketing and how to make money online. And my thoughts about life and politics. Make sure you subscribe and click the bell notification here on the channel. That way you don’t miss anything and you could join us every Wednesday here live. Just like today. So today what we’re gonna do is talk about how to build money pages. Now I’ve got a disclaimer this what we’re gonna be doing is building money pages that are designed to be used as a bridge page for your offers and for your mailing list. These are not designed to be ran directly on paid search engines. These are for things like solo ads banner ads linking from your blog linking from a Web site linking from anywhere and everywhere that you can get traffic even on the social media sites. So here’s how they’re going to work. And again I also want a disclaimer this and say some of the results you’re going to see here like when I say that I’ve made millions of dollars with this exact example that you’re going to learn to set up in less than 15 minutes. I don’t know if you’re going to make a million dollars. I don’t know if you’re gonna make five dollars. I don’t know if you’re giving I’m gonna make five cents. This is a business. There’s variables there’s lots of things and the average person never makes anything because the average person never even sets up a Web site. I know because I teach a lot of people and they’re always asking me how to build a Web site. So we’re going to knock that out today show you how to build this really quick give you some free tools and everything like that to make sure you stick around. You’re going to see some free tools you’re going to see all kinds of things but first I want to show you the flow again. Remember the pages that I’m teaching you to make are for direct advertising. You don’t want to go on search engines and stuff like that. This is for something direct. This is if you have a site that’s getting traffic this is where you lead people. This is if you want to buy solo ads or you want to buy banner ads or you want to do social media advertising or you want something to link to from your youtube or you want something to link to from your Instagram. This is what we’re talking about here. So everyone in the comments calm down because I know a lot of people like to say that doesn’t work if you’re flying in an airplane and it’s like well yeah I don’t know I’ve never tested it but this works. Time and time again. So here’s the flow the flow is we’re going to have an opt in page. Okay. You’re going to have an opt in page. You’ll be able to set it up in a couple minutes using the tools that I’m gonna show you right here right now. Next you want to have a thank you page your thank you page is where you’re going to have your thank you message. Thanks for joining. Thanks for subscribing some related offers some content and some text and some other related offers. Now here’s where it gets really cool once they go to your money page and they fill out the name and email. They’re gonna be on your mailing list. That’s what all these are these are all mailing things. Much like the mail that I sent out that got sent back to me that I got to send out again so if you requested the free money tool just sit tight. We’re working on get them out. It’s just gonna cost me about four times as much as I thought. But hey it’s still gonna be profitable. So these are mailing lists people so you can email them over and over. You can email them back to post on your blog with an offer. Okay. If you’ve got it. Type. Got it in the box or 100 percent or. 1 if you don’t get it. Something like that. Let me know where you’re at. We’re gonna dive in we’re show you how to do all this so that you too can setup your own money pages.

Money pages are good money pages are fun. They make lots of money. And now you’re going to learn to make one. So if you’re following. Type it in the box let me know. We’re gonna dive right in. All right. Good. So here we are. We are on the blue host control panel. This is Blue Hose control panel. This is the host that I use if you want to learn more about it. You’re going to learn more about it in this call. OK. What we’re going to be doing today is setting up simple money page dot com right. Pretty pretty simple. There we go. We’re going to set up the site simple money page dot com on the site simple money page dot com that’s where you’re going to go to get all the tools that I reference in this and see how this works. Right everyone on the up and up. Yeah. That’s cool. You’re actually going to set something up live and show us that it actually works live so we can use it. See the process and actually make this stuff work. All right. Pretty cool. All right. So first and foremost what you need to do is you need to have web hosting if you don’t have web hosting. I would urge you to go over to go. Hub site dot com. OK. We’re gonna go to go hub site dot com. This is going to walk you through how to get hosting the right way. OK. If you don’t do it the right way it’s going to take you a lot more time and you’re not going to get what you need and you’re gonna get frustrated. So you’re going to want to go to. Go hub site dot com. Let’s make that nice and big. So you guys can in fact see it. Came.

There you go. Let’s make it even bigger. We’re not messing around here. We got to have this stuff. Big go hub site dot com that’s where you’re gonna want to go. That’s going to walk you through how to get hosting THEY GIVE YOU A FREE domain name and all kinds of cool stuff. So definitely worth it if you follow my instructions it’ll cost you about 70 dollars a year if you don’t follow my instructions it’ll cost you. Quite a bit more. OK so follow a law and follow the instructions it’s going to walk you through. Now once you get your host the way that I teach you you’re going to have what’s called a name server. OK. And once you get that name server that Name Server is the same for any and all of your sites so you can buy a Web site a domain name and you could start setting it up instantly which is what we did here on simple money page dot com. Very simple. I bought this domain a couple of days ago. It’s ready to go. All I got to do is go over to my host go to domains. Go to AD domain. Be lazy and copy and paste it. Simple Money page dot com. We’re going to check it if you did everything right. The way I teach you it should go and check and be like oh hey this is this is how it works. It is in fact. Ready to go. So we’re gonna go to assign a domain. We’re gonna go to use a domain that’s not currently associated. With your account. We’re gonna wait. It’s going to say yeah your no name servers are setup. Okay. Yeah. Check it out. Ownership verified. That means the name servers are good. That means we could be up and running instantly. We’re gonna put this as an add on domain. We’re gonna go to simple money page like this. Very simple. If I go fast for you and you get lost don’t worry there will be a replay instantly. After this call. But you want to stick around live so you can get all the tools. OK we’re gonna go here. Everything like this. Put your domain in there. Add on. Create a new directory. Simple it pretty populates all this does it for you. We’re gonna assign the domain.

And then we go like this. And we wait. I like this. We wait some more. Have a pipe.

Light it again because for some reason it did not light properly. And we wait and wait and wait. Sometimes it takes a minute but we should be OK. Go on. Click it again just in case. Come on now. Say sometimes it actually does in fact. Assign it and just stick on the page or just call you just work around it. So let’s see. Let’s see if it’s actually loaded domains. And it’s simple money paid so it is actually it is actually added. So now we should see. OK. So now we’re gonna go through it is actually added. It just being a pain in the butt. So if that happens you just go through and you just work with it. Next to what we’re gonna do is we’re going to click on this little W and we’re gonna go to. My sites. OK. And we’re gonna go over to. Create site and run it install WordPress. So we’re gonna go in here we’re gonna do our site name which is gonna be called simple money page. How to build a simple WordPress opt in page. Okay. We don’t need to worry too much about this because it’s not really going to be a big issue. Are we still streaming. I think we’re still good. It looks like we’re stuck in. Stream health is good. Okay simple money page. Now you don’t need to worry too much about all the keywords and stuff like that. All you’ve got to worry about. Is and we’ve got to watch our our stream health because we were. Having internet issues and power issues earlier today. OK. We don’t need to worry too much about keywords and stuff like that because. We’re not using this on on search stuff. OK. If you do search stuff you don’t gotta worry about it. You just do that. Now if you’re losing the connection. Just hit refresh and you’re good to go. OK. So simple money page. There we go. We’re going to hit next. We’re gonna choose the domain we wanted on which is simple money page dot com. Make sure you choose this and not this. This is a subdomain. This is the domain. We want the actual domain. We don’t want a directory and we don’t want any of this junk here. OK. Next we’re gonna go and hit next. Pretty cool right next hit next. Pretty easy. OK. So now we’re gonna go here set this up.

All right. Wait for it to set up and what it’s doing now is it’s installing WordPress. So it might take a minute.

Which is call. Still gonna be under 15 minutes I hope. And as we wait for this.

You should see your site start to change. Hopefully if it wants to work. Come on.

Dario. OK so now it should be set up. Now what I like to do is I like to toggle back and forth. You guys will notice that I have lots of tabs open.

Right here. See you have lots of tabs open. I like to toggle back and forth between the tabs of like our hosting. And what we see so you can actually see in real time what’s going on and it might cache it for us so let’s see if we can actually. Get it to not cache. Let’s see we’ll go over to Firefox and see if it cashes in firefox. It looks like it wants to cash. Which is fine. We can still work with it we can still roll with it sometimes it just takes a minute to actually load in our stupid things being crazy so I’m going to turn it down. OK. So there we go. Now we have our site we’re ready to go. We’re gonna go ahead and click log into wordpress right here so you can see all your all your sites where it’s at. Everything like that. Now what that means is that we installed WordPress a lot of you guys get this a lot of guys have done this. That’s all fine. That’s all good. We’re gonna hit log in now once we log into wordpress right like this. Okay. We’re gonna go in. And see if we can actually get in. It just wants to cash it and be a pain. Control of five Zach and get rid of our cash. I don’t think so. All right so we’ll try to log in here. And manage our site. Go back to our sites here. COME ON.

GO BACK GO BACK GO BACK GO BACK. This is the fun of trying to.

Do this on a new site. Life. Always gives you a pain in the butt. Right. Okay. Which is cool because hey. Pain in the butt. DO HAPPEN. OKAY. SO WE’RE GONNA GO HERE. WE’RE GONNA GO TO MY sites. We should be able. To get into our site. Let’s see. Log into wordpress. Does it want to do it or is it still caching. Still wants to cash. How fun. Okay. So what we’re gonna do while we wait for this to cash and cashing just means that it’s like going through and it’s gonna like update your site and it just for some reason it takes a while sometimes. So what we’re gonna do next is we’re gonna go through it and we’re gonna set up our theme okay. What I have provided for you is a theme called Easy funnel. This is where you can make a funnel in your WordPress instantly. Like literally fast. Okay so what we’re gonna do is you’re actually gonna go over to the site that we’re setting up today which is simple money page dot com. You’re gonna go ahead and download this easy funnel it’s gonna come as a zip file. Okay. What you’re gonna do is you’re gonna go ahead and extract all it’s gonna pop up with a little thing like this. Boom. It’s gonna extract it. And. Now. It’s going to open all the files. Okay very simple okay. Now what we’re going to do is we’re gonna take a look at all this. You don’t need to know what all these files mean. Doesn’t matter. All you need to know is to go to images and you’re gonna change the page image. It’s page dot j peg JP. OKAY SO ALL WE GOT TO DO IS GO OVER TO LIKE clip art dot com. Right. Like this and find a background that we want. Okay. We’re gonna find a background and let’s see how we doing here sound is doing good. Everything looks good. Okay so what we’re gonna do is you’re gonna trying to find a background for our page so we can go through I can find a background I like a beach or something. Make it kind of cool. I’m going to get a picture a photo. Hit search. And we’ll try to find us a background that looks good. Maybe something like this. This looks pretty good here. So we’re going to download it in a high resolution. Right like this. But when we download this we’re going to hit save picture as we’re just going to navigate to that folder. Easy funnel too. And we’re going to go into images and we’re going to replace.

That’s if we get to all images here. Let’s see. I think we might need to save it first. Like this. Doo doo doo doo doo.

Let’s try JP. E.g.. We’re gonna call it page. Dot JP e.g. and it should ask us if we want to overwrite it. If we did it did it right. Okay. And then in our folder now the page will be this thing here. Okay. Pretty cool. So you just pick whatever you want. Like if you were on a site about money maybe you’d want to get a picture of money in case of like if you wanted a money background maybe you do something like this. Okay everyone got it. Dark background if you got it pretty simple. And whatever you use as your background is going to be what you use. Okay. Everyone got it typed got it if you got it.

We’ll make sure you do. Okay.

Cool. Scale of one to 100. How you’re doing on this so far. It’s pretty easy. You guys are gonna get it in like a couple of seconds here. Okay. So that’s pretty much how it works. That’s all you got to know. Okay. Now once you’re done with that. You’re going to have all your folders here or all your files. Okay you’re gonna go back to the easy funnel too. You’re gonna hit control a to highlight everything and then I’m just gonna go ahead and zip this back up compress zip folder. I’m going to call this. My money page or something. Okay so we’ll just call this rename Money page. Okay. Right like that. Pretty simple. Okay. Now once you have that what we’re gonna do. Let’s see if we’re still caching. Hopefully not. But hey you know what.

Stuff happens sometimes. So. Let’s see. It still wants to cash. Let’s try h t t s.


Still wants the cash. So what we’re gonna do is we’re just gonna put this on a different site here.

So let’s see if I have this one set up how two lives dot com and the will just transferred over. Oh Dot org had a livestream dawg. OK. Let’s see if there’s a word press on this one.

Okay cool. So this one’s ready. So what you’re gonna do is after you install WordPress if nothing’s caching you will get to this page. Okay. Pretty cool. So all you got to do is go and do log into wordpress write like this and you’re gonna have your brand new WordPress. Very simple. OK. Pretty cool. Yeah we could delete cookies and everything but. It’s probably still gonna cash or tried it on a different a different site so. You know. It’s probably gonna give us the same thing. So we’re gonna go in here and log into wordpress like this. And we wait.

And wait. Half the job is waiting. We didn’t have to wait and probably take five minutes.

OK. Now when we’re in our word press what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna click on this coming soon active. And we’re gonna take this off. We’re gonna click launch our site. That’s the first thing you want to do is launch your site. OK. There we go launch our site. Yay. Wonderful. Now. It’ll take this away. And put it to. Hello world. Very simple. OK. Now what we’re going to do is we’re gonna go back into our WordPress is why you want to toggle back and forth. Okay. And we’re gonna go to appearance. Themes. And all we’re gonna do. Is upload that theme that we made. And we’re gonna go here to upload theme. Browse. And you’re just gonna get that theme that we created on our desktop. And it’s called. Easy funnel too. And we called it money page K type money page in the box if everyone’s getting it. Okay we’re gonna go here. Money page install. And we wait. And wait.

And wait you guys see why I smoked too much. Because I wait.

For those wondering this is just tobacco. I am five years sober. Of all substances. All right. We’re going to click activate. OK so right now we’ve got this. Once we hit activate. We wait. And now. Do. We have. This thing we should have our beach picture in the back too. Why is our beach picture not working. Might be too big. Let’s let’s double check on the beach picture there at sea.

Image it is.

You know their guess. It just took a minute to load. Right so there we go. Right. I mean you guys are like wow that was easy. So now we can put whatever we want in our background. We got our hello world we got our footer vote. Pretty cool right type beach if you guys see that. And thanks for the sobriety. Congrats there. All right. So now we have that next hour. We’re gonna do is we’re gonna go to. Settings or settings. And now we’re gonna go to General. We’re gonna check our stuff in general. Okay. Right like this how to live stream how to do this blah blah blah blah blah. Good looks good. Next we’re gonna go to reading. Okay. We’re gonna go to Reading and we’re gonna go to sample page. We just use sample page because that’s all we got. Now what that’s gonna do it’s gonna change your home page to. Sample page. Yay. And it should still have our beach. There we go. Okay everyone got it so far pretty cool pretty easy. Next what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go into our sample page hit edit and we’re just gonna change this to whatever we want to say. So for me what I would do first of all we’ve got to do one thing because this is a new WordPress install so we’re gonna go plugins. And we’re gonna go add new. And real quick. We’re gonna go to classic. Ed. Right here. We’re gonna hit install. A very simple what that’s gonna do. It’s gonna make a little bit easier for us to edit. Okay we’re going to activate and then you’ll notice the difference here. Different should be. Under pages. All pages. And edit okay. Now the reason I use WordPress is because of Control Ability. OK. Very important. Inexpensive control ability. I want to be able to control everything that I have. Very quickly very easy. And it’s a lot faster too. OK. So we’re gonna go here we’re gonna click Edit. OK. And you could do it. You could run a business on WordPress. I have a I think we are now an eight figure business. I haven’t done the math completely but I think we have hit ten million dollars. I think like right there. OK. It’s pretty close. And I did it all with WordPress and Web sites I didn’t use any fancy stuff. So if I can do it you can too. So now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go to sample page here. OK and Rojo. If the screen is blurry just click the little gearbox and go to HD. Pretty simple. OK. So we’re gonna go over to sample page we’re gonna type in what we want. So Download Free. Money page tools here. OK. Download your free money page tools here. Very simple. Okay. Update and we’re going to toggle back and forth so I’m gonna open this in a new tab here. Okay Download your free money page tools here. Pretty easy. Next we’re gonna go through we can put some bullet points or some things I could go here and I could be like bullet point one. Download a free. Simple. Custom. My Isabel. WordPress. Theme. Plus get my killer list building. Tools. And learn to make money. Pages in 45 minutes or less. Simple. Okay so now we’re just updating this page in a really simple way. Boom. There you go. Right. Pretty cool. Next all we got to do is add an opt in box again remember we are going off this model. Okay so this model here. Get the free thing. Thank you. Page offers. Okay so the next thing we want to do is go to our dashboard here go to post add new post and we’re going to call this. Our thank you post. Okay. And we can put. Thank you. For subscribing. Dot dot dot. Okay we’re going to hit. Publish. We hit publish. That way we can get the URL. OK. So that’s gonna make us a New York L right here. After we wait. I going to transition. There we go. OK so just to see that again. Go to all post. OK. Ad New we’re going to add a thank you page. All I did is type this in and it gave us a thank you Page. Everyone on. OK. If you want to watch how to do it again you just go add new. Right like this. And we wait. And then you would just add your post. Right. If we want to call it thank you. Post two or whatever. Right. All we did is hit publish AND THEN WHAT WE’RE GONNA DO IS WE’RE GONNA TAKE THE U R L Okay so that’s how I did that. Okay. So we go over to all posts when this is done. Posts and we’re gonna get the U R L for r thank you post. Okay so now we have two pages. We got this page. And we got this post. Pretty simple. There we go. Doo doo doo doo doo doo. Simple simple simple. All right so now we’re gonna go in and we are going to go into whatever auto responder we’re using. OK so if we’re using an auto responder like for me to use a Weber. But wait because we’re gonna give you tools on on all this stuff and make it easier like our opt in maker tool. Okay. So you could go in to whatever auto responder you’re using and you can create a sign up form. You just go in here and you’re like create a sign up form. And you can create a form. Okay. Pretty simple pretty easy. Not hard to do. Or you can use one of the tools if you’re in one of my classes. Okay. In our simple sites big profits and our Marcus mentor me we have this tool that’s an opt in box creator. All you got to do is put your a Weber last name in here so we can go here and we’ll do like simple Marcus. That’s one of mine. Use yours. Don’t use minds. You would put yours here. OK then we’re going to put our Thank You page your URL. OK so we’re going to get that thank you page you are Elle that we created. Thank you for subscribing. OK. We’re gonna put that in here. Then you just put your bullet points what you’re giving them free stuff. Other free stuff. And whatever. So for this one we do. Free. WordPress. Money page builder. Plus themes. List.

Building tools and. Tips on how. To make.

Money OK. Now this tool is going to generate the code for you. All I got to do now is copy this code. Copy. And then I’m going to go back to. My page here. Hit edit. Okay. And then all I got to do. Is put that code. All right down here. Boom. There we go. You don’t know what the code means it doesn’t even matter because. It’s cool right. It’s all gonna set it up. OK so we’re gonna go here and now we should have a page with an opt in box on it. Yay. There we go. We got to fix our image there. Let’s see where our image is going.

It’s in here somewhere. There we go. So our image is here and we just fix our image and we’ll be good to go. To do.

We’re gonna use a download image and you could use any image you want. Very simple. OK so we’re just gonna use the download image here by clicking edit. Doo doo doo doo. And we’ll just change. That image. And that should do the trick. Page. Yay. There we go. Cool. Now we’ve got gotta do is kind of tidy it up a little. Right so we have our download our money page and free WordPress. So we’re gonna go ahead and tidy this up a bit. And we could do that by just getting rid of these.

Bullets up here. OK so let’s put these. And the other bullets. Okay. So bullet one. For your world page Money page builder.

Free themes. OK get the next one. Money building tool. Building two and you can even do this in visual too if you want. Makes it all easier right. Like that.

Copy that. And then we’re just going to delete. All this stuff. Up here.

Now we can even go through and I think we can center this. Let’s see here. Okay. So. Now. Update.

And we should have on our home page. That’s the home page. To to right. Like this.

Now we’ve got a cool opt in. You can mess around with it and center it and stuff like this. Very easy to do. You just kind of toggle back and forth and edit it.

OK. So get rid of this one here. That. OK cool. And let’s see.

Update. And he could see it kind of makes it work around and everything like that. Okay. Everyone with me type with me if you’re with me. And believe it or not these things convert insanely good. Usually like. 50 to 60 percent. If you have the right traffic. You just got to kind of dial it in. Walk around with it. Don’t take too long just really focus on the message. OK. Everyone got it. Now when they put their name and email. Doo doo doo. Doo doo doo doo. Got to do the sound effects. Otherwise it doesn’t work. And they click download now. They should go to our thank you post. All right. We’re gonna do our other. List name here. Let’s see where is our last name. Now sometimes when doing this a Web is kind of funny and what you need to do in that case is you need to do what’s called the numerical list name.

So we’re going to go to list settings lists settings. Settings and others in lists settings somewhere. Messages subscribers. Manage list list options. That’s it.

List options we’re gonna go. List settings. And then you can do like the numerical list name like this. And it should work. Let’s see here. We’re just gonna replace the last name. Doo doo doo doo doo. We go.

Action. It might be being a pain in the butt. Let’s see here. Sometimes things are in fact a pain in the butt.

THERE IT IS. OKAY. COOL. SO SIMPLE Marcus. There we go. An update. Now.

Let’s get our image again copy image address.

Update. OK so now it should work for us. Hopefully if everything is. Up to date here. So there we go. But above the bar. Put that in. Put this in and download now. OK. Now. Goes to our thank you post. OK. Very simple very easy. Everyone get it. Everyone on the up and up. Okay. Any questions about this so far. Let me know if there’s any questions. And by the way this is extremely difficult to do live. But. I figured what the heck let’s show you guys how to do it. Okay. Any questions. Up till now. Go. So now. We have. Our opt in page. We can pretty it up a little bit. Really easy I teach you how to pretty this up in our tools if you want to learn it and get all the tools you could go to Marcus mentor dot m e Marcus mentor dot m. OK so there is our opt in page now all we gotta do is edit our Thank You page. Now remember I said that our thank you post is going to have like a thank you message and you know Thanks for subscribing. So like if I want to go in here and I want to edit this. I can go through and I get it. Thanks for subscribing and I could start to edit whatever is in here so I could say thank you for joining. My mailing. Lest. Be sure to watch out. For. Emails from. Whatever Marcus at. Blog profit network dot com. This is where you’d put your sending email. And then put. That’s me. And. From time to time. I am. Going to send you. Really cool stuff to help. Stuff to help you make money online. Please check your. Email in 10 minutes to make sure you got. The download link for your free WordPress theme. That will help. You get more subscribers. To your mailing. List and.

Make more money. But first.

You will need a few things. All right. Kyle crypto says do you need keywords and tags. This is not a site designed for search engine optimization. So no we don’t. This is an opt in site. I explained that in the beginning I would urge you to watch it from the beginning through so you get it. Okay so first you’ll need a few things. Now this is YOUR MONEY page. So what I want to do is I want to make some money right up front.

Okay. That’s the goal here. So I want to give them things that are relevant if I’m giving them like a workout guide. Then I would want to put an offer for. You know. Workout stuff or weight loss or whatever. Jamie says does a web or do email automation. Yes it does. That’s why we use it. Okay so but first you’re gonna need a few things. Okay so now we want to give them things that are gonna help them but also make us money. First. You will. Let’s make it lower case. Need a good web hosting service and a domain name. I would suggest. An easy to remember. Dot com name that says something about what you offer. For. Example. You can use. It for example. If you are in the diet market. Perhaps something like. Diet. Guide. Now dot com or something like that. Or if you are in the. Parenting. Niche. Perhaps something like. Parent. Better now. Dot com. The cool thing is. The web. Host I recommend. Actually. Actually gives you the domain. The first. Domain. Free. Use this box. Box. To see. What names are. Available. Then get web. Hosting. And I’ll show you. How to set. Everything. Up. Boom. There we go. Now. What box. Marcus what are you talking about. What we’re gonna do is we’re actually going to go in to our world our affiliate programs. I have a hosting affiliate program and they give me a code for a box. All I got to do is go to text. Replace it with my code here. Hit update and watch what happens. Now. On our Thank You page. You write like this. Says thank you for joining my mailing list. Be sure to watch out for emails from me. Blah blah blah blah blah. First you’re going to need to go to web host. Now it’s got this little box and they can actually search for whatever it is they’re like. I want to search for make money. Faster. Today. Dot com. They can actually search. They go to the web host says it’s available and boom they can buy it through my affiliate link. And I get paid. When they sign up for hosting. Right. How many guys are like. That’s pretty cool. That’s pretty good. Like seriously you’re giving them instructions based on what the tool was that you’re giving away on your opt in page. Right. You guys are like yep. That’s cool. I dig that. I can do that. Right. And then you can mess around with it like if you want to make it smaller or something like that. You could go through and look at the code. It’s pretty easy. OK. I don’t want it 100 percent I want it 90 percent and maybe I’ll make it one hundred and ninety. So I don’t get that little scroll box or something like that. Right. And then you just mess around with it. And this is actually we have a guy in our Facebook group who’s doing this exact thing. He got two sales last week I think it was and probably more. I haven’t heard from him since then. He’s probably out more since then. Super easy. Right. So there you go. I made a little bit smaller. OK. Very easy. Then we can go through and just edit it and add some other stuff. Right. You could do something like if you already have web hosting. You will also need an auto responder. I like to use a web or web or whatever. There we go. Okay. And I know what you’re gonna do is you’re going to go into like a Weber. And you’re going to go into your affiliate account of a web. Let me just sign in real quick to my affiliate account. OK on your affiliate account of a Webber intellectually give you your referral link. OK so all I got to do is go to this referral link copy it like that. OK. And then I go in here. Get a visual. And then I’ll do. Click here to get an A Weber. Account. It’s free for the first. Month. Month. There we go. Right. Then I can go here highlight it. Make it bold. Make it a link. Right like that. That’s my affiliate link. So you guys can see this is truly a Money page thing I go through and I’m going to click open in a new tab. So they never leave my site. Update. Boom. Now.

Update it like this. Look at our page.

OK looking pretty good. Click here to get any Weber account. It’s free for the first month. OK then we could go through and we can add other things I’d say maybe want to add a themes. OK. So if you want more custom. Word press. Or press. Seems. To use on your money pages. Check out this offer. Dot dot dot. I’m going to go over to.

Max. I think I had it open somewhere. Or was it open. At their. At their. Was here somewhere. I might have to open it again. So bear with me one second.

OK so we’ll just log into Mac’s bounty and it’s cool because I’m actually showing you like here’s multiple affiliate programs and here’s how they work. Pretty cool.

OK so we sign into Mac’s bounty right like this. And then I think there was a theme offer. OK so the theme offer. We’re gonna get like this. OK. So here’s our theme offer. Just click on this. OK we’re gonna go here and I’m deliberately blocking out the side of the screen because there’s.

Private information there. Okay we’re gonna build a tracking link. We can go to display. Banners. Banners. OK we’re just gonna get a banner of the theme thing. This is cool. Like it’s got these little options here or we could use this. Let’s see. Maybe there’s a bigger one. Mm hmm. Kind of like this one so we’re gonna hit select. And then we just copy this big link here this is our affiliate link. OK and we’re gonna put that affiliate link right here. Now I’m just gonna put a space holder and go to text. You. Right. Like that gotta have sound effects. Otherwise it just gets really boring. OK. Update. And now. We’ve got this. Boom. Here’s our little themes. Okay. Pretty cool. Now we can also go in if we want to get fancy and we can add like Click Bank stuff. Let’s see about Click Bank. Had quick bank somewhere. Just so you guys know I got like five monitors with tons of stuff. And it gets kind of crazy. Okay. So here’s her Click Bank. All right. Now I can go in and I could do like WordPress. Word. Press. Okay. I like that word press which is not a fan. Easy Amazon Amazon WordPress plugin SEO press. So like we could do SEO or something. Right so let’s say we want to promote the SEO presser WordPress plugin. OK. We would just go here and we promote it’s gonna come up with a box like this hit generate hop like boom. There we go. Copy that.

Go over and we can add this right at the bottom here. Go back to visual. And we could put. Bonus. Tip. If you want your site to rank in the search engines.

And get lots of free traffic. I recommend.

This plug in here. Boom. Ok I will put. This plug in here will actually make this. A link. Boom. Boom. Done. Update. Here we go. Pretty cool. Next I’m going to go through and I’m going to put an affiliate. Disclaimer. OK. I am. And disclaimer notice. Note that the above links. While I do personally use them. And recommend them. I am also. An affiliate. Of them. Which. Means I am. Compensated.

When you buy things through this website. That’s. Why I make all this cool stuff for you in. The first place.

Boom. Now we are compliant. Yay. Now we go ahead and disclaimer I don’t know if we’re compliant. I’m not a lawyer. But. I’ve been doing this a while so you know always consult lawyers if you have legal questions. And if you want to be an affiliate marketing maniac like me. You can listen to me too. Okay so here we go. Now we should have all this here. Let’s update it so now. Thank you for subscribing. Thank you for joining my mailing list. Be sure to watch out for e-mails from Marcus at blog private network dot com. That’s me but I’m time while I got this I can make some good money on the host I can make good money on a I actually get paid monthly I think they pay like 30 percent per month I get checks every month from them for this stuff I can make money on Mac’s bounty with this code thing and then I can make money on Click Bank here and then I have my affiliate disclaimer here. Very simple. How many guys are like wow that’s a hell of a lot easier than I ever thought this would be. Type easy if you think it’s easier. OK. Pretty darn cool. All right so now. The flow of it.

Is they go to my page. They opt in.

Then they go to my thank you. Now. Again remember. What I mentioned also is that we have our money pages and then we have the main page which is the opt in and let’s see if we can’t switch cameras here. So they have the main page which is the opt in which we built. They have the thank you page which has our related offers on it. They already went into our mailing list because they filled this out. Then we have our offers with our post. So now we got to look at this and say well what are we going to e-mail to these people and what am I going to do.

Well the first thing we promised them was this money page builder which is the theme. OK. So all I got to do is go into. Our WordPress dashboard go into posts going to add new. And I can make a post called. Called. Download. Your. Money theme. OK. Now watch how easy this is. Like I actually created the theme and it is a. Zip file. Okay so we just go and we can get the zip file here. Or is it that it’s on our desktop under easy funnel too. Okay so all I got to do now is drag this. Right in here. It’s gonna upload the folder so. You have a PDA if. You have whatever video. Just drag it right in there. OK we’re gonna link to. The actual media file. And we’re gonna insert into post. There it is. Cool. Now we don’t want it to be called Easy funnel. We want it to be called Download your. Free money getting wordpress theme here. OK. There we go. Download your free. OK we’ll make this big can make it like a big heading. Center it let’s make it a little bit smaller here. OK so there we go. Download your free WordPress theme here. Now this is like when they get the e-mail with this link. We have another chance to get them to get other stuff right. So I can just go in here and I could like reiterate all this other stuff. OK. I just kind of change it up a bit. So go here and we’ll do. But first you’ll need a few things that’s perfect that works right. So we’ll just copy all this. I like that. Put this below the theme. Publish. Okay now. Check it out. Now all I have to do is go into a whatever and set up an automatic email to go out to this download your money theme. Boom. They can download the theme downloads it right like that or word or their PDA f or whatever or an MP for video or whatever you want. Like literally if you wanted a video here I could just go through and be like OK well maybe I promised him a free video like I could literally go here. And take a video. I got a video on my desktop here. Let’s see. Desktop. Let’s say I got.

A video. Got a small video. That way it uploads quick. See you.

Okay. Well you use the mentor commercial. That’s a good one. We just drag it right there. Okay. And if you want it to play automatically you hit enable media player if you want it to link to the file you just sent link to file. Pretty simple once it’s done uploading. We go here. And we wait. Uploading takes a while if it’s a video file. File might be a little too big.

OK. Let’s see about getting a smaller file. I think I have my intro somewhere. That’s a small one. Let’s see where do I keep my intro. Missy.

There it is. By you. This is our interest. It is a small video file. I render mine really really high definition. So. Sometimes they’re. A bit crazy up to that one load.

Might be loaded. OK. So it looks like it did load. So we just go there. Update. And it’ll actually put it in the post.

Today. And haven’t you guys are like. This is way easier. Than I ever thought it’d be right. Like if you have a PDA if you just go here let’s say you have a PDA have to give them. And go here. Find a PD f.

We a PD f here somewhere. Area 12 business models. It just drag and drop this. Come on. Don’t freeze up on me.

Go. I’m. Going to upload the PD f.

Okay we could do media file. Okay. INSERT INTO post.

Okay kind of got messed up there but we’ll fix it. OK. There we go. Free.

Report. Like this update. And boom.

There you go. Update. And now. I have all this stuff. Boom. Boom. There we go. We’ll go.

Right to call. Now they can get their PDA off. Yay. There it is. Get the PDA off.

Cool they can watch the video. They can download the theme. And they can make me money.

Right. How many guys are like yeah that’s pretty cool. Yes your video will be faster if you host it on a video platform. I actually have a video server.

WordPress plugin that runs with the Amazon platform the Amazon S3 which is what we host our videos on but this one is still pretty good. I mean it loads so you’re good to go. And. It’s a little slow.

But that’s because we’re working on the site to make everyone follow and type follow if you get it.

One hundred percent. If you get it one if you don’t get it and also everyone smash the Like button. Give us a ton of likes if you like this stuff keep hitting the like button. Subscribe click the bell. All that stuff. And yeah cool. All right now you’re gonna be able to get all this stuff later on today. Over at simple blog theme dot com civil blog themed dot com. You can go and you can actually get this. We’ll have it all set up for you. OK. Pretty darn cool. All right. So that’s how it works. It’s very easy now I have to do is take this link and then I could load this in my auto responder which is a fancy way of saying a Webber. C words or a Weber at. There it is. Right. So we could go here and like if I want to create a message I could just go to like broadcast message or I could go to like a draft or whatever. Or I can even put it in a follow up series. Right. So if I want to put it in my follow up series that’s what you get in here. Bear with me one second. OK so if I want to put it my follow up series you can see like I have all these. All these different things here. And these are my my follow up series so like if I wanted to add another one I would just do create a message. I usually use let’s say I think I usually use H2 my editor. OK. So we just go here and it’s very easy. You’re like. Hey. And I always like to use their name. So I put a. Name. Your wordpress theme is ready for download. Dot dot dot. OK then I go in and I’m like Hi. Name. Boom. Here is your word press or Word Press theme and money getting tools. Dot dot dot. Click. Click here now to download. Your free stuff. OK. Then all I do. Highlight this. Link. Boom. Okay. That’s gonna link right to the thing right. Really cool. Click YOU’RE DOWN YOUR get free stuff and then you could say other stuff you know. This will. Help you with. 1. 2 3 and then you put like 1 building your site to this 3 this Okay can you use a different auto responder you can use whatever you want. I recommend this but you can use whatever you want if you’d like to make things harder on yourself. So we’ll go there and then you just say you know maybe I’ll Maybe I’ll add Click here to download your free stuff a couple times boom and there you go. 6 14 girl says this is complicated. Is it harder than working an eight hour a day job. Is anyone on this call. Think that this is harder than working an eight hour a day job. I have been doing this for the last 20 years. Like seriously you could get frustrated and you go look for the next latest greatest whiz bang money tool that is push button simple or you could learn this like this will literally take you. If you are slow. Like a week to learn. Right. How many guys are like. Yeah I would much rather sit around in and hang out and do this and make a lot more like I make. I don’t know. What. Like 90 times what a normal job makes for something I don’t I haven’t done the math. Let me let me do the math so I can give you the actual math. So the average person makes like sixty thousand dollars a year. So yeah I like that. What. Ten times more than ten times what the average good paying job does. And all I do is sit around and do this stuff. I mean come on you know. Get. A look at it. Pretty cool. Okay. Then you go through once you’re done with your e-mail. You say thanks. Let’s get out of that. You know you say thanks whatever Marcus. And then I’ll just get rid of the links on these. Then. There’s our e-mail right. Super simple. OK. And there you go. Done deal. Now I can broadcast e-mails I can do whatever I want. And now I have a mailing list that I can build and making everything work right. You guys are like Dude this is pretty cool. Like I could do this and then like later on maybe you want to give them something else. Right. And we teach all this in detail in very good detail in our courses. I would recommend signing up for simple sites boot camp simple sites boot camp dot com. We go through and we teach everything. We go through and I’ll walk you through this to actually help you with it. We look at your sites for 16 whole weeks we walk through it. And at the end we even meet here in Orlando at a live mastermind where you bring your computer and everything like that. And it’s all really cool right. So there you go. That’s how you make a simple money page. You can worry about like making it fancy and everything as we go through. Let’s see you just see where I like the table thing is and kind of back that up like. Or you could even go through and put some stuff here like if I wanted to put some arrows or whatever like if I want to put an image I’m going to pictures I think I got arrows in here. Right so I can put these arrows in here. Right. Like that. And then we’ll do a center linked to nothing. Sighs always use full size insert. Put some arrows there. It’s super simple super easy. And then when you’re done. You just save it however you want it. Update. Then. They get. OK. Super easy You could even put a video there like videos work really well. OK.

Any questions on this. Someone says what about outside your country. Doesn’t matter. Right. All right cool deal. So simple sites boot camp. You can get in there if you guys are on a budget. I would recommend going to Marcus. Mentor dot M E. That’s Marcus mentor dot m e. You can sign up and get all kinds of tools and stuff over at Marcus mentor dot m e. It’s on a budget. You guys get my plug ins you get my tools you get everything to help you make this stuff work and tutorials and life calls every Tuesday. Which is really cool. OK to download the theme.

We’re gonna have it set up for you guys over at. Was it simple money page dot com. Simple Money page dot com. Or you can go over to simple blog theme dot com and we’ll have it there as well we’ll send it out to everyone who’s on the mailing list. So really really cool.

Michael says he got his book and the affiliate dude shirt awesome. He’s a mentor person as a mentor passionate person you get an embroidered affiliate dude shirt and the full color make money online. Book sent to you which is really cool. All right. So any questions on this as you guys get signed up for Boot Camp. Boot camp is absolutely incredible. You guys are going to learn everything and nothing is held back. And we’re here for like 16 weeks and everything. Now we are closing the door on that soon. We’re going to raise the price to nineteen ninety seven. Once we sell it to the full public. But right now you can save like seven hundred bucks. Join everything like that. So. Let’s see. Couple of questions where do you get traffic. You would buy traffic for whatever is relevant for whatever niche you’re going in.

So like if I was gonna do this theme one I would probably go to like maybe a site like buy sell ads. OK. I go to buy sell ads or something and I’d go in here. And I try to find sites that are related to WordPress. OK so like. Publishers I go to marketplace. And then I type in like WordPress. OK. So like here’s a wordpress theme sites like I could go to this wordpress theme sites and I can run a banner ad. OK. He’s a little bit expensive so I probably wouldn’t do that one. So let’s see if maybe I’d do it at the CPM. Yeah that would probably work at the CPM level. This is the one I do. And just to add to cart. For fifty seven dollars he’s gonna show my ad thirty thousand times. All right so. There you go for thirty thousand times of sixty thousand or whatever I can do that or I can go and buy solo ads I can go to solo ad providers and buy solo ads and get a mailing list that way. Any other questions. And by the way. If you have not yet joined. Marcus mentor. M E everyone should join that a very very important. Definitely definitely want to get in there because we have a call every Tuesday. Every Tuesday we go on a live call and answer all your questions look at your sites help you out with stuff. Absolutely incredible. I’m going to come back in a couple minutes we’re going to talk to you. I have a little commercial HERE FOR THE MENTOR PROGRAM. You guys can get signed up and I’ll come back and answer the other questions. That.

Is not working. Let’s see where is our.

Brows. Hold on one second. We’ll get the Marcus mentor me thing going on. The area.

This should work. You are watching the affiliate marketing dude. Marcus will be back in just a moment. And now for a special announcement. Are you struggling with information overload. Do you need help making this affiliate marketing thing work for you. Want to find out how Marcus was able to start his first affiliate site with less than one hundred dollars in the bank and was able to turn his business into multiple seven figure income streams. Need a mentor who could personally help you start getting results with your affiliate marketing. Tired of all the fluff and hype that gets you nowhere. Well as I’m sure you’ve figured out by now you are in the right place. And if you like Marcus’s videos and live training sessions you’re going to love his brand new mentor program Marcus mentor Doug M E is a must have for anyone who wants to start getting results with affiliate marketing fast. In Marcus his mentor program at Marcus mentor dot m e Marcus and his team will not only give you behind the scenes video tutorials and professional PDL notes on all of his trainings but you will also get access to his video vault selections. Each month his personal plugin suite valued at over seven hundred eighty four dollars but you will also get a free print copy of his affiliate marketing for beginners book that will take you through all the ins and outs of how to start and run your affiliate marketing business. This takes out all the junk and gets you what really works. Even if you’re an advanced affiliate marketer this will help you get to the next level. And if you’re just starting out this is a perfect way to start getting results fast. And if that’s not enough Marcus will also give you access to his weekly private members only live trainings to give you a space to ask questions directly and get answers instantly. Plus get personal site reviews and finally get the help you need to make this business work for you. Sign up today. Get all this the printed book free and a free affiliate marketing dude T-shirt that’s over a thousand dollars in value each and every month for less than the price of a cup of coffee a day. And even though we know you’ll want to stick around for a long time you can cancel anytime you need to. By visiting P.S. moneymaking super easy. So join today at Marcus mentor dot me and get all the tools you need to start making money online. Today with affiliate marketing go right now to Marcus mentor Dot. Emily used the form to sign up and we will see you on the inside. Now back to the life training.

All right. Cool. So. Marcus mentor dot m e really good to go. Let’s take some questions here. Don says if you can afford click funds you don’t need this. Well it depends on what you want to do Don. There are reasons that I use click funds for certain things and there’s reasons I use WordPress for certain things. You’ve got to look at a business and say What do I want to happen where and I’ve I’ve actually hit the. I think I’d be at the 10 x award if I was using click funnels but I really don’t care about awards and stuff like that. And I’ve actually been around marketing online since before click funds was out. Is it a good platform. Sure. Is it what most people need to start generating a simple mailing list and making money with affiliate marketing. No I think it’s overkill for that. I think most people just need to set something up very quick like we showed here without worrying about all the other junk. And I think that’s what this is about. And if you guys appreciate that I would definitely say check out Marcus mentor dot M E and use that because it’s really cool it’s really easy use 10x award I think is the award they give out for someone who’s made eight figures online or something like that. Okay. Another question here. Do you get a book with mentor yes you do and a T-shirt a custom affiliate marketing dude embroidered T-shirt. Adam says buying a mailing list is against the terms and service for most email marketing platforms. That is true. We are not buying buying a mailing list. What we’re doing is we’re using the page that we created to generate our mailing list. Right so we’re actually putting an advertisement in a mailing list with a solo ad sending people here and we only get the people who fill it out which luckily because we do really good we get like 60 percent anywhere from 30 to 60 percent to fill that out. So that makes sense to everyone. OK. Call and that’s a thing you’ve got to get really really clear about what tools you want to use and why. Why would I want to use a tool. What am I going to use it for. Because we could get in shiny object info overload syndrome where people are just like I’m going to buy all these tools and get all these things and it’s like guys I’ve been doing this with WordPress it’s fast it’s easy it works incredibly fast and simple like I could literally say I want to go in and I want someone to buy something right. Let’s say you’re gonna sell something OK. You could literally go in. Watch how easy this is. I don’t need to log in to click bundles I don’t need to do anything I could just literally go into the simple sites tools. OK.

Let’s see where do I have my tools open. I still have it here. I think so yeah.

I can go into the simple sites tools which is also part of mentor me. I can go into buy now button creator. I don’t even need a merchant account or anything. I can use Click Bank and PayPal. Let’s say I’m selling something let’s say I want to sell a version of that theme right. I could go in and I could be like I’m going to use this add to cart button may use item number 1 2 3. I may use item name custom wordpress themes. OK. And guys I do this all the time. I made millions of dollars with PayPal and it’s easy right. Item Price. Let’s say I want to charge 37 bucks for it. Put in your paypal email whatever it is. OK. And then boom this is gonna generate. The link. I could just put this link right here in my word pressing and to put a space Holder. Go to where the A’s are boom update. Done like literally that was what 45 seconds. Literally 45 seconds and we have a student of ours who’s in our tools class who made a little plug in and he did the same thing and boom he made a little button that works and boom there you go you put the button on your site people can order and it’s really really really easy. All our plugins are up to date. As long as you’re getting them in Marcus mentor Amit really really cool. So there you go. Right how many guys are like Yeah this is easy. I could do this. It’s simple. And there you go. And you could just go over to Marcus mentor dot m e. You can sign up gives you a little video shows you what you’re getting shows you the shirt that you’re getting embroidered affiliate dude shirt just like mine. Fill this out you can cancel whenever you want. I actually lose money on your first month. Like when I send the shirts out and everything I actually lose money on it. That’s how confident I am that you’re going to love this and stay for a long time. So you actually go in here fill this out. Click the button and then click let me in. And you’re ready to go. Now if you are going to join our boot camp go to simple. Sites boot camp. Dot com right like this. It’s going to take you through you’re going to go for 16 weeks and learn everything. Like literally everything you go in here. Put your name email everything like that. Fill out the form you could do a payment plan or pay in full. Really easy. Kyle said that Mitch said his plugins ready to go. He’s actually making sales on it showing you he’s using exactly the tools that I’m showing you here. Like super super easy staying Kingdom minded if you have a question about your purchase or any product you got from us use P.C. moneymaking dot com that’s our support site. Jackie and Tina are there to help you and I’ll help you with whatever you need. Really cool. All right guys. Any questions let me know. We’ll take it from there.

All right. So questions. If you guys like this video.

Make sure to click the Like button. If you’re new Make sure you subscribe. We’ll show you all kinds of other cool stuff as well.

All right cool. And now. I’m going to give you guys a recap. Because simple money page dot com is now working nights and now we have this ready to go. Let me show you how this works in a really cool way so you guys can see it. We’re gonna go to our blue host dashboard.

Lou. HOST. OK. Go to our blue house dashboard and we’re going to recap what you just saw so that you guys can use it. In our example. All right.

So we’re gonna go here. We’re gonna go to. My sites. We’re gonna go to simple money page log into wordpress. Like this.

It did you.

OK then all we’re gonna do is go to. Coming soon. Launch a site. Gonna go to. Appearance themes. We’re gonna upload the theme that we made in the beginning. I. Like this. Upload browse. What. We call it. There it is money page. Install. OK we’ll just open this in a news loop tabs. You can see what’s going on. Right now it looks like that. Once we install and activate our theme. It’s going to go like this. Boom. Got our beach. Go to. Settings. Reading. Home page displays a static page we’re gonna choose sample page save. Reload. Edit. WE’RE GONNA GO. LIKE THIS. WE’RE GONNA GO TO. Plugins. Add new. Install classic ed. Should be right on the page if not you can search for it. Activate. Once that’s activated it’ll take us back to the old Ed which is what we want. And we’re gonna do. Download your free. Money.

Page tools here. OK. Now you can go here. Type in whatever you want. We’re just gonna go ahead and put in our opt in box.

OK. LET’S SEE HERE. SO MAKE OUR opt in box using the.

Tool there we go. Or you could even make an opt in box if you want to get fancy. You can make your opt in box with a Weber. So like if we wanted to make an opt in box with a Weber we could just do sign up forms like this.

OK we can do create a sign up form. Right here. And then just create the forum however we want it to look. These are like the samples of what they’re going to look like. Let’s say we want to use. This one here. Load template. If you do. There we go. Okay so we’ve got name email instead of submit. I’m going to make this say download and download. My money tools. OK save. OK. Once you’re done with that. Get it the way you like. Go to step two. OK. Now we’re gonna use form name we’ll just call this simple. Form. Thank you. Paige we’re gonna use custom. OK. We can open in a new window. And we’re gonna use our thank you. So we’re gonna go here make a little thank you post post. Add new open. Like this. At a new post. Thank you for subscribing. I like that. Okay. Publish. There. Is our link. Copy link. We’re gonna put that in our a Weber. I like that. Let’s see. Now. We don’t want to preview one. We want the actual link. Copy link. Okay.

We’ll go like this. We’re going to publish it every week. They.

Go. Okay so now we’ve got our link here. Boom. Put that in a Weber. I like that. Okay. Open a new page already subscribed. We’re going to take him to the same page anyway even if they already subscribed. Good. Save.

Go to step 3. OK. You could use whatever auto responder you want. Doesn’t matter. OK. I’m going to do. I will install my form. Get this here and it’ll actually track it. If you use the you ever wanted to actually track it just kind of cool. OK so now we’re gonna do. Download your free money page tools here. Put our code in.

Like this. OK. You could put your bullet points. Above the code. So we’ll get our bullet points here. Boom. Take our bullet points. Big. This. Back him up a bit. Update. Okay now our page should look like this. Simple opt in page. Boom. Download your stuff. Get the name and email. You put images or whatever else you want. Let’s see if we can. Back this up a bit. I’d like everything to be really tight and backed up. That’s going to increase conversion. Go. Yep. What do we do wrong.

There we go. Update. AND THERE WE GO. CALL YOUR below images you can make these bigger if you want or you can center these if you want.

Like this. Can make him red.

Super easy. I mean you could design this stuff in literally minutes. And then. Simple money page. Boom. Pretty cool. Right. Pretty easy and then if I want to put arrows there I could put arrows. Actually I don’t want these red. Sign up but. Black. And you put arrows here. This. Insert. Update. And whatever your auto responder code is that you use. So there we go. Pretty cool right. Pretty easy. And then all we gotta do is edit our Thank You page which is where we have that. Here we go. So I’m just gonna copy all the junk from the thank you Page. Like this. Dashboard. How many guys on a scale of one to 100. Think you can do this. How many guys are like oh yeah I could do this is pretty friggin easy. Ok will do. Edit.

Did we make it a page. I think we might’ve made it a page.

Okay guys think you can do this. I think you can. Let’s see where they go. They got way too much stuff open.

Edit. Thank. You for. Subscribing. OK. And then we’ll just put all our stuff in here. Update. Cool. There we go. Right and you can have comments or you can disable them we show you that in the course as well. But now I have something set up where I could literally go run this. People will opt in and then. I will actually get money when they buy the hosting and everything which is pretty cool right. Any questions on this. Everyone. Got it. Pretty good.

OK. And to show you how it works all they’ve got to do is go to simple money page dot com. And by the way this is how you’re gonna get this thing. Right. If you guys want this theme all you gotta do is go here. Put your name and email in the box.

Hit download my money tools. It’s gonna take you to the thank you page. After this because I filled it out too many times. Okay. Boom. Yay. And to make it easier for you guys. I’m actually gonna go ahead. And put. The theme in here. OK so we’ll go ahead and put the theme here. That’s top.

Easy funnel too I think it was called or something like that. Themes.

Money page. Right. So all you got to do is change the background from the beach. To whatever you want. And you’re good to go. Right. Super. Like you could do this right now and then you can also join my courses and learn to make even more. So there you go.

Let’s put this down here. You can.

Download your money page theme here. OK. Tera. Pretty cool right.

All right. That’s the deal. So now you go there. They can get that. They’ll probably ask me to fill out that thing. And let’s see. We’re on the livestream. We’re going to go to.

This one area. That should do it.

Okay. Got to update which page let me close out of everything. You guys can see it right. So all you got to do is go there and boom it’s gonna work. And you’re ready to go. Right. Any questions about that.

Pretty easy like you could literally have this up in 45 minutes. Do I have a theme that includes a left column option in the Marcus mentor me at Marcus mentor dot m e. We have tons of themes that you guys can use and customize.

And if you use the left column option you can actually use our opt in our funnel voodoo plug in which is incredible. So easy to use. The site name is simple money page dot com can go there and learn to set up a simple.

Money page. All right. So any other questions as you guys are getting signed up for the boot camps and the mentors.

And we’ll go from there.

Don’t think there’s any other questions. If you guys like this kind of training I would highly recommend going to simple sites boot camp dot com. Can you make web pages and sell them too. Of course. Robert. You might need to check your. Your settings or your email you probably already on the list.

All right. What do I get next do we contact you on Tuesday. Yes Tuesday webinars. Is a must. If you guys want to learn this stuff go on the Tuesday webinars and you can join them by going to Marcus mentor dot m e and i guarantee after you watch your first one you’re gonna be like this is insane. All right guys.

Think that’s about it for now. Simple sites boot camp dot com. You guys are gonna love it. And check out Marcus mentor dot and e if you’re on a budget. And we’ll see you next week.

If you’ll like this. Give us some likes and some thumbs up. Thanks for watching.

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