How To Sell Clickbank Products As An Affiliate With No Website And No Paid Traffic

I remember it like it was yesterday. The year was 2000. It was July 4th. I was at a barbecue with my family. And I’ve been trying to make money on the Internet for quite some time and nothing seemed to work. Then all the sudden when I got back from that July 4th barbecue I logged into my click bank account and lo and behold I had made my first sale. Now this was almost 20 years ago and since then I’ve made millions of dollars on the Internet. But back when I started I was probably a lot like where you’re at without a bunch of money to start without a bunch of knowledge. I didn’t really know what was going on and I wanted a way to make money online with Click Bank in a super easy way. And in this video I’m going to show you exactly how to get started making money online with Click Bank for free. Even if you don’t want or don’t have a Web site and we’re going to show you exactly how this works because the key to making money on Click Bank.

Is having the right traffic in place to make sales you see Click Bank is an affiliate network with a lot of top offers from top affiliate programs that make lots of money. Now Click Bank as you know pays you the affiliate. Commission for selling products. Now how are you going to sell these products. Well it’s actually quite easy. What you need is the right traffic methods. Now you could do this without a Web site without any money without any paid ads without any of that other junk to get started and start making money. Now down the line I do recommend getting a Web site. But here’s how to set this stuff up fast. First of all what you need is you need a redirect. A redirect is a place you can go to get a link that you could post. That’ll drive people to your Click Bank offer so that you can get paid when people buy. So you get that redirect. You could do it several ways you could go to like bitterly or you could set up like a blog spot or something like that or you could even go get a 99 cent domain name and set it up to redirect to the offer you want to promote on Click Bank that way instead of using a big ugly click bait link. You could actually use something small and easy that you could post on social media or wherever you’re going to market. Now let’s dive in to the top six free traffic methods that you can use to make money with Click Bank. If you’re starting out and you don’t even have money for web hosting I’m guessing you probably don’t have money for traffic either. So here’s some cool tips on how you can get traffic free. First of all you have web forums. These are places where people go to talk about different topics. For example when I was promoting one of my anxiety products I went to anxiety forums and answered questions on anxiety and in my footer where I answered the questions on the forum I put a link to my affiliate offer or my Web site. Very simple very easy to do but you need to remember that you have to give good value. Otherwise people are just going to look at you as some kind of spammer or some kind of link promoter or something like that. So we’ve got to provide some kind of good value in the form of an answer. Now the best way to provide value is to actually go to Click Bank and do the research on the product you’re promoting. If it’s a book look at the chapters what does it help people with. What kind of things is it going to give them. If it’s software do a little overview of how it works. Look at the things that it does look at the things that it’ll help people with. Look at the problems it solves and then dive on those forums and start answering the questions. And guys this works like a charm. If you do it the right way. Now be sure to disclose that you are an affiliate and you are getting paid. If you skip this step you could get in some hot water and we wouldn’t want that to happen. The next free traffic method you can use is sites like Pinterest or image sites. Pinterest or image sites are great. There’s actually examples of affiliates making tons of money posting images of products that you can make with wood. That’s right. Little projects you can make out of wood. They post a picture of it and say Would you like to make this go to this site to get the instructions or whatever it is. And they just go out there. They get a following by posting the right images to the right group in the right manner with their affiliate link. And it’s extremely easy to do. This is something anyone can do. If you’re not making money with this it’s because you’re over complicating it and you’re not thinking about it the right way. Now this is super easy. Make sure again that you have an affiliate disclaimer and make sure if you can afford the 99 cent domain definitely go get one of those. It’ll cost you ninety 99 cents. You can get a domain and you can redirect it that way instead of using bit dot l y slash 1 2 3 z q l 5. You can actually say go to my site woodworking plans for you. Dot info or something like that and with your domain you can redirect it wherever you want. On your Click Bank link which is really really cool. Very easy. Now let’s dive into one of my favorite free traffic methods that hardly anyone is using. This one is creating PBF. Reports. This is. Very simple and you probably remember it from back in grade school when your teacher asked you to read a book and provide a book report. Basically that’s what you’re doing here only you’re reading a click bait product you’re learning about it and you’re making a report on that product and turning it into a off download which contains your affiliate link. Super easy to do and you could do this in tons of different ways. If it’s a book or a course or maybe it’s something like a bunch of audios you can actually go through and review them and talk about them and go through and make a little guide based on what the product is about. Or maybe something like five tips to get rid of anxiety you put five tips at the bottom of the PDA report that you can make and distribute free. You have your affiliate link and if you distribute thousands of these then obviously you’re going to get a lot of traffic to your affiliate link and make lots of money which is really cool. Now I’ve made millions of dollars over the years distributing free PDX. We actually have full time people on staff here that just write PDX for me because they’re so damn profitable. So definitely get into that. You don’t need a Web site you don’t need a bunch of money. You can distribute these for free and get a bunch of traffic and you can even use these with all the other methods of teaching you the next method is to start a blog site. You can go out and start a blog site anywhere you want. You can go and put a blog spot or you can put any kind of blog out there there’s lots of free blog sites that you can use and you could set up a little blog about your product or about the click bake offer or whatever it is and you can get traffic very easy. Now the key to making this work isn’t having the right keywords. Are you going to rank for the word make money or lose weight. Hell no that’s not going to happen. I’ve been doing this 20 years and I can’t rank for those. So what you want to do is you want to go for subcategory keywords or long tail keywords long tail keywords are words that are very long. Hence the name long tail. And you can get lots of traffic really easy. This would be something like how to lose 10 pounds in a week even when no other diet works or something that they’re searching for that there’s not a lot of competition. That’s very specific. And the more specific you get the easier it’s going to be to make a sale and the less traffic you’re going to need in the long run. Let’s dive into the next one which is Facebook now you can get lots of traffic using Facebook. The Facebook groups commenting talking to other people within your niche and generally helping people out. There’s lots of people that are affiliates that do live streams or videos on Facebook where they don’t even show their face. They just review products and send you a link and they’re making lots of money very easy to do. This is something anyone can do. And check it out. If you start right in PDX you can give them away and group says helpful stuff to help people out. And boom you just distributed your affiliate link without a damn Web site. How much easier can it get. So Facebook is obviously a great traffic source if you use it right. The next free traffic method before I show you some bonus tips is to use Quora Quora is a question answer site where people go to post questions and get answers. It’s a lot like Reddit or forums which you can also use by the way. Now you can actually go on and you can create a question or answer a question on Quora answer it in a good way and then link to your affiliate program obviously stating you’re an affiliate and you can get traffic every single day Quora Reddit. These are some of the most trafficked Web sites on the Internet. And if you use them right again focusing on your keywords focusing on the questions that have to do with the product that you have and you want to sell. You can do extremely well. And you’ve got to remember it’s all about your niche market. If you don’t get that right nothing is going to work. And now for our bonus tip our bonus tip is to use YouTube. There are tons of friends of mine and tons of people out there making lots of money making videos on YouTube about a topic and driving people to affiliate offers. I have one friend who does this and makes six figures a year just driving people to Amazon products. That doesn’t include the other affiliate things that click banks or anything like that. So you could see that this is extremely lucrative. Now the key is to not be spammy not put out junk and only create videos that are based on what the visitor wants to watch. So if you were in a market like anxiety and you have a video about five anxiety tips that’s good. If you do something like Hey anxiety product on Click Bank that’s not good. So make sure you focus on exactly who you want. Give them some value and then drive them to your affiliate link. Now these are seven ways that you can make money with Click Bank for free even if you don’t have a Web site. They’re very easy. Most often people overcomplicate them which is why they never get results. But if you focus on it and you do it and you look at the results and grow you could be building a business very very fast. It all has to do with serving the market. Now if you like this kind of stuff and you want to subscribe and learn more about it make sure you subscribe and click the bell. Because we teach you live every Wednesday here at 10 a.m. for my subscribers. And if you subscribe and click the bell you’ll be notified when we go live when I’m teaching you how to make money with affiliate marketing. So check that out and make sure you check out the next video that’s going to pop up around here. Somewhere. Get. That one.

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