How to Promote ClickBank Products for Beginners (Step by Step) Make Money on ClickBank


Hello and welcome! Can everyone hear me? Let me know by typing something in the box. It’s been a while since we’ve done a live stream with me at the board. So we had a little tech issues getting everything set up, and by tech issues I mean the dog came in and moved the wire. So that’s always fun. She either eats the wire or moves the wire. Either one. I prefer her to move the wire as opposed to eating the wire because you know eating makes me have to go get a new wire which is not fun.

So if you can hear me types up in the box let me know your name and where you are listening from.

Today what we’re gonna do, is we’re gonna go through a start to finish guide,

on how to get started with Clickbank, make your first Clickbank sale, which hopefully is the first of very many Clickbank sales.

So we got Kevin from Norfolk UK. We got weight loss from UK. We got lots of people driving in here. We got Harry from Netherlands. I’ve got Debra. We got Brad from around the world.

So we already get this show on the road and today what we’re gonna do, is we’re gonna go through everything Clickbank. So if you give me the next hour and a half of your time, I guarantee at the end, you’re gonna be like, “Wow this makes.” A whole lot more sense to me.

We’re gonna go through it from the very beginning.

If you’ve never even done Clickbank, if you don’t even know what a Clickbank is, like my dad  back in the year 2000 when I started with Clickbank, I remember I started a merchant account at the bank which back then you had to have these merchant account things through your bank. And then you had to have a regular account and it’s kind of a mess.

And I remember when I started it. I was talking to my dad and I was like, “Hey man! I’m gonna make some money with Clickbank.” He’s like, “What the hell is a Clickbank?” At that time it was kind of new and everything like that. I think I was one of their first probably first thousand affiliates or something like that for his thousand account holders.

But we go through and we look at it, and EVEN IF YOU’RE A BEGINNER,

even if you’ve NEVER MADE A SALE ONLINE,

even if you’ve NEVER MADE A WEBSITE,

no matter where you’re at, we’re gonna show you, we’re going to break it down, we’re gonna make it very very basic and easy to understand so that you can finally understand how to get your first Clickbank or affiliate Commission with whatever network you choose.

Now I got to kind of preface this because Clickbank isn’t anything special. It’s just an affiliate Network slash product vendor place. So let’s iron this out once and for all and show you how it works.

So we have Clickbank here. Now I have made hundreds of thousands of dollars with Clickbank. I could have made a lot more with Clickbank, but I didn’t focus on it as much as CPA marketing because I find CPA marketing usually converts a little bit better for the type of traffic that I like to get. So that’s why I do that. Nevertheless, I’ve made hundreds of thousands of dollars with them and usually using the offers as a supplement to my other stuff.

So like where I had the tattoo website, I would have the tattoo giveaway. I have the tattoo downloads and then I’d also have like a Clickbank tattoo buck which is cool because I’d be making hundreds of dollars on the regular and then I’d also get like thirty dollars a day from little sales of Clickbank books and stuff like that. A lot of people also don’t know that with my famous lottery website that we’re going to be putting up again pretty soon, now that the offers back with my famous lottery website, we also made like 48 dollars to a 120 dollars a day with a Clickbank offer right. So I was making like thousand dollars a day and then I was making a couple hundred dollars a day or a hundred dollars a day extra with the Clickbank offers.

So let’s first iron out what is Clickbank. If you’re like my dad and you’re like what’s a Clickbank, how does that work, what’s a jvzoo, what’s all this stuff, what’s a CPA network, we’re gonna iron it out!


The FIRST PRONG to Clickbank is, it is

an affiliate network.

What does that mean? What is an affiliate network?

Well it’s exactly how it sounds. It’s a network of affiliate offers.

We could go to Mac’s bounty or we could go to global wide media or we could go to Pier fly or whatever your favorite affiliate network is. And what you do is you log in and you get a bunch of affiliate offers that you can promote.

It’ll show you how much you get paid when you promote them and then you run all your links through one company. At the end of the month or every week or whatever it is, you get a check or a wire from that company. so Clickbank is a lot like that.

Now the difference between Clickbank is, it’s all kind of like user-generated.

I can sign up for Clickbank. I can put a product up there and you can be an affiliate of mine.  

Now they have hundreds of thousands of affiliates. They have tens of thousands of products and they handle all the tracking. They handle everything and you get your checks at the end of the month or weekly or whatever it is.

So the first prong of Clickbank is, it is in fact an affiliate network. 

Very easy affiliate network. No up application or anything. You just sign up. You start promoting stuff and boom you’re good. You’re ready to go.

Now the second prong or fork or whatever you want to call it of Clickbank, is it is also a merchant processor. 

That means, Clickbank is also a payment processor. So I could go through and let’s say I wrote a book and I wrote a book, here it is. Here’s my book.

So we have this book that I wrote on affiliate marketing.

I can take this book. I can put it in a PDF format. Everyone wants this book. This is a good book except mine’s been tough because it was on the floor, but this is a good book. Everyone likes this book. It comes with the mentor program that’ll pop up on the screen up there. But I could take that book that I wrote, I can convert it to a digital format, which it’s already a digital format because that’s how I printed it and I can actually go to clickbank, I can apply for a merchant processor account which is cool. What they do is they make a little form. It’s like a little order form and says, “Order Marcus’s book.”

Now it goes through. It takes the payment. So you would go through or your customer would go through, take the credit card, put their info in the Clickbank order form, and then BOOM after they get paid it would send them the book automatically.

Now you could do this with software, you could do it with books, you could do it videos, you could do it with membership sites, you do it with pretty much damn near anything. Anything that’s delivered digitally and some stuff that’s physical, you can sell with Clickbank. All you got to do, pay 50 bucks, you get your account, you set it all up, you’re like here’s the link to my PDF after they order, here’s how much I want to charge, here’s how much I want on the order form, here’s how it’s going to work right really cool

Now they also have like membership billing and stuff like that which is really cool because I haven’t had a membership site on Clickbank since 2010. And I wake up every day to sales on that membership site. People are still getting it. I still make money from a site that I haven’t promoted in eight years. And think about that. That’s eight years of people paying 37 dollars a month over and over.

It’s pretty crazy, right? I just leave the stuff up there. They access the info and boom we’re ready to go.

So Clickbank has two prongs.

Prong number one, is it’s an Affiliate Network.

Prong number two, is it is also a merchant processor.

It’s like a merchant account kind of deal. Again, same thing at the end of the week or the month or whatever the pay period is, you’re going to get your checks from the same company. So if you sell affiliate stuff and merchant stuff, you’ll get one check that’s for both which is cool. Now the downside of using Clickbank as a payment processor is their fees are pretty high, like 7% where the average is like 2-3%.

So it’s a little bit higher but again it’s super easy.

Everything’s done for you. You’re probably gonna pay more elsewhere anyway, to have all this stuff done for you. So it’s pretty good. So what we have to remember also, is both of these prongs feed off of each other.

So if I have my book, or my membership site, or whatever on clickbank. I’m a merchant guy, number two I’m selling my product, my membership site, my book, whatever. I can also tap in to the hundreds of thousands of affiliates that Clickbank has.

So all that happens is they log into their Clickbank account. They’re like I want to promote Marcus’s thing. They get a link. They send out their traffic to the link and boom I make sales! They get a check. I get a check. Everything’s done for me.

So if you’re an affiliate, you are now promoting offers from people like me.

If you understand that, type it in the box. I know it’s basic but I think it’s really important to understand the difference, because with Clickbank, you have some people who have really good offers. You also have some people who just put something up and hope that they’re gonna sell.

So they’re not exactly like trained sales people. They don’t have all the chops that may be a CPA network or whatever would have. However, they do have some really niche products that maybe you need for your niche.

Like I don’t think there’s that many offers for the beta fish niche. However, I’ve made hundreds and thousands of dollars with the beta fish ebook and goldfish ebook and gerbil taking care of ebook and stuff like that on Clickbank.

So I’ve made lots of money with those things where in other stuff I might not make anything because there’s not that many offers. So Clickbank is a good place to find all kinds of different weird offers.

I remember like it was yesterday, back in the year 2000, when my dad was laughing about what a Clickbank was, I remember it was fourth of July. We were having a little 4th of July party at my dad’s house which is about minutes from where I lived at the time and we went and hung out, had hamburgers swam in the pool, hung out with my brothers. Everything like that. Had a good day and I came back and I came back and checked in my numbers. I’m crazy like that. I checked my numbers all day, every day. I even had an affiliate company, make an app that I could check it on my blackberry before.

It was easy to check stuff on your phone because that’s how much I like to check things. I like to see how much you were making and I remember I came back from hanging out with my dad that one day and I went there, I came back, I logged into my Clickbank and I noticed in my Clickbank account I had three sales.

Now at this time, I was using them as a merchant processor. I wasn’t using him as an affiliate yet and so I set this up, I bought the resell rights to a bunch of reports, and I put him on my site. And then I said, “Hey if you want to buy all these reports, It’s $7.70. That day, while I was gone, I had three sales for $7.70 and I came home and I’m like okay, this is pretty cool. I mean obviously it’s not a lot but to me a light bulb went off in my head because I said, “Hey look, I sold these when I wasn’t working.” So like whatever work I did to make these sales had already been done. I could probably make the same amount of sales the next day, the next day, the next day if I just let it run.

Now I can go get more traffic and make more sales if I want. But that little light bulb moment went off and said, “Hey check this out! I’m actually making money from something that I didn’t do.” I wasn’t working today. So we got a look at that and we got to start to understand it.

Now we got these two prongs to Clickbank. Most people that are coming here, do not have their own product.

Type in the box if you have your own product or an idea for a product that you want to sell. Type product or idea product in the box. Let me know where you’re at or type affiliate if you’re just like, hey Marcus I want to make money with Clickbank using the number one which is affiliate stuff” And we’re gonna go through that. We’re going to show you how it works in a really easy way because Clickbank makes it extremely easy. They’ve been making it really easy for like 20 years now and it’s really good.

So most people do not have a product. Most people are gonna be affiliates. You can use what I’m about to teach you in being an affiliate or selling your own product. Either way, it doesn’t matter. It’s all the same because here’s the deal, what people don’t understand, they get all flipped out when they think about Clickbank. But what is Clickbank?

We have several different parts of our site.

We have our traffic. Here’s our traffic. So we could get traffic on Pinterest. We could get traffic on Google. We could get traffic on Instagram. We can get traffic on YouTube. We could get traffic where everyone. That’s the first thing.

Second thing is, our site/ landing page. Then the third thing is our offer.

Let’s do a little quiz here and let’s see if you can put Clickbank in the right category.

Which category does Clickbank go in? Is it a traffic method? Is it a landing page, or your site, or is it your offer? So which one would this be following?

I’ve noticed after doing lots and lots of these trainings that when people are interactive, you guys get the questions that I know you need. Everyone got it right. I think pretty much everyone. I don’t think anyone got it wrong. A couple people got it wrong.

It’s an offer. 

That’s all it is. It’s an offer. What is an offer? An offer is something that I am offering to my people. That’s plain and simple.

At the end of this webinar, during this webinar, I’m going to offer you the Marcus Mentor Program. If you haven’t signed up for it, at you definitely want to because if you like learning this stuff, you’re gonna love that. That’s my offer.

YOU GUYS BEING HERE ON THIS TRAINING, YOU’RE MY TRAFFIC. Now my landing page is the pretty little page that I made for you at affiliate marketing dude where you can watch this. You can also watch it on YouTube but most people watch it on my site. So we got a look at that. We got to understand it.

Your offer is what pays you. Plain and simple. This is the most important part of the equation. If you do not have the offer, you’re not gonna do good. And the way that I look at it I grew up and when I grew up, my dad was a gambling addict and he would go to Vegas three to four times a month which was fun at first as a kid. But there’s not a whole lot to do for kids in Vegas. So what I did, is I went to the arcade a hell of a lot of times and I started watching people. I was bored. I learned magic that was one, buy product, and the other byproduct was, I started watching people and I watched them play these big slot machines. It was crazy because like there’d be a little slot machine and then to be a huge one and all the people got to play the huge one for some reason.

With the slot machine, they would have three little boxes. The three little boxes which shows certain things on them, it’s like okay I pull the thing the lever, and then I get like cherry. There’s our cherry and then I get like a seven. Then they’d have like another seven. I’d be like, “Hey you got cherry seven. Seven you get a dollar or whatever.” Or you get nothing.

Now the goal of the slot machine was to get everything. This is kind of like affiliate marketing. Your traffic is number one. So if you got your traffic dialed in and you’re like okay this traffic’s going to work, then you’re gonna get a seven or a bar or whatever it is it makes you win.

The second prong is your site or your landing page. Is that dialed in? Does that work?

The third prong is the offer. So all you’re doing is going through. It’s like a combination lock and if you get the numbers right, you get the traffic right, you get the landing page right, you get the offer right, you make money. We got a look at that and we got a really really really focus because that’s all you’re doing. You’re just cracking the code.

If you have junk traffic from a guy like people come to me all the time in the red markers, should I buy traffic from this guy, he’s gonna give me 10,000 visitors for five bucks and I’m like, do you think that’s good traffic?

If he can’t even make more than five dollars off of his 10,000 visitors then it’s junk traffic! Plain and simple. If you get the traffic dialed in like for the beta fish website, I got traffic for stuff like beta won’t eat, beta care guide, beta fish tired or whatever. And I would go through and I’d look up all those words, and be like, here’s all the words that people are looking up for beta fish. Now my traffic was dialed in. I was like, there it is! These people want information on beta fish– and they’re worried. They’re like, hey like when I was worried a couple months ago, my dog ate something. I was like, okay my dog ate this and I went to Google and I searched for it to see if he’s gonna be okay. Now same kind of thing. They’re like dude, I don’t want my fish to die. I want my fish to be okay. So I had that one dialed in.

The second one was my landing page. Now in this market, at the time I was not doing a list building. I was just funneling people to the offer. So I made a simple landing page and I drove them to the Clickbank offer and all three slots hit. I made money.

You just have to focus.

You just have to look at it and be objective and say,

how do we get in and do it?

Let’s go ahead and dive into the computer over here and let’s talk about how we make all this happen. We’re gonna dive right in here. We’re gonna show you how to do it.

If we were to go to the Google AdWords tool and we were to go to find keywords, for example beta, I spelled it wrong on my first site and ended up making a bunch of money because lo and behold, a lot of other people spelled it wrong too. So let’s do betta.

So we’re gonna put betta fish here and we’re gonna search. We’re gonna see what comes up. Now look at this. So check this out, a quarter of a million people every month are looking up betta fish. That’s a lot of people betta fish tanks, people betta fish care, look at this betta fish care has 20,000 people searching for it. That’s a lot of people!

So you go to google and you’re like, okay well what’s going on over here. Betta fish care right like this and we’re like okay, betta fish care and we got this here and we got okay betta fish like food or something. We got Petco. We got beta fish care. So I always look at these videos and I’m like, okay well how many views are they getting? That’s important for me to know. So this guy here, 1.8M views. Does anyone else other than me think that’s like insane?

Let’s see if he has any affiliate, but he doesn’t have any affiliate products. I don’t think he has a link to his site or anything. He’s promoting some kind of flooville or whatever. Now out of that 1.8 million, how many do you think he could get to buy a beta fish book?

So if he only got 0.01%, I mean I hope you don’t get that low of results but that would be a hundred and eighty for visitors or sales. Then if we go to Clickbank and we look up betta fish- I’m gonna go for the higher priced one and it pays 5 percent commission. So I’m averaging eighteen dollars per sale. Even if I totally suck at sales, that’s still three thousand bucks!

Most people don’t get three cents of view. Most people get like a penny or less per view but we got a look at this. Now again, that’s terrible. I’m gonna say that my average sale amount would probably let’s say even a half a percent. Here we’ve got just a half a percent.

YouTube is not the only traffic method for this market. You can actually see that there are only these sponsored results up here which are like actual products. So there’s really not that many actual competitive ads like not that many.

Now weight loss says, that’s assuming he hasn’t bought views.

Well I’m guessing he probably hasn’t because he’s ranking for the words. I doubt it. It’s probably a good video with good stuff so you got a look at that. Again, that all comes to your traffic. You shouldn’t be buying views. You shouldn’t be buying junk traffic. You should be doing all that junk because at the end of the day, I want people who want to take care of their betta fish. That’s how I want. Those are the people who are gonna buy. Could I afford 80 cents a click of those kind of people? Maybe, maybe not. If I built a list, I probably could. So we look at that, we’re like, okay cool.

So all I would have to do to promote this is go on to Clickbank, find the betta fish guide, hit promote. The low box will pop up. I hit create. If I want to make a tracking ID, let’s say I just want to know like YouTube traffic. So if I have a YouTube video, I put YT. If I was doing pay-per-click, I do pay-per-click or if I was doing a keyword, I could put like betta won’t eat or whatever.

There we go! There’s my link. All I would do is put this into my link track or plug in or buy a domain and redirect it or make a little landing page and we’re ready to go!

Now, all I gotta do is take this link. And when people go to this link and buy stuff, here it is! Remember, they have the little Clickbank order form, and when they buy this for $27, I get 18 bucks!

Barley says, basically your method is to find very low competition on a search engine?

Yes. I want traffic that’s like gonna use this stuff, that’s gonna get value out of it. There’s literally lots and lots and lots of things that you could promote. I mean crazy.

Now let’s take a look at some of the things that you can look at. Some of the things you can expect. First of all, let’s look at this little guy down here. There’s the stats. What does it mean? First of all, the initial sale is how much you’re gonna make on your initial sale.

Now gravity is where it gets, like what’s a gravity? What does that mean? That some people think the high gravity is good? Some people think the low gravity is good, some people have no idea what a gravity is.

What the gravity is, is it means how many affiliates in the last month have made a sale.

Affiliates have made a sale, it’s a one. Affiliate is making sales on this. Good for me cuz there’s no competition. Sometimes you’ll see one with a high gravity and it’s good because that means it’s making a lot of sales. This doesn’t mean it’s not making a lot. It just means there’s only one major affiliate promoting it.

Now you can see that there’s literally stuff for anything on Clickbank.

If I type in like copy paste, maybe there’s like a copy/paste program.

Here’s like an income one.

Here’s an anxiety one.

Truth about hypnosis.

That’s kind of cool.

So now look at this one, initial per sale. So that means, if I sell this, I’m gonna get on average 16 dollars and 71 cents. I’m actually getting 50% so it’s probably like a 35, 37 dollar product. Average rebill total is 352 or 354. So what that means is on average, the person staying for time and paying every month and I’m getting paid on that. Think about that for a minute. You’re like, wow that means on average I’m gonna get 371 dollars per person that signs up. Does that make sense to everyone? We’ll get into what to do with the affiliate link on your landing page in just a little bit. But first time to make sure that you guys are clear on this because it’s pretty basic. It’s pretty easy.

Like people say you know affiliate marketing is hard, it’s really not that hard. You go get your link and you drive some traffic to it. What could be hard about that? So the traffic doesn’t buy. You’re gonna go cry in the corner? Are you gonna set something else up? Get some different traffic, test it out. The problem is that so many people cry because they expect it to be like, well I put buy a link on my website and I didn’t get rich. It’s like, well would you do why put the link up? I mean don’t people just come? Isn’t it like to feel the dreams and you build it and they’re gonna come and I’m gonna make money and yay! No. It doesn’t work like that. You got to work at getting people to come to your site and again not that difficult.

Carol says, are these all US products or can they be sold anywhere?

CLICKBANK IS INTERNATIONAL AND SELL THESE ANYWHERE YOU WANT. You could sell them in Zimbabwe, you could sell them in Timbuktu, you can sell them in USA too.

What about software? Maybe there’s software that you could sell. Big Mehcad software, some kind of Forex software. Moon phase predictions. Let’s do this by that gravity just to see if we get some that are actually getting sales. Music production software then pays three bucks. I’m gonna stay away from that.

Subliminal software, 31 bucks. Goal-setting software for high achievers. If you’re in the goal-setting niche that could be good. Go to Google. People looking up goal setting. People looking up goal setting, pretty low competition, goal planners, goal stuff.

Now you say, Well Marcus well let’s look at this. What if I can’t pay for traffic?

I don’t like to pay for traffic. Marcus I don’t want to pay for anything. I’m so broke. I can’t even pay attention to your webinar. People like that, you go get free traffic. Here’s a deal. People flip out about free traffic but did you know that every search term on google has ten free results?

Like these are free. It’s a girl with a betta fish stuff. She’s out there. She’s getting free traffic and she’s getting quite a bit of it. Hey that’s a lot of traffic. Six hundred and fifty thousand for free. There it is! It’s like free. You could do this on Pinterest, take a bunch of pictures of betta fish and be like, “Hey if the betta fish is green, it means it’s sick.”

But you would go through and you’d be like, “Hey here’s a picture of a sick betta fish. Here’s a look like this. Go get this guide over here. Go to my website to learn about it.”

Then you put content like if you spent 15 minutes a day making content for the word betta fish care, how many of you guys think you’d make your first sale pretty darn quick?

If you spent 15 minutes a day, you’re like today, I’m gonna learn about blue betta fish or whatever. You go there and you’re like, okay today I’m gonna learn about “betta fish won’t” and I can see what the betta fish won’t do. You’re like betta fish, I’m gonna target it for the keyword “won’t” and apply it. Now you go in here like betta fish won’t eat. It’s only got 140 searches a month but still if you convert one percent that’s a sale a month.

How many of you guys would think it’d be worth $18 a month to spend $15 on something one time. You’re also gonna get subcategory words so you’ll probably make a lot more. But let’s be like very conservative with our ideas. Type 18 in the box.

Watch this. Google “betta fish won’t eat and barely moves”. People search for that. I want you to tell me how many results show up for this word. How many do you see here? Like seriously one. I can’t make this stuff up. There’s one! One guy is your direct competition. Freakin one! You put this on your site and you’re like here’s what to do. If you paint visual and eat and barely moves and boom there you go! Look at that 147,000 there, betta fish won’t eat and barely moves. So there you go!

So if you did that, let’s say on the low side you’re like. I only get a hundred visitors a month from my thing and I get one sale. So that’s $18 from something you did one time. Now if you did this for like a month straight, you’re like I’m gonna make all kinds of stuff. So I’m gonna go. I’m gonna tackle all the words for betta fish. And I’m just gonna like be an expert on betta fish even though I don’t like fish or whatever. Then you’re gonna go through and you get rid of this and you’re just gonna go down the line. You’re like boom I’m gonna go down the line. I’m gonna see what people search for. I’m gonna add a filter. We’re gonna call it betta. If you went down the line, let’s say you did this all month and you’re like for 31 days. I made content that was aimed at getting one. Say a month. If you did that every day, at the end of the month, you’d be making 31 sales. Hypothetically no one ever makes money on the internet. The internet does not. You know disclaimer, no one ever makes it but they actually do the real.

Disclaimer is that the results that I have are not typical. You shouldn’t expect anything. This is a business. There is risk. But that’s the deal. But if you did this for 31 days and you focused on hey I just want to make 18 bucks a month, at the end of the month you’d be making five hundred and fifty eight bucks a month. Every month that’s six grand a year. You just spent 15 minutes at thirty-one times. Fifteen minutes. That’s how would we do that in two hours. Well I’ll divide it by four. So it’d be like what ten hours or something. So you spent ten hours to make six thousand bucks. It’s pretty good ROI I would think and then next month you mate or next year, you make more and more and more and you build and build a bill. Really cool. How many because he’s like, dude okay. I mean is that really what you do for a living Marcus? What I do now, some of these are gonna make like $100 a month. Some will make $1000 a month. Some will make nothing. So you just got to go through and you got to figure it out.

So let’s take a look at some of the questions.

Dude fifty-two says, I haven’t been excited about something like this in a long time but that’s all changed.

If you’re gonna do YouTube, you do it consistently. If you’re gonna do Google, you do it consistently. If you’re gonna buy traffic, I love buying traffic first because it tells me what to expect in my market. I’m sure I’m gonna spend up bucks or whatever but if I spend 50 bucks and I make a sale, I’m like okay I get it. I get my market. I got the lay of the land, and by the way, when I made money with my beta fish site, it was 100% paid traffic. I actually turned a profit with paid traffic. It’s not that hard to do. It’s a numbers game.

So we go through and we’re like, okay great. That’s what I got to do. So we look at it. Go down the list. Look at all these different beta fish keywords. Let’s go down into the bottom and we’ll look at like all kinds of stuff. Your betta fish with other fish, betta fish not eating, boom betta fish life expectancy, betta fish bubbles nest, and you can also put Amazon links like affiliate links to Amazon stuff. If you want to sell a tank or something, betta fish tank size, can betta fish live with other fish, how big do betta fish get, like these are all words that you can drive to your stuff. When I said you’re gonna get other keywords as well, Nick betta fish not eating will be a byproduct, you’ll start to rank for this.

By ranking for that, my betta fish won’t eat and move and whatever. You’ll start to rank for this stuff as well as you build up. Look at that! That one’s got a thousand. If you convert 1% of those, that’s ten sales a month. Pretty cool.

How many guys are like, this is pretty cool? I get it, really cool.

Let’s take a look at some other questions.

Jessica says, are you making money to promote Clickbank?

You make money to promote offers on Clickbank. So I would make money to sell the betta fish book or I’d make money to sell whatever. I’m not getting paid to teach you guys about Clickbank unless you buy something today. I’m not affiliated like I’m not doing this on behalf of them. I don’t work for Clickbank or anything like that. I’m just teaching you this as a method of making money because I’ve been making money with Clickbank since the year 2000 and it’s a great way to make a living, which is really cool.

Dominic says, so if the cost per click says zero cents, what should you bid?

Well I’d start with one cent and see if it takes.

Weightloss says, forgive the dumb question but I have a weight loss site. Does this mean I can only get weight loss related products from Clickbank and then put them on the site?

You can put whatever you want. Like if you have a weight loss site and you want to put the betta fish offer on it, I don’t know why you would want to but if you did for some weird reason, you could. It doesn’t matter. You could put it wherever you want but we want to keep them related to what our site’s about.

Carol says, I need to know if instead of WordPress, click funnel, convert type funnel, what would you do?

Well Carol you’re in luck. At the end of this webinar, I’m going to show you how to do this stuff in a really cool way. And we actually have a brand new suite of plugin. One’s called the voodoo suite which has everything that you need it. So you don’t need any of those like confusing as heck web designers. Like you could do this stuff in minutes. Now that’s what I’m a big fan if I want to do this in minutes. Like I want to get an idea like my lottery site and I want to have it up and running in 30 minutes or less. That’s my way of doing stuff. Now for you as a new person, maybe you’re like I want to make it. I want it up and running in like two hours. With the other website design stuff, it’s not gonna do that. It’s also not going to be super search engine friendly. So we’re gonna teach you how to do this the right way. We’re gonna teach you how to do it in a simple way that makes so much sense. It’s like easy. Now you could start this in as little as like a minute.

Now Alex says, WordPress is confusing.

Well you don’t have the right teacher. If you’re doing WordPress and you’re confused, then stop everything you think and go watch my stuff. Because we do this like literally easy. If I go through and I look at WordPress, I think I have WordPress. Let’s see where is it. I had one logged in here somewhere. Okay let me see if I have it here. This is one. We were testing my new plugins on with my programmer so it’s like a really ugly site. So I think it’ll be good to use for this example. So here’s like the WordPress dashboard.

Now if you want to learn how to do WordPress, here’s what you do.

You go to

You go here and you click on start here first.

Click start here.

First this video and these instructions will teach you how to make your first blog in literally like 20 seconds. Actually let’s say 15 minutes.

Well be generous in case you’re like me and you’re like oh man I got to get hosting. I better go inside and get my credit card. I forgot my email. If you’re like that, it might take you 15 minutes but if you got everything ready and you’re like okay I’m ready to go, I’ll take 15 minutes, I’ll cost you one hundred dollars for the entire year of hosting. So that’s like eight dollars a month.

Get it. Trust me it works. And the host actually puts wordpress on your site. You click a button and you get WordPress in three seconds. You just click it. It’s all Beauty WordPress is now on your site. Go here to login. I can’t make this up. It can’t get any easier. Then when you log in, it looks like this. This is your WordPress dashboard. You’ll notice on my dashboard, I have the funnel voodoo and the click voodoo which are our plugins which is cool.

So for those of you who are like, Marcus what do I do with my affiliate link? What you do is you go back to your Clickbank and you’re like, okay well this is a site about staying sober. So let’s see if there’s a sobriety offer. I’d go to clickbank and I’d be like, sober okay alcohol free forever, okay that might have the wrong connotation to an alcoholic. They’re like, yes I get alcohol for free forever. That’s not what it’s about. It’s about being alcohol free. I can make that joke because I’m an alcoholic and I am four years sober. Now actually four years in like three months or something like that but here we go, twenty-four dollars.

So if I got this link, I would click on promote.

I’d get my link and put my tracking ID.

I’d be like sober.

I’d put SC for sober classroom.

I’d hit create.

I copy my link, copy then I go to my WordPress that people think is confusing. But it’s really not.

Go to WordPress and I’m like I want to make a lake.

So I go to click voodoo.

Cool right? This is our new plug-in suite. It’s got a really cool picture and some cool stuff. If you guys like this, it’s so easy. It’s not even funny. We made it cartoony and easy and you just click and do stuff.

So you want to take your link.

You go to click voodoo.

You go manage.

You hit the plus.

You put your name.

So I do cb Clickbank. CBsober. There we go.

URL to shorten big ugly Clickbank like shortened URL instead of this.

I want it to say sober.

I hit submit and boom watch this instantly! All I have to do now is go to and it takes some to the Clickbank book. And when they buy, I get paid. Really cool!

So like, all I have to do is be like, okay well if I make videos, I’ll just put a little link that says,

I could also go through and I could make a page. If you’re like, I want to make a landing page with Clickbank, I want to make a mailing page with WordPress for Clickbank.

I go to all pages I add a new one.

Now you can see, we’re testing a bunch of stuff. So add a new one and I’ll do a new one called how to stay sober. If you’re doing a medical site or a sobriety site or something, get a really good disclaimer, get a really good one. We had custom written disclaimers just because you know you’re dealing with a serious issue but at any rate, how to stay sober.

I would go through and I’d be like, “here are five ways to stay sober.” I’d obviously put them five. Here are five ways to say sober. One, two, three, four. I’ve put those there and be like, click here to learn how to be alcohol free forever. I highlight it, click the little link thingy, put my link in there. Make it open in a new window update and boom I got myself a landing page. So now I can go on forums and talk about stuff or whatever lead them to my little article and then click and then they buy.

Now if you want to make a fancy landing page, you go through you can make like a little video. If you don’t know how to make videos, in the new simple sites course and in our mentor program, we actually teach you how to outsource videos. We’ve got people outsourcing videos for like 60 bucks and their killer right. They go through there good offers or good videos. All you’d have to do is get your video.

Let’s go to

This is my sobriety channel. If anyone struggles with alcohol, I teach you all about how I stay sober on this channel. Well take a video. Let’s say we take this video. Let’s say this was your sales video or whatever you hit share, you hit embed, you copy the link. I’m gonna click all these off. You copy the link, put it in here. How to stay sober? I’m gonna edit the page and instead of my links here, I’d do a video. Text put the video here.

I like to make them about 700 wide by like 400 or something like that. Now our page looks like this with a video. yay cool pretty easy! You can make a landing pages so fast.

Now well Marcus what if I want to make a mailing list? 

Then what you should do my friend is you go over to your dashboard and you go over to funnel voodoo. This is brand new. It’s awesome. It creates sales funnels and lead, getting funnels in WordPress in seconds literally.

Watch how easy this is. I go here. I’m like I want to get people to sign up on that page I made. So the good of page I made. And will open the page I made which was called how to stay sober. This is our page. It’s page number 46. So we’re gonna do this. We’ll go page number 46 . We’re gonna make our little opt-in. Let’s make it nice and visual.

Say here, “get my how to stay sober PDF tracker planner guide free.”

Here we go! All I got to do is like make a little PDF. How to stay sober guide. Literally take like 5 seconds so I can outsource it. A lot of this stuff you can outsource but once it’s done, it’s done! So there we go. How to get by whatever. Let’s make it pretty. Let’s put some arrows in there. We like arrows. Add media. Select. Let’s see here some arrows. Insert the arrows. Now we got some arrows. Now we’re gonna make our little pop-up. So we’ll do, let’s see, do an inline pop-up. We don’t want the pop-up. Then we’re gonna go to Aweber. All I do is put my Aweber list name.

If it’s called like sober man, you put sober man. Pretty simple. You don’t even have to like login. You don’t have to get codes. You don’t have to do anything. And then I go through and I’m like, I want my thank-you page. Well you know on the thank you page, let’s just take them right to the offer.

I’m gonna make a thank-you page so I’ll do

  • How to stop drinking
  • How to stay stopped
  • Plus new life skills to make to help you stay sober.

Wonderful! How to stop drinking, how to stay stop + blah blah blah blah blah automatically puts a privacy policy. If you want to put your own, need to put it there. We go through and we have our page. Here’s our page. I want to make it a lead page.

 Like seriously, does anything, does anyone know of anything that’s easier than this? Tell me please cuz I’ll cope by it but I don’t think there is! Like does anyone know of anything easier than this like everything I’ve tried? I’ve tried them all and they’re complicated and difficult and they’re a pain. And this is so easy. It’s like point and click. Boom there you go! Like so easy. It’s not even funny.

I’m gonna actually back this up because I’m a little stickler for how things look and I want it all to be on one line. So let’s do this! Now here’s a cool thing. You can actually control everything on your blog. So if I go through and I’m like, wow I’m getting a lot of traffic from like alcohol effects on the family and I want to put something else over here, like all I do is just go in here and I’m like okay well I’m gonna put an affiliate offer over there. I go there and I can put like an affiliate banner. Done deal. Right! Super easy! Now this is one plug-in. This is one. And you go through and it’s like, God opt-ins you can have eight different opt-ins. You can have eight different affiliate links, eight different ads, different Thank You pages, different sales pages. Now this is cool because the recent comments are important to Google. That’s how Google sees all your sites. That’s how they see all your pages.

So we want to have them on some pages but you might not want them on all. So like when I go to affiliate marketing dude, you’ll notice on my pages, I don’t have that but on my posts I do have all that content. So after they opt-in, they get this and it’s really easy. Like that you can make squeeze pages that look like my squeeze page here. Not that one. This one. And boom! Like these things convert like mad and they’re so easy.

NOW A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE ASKING, WHERE DO I GET THIS PLUG-IN. I want to buy the plug-in right now. These plugins are custom. I actually make these. I have a programmer that works with me and we make these plug-ins for you guys when you’re part of my courses. So you can get these as part of simple sites big profits at or you can get them as part of the mentor program at which you can see the info down there. And you can see like it’s a crazy deal.

You can get an affiliate marketing dude shirt, you get an affiliate marketing dude book, which we just got all the shirts yesterday. We’re still waiting on the books and then we’ll send them out to you but like my house is full of a bunch of shirts. That’s the thing! So if my dog jumps in the box and yeah I guess I have like dog hair on your shirt. It’s probably why I did leave the Box open and I did leave the box inside so that could be a possibility.

These plugins we actually have, these are the things that are responsible for making me millions of dollars. So if you want these plugins, go to That’s where you get your support. That’s where you get everything. Even if you have one of my other products, get so you can get these and the trainings and everything.

And when you log in, you’ll see all that as well.

You’ll see when you log in, you’ll have your mentor program right here and you got tons of stuff. So you get discounts on offers. You get the book. You get the book instantly. You can print it out if you want or you can read it online and then you get all the reports. Like these reports are awesome. You get the video vault and you get the plugins. You could see that’s our new voodoo suite of plugins.

Carol says, do get indexed year to year from your simple sites program but the indexing is automatic.

If you follow my instruction, so I mean as much as I’d like you to buy my product, you don’t need my product to get indexed. If you set up a site, Google will eventually index it. Now I have some tips in my course that show you how to get indexed in like 40 hours. Sometimes like I think my record is an hour from the time I set up a new site getting indexed which was pretty cool.

So we teach you that stuff as well but I would recommend getting for the plugins alone. I mean if you were to go get the types of plugins that we offer on other sites, it’s gonna cost you thousands of dollars. It’s gonna be crazy and all we’re asking is you help us out with the programming cost, everything like that, 77 bucks a month is dirt. And here’s the catch. If you don’t want to stay, which you’d be insane not to, you’re gonna want to stay a long time, all the plugins you download you can use on your site. So that’s the deal! Now the updates, when we come out with updates, you won’t get those if you’re not a member but you can use them forever as much as you want.

So like literally let’s say $77 a plug-in or something crazy, do you get the plugins with the high ticket niche with your high ticket niche you get some plugins installed on your on your site but as far as like the other plugins you need to be in the mentor. Hypothetical Africa in the boot camp. In the boot camp you get some access to the mentor program but after it expires you would want to continue on.

If you sign up now, it’s always gonna be 77 for you. If I raise it to like bucks which it should be, you’re still paying.  If you want to cancel, you go to You say canceled, they canceled you on the spot. No questions asked. Now we do not offer refunds because obviously we don’t want you signing up, get all the plugins and then refund and stuff we have a lot invested in this.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars of my personal money went into building these. So I mean it’s only fair that you pay for them. Seventy-seven dollars is a drop in the bucket compared to what these can do for you. As long as you’re in there, 77 bucks, if the price goes up, you’re still 77. You’re good to go.

The mentor program is awesome. It also allows you access to me. So like if you have a question about your site, you want to convert better, you want a niche idea. Something like that. We’ll try to help you out with that in the members area. So really cool.

So we can get site evaluations and stuff like that but it’s cool. I would use WordPress so with your Clickbank offer. What I would do is I’d set up a WordPress site and then as you go along, you could outsource this stuff like you could go and you can outsource content like I outsource content all the time. What I use is the site, get and I can go and I can outsource content and I could put it on a site and I could start to get ranked.

In a lot of the outsourced content will get ranked if you do it right and base it on the right keyword and then you just put another post up. What’s gonna happen is all these posts are gonna start to rank. So like on my affiliate marketing dude site, you go to Google and I outsource all this content like I make the videos, but then I outsource people making notes on the videos. So if we do, like Wix Affiliate, this one gets me traffic every day.

There they go in. Shows them how, why they should use Wix or why they shouldn’t which is mine. And then it’s got some content that I outsourced. It’s got links. Makes money all the time. Gets traffic every day. Gets ranked. We got lots of other ones that rank as well and that’s why you want to use these plugins, because these plugins are what allows you to have this. So like there’s a plug-in here that generates the opt-in. There’s a plug-in here that makes the download button. Tracks it all as well. There’s a plug-in here. This is one of the Voodoo plugins as well that puts these lads on your site. These get clicked like crazy and people click these things like crazy and I can change them.

I can have a different ad set for the Wix page if I want or a different ad set for a page about whatever. All you got to do is follow my traffic and see what they do and you’re ready to go. Doing my plugins work with WordPress builders like visual composer, you don’t need that stuff. You don’t need any of that other stuff. You just do it or you just make it work because this is based on what converts.

So what you’re gonna notice is there’s a lot of Builders out there but they’re not based on what converts. I want you to make as much possible off of every single click. That’s what I do for a living. I monetize traffic so you got to go in and you got to make as much as possible. Every single little clique.

Heavier says, I’m using builder all do you know if it works well, using Clickbank? Is it similar?

 Well it’s up to you like to me, builder all’s good and everything but WordPress has so many different perks and it’s so much easier that you don’t need the other stuff. You’re gonna pay a lot of money getting that other stuff when you could literally do everything in WordPress and get all the benefits of the SEO stuff with WordPress. Make it super easy with WordPress. WordPress also has the ability to build and build and build on what you did the day before.


They’re great if you have your own product and you want to make really good sales funnels. That’s what they’re good for. That’s what it’s good for. Now blogging is good if you want to get a lot of traffic to affiliate stuff.

So that’s the deal.

You got to look at what’s good, what’s focused, what’s gonna work for you.

Funnel plug-in will be ready after this webinar. I just got the new version this morning so I didn’t have time to put it up. It will be ready after this webinar. Give me a couple hours. I gotta go somewhere. I have an appointment but I’ll be back in a little bit.

I just joined boot camp about a month ago how do I reach you?

You can always reach us with the live chat on our site on all of our sites. You’re gonna see the live chat here or a low box with a picture. You can click this and you can talk to us live. You can also get support at and you can talk to us directly there. To make money with Clickbank is not as hard as people think. There’s lots of people doing it. All you need to do is focus on the right traffic.

That stuff we put on the board. You go through and you look at the board and it’s like traffic landing page offer.

Darren says, I just got a Wix site. I’m gonna cancel it.

It’s up to you. You can keep it if you want. If you like it. Are you using it? To everyone who is part of my program? I’m kind of like one sided use. What I teach you to use like if you like my training. And you like going through stuff. People complain out there. Marcus I already got a web hosting. I got Bob’s web and I’m like, that’s fine! You can use it. That’s totally cool! But when I get in my training and I might click the green button, you’re gonna be like, Marcus I don’t have a green button.

I spent a lot to make them work for you. So that you go in and you see how easy it is.

“Marcus I don’t want to use Aweber.”

Okay, you cannot use Aweber. There is something in the plugin if you’re not using Aweber. You could go through and you could be like, well I don’t want to use Aweber. You click here and your opt-ins and you’re like, I don’t want to use it.

You just click no and you put your code in there. It’s not that hard but you go through.

Lisa says, WordPress or Wix is okay but WordPress system. 

WordPress is the authority. There’s no disputing it. How many people make money with WordPress as opposed to other stuff? The numbers are astronomical and when you have these plugins, it’s gonna be rigged in your favor.

We have other plugins as well that work extremely well. There’s like of them that we’re loading for you which is cool.

So I mean I was supposed to sell stuff on the webinar but I think the mentor program kind of sells itself. Like if you’re serious about making money and you want to be able to be mentored by me, ask questions by me, get all the PDFs from every single video I come out with and get the plugins and get help and videos and, like to learn to make money, $77 a month, that’s like less than the price of a cup of coffee a day.

I know because I don’t coffee but I don’t buy it at other places. I make it at home. BUT LITERALLY LIKE 2 BUCKS, THIS IS WHAT’S STOPPING YOU AND ARE YOU GONNA LET THIS STOP YOU? Two dollars and fifty cents to be exact but I don’t have any quarters here.  You could pretend there’s two quarters but that’s all it is. Like literally.

Bart says I was rejected by Clickbank. How do you get in anyway? You shouldn’t be rejected by Clickbank. If you did, reapply and and call them and say see why but it should be easy!

Dude said, great value and I have the light bulb went on!

And dude you should be in our Mentor Program. Sign up. and then if you guys want to get something else like simple sites or high ticket niche, you can get that as well.

How did you get rejected from Clickbank ? 

You just sign up and you’re in. That’s my understanding. You just sign up and you’re in! Maybe he got his product rejected that could be it but as far as like the affiliate thing, you just like literally sign up.

It’s not that hard! You go to clickbank com. and you create account. And you’re like, preferred language. Put all your info in there and then you’re done! That’s all there is to it.

Then you put your banking like where you’re gonna send a check and stuff. It’s not that hard to do. Pretty cool.

How many programs do you have and where do you get them?

Let’s walk you through those and show you what we got here. I know I had a page somewhere. The various programs that I have, everyone should be in the mentor program. Hands down! There’s no question about it but the other programs we have here. We have our Mentor Program which is what we’re talking about. Today you get all the bonuses, you get the profit recordings ,everything, plugins, updates on plugins, videos. You get a free shirt, you get a free book.

Next we have simple sites big profits which is like our do-it-yourself software. The simple sites big profit software is incredibly awesome. It’s like this and you go in to login and you go into simple sites and then boom it walks you through everything. So if you’re new to affiliate marketing, get simple sites big profits at you go to getting started. This video walks you through everything. It’s like here you go, here’s how to use the program, then you go to get started. It’s gonna walk you through everything.

WordPress got all your plugins in there. So you go through. It’s all video oriented to walks you to. I’m like, hey click over there. Click over here and I show you exactly how to do it. Then after, you go through getting started, you’re gonna go to niche finding walks you through how to find niches. Gives you the keyword tool, trigger word tool, everything! You just go through it and boom you go through setting up shop.

It’s just like walks you through everything.

Lawrence ,yes you would get that but if you just bought simple sites recently, let us know and we’ll give you a link where you get a free month. So like if you just bought it in the last month or two, just hit us up. Be like, hey I want the free month link. Give me a free month link. Then you go through content creation,  click tests. Some of these videos are the best videos I’ve ever done which is like ridiculous. I mean you’re gonna love this stuff and we have the tools section, so you get all the tools that you need to make this stuff work.

Now you want to make a button like to buy stuff. What are you using PayPal or Clickbank?

Using PayPal. What’s my item number, What’s my item name, whatever price, email. Boom here’s your button. Put this button on your blog, go to your blog. You’re like, I want my button to be on this page here.

I want it right here. Put my button. Update there. Boom there’s a button. They get order from you, like literally is anything that fast? I don’t think. So let’s say you want like a drop-down box.

You like, dude Marcus I want a drop-down box like the one that made you a lot of money with your lottery site. So I want to drop down box here we go and a make one lotto. Let’s see what is it. First enter default text. Choose your date okay and then I go through, I’d be like or actually you know what let’s do it for betta fish or sober. “How long have you been drinking?” I could do like one year. I give you six months whatever. I could do days okay. Now I can put different URLs. If I want or I could just put in my my link, so I’d be HTTP. Never do Again you could put different stuff for each one. And it actually tracks it to so we’ll just copy this. I want to drop down box. Marcus I want to put this drop down box over here in my sidebar.

So I’ll go to funnel voodoo. I’ll go to affiliates or I could do whatever. I’ll just do Adsense. This is now called miscellaneous. By the way, just change that. Will put it in a page. Put it in our pages.

I put it in home page. We’ll just put it right here. I think I got too many things on my computer so I’ll put it right here. In the text, hit update. Boom let’s take a look, should be on one of these here. How to stay sober and where’s our drop down. Let’s see if we could do it here.

There we go! How long I’ve been drinking? Oh six months. Boom! They go to the offer page. How cool is that? Let’s see. Lots of questions coming in.

How many landing pages could you have on your site? As many as you want but I usually have like four or five maximum.

Trista, if you haven’t gotten your logins for the mentor they’re probably the same logins as your other program.

Dan, can you show where the themes are available in the mentor program?

We are updating the theme section so those will be ready probably Friday at the latest. Hopefully sooner.

Can you show where the themes already got that simple but sites includes affiliate marketing training? Yeah simple sites big profits at is this software.

So this software here, let’s go back to the 2017 one, the software here is simple sites. That’s what that is. So You can get this software okay and then after you sign up, you’ll get like a month free of the mentor as well which is cool.

If you want a free month link, hit me up on live chat. I will turn that on now and just say, free link or free month link or whatever. And then put your email that you ordered with and we’ll check it. We’ll get it to you after the webinar is over.

In one of your videos, you talked about moving a successful site to the next level. Can you explain what the next level is? 

Yes the next level is results in fight and refining section. So what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna go through, you’re gonna look at your stats, you’re gonna see where your traffic’s coming from.

You can look at your pay-per-click accounts. You’re gonna see where the traffic is coming from and you’re gonna refine and isolate where you gotta refine, and guys say, hey you know what, these beta fish guys that are looking for beta won’t eat. They’re my best buyers and you’re gonna isolate it. You’re gonna work on that so you get maximum profit then you’re gonna take the other words and you’re gonna do the same thing, and let’s building and stuff like that.

Debra, can I get the Voodoo plugins?

If you have the simple sites plug-in our program, you get some of the plug in there. They are not the voodoo ones but some of them are pretty simple. Similar to get all the plugins, all the updates, get the free month link and boom go for it. It took me forever to learn how to create a PayPal button. That’s disabled and there’s tons, I mean literally you could do whatever the heck you want and these are all based on stuff that I do. So you got that delayed content like if you want an order button to pop up ten minutes after they land on the page, use that search box code.

Let’s say you’re doing an offer for like movie tickets or something and you want to include the zip code. All you would do, check this out! That’s cool! You go through and you could use your affiliate links as well. I’m just gonna show you how it works on Google. So you could do it in a cool way. Do “Movie Times 3278. Put your zip code in now. Where’d it go, there we go! Movie times 3278. All you got to do is copy this link here.

I think we only need two here. I take this link and I put it in my tools. You could do this with an affiliate offer. You can pre pop it. You can do whatever you want. All we’re gonna do is we’re gonna replace the thing with variable. So we’ll just put variable right like that. I’m gonna copy this and then if I want people to be able to search movie x on my site, all I do is put this here below my drop-down or wherever. I want it hit update and boom search here seven five six so whatever that’s my zip code. And boom! Let’s see. I think I put the wrong zip code in but what it will do is will take you to that. And then if it’s like for an affiliate offer, it’ll take you to the affiliate link with the zip code. So like if you’re doing something like Fandango or something, you could do really good.

I did this with mortgage offers as well. They’re really cool. If you are on live chat, please wait till after the call and we’ll get you guys sorted.

Do I need a separate hosting account for each domain or do I have separate multiple? 

If you go to and you click on get start, start here first, follow these instructions and this account that we set you up with. You can have as many domains as you want so you can have as many sites on your host as you want. Any webinar on getting traffic planned? Go to simple sites. In the simple sites we have some webinars on getting traffic in the mentor program. We have some as well.

How many Clickbank offers can you post on one site?

As many as you want, however, why would you want to? Focus to ones that sell. Usually I like one to two maximum unless you’re doing a review site which I’m not really fond of review sites. I mean they work but I’m not like a super advocate of review sites. Comparison sites, yes. Those are good. You can have like five different offers on those. You guys could see no matter where you go. Today if you want a free month sign up for, get the simple sites course and say, Marcus give me the free month link and we’ll set you up with that, which is cool and then we’ll go from there. is where you go for the mentor program. You could fill this out really cool. You could see everything you’re getting. Just fill it out. You’re ready to go. Do you have a webinar on how to move a wordpress site from one hosting to the other? Yes we actually do. There’s plug-ins for that. I don’t have plug-ins for that but they’re out there.

With what programs should you start? Simple sites or the coaching?

If you can afford simple sites, go for it, get the free month.  You go all right like that., sign up here and then after you sign up, be like, Hey dude! I want the bonus link. So really cool.

So is where you sign up. I’m in the mentor program and I want to know where to get the theme and the plugins. Marcus okay well what you would do is you would go through and you would do, let’s see Then you do mentor and then your plugins are right down here. The themes are gonna be right next to it when they’re done.

If you’re going to get the simple sites course with the free month or you could go to, if you’re gonna go there as well, okay all right. So any other questions? And again for, just fill this form out here. So you’re gonna go here. You’re gonna see the discount that you get, put your name, last name, best email, put your address info in here, okay card info, all this stuff. You’re ready to go and then after you’re done just put in a ticket or a live chat and say, get me the free months.

Carol says, its 2018 the same as 2017 no  is better but it’s not out yet so if you get  now you’re gonna get  for free when it comes out.

Let’s go, do I accept paypal? No I do not. It makes the way that you guys get your logins a big pain in the butt. So we do regular but you can use your PayPal debit card on our form. I will try to find the free month like for those that are asking.

What happens after the first free month? Do I have to sign up or is it automatic? It’s automatic. If you want to cancel, you just go to and cancel but it’s automatic. That way it’s easy for you. If you’re asking for the free link, please send me your name and email on the live chat on my site. Not on the YouTube one.

What’s the best free traffic method you will recommend to promote Clickbank products?

I like using free traffic, YouTube and pay-per-click. Those are my free favorite but you want to base it on your niche. If your niche is like the alcohol one, it’s gonna have a different traffic method than say, wood building kits or whatever.

Douglas says, do I have weekend support hours? 

No we don’t. We like to take the weekends off. Let’s see but you can always ask questions and stuff and sometimes we do have people on, I know sometimes Andy hangs out in there on the weekends.

What’s the difference between comparison sites and review sites?

A review site is a review based on a product name. A comparison site is a site based on a topic. So like a review would be, hey you know here’s a review on spyware removal  or whatever. That would be a review thing going after the traffic for that keyword. A comparison site would be, what’s the best site spyware software to buy? Your beta fish site is a content based site, yes okay and also if you guys want to get a high-ticket niche, you can and you can ask for a Clickbank niche.’s gonna be your best bet because you’re gonna get the free month so I would start there and you get that software which is pretty badass. It’s got all the tools, got everything, how do you make the billing form like in simple sites high ticket niches and accept payments? You can do that through Clickbank or you can do that on your own or you can use PayPal. So anything. And we actually teach that in the course here. Do I show how to see if running an offer will be worth it on pay-per-click? If you go to the tools section, watch this. Go to tools. Go to ROI calculator. Put in your monthly projected ad. Spend  bucks or a thousand bucks or whatever conversion rate. Let’s say you get a %, cost per click is  cents or whatever average revenue per sale. Let’s say you get $, will it be profitable? Yes it will!

Carol says, you’re very good at what you teach just saying!

Thank you! Been doing this long enough. I’d kind of can do it like I always debate like today. I woke up early but I went to bed early so I didn’t make notes for the webinar, and I’m like I know Clickbank like the back of my hand. I’ll just do it. I’ve been doing it long enough. That’s my excuse. So Marcus, you first find a low competition niche on the Google planner then go to Clickbank or offer vault and look for an offer. Yes if someone has a certain amount of capital to start off with, would you recommend starting with paid traffic or free traffic in the beginning? If looking to get the ball rolling I would start with a high ticket niche. Go to and then say, Marcus here’s my situation and I’ll help you with that.

We got a ton of people over on So get in there you’ll get instant access to your software so you get instant access. Right now you go in, you start learning how to make money really cool.

Can I change my high ticket niche for an email zip submit?

Well we do have a guarantee that if you cannot make your high ticket niche work, we’ll give you another one but I’d have to look at yours first cuz you know it cost me a lot to make these. But go on our live chat or support. Tell us what you did. Tell us what’s going on. We’ll try to make it work with you and then you go for there.

Hypothetical Africa, I got the mentor link but it asks for credit card details. 

Yes it does. That’s like if you already bought simple sites, we already have that info but the forum does ask that way you use whichever one you want.

Can you make a site that will promote many different ads? Yeah you can! 

I think that’s about it for this call. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Hope you guys got a lot of value. How many guys feel better about making your first Clickbank Sale like Marcus, yeah I think I can do it. Man let’s do this! I’m gonna join one of your courses today cuz I feel better about it.

Heavier says, Marcus for you what is the best paid traffic for Clickbank? 

I like MSN and I like Google. It’s a cool! If you guys are getting simple sites, go to, get yourself signed up, killer deal, killer offer. If your going to mentor, go to Get your size, self signed up there and let’s get you guys rockin and rollin so that you guys can do it. All you got to do, go here, fill out the form, choose your payment plan, you can do three payments or one, whichever.

Toni says, much better. I feel like my first sale is a wrap. Can you pay without the credit card? 

I suppose I mean I know what you’re gonna do. I mean quarters credit cards easiest. We don’t keep the whole number. We only get the last four so I mean it’s secure. Everything’s totally secure and locked down. We’re not in the business of over billing you because that’s fraud and we don’t want to do that.

If you ever get overbilled for any reason, just ask us on If you ever want to cancel, just go on PCMoneyMaking site, cancel. You can do right now if you like. I only want my free month markers. I don’t want to spend two dollars a day. I think that’s way too much for all these plugins and everything. Just go in, say hey I want to cancel and they’ll cancel you right now. You’ll still have your months access.

Have you ever had a high ticket niche that didn’t work?

One time, someone came back and said, you know give me a different one and we have a different one. As far as I know, it’s working. I have been banned by Amazon affiliate program. What can I do to work with Amazon again? I don’t know. I don’t do a lot with Amazon but I would say, sign up for another account and do things the right way because they only ban you if you are not doing stuff good.

Do I have a gdpr plugin? I might make one in the future. Not sure. Maybe but right now I don’t.

Get yourself going! Let’s make some money. Let’s make it work and have fun. GDPR is a disclaimer type thing. Go make your first clickbank sale. I think I told you how to do it. I think you got everything go. Do it if you like Marcus, I don’t have any money, just selling stuff. Learn what you do, what take, what you learned on this webinar, go make a sale. It’s not that hard to do. Go to the start here first link. Start here. Start your first blog. Go make it work! Not that hard to do. You just got to do it!

Thanks again for watching! Here’s to making money. See you guys in the next video!


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