How To Profit With Simple Affiliate Websites And Blogs

Hi. I’m Marcus Campbell, and welcome to my home. In this DVD, “The Simple Sites for Big Profit,” I’m gonna teach you exactly how I work from home for the past seven years building simple websites based on what users want. Now, these sites, although simple, are very, very effective and can be very profitable. So, pay close attention, because it’s my goal for the next hour to teach you exactly how you could start making simple sites for yourself to profit big time.


Now, I want you to play, uh, pay close attention to what you’re about to see, because I’m gonna plan over seven years of experience into a one hour DVD. Of course, I’m gonna try my best to weed out all the garbage, and all the things you don’t need, and get to what really works. Nice plant. So, come on. Let’s get started. Come on, let’s go.


Okay, so here we go into the Simple Sites studio. Here’s where we’re gonna record everything. Welcome to the studio where I’m gonna show you exactly how I build these simple sites. But before we get started, I’d like to give you a little bit of how I started using the simple sites method, and how it came to be, and where it came from.


So first of, a little background on me. I’ve been working from home online for about seven years now. I started, um, seven years ago. I was flat broke, and had no idea what I was doing. Uh, but I found out one of the sites that I built for a client of mine ended up ranking in the top 10 search results for the word “free cigars.” And so I started a search engine optimization company based on the fact that I could get people ranked at the top of the search engines.


Now around 2000, 2001, the market became very, very competitive. And the people who were paying for clicks on the word “search engine optimization” were paying anywhere from you know, $9 to $20 per click, which I simply didn’t wanna pay, and at the time couldn’t afford. So, what I did is I decided to break up my site and make it very targeted based on what people were looking for. So, I have the same service where I can get people ranked, but I split it up.


So, I found that people were looking up dental website marketing, and I made a special site that said, “Hey, dentists! Here’s how you can get a top search engine ranking.” And, um, I made one for network marketers and said, “Hey, network marketers, here’s how you could generate more leads in sales using search engine optimization.” I built one for limousine, uh, company owners, and we had tons of limousine companies order from a page, because they thought that I was an expert in optimizing limousine websites.


So, as a result, I got clicks way cheaper sometimes even free using the search engine optimization techniques, because there were so little competition in these areas, and I was getting a better conversion rate, because if people came to the site and found exactly what they were looking for for their company. And as a result, I lived off that for about three to four years, made a very comfortable living, uh, with no prior experience or anything like that, just a lot of go get them-ness if you wanna call it that.


And because I use the simple sites method, this worked very well. It later evolved into, uh, a gas scooter website that I ran where we had gas scooters drop shipped, and we made sites and pages for this scooter site based on the simple sites principle, based on what the users were typing in. So, if they were typing in, uh, gas powered scooters cheap, which was very common then, and I’m sure it’s still looked up now, we would take them to a site that said, “Hey! Get your gas powered scooters cheap.”


And as a result, they thought it was exactly what they wanted, and the phone lit up, and rang off the hook, and we got tons of orders. So, I’d like to now get into why the simple sites work, and how you can make ’em work for you using the same exact principle to sell products, services, uh, market affiliate websites, and things of this nature. Now, I’ve done all of those with simple sites using free search engine traffic, using pay-per-click traffic, uh, using press releases, a whole bunch of things, uh, affiliates, a whole bunch of things to market my simple sites, and it’s been very, very good to me. And I’m hoping that it’ll do the same for you.

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