How To Market Affiliate Programs And CPA Affiliate Offers To People Searching The Search Engines For Information

Okay, so now we’re going to dive into how to evaluate if a market’s going to work good for you or not. And if you can actually make profit in that market. So, I’m gonna go ahead and pull up the click prices again, and see what we have. So, I’m showing for let’s see here, uh, “Why My Betta Fish Won’t Eat.” No, no bids. So, we can get them for roughly 5 cents for those. Uh, let’s see what else we have, Betta Fish, uh, we could get that for 5 cents. Betta Fish As Pets, we could get that for 5 cents. Uh, let’s see, we also have, um, Betta Won’t Eat. Okay. Diagnosing A Sick Betta Fish, Betta Fish Behavior, we have all these word that are about 5 cents.


So, here’s our market. We have our market, which is Betta Fish. Right? And in this market, the way we’re going to tell if this market’s going to be good is we’re gonna look at the average 5 cent click cost. That’s our target goal right there is the 5 cent click cost. And what we wanna do is we wanna take that 5 cents, and times it by 100 visitors. And that’s going to equal $5, all right? So, $5 is our target cost per hundred visitors. Okay, now, now we know what to base this off of is a hundred visitors is going to cost us $5.


So, that means that out of every hundred people that come to the site, we need to make $5 to breakeven, or 5 cents per person. So, our goal then is to exceed that, double it, triple it, whatever we can do to get that better. And then once we find that number, the goal then is just to get more traffic. So, once we have the market, now our goal is just to fit the market to what we have to offer. And now, we’re gonna go more into site design, site layout, and how we would make these sites to where they fit, and they make us an average of 5 cents or more per click, so that we could afford the clicks, and make money off of them.


Now, one of the offers that we have is the book found on ClickBank. So we put ClickBank book about fish, the Betta Fish book. Now, this one pays me $17.98 per sale. So that means that if I get a sale, every hundred clicks, I am now profiting $12.98, right? And then of course if you got 500 clicks in a day, you know, it’s gonna do better that way. Now, a 1% conversion ratio, uh, is pretty common, but sometimes it won’t happen. So, you wanna test the market, and you wanna test it slow, and find out where the holes are, what words work, what words don’t work, and you wanna track it and test it, and find out what’s going to work for you.


Another way is to look at the impressions versus the clicks that you get. Um, and if you’re getting a whole lot of clicks, but not a lot of sales, you might want to rephrase your add to where it says something like, you know, Buy The Betta Fish book or something like that. Right now, I have it as, uh, Betta Fish Care Guide. That’s my title. So they come here, and once they come to this site, will show you up on the screen, uh, the way that I’m going to design the site so that it gets the maximum conversion rate is going to be by giving them what they want first, and putting offers, and AdSense and things like that secondary.


So, uh, let’s put the site up and we’ll take a look here. Number one, when they get to the site, we see, “Worried about your little blue friend. Click here for the Betta Care Guide.” So right off the bat, right from the market they came from, the ad that they clicked that told me that they were interested in coming to my site was Betta Fish Care Guide. So they’re here, first thing they see is go to the Betta Fish Care Guide. So your goal is to get as many people from your page to the Betta Fish Care Guide as possible so that you could get as many sales and as many clicks to that as possible.


Now, here’s a tip, when you have this link here, you want to open it with a blank tag. And what that’s going to do is that’s gonna open it in a new window. So, it’s actually gonna open a new internet browser on their screen with the book with your affiliate code. That way, if they say, “Hey! I don’t wanna buy a book. This is a bunch of junk.” They click the X, they’re back on your site, they could still make you money somehow. So again, now I have a picture of a Betta to get their attention further. I have a, uh, picture of a couple of Bettas in a bowl or, uh- uh- uh- a glass. And then I highlight what the book’s gonna teach them if they buy it.


Uh, I put a little quote about the fish, which is actually a true quote. Uh, my wife had a goldfish that was, uh, 14 years old and I thought that was pretty cool, because mine had only lasted a weekend. Um, then we have our special offer for Betta lovers. Now, this special offer usually pays for the click cost every day, because what it does is it’s giving them a freebie for participating. They participate in offers, and market test, and they get a gift card, uh, for whatever it is.


And so you know, this company pays me on a submission of a zip code. And once they hit submit, it pops up the window with their zip code already on the next page where I’m gonna get paid. And what that does is he’s gonna pay me each time someone puts their zip code in there, because he knows that you know, out of a hundred people who do the zip code, he makes a certain amount. So, he’s got that down to a science and he’s willing to pay people like me and you for a simple zip code submission.


We have another link down here, which is based on a search term I found, uh, that people were typing in. And that says, “Having Trouble with Betta Fin Rot. Click here for help.” They click there, it opens up the book in a new window, gives them another chance to look at it and buy. Uh, again, I have Betta Fish pictures, which will take them to Google images, where they can look at pictures of Betta Fish. And that opens in a new window so they don’t leave. Betta Fish Illnesses Explain, that takes them to a healthy Betta site. And it shows them some of the things they can do to diagnose their fish’s problems.


Again, opens in a new window, they never leave my site. And at the bottom, we now have our AdSense ads, which are people who pay you each time someone clicks on their ad, just like you’re paying, uh, Google or Yahoo to get clicks to your site. They’re paying to get clicks to their site. And you get a portion of that. So, off of all these things, we now have … We have the book, that’s our first way to get paid. We have our, uh, let’s see here, we have our offer, the zip code offer. That’s our second way we can get paid.


And then the third way we could get paid is off of the AdSense ads, which will pay you per click. So, when you design sites, keep in mind that you wanna make it simple, and you wanna give the user what they want right away in addition to giving them offers. And sometimes with specialty sites, let’s say you were a, a big Betta Fish lover, I don’t know much about Betta Fish, it’s just a market I chose. Um, but let’s say you did a little research, and you found 10 things that Betta Fish have.


And you could say you know, “Enter your name and email to get the top 10 Betta problems, um, and what you can do to help your fish.” That way, you’ll start building a database of people who are interested in Betta Fish, and you could market to ’em over and over and over again. You can even become an affiliate for a pet store and, and get ’em to buy products that way, or you know, whatever it is. But the chances are, you can start something really good by doing the simple sites method, making your site simple, making it what they want upfront, putting your images, or putting your links in a blank tag so they never leave your basic page, and doing it that way.


Okay. As we close up this chapter, I’d like to go over some website quick tips. And these are design tips to get you the most profit and to get people to actually like the design and the layout of your page. Number one, as you’ve heard all throughout this is make it easy. Make it easier for ’em to read. Make it easy to look at. Make a nice background that’s easy to look at and things like that. Number two, make it clean. Don’t clutter it with a bunch of junk. Don’t put a bunch of text that’s too hard to read, and too hard on the eyes.


Number three, no more than three offers. You see pages all out there with tons and tons of banners and a bunch of junk. And you probably leave ’em as quickly as I do, because it just looks horrible. And it kind of dampens your respect for the page, because it’s kinda like they’re just throwing stuff out there to make money off you. And that’s what it’s really screaming is, is make money off me. And you don’t want a whole lot of offers that compete with each other, because if the guys get confused, they’re gonna leave.


And that brings us to number four is don’t confuse ’em. Don’t give ’em too many choices so they make none and just leave. Uh, number five, point out the benefits fast. Show ’em, what’s in it for them, because everyone cares most about what are they gonna get in there? What’s this gonna provide for ’em? And whether it’d be entertainment, whether it’d be something of value, whether it’d be saving money, whether it’d be free tips, whatever it is, point out the benefits fast and put ’em in a way that’s going to say, “Hey look, keep reading, because you’re gonna get this.” Uh, fill out this form, ’cause you’re gonna get this.


And the last, number six, give them the info that they’re looking for. If they’re looking for mortgage calculators, give ’em a mortgage calculator. If they’re looking for pet grooming tips, give them pet grooming tips. If they’re looking to learn to tie a tie, then link ’em to a YouTube video with how to tie a tie, or link ’em to a site about it. You can advertise ties as well as link ’em, but you know, do that first.

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