how to make your youtube channel grow


What the hell does Bernie Sanders?

Joe Biden

and the Corona virus have to do with getting more views on YouTube?

Well, in this video we’re going to answer that question and we’re going to show you two major things that you need to pay attention to if you want to get more views, more subscribers and make more money.

I understand that the YouTube algorithm can seem kind of daunting and overwhelming at times.

I myself have been doing YouTube since about 2012 and I’ve grown several channels. Some of them slower than others. And I’ve kind of gone in and dissected everything to figure out what makes a channel grow and makes you get more views and more subscribers really, really fast.

And it boils down to two things. One is the Y.S.I. and the other is the why Y.D.I.

Now we’re gonna get into what these are.

But first, I want to talk to you about the stuff I mentioned in the beginning.

Right now, we are in 2020 in an election year, and there’s lots of videos about different election things. And if you were to go out there and look at how many people on YouTube are searching for Joe Biden gaffes, there’s not that many of them yet…

There are tons of videos out there getting hundreds of thousands of views overnight using the term Joe Biden gaffes.

So how does this work and what’s a Joe Biden gaffe, anyway?

A Joe Biden gaffe is quite simply, every time Joe Biden messes up what he’s trying to say, which happens quite a bit, which is why there’s lots of videos.

Now, you’ll notice over here under YSI I have written Joe Biden gaffe. Twenty two hundred.

That means there’s an average of about twenty two hundred people a month searching for Joe Biden gaffes or something similar to that.

That is what we call the Y S I.

That’s the YouTube search inventory.

That is the amount of people every month that go to YouTube and search for that term.

Now, most YouTubers, when they get started, they focus on search inventory. How much traffic is there for a specific search term? And they make their video and they get excited when they rank for a search term and then they wonder why they’re not getting any views. And the reason they’re not getting any views is because for any search term, there’s a lot of videos that show up on the first page for that search term. Those videos are splitting the amount of searches amongst them. If you’re the top number one result, you’re getting a big percentage of the people searching for that term.

And if you’re down here on the bottom, you’re not getting very many views at all.

If that’s true, then why did one video that came out just 20 hours ago rack up forty six thousand views with the exact same search term?

Well, my friends, that has to do with the YDI is quite simply your ticket to fast growth on YouTube. The Y D.I. Is the YouTube dynamic inventory. We have the inventory over here of about twenty two hundred searches a month, which are split between all the top videos, which means if you rank you’re only gonna get probably twenty two hundred views per month from that search term.

However, YouTube has a little thing called suggested videos, and essentially what that means is the inventory grows dynamically as more videos are being watched about a particular topic.

This is known as the basics of supply and demand. As more and more people get interested in a product or service, that product or service gets more popular.

For example, right now people are interested in the Corona virus and they’re worried about catching it. Therefore, hand sanitizer, facemasks and for some reason toilet paper still don’t get that one are really popular right now. This works the exact same way with YouTube. As you can see, this video right here is from a channel with only 1000 subscribers.

Yet it got over 19,000 views in just four days because it’s about a topic people are interested in. And as people get interested in that topic and watch that video, the other related videos get more views as well.

Thus increasing the demand for new videos on a particular topic. As the other videos get more views, more people then tend to make more videos trying to capitalize on the success of the other videos. Market saturation tends to happen and only the best videos survive. That’s not to say that you can’t ride these waves and grow really, really fast. Stay tuned and we’ll jump inside my computer and I’ll show you exactly how I title my videos to ride these waves and get millions of views.

So right now in the election season, we have lots of videos being done about Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and all the other political candidates. And it gets really, really huge and the views start to pile up really, really fast. And as a video gets more and more popular. The related views or the YouTube dynamic inventory is going to go through the roof.

Take, for example, the Corona virus. Months ago, nobody cared what the Corona virus was. Once it started getting popular, more and more videos started showing up and the YouTube dynamic inventory rose exponentially, which means that all the videos about the Corona virus are now getting lots and lots of views.

One of the things to keep in mind is that YouTube is constantly looking for your audience.

They want to find the people who are gonna be most interested in your video and actually enjoy it. So when you publish a new video, you need to keep that in mind because YouTube will not automatically recommend you to all the big videos and all the big YouTubers that are on your specific topic.

They’re first going to find a small group of people that they think are really interested in. They’re going to show that video to the small group of people.

If that video does well and people watch it, they’re going to start to show it alongside other videos as you show up on more and more related videos.

Your views are going to go up and eventually you could start to hit some of those big videos that are getting millions of views literally overnight. But if you title your video wrong at the start, you’re never going to get anywhere. We’re going to talk more about this in just a few minutes.

For example, let’s take a look at one of the videos on my YouTube Alcohol Recovery Channel.

If you were to take a look at the title of this video and look at how many people search for it, you’re not going to find very many.

However, I found there were several videos that got lots of views for this specific term, about 10 things that happened when I quit drinking.

Knowing that these videos got a lot of views and drove the YouTube dynamic inventory, I carefully made a video, did a good job of making content and put that video up under the title 10 Things that happened when I quit drinking.

And you’ll notice that on that video, most of the traffic is coming from suggested views and we’re getting views each and every day and growing our channel from that one video.

The same thing happened with my video on alcohol and anxiety.

A video here on this channel about how to make three hundred dollars a day or more.

And another video about how to copy and paste ads and make money online.

Now, let’s not forget that these videos did well because I got a good watch time.

That means the average person stayed and watched the video for a good amount of time. If that doesn’t happen, you’re never going to grow.

But with that in mind, if you can focus mostly on the YouTube dynamic inventory, that is how much traffic they’re getting for certain videos and certain topics, then boom, you’re gonna grow.

Take, for example, a politics YouTuber that I watch. This guy has a channel. He started out and he started out very small, but he tackled all the topics that were getting a lot of views in the election year about Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden and any other topic like that.

And he put them together in a way that made him grow really, really fast, gaining as many as 11000 subscribers a month or more.

Now, he never could have done this had he just focused on search inventory because search traffic is limited. That’s why the dynamic inventory is much more powerful, because if you could piggyback on topics that get a lot of views and have a lot of dynamic inventory, create a good video, then you’re going to start to grow. And one of the keys to making this work is combining various topics.

For example, when I went for the topic of 10 things that happened when I quit drinking, I didn’t just go for one direct title, actually went for several different topics within that niche. So then I get a lot of views from suggested inventory. Had I just relied on how to stop drinking, then I would have been with everyone else fighting for a tiny little slice of the pie.

Now when I go about titling my videos, what I want to do is I want to make a grouping of five videos in each category that my video could fall under.

So this video is about basically getting more views on YouTube. So we have several different categories, basic YouTube growth, getting more views, more subscribers. The viral video algorithm and basic YouTube growth. Now in these categories, what I’ve done is I listed how old the video is.

This is important because obviously if a video is 20 years old and it only has 10000 views, that’s not very many views it’s getting each year. Most of these are under twelve months old. I listed them as months. So this one’s two years old. So when we go through, we want to look at this.

We want to look at how old the video is, how many views the video got and how many subscribers the channel has. Now, if you want a copy of this spreadsheet and notes from this video to help grow your YouTube channel, hop over to video x-com first. What I want to do is I want to find some common trends in all of these different categories. I could see here 1000 subscribers, 1000 subscribers, 1000 subscribers. More views, more subscribers. 3 easy and free ways. One hundred subscribers. 1000 subscribers. YouTube genius.

Understanding the algorithm algorithm. So we could see several different trends emerging from the top videos in these categories. One of the biggest trends I see is one K or 1000 subscribers. This is going to be very important when I title my video. Let’s take a look at a couple of others. Another one. We see the word algorithm quite a bit. We also see more views. The word hack’s and also how to say now that we see some of the common trends that show up in many of the videos we looked at. I want to go through and find the ones like this that actually stand out because this guy doesn’t have that many subscribers yet. He has quite a few views. Here’s another one with a small subscriber count. Another one here.

Here’s one with a really small subscriber count. And another one here. Now, the reason I like to do this is because it’s gonna be easier to show up when someone has less subscribers. Obviously, it’s going to be easier if you show up on that news example I showed you earlier than it is going to be to show up on like Fox News or CNBC News. Under the related videos.

So now I’m going to take a look at these titles and see which one best matches what my is about zero to a thousand subscribers on YouTube. How to get more views on YouTube. Beating the YouTube algorithm in 2019 0 to 50000 thousand subscribers on YouTube. Twenty. What really happened with the growth of my YouTube channel? All right. So now what I’m going to do is I’m definitely going to utilize the 1000 subscribers and I’m gonna come up with a title that works for me. Something like YouTube algorithm simplified 1000 0 to 1000 subscribers fast. Now I can even just because I know that it’s going to get more clicks if I have a number in the front.

I could even switch this up and put zero to 1000 subscribers fast. YouTube algorithm simplified. Boom.

Now this title that I came up with is going to match a lot of different videos within the ones we looked at and hopefully start to trigger some of the views from these related videos, thus triggering the YouTube dynamic inventory in getting me lots of suggested views. A side note to pay attention to is to look at do I really want these people? Do I want people that are going from one hundred thousand subscribers to a million? Or do I want the people going from zero to a thousand?

Well, usually on my channel I do best with beginners, someone to stick with zero to a thousand subscribers fast. This title is going to work really well. The next thing I want to do is create a simple thumbnail that’s going to capture the attention and create some curiosity and get lots of people to click on it. Now, hopefully this video does a good job of keeping you watching and boost the watch time, which is also going to trigger more and more views and make this video eventually do pretty well.

So if you can understand how YouTube dynamic inventory works and you could start to spot trends and make videos that people want to watch about topics that they’re already watching, then you can grow an audience very, very fast. Now, one of the problems that I see is that people go too broad with their topic when first starting out when you have a new channel. The chances of getting suggested traffic for the word Joe Biden or Corona virus or make money is very, very slim. So what you want to do is you want to narrow down to a topic that you know, you can get that doesn’t have a lot of competition on it. You want to take a look at what other videos out there are doing, where they’re getting their traffic and how you can get YouTube to suggest your video alongside those. Now, the reason this doesn’t work for new channels on big topics like Joe Biden or the election or whatever it is, is because a lot of those terms are already taken by big news outlets. So what we need to do is we need to drill down into those topics while keeping in mind the YouTube dynamic inventory. How much inventory is there for the topic and is it worth going after?

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