How To Make Passive Income With Affiliate Marketing And A Mailing List

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So you want to learn how to make one hundred dollars a day in passive income on the old Internet using a simple mailing list that you could set up in like 45 minutes. Well you found the video and the live show for you because that is what we were going to be talking about today. I got to talk to you about how mailing lists work how to build a mailing list how to make passive income with a mailing list even if you don’t have your own product or even if you don’t have your own Web site yet. I say yet because you probably need your own Web site. But don’t fear we have tools to teach you how to build a Web site that can capture leads into a mailing list in as little as 15 minutes. Don’t worry about that. We got a handle today what we’re going to do is we’re gonna talk about how to build a business that does a hundred dollars a day in passive income with a simple mailing list that you can start building. Forty five minutes after you’re done watching this training but. You have to watch the whole thing now first and foremost. I got a disclaimer this because some people are going to hop on thinking they’re going to watch a video and all of a sudden money is going to fall from the sky like manna fell from heaven. That’s not exactly true. That’s not even true at all. Watching videos here on YouTube doesn’t make anyone anything unless you’re paid to watch videos which I think that many people are.

But and even if they are they’re not paid that much.

But what we’re going to do is we’re gonna teach you how this stuff works. So we’re going to teach you a business that works we’re going to teach you a system that’s worked over and over time and time again since. Yes.

Over 100 years this magazine is 100 years old. There’s the date 100 years old and I’m going to show you an example of a mailing list.

So a lot of people they freak out when they think about affiliate marketing and Internet marketing and they think all this stuff is new and crazy and techie and weird and I’m here to show you your old buddy Marcus the affiliate marketing dude is here to show you that these principles have been around forever. And if you’re struggling it’s because you’re not going back to the roots of where this stuff started. You’re not going back to the roots of how marketing works how human nature works. How many guys are with me if you’re with me type with me in the box and we are going to go through everything and show you how it works. First of all.

I think we have some notes here. There’s a little late last night when I made the notes but we got notes so we’re going to go into the first part here again disclaimer I don’t know what you’re going to make there’s no guarantees of income. We have no idea. This is a business at some people I’ll make more. Some people will be less make less. Some people won’t make anything. Some people won’t do anything. Some people won’t even watch the whole video. So I mean there’s so many variables there you can’t really look at it that way. If you’re still out there looking for a guaranteed way to get money it doesn’t exist. You got to do the work. All right. So let’s take a look at this.

Let’s look at part 1 which is the history of auto responders how many you guys know what an auto responder is type auto responder in the box.

OK we’ll talk about what that is in just a minute. Don’t worry if you don’t know and we’re going to talk to you about how this stuff works. All right. So.

Now I bookmarked a page here. This is a hundred year old magazine and what I want to show you is an ad. Right here on the bottom of page and whatever page a hundred and twelve. There we go. All right. At the bottom of page 112 there is an advertisement advertisement for the free shoe book huh. Who doesn’t want the free shoe book and it’s crowded with photographs and everything about shoes. And then there’s all kinds of stuff. Here here’s another one. That says easiest way to become a nurse. Back then people were looking for jobs and they said the easiest way to become a nurse. Now I want you to notice that on all of these ads that I’m showing you they are asking you to mail in. For something free. He has his free there and they say yeah I want to. I want you to mail in so you could get this free thing right and they have a little coupon there. That says hey mail in for this free thing. Okay now. How many you guys recognize that. Right. You’re like OK. So. So there’s an ad in a magazine much like this one. This one was taken from the 1980s. Right.

Good time to be alive in the old 1980s. I was like 10 but. Was still pretty good. You know we had like. Good stuff going on. All right. 70s was better because they had the doors. He was listening to before this call. Here’s one from the 1980s it’s about mail order riches and you can see down at the bottom there they have a little forum that says Fill this out for your no obligation information. OK so now what’s happening here is this is like.

There opt in page. OK. Bear with me here. This is like their opt in page. So they sell you on it and then you got to fill out you go get your pencil or pen and you got to fill this out and you gotta to mail it in and they’re gonna send you free info. Pretty basic pretty cool. How many guys can look at that and you’re like Okay I get it. So that. Right there is like. An opt in page. Okay. Or as we call it can also be called a squeeze page. OK. And the idea of a squeeze page is to get people from the ad or from the site to put their name and email in the box. And then they go on your list. The idea of this ad was to squeeze all the people from the magazine that are interested in this topic into a list. Okay so they’re taking all these little coupons. We’ll just draw a straight line and they’re building a list. Okay. Very good. It’s kind of like I go out there and I’m like OK. Let’s go into a crowd of a million people. And let’s say hey raise your hand if you’re interested in losing weight. And they all raise their hand and I’m like Good you guys who are interested in losing weight. Come over here let’s talk on the side. Same kind of deal. Right you’re like Hey everyone who’s interested in this stuff mail this thing in. Or. Or put your name and e-mail in the box and come on over here. Let’s talk. OK. Landing Page opt in page squeeze page whatever you want to call it. That’s what happens. Now let’s talk about what happened after.

Someone mailed in this little coupon or after someone joins the mailing list. So back then in the 80s and in the nineteen hundreds 1999 to be exact. Right. What would happen. Is you would send in your coupon. OK so you’d fill this out and be like yes I want this information you’d send it out. You drop it in the mail OK. Then be a big house big house and they get all this mail. Right. So here’s this this place and they get all this mail here they get all this mail and they got all this mail to sort okay. And what they didn’t do is they take all this mail.

All right. And.

They look at the addresses on the mail OK they build a list out of all these addresses. OK. Pretty cool pretty good. Pretty neat. It’s like yay we’ve got this list of people now we’ve got a list of hundreds of thousands of people who are interested in mail order wholesaling the road to riches. That’s what they’re interested in. OK so they got all these addresses here addresses.

OK so I got all the addresses. Now what they do is they have what’s called a sequence. OK. They’ve got a sequence. So they say well you know what we’re gonna do is on day number one we’re going to send out this letter. OK so this would be day. One and they take day one letter. And a folded up. And they put it in an envelope.

And they do this about hundred thousand times. OK. And they put it in an envelope to everyone who put their address in the coupon case that’s day one and they’re like yes there’s day one. Then they’re like OK well what about on day two. And they go through and they’re like All right. Day two good. And then go day two. OK. And what would happen is they would say well you’re interested in mail order riches. Good. Here’s the thing. Right and this would be an informational report which was requested here with a sales letter OK. Very important you always want to do information. With sales. Say it with me. Information. With sales information.

With sales. Very basic. So they do that.

And then the next one they send and sometimes they’ll do something like Hey I noticed you got my last letter but you didn’t buy anything. Maybe you should buy something now. Or whatever. Or maybe day two is. A list of people who made money with mail order and in day three they’re like OK day three I’m going to go through and I’m going to send you. Some testimonials from some people or whatever it is. Right. Very cool very basic and very easy to look at. So what would happen is they would take these people like these people over here who put their information on and we’re like OK we want more information. That’s what we want. We want more information there. OK. And then what they do is they be like we’re gonna put him through a sequence on day number one. We’re going to send him the big pitch. OK. That’s the big pitch. Probably like a 14 page report with maybe a 10 page sales letter. OK. So like that then day two they’d be like OK day two. We’re gonna send like the the bonus thing. OK. Bonus report. OK. Maybe they send you like a list of of three you know places to get mail order or wholesale or whatever. Then day three they go through maybe they’ll send like testimonials.

OK Then day four. Maybe they’ll send you something else helpful.

  1. And then day five and six and seven and maybe they start to taper off after that but the fact of the matter is is no matter what they have gathered a mailing list. Now what you guys all did to answer a question for me if you had a list of one hundred thousand people that were interested in any topic do you think you could make money. If you were like OK. Well I got this list of people and they’re interested. They wanted a free book on mail order riches. How many guys think you can make money on that. How many guys don’t think you can make money. Of course you could make money. You would have to be living under a rock. If you didn’t. Make money. Right. Now. Brian says I sure hope so. Well Brian you need to pay attention to your buddy Marcus because he’s going to teach you how to do that right. It’s pretty basic. All right. So this is what we want to look at. So here’s the sequence now. Fast forward. 20 years. But is it from the 80s 30 years something like almost 40 years. Damn I feel old today. But at any rate almost 40 years since the 80s almost 100 years since the first ad. A lot of people now. Completely forget.

That this is where mailing lists. This is where marketing started because they get tied up with WordPress and builder all and click funnels and this and that and this and that.

And they forget the basics of marketing. They forget the basics that it’s about getting people to take action.

Getting people to request information getting people to a mailing list. Where you could send them other.

Relevant things OK. Now let’s fast forward. Let’s take a look at what this looks like online. OK. You want to make 100 bucks a day disclaimer you probably won’t. No one does. The Internet has no money but at any rate we’re going to try to teach you how to. But don’t expect anything it’s not guaranteed implied or anything so you wanna make a hundred dollars a day. That’s roughly four dollars an hour. OK so four bucks an hour. That’s it’s got do you. I make four dollars every hour. If you want to make one hundred dollars a day get everyone type four bucks in the box. If you’re with me. OK so you want four dollars an hour if you wanna make that. And that’s like pretty decent. I mean be thirty six thousand dollars a year something like that. It’s not bad from a little mailing list. So we take this to the online world. OK. Here’s what it’s going to look like. Now instead of having this in an ad like that here’s the thing. In the old days we had to design an ad. We had to write an ad we had to pay a fortune this ad probably cost about one hundred thousand dollars per magazine to run. He creates the ad. He puts it into circulation. It takes a month to run and he doesn’t see any money for like a month and it cost him 100 hundred grand to put this in and he doesn’t even know he could get nothing. All right. Now on the Internet. Let’s take a look and I want you to see this because people don’t get this. They put their head in the clouds when it comes to Internet marketing. And that’s why they don’t make money because they’re focused on the stuff that doesn’t work. What I did when I first saw in marketing focused on this stuff I was like if this guy can run an ad. And pay a hundred thousand dollars and then get a bunch of frickin envelopes hire people to put stuff in the envelopes and still turn a profit. I kind of want to learn what he’s doing. I don’t care about the kid who’s like oh mood Holder thousand dollars on the Shopify. I don’t care about that guy. I care about. This guy because he puts his money where his mouth is he says I’m going to make some money and I’m going to pay to get my stuff in front. I want to learn the skill that guy has how many guys want to learn that skill type skill because anyone out there can go in and. Teach stuff online anyone can do that. It’s not that hard. When I first started I started with this stuff. I actually went and mailed letters to limousine companies and I made a frickin fortune doing it a fortune for. Back then not for today but it was pretty good right. I was like hey 20 year old kid getting checks like crazy making money like crazy. And I printed the things out I paid to get the stamp I paid for the mailing list guys I was. I learned how this works my magic ad. Same kind of thing. I put my money where my mouth is. So many of you guys how many of you guys are afraid to buy traffic. Put afraid. You’re like I don’t want to buy traffic. What if I lose money. Right. How many guys if you’re honest with yourself you’re like I’m a little afraid to buy traffic Berkus Marcus I don’t know what if it doesn’t work. What if what if what if what if.

  1. You’re afraid to buy traffic because you don’t know this skill.

You don’t have skill. This guy bought like 100 times like these magazines here. I don’t know how much it was in the Ladies Home Journal back in the day but like these National Enquirer and stuff. It’s like a quarter of a million dollar ad right there. This guy paid a quarter of a million bucks. He doesn’t know if anyone’s interested. He just knows that someone walked by and was interested in like. I don’t know some actors who’ve got a divorce. That’s all he knows. That’s it. And you’re afraid to buy traffic and you know exactly what the guy’s searching for like he’s like I am searching for ways to lose weight. If you’re allergic to vinegar. Seriously this guy doesn’t know anything other than hey you know what. Maybe a bunch of women read this and and and they’re interested in actors and gossip and and crap. And that’s it. Right. And you. Can actually get sued. Bonus no one like we can target our audience in an insane way. Like it’s almost as clear as being like I only want to markets market to Marcus Campbell. That’s it. That’s who I want to market to. At that you could literally market to who you want. Exactly. So you can get your audience so draw your audience up here. OK. Here’s your audience and they all have the same hairdo as me because we don’t have time.

To get better hairdos.

All right. So there’s your audience and you’re like boom. I can go through and I can talk to these people. But first gotta know who they are. We gotta know who they are. So we’re like Yay. Here we are. These are people that are interested in. Let’s say growing tomatoes grow. Tomatoes OK. Anyone can go in that market. Come on. That’s not that competitive right. Growing tomatoes but by the way we actually have an ad over here somewhere. From the old tomato man. All right here’s the old tomato man. Year old tomato man. Old tomato man has got you a free report. About them their tomatoes. Areas. All right. He’s got an ad. There’s another ad he paid a fortune he paid a fortune to go in a generic magazine you could probably do well with people who are searching for how to grow tomatoes wouldn’t you think. You guys are like wait a minute this start makes sense I’m starting to get this like really get these guys paid a bunch of money. They turned a profit. And and they didn’t have a targeted group I have a targeted group and I can’t turn a profit. Maybe. Maybe just maybe. It’s less about the Internet and it’s more about the marketing. Just maybe. Maybe. But the problem is is ninety nine percent of the people.

Focus on the Internet stuff and not the marketing stuff. I’m sure glad. I was the opposite when I started. Otherwise I wouldn’t have a. Snowball’s chance in hell of making money. And you might find yourself in the same place and same Marcus I can’t make money I don’t know how to do this I don’t know how to set this up I don’t know how to do that. You’re focusing too much on the internet and not enough on the marketing you’ve got to focus on the marketing so here’s this tomato guy.

All right and let’s say you got all these people all these people are on Google or Facebook or wherever they’re at YouTube and they’re learning about growing tomatoes they’re watching a video and the guys digging in the dirt he’s like I’m going to dig these tomatoes right. They go on Google and they search for. Something like grow tomatoes or why do my tomato plant keep dying just like that. Okay. And you go to them and you’re like hey old fellows who want tomatoes. I. Got something for you. I got a free.

We’re gonna get fancy here. We’re going to draw a tomato free tomato. That’s our tomato. WE TRIED. A for effort F minus for the actual picture but if we put a leaf.

There we go.

There’s our tomato looks kind of like an apple but it is a tomato. So we go through and we’re like free tomato. OK out of that let’s say you get one hundred people how many do you think you’ll probably want your free tomato book.

Right. Probably all of them. How many will actually put their name and email on for it. Probably 30 to 60 percent of cases like the same thing. Look at this. You’ve got your opt in page. OK. Look at the layout like this little opt in box. Layout for the tomato guy. Like this headline sales stuff. Little opt in box or a little little coupon thing as it were.

So we go through and we’re like boop boop boop boop boop boop boop. Make a little coupon looking thing enter name and email.

For you free tomato book. That’s our submit button.

OK so now you got this page. This page. Would literally.

Literally. Take.

20 minutes to make. Maybe maybe an hour. If you’re totally slow and you’re like dancing around. Half the time and not paying attention. OK so take it back 45 minutes to make. Now. HBO says. But don’t you have to pay quite a lot to get the tomato guys to go out on your site. Well here’s the deal.

I want you to write this down all.

Advertising. All ads work.

At. The.

Right. Price.

So HBO says Don’t you have to pay to get those tomato people to your site. Well. This guy spent probably one hundred thousand dollars trying to get tomato people. Putting his ad in the old magazine. All right. If you have to pay.

Let’s say 60.

Per visitor OK that’s probably about right. Probably probably have to pay 15 cents a visitor for someone who specifically. Now here’s a deal. This guy puts the magazine ad. He pays whether the ad runs or not or whether the the ad is read it or not. So like if you go through and you’re like Hey I don’t like that ad and you just rip it out. Right. He still paid. If people don’t like what he has to say he’s still paid. When you pay 15 cents a click for your tomato people. 1. You target people looking up how to grow tomatoes. OK good. That’s plus number one plus number two. You only pay if they click on your ad. So in your ad if you say free tomato book and they don’t want a free tomato book. They’re probably not going to click. So you only pay for people who actually respond. Like imagine you go to the magazine and you’re like Guys I want this full page ad and they’re like good. It’s three hundred and fifty thousand dollars. You’re like I’m not going to pay 350 thousand. I get pay that they’re like OK. Well you know there’s a special discount. You can pay 325. And you’re like How am I going to pay three twenty five. I want to pay. Only. When someone reads my ad. Wow. We can we can’t do that. No no. You just hear me out. And. When someone fills out the form. I only want to pay when someone fills out the form and I only want to pay.

A dollar a person.

Magazine would call security and probably have you like drug out in a straight jacket. They’d be like are you. What do you think this is. GJ what just do you want us to just give you money. Are you insane. That’s what the Internet does. And if you don’t get it. Like I don’t know how else to teach you this stuff because this is where it’s at. It’s like you’re focusing on the wrong thing. I can get these guys for 15 cents if I get 30 percent to opt in 30 percent on a tomato site. I think I can definitely get that. That means if I get 100 visitors that is 15 bucks Am I right. Yeah fifteen dollars. OK 15 bucks for 100 visitors out of 100 visitors I get 30 opt ins. I’m getting options for 50 cents. 50 cents. Can I make 50 cents off a targeted tomato person who wants to grow more tomatoes. Yeah. I think you can. How many guys are with me. You guys getting an aha moment here. Tape. Aha.

In the box. If you’re getting an aha moment because a lot of people mess with mess this up. And I got to tell you I have mailing lists. That I make money on from people back in 2009 who who filled out a form like 2009 2008. They filled out a form online.

And they’re buying now. I have long since paid for that ad. I made money on those ads long ago. And now this guy’s in here he’s like a bicep for two grand and I’m like That’s cool. That’s pretty good. I like that. What’s the tip. The tip is.

To take care of your guy. So again you go through now. In the old days. Run. The ad in the magazine. A lot of money people fill out. The little coupon. OK. So that low coupon goes to the mailing house. Got a bunch of letters. Got a bunch of crap. They go through. They got to put a stamp on the letter. Guess what. Thirty cents forty seven cents to mail a letter. So 40 cents. You’re out like hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars. Before that or first order comes in. Like you’re out this you’re not you’re out like 15 bucks. I mean really. Or you could get free traffic if you like really. I don’t know. I don’t understand marketing or whatever. OK. So you could go through and you’re like yeah there we go. Now what we do is we could set this up. We don’t need. A big male house.

We have what’s called Let’s get a different color here. We have what’s called an auto. Responder.

OK what this auto responder does is it takes the names and e-mails and it does just like this but it doesn’t cost a lot.

It’s like literally nineteen dollars a month literally. OK now I have bigger lists so I pay maybe a hundred or so for mine but still like you only pay when you get a bigger list which means that’s like more money problem I guess. You’re making good money if you have good last. Right.

So auto responder goes through it takes all the names and emails and it puts them in a big database data base. Now I could go through this database and I could do exactly what we did over here with our sequence.

And I could be like day number one. Boom here’s your free tomato report.

Given the free tomato report what does that do. That gets him back to your site. Number two him this. Number three given this.

Number four Hey did you see this product about tomatoes or whatever. Right. And boom boom boom boom boom. Now this is all automated. You set it up once and the new people who come in get the new messages. The old people get the old messages. You can do broadcasts. You can do e-mails. You can do whatever you want. Here’s a list of one of mine or go through. That’s one of my smaller ones. And check it out. Boom. People are clicking. Look at that one. Got eight thousand people to open that message. Seven thousand. Six thousand. On and on we go. Like people are opening these messages and they’re clicking and that’s like boom. How many how many clicks there’s eight hundred and forty six clicks to one offer on one day from traffic I already generated. That’s pretty crazy right. So we’ve got to look at that. So that’s the history of how this works. You’ve got your sequence you’ve got where this works. And I want you to look at where this comes from because if you don’t get that it’s not going to make sense. You got to get the concept it’s not just about a site and an auto responder and this and that. It’s about understanding the core principle of you are building a database of people that are interested in a certain topic. Now that you have that database of people you can do whatever you want with them. Right. Within reason within ethics obviously follow the rules. Everything like that. OK. Follow along type 100 if you’re following along. One if you’re not following along and somewhere in between if you’re somewhere in between.

  1. Now we’ll get to. Part Two.

Okay. Let us know where you’re at. Right. Part Two.

All right so Part One this is how the auto responder works. All ads work at the right price. If you can do it right. The question is if I get an opt in or a person on my list for every. If I get 30 percent of the people on my list. And I’m spending 15 cents that means I’m paying. About 50 cents. Per person. Can I make more than 50 cents a person. That’s the question. You answered that question. You win like you don’t go and you buy some other thing you win. Like you answer the question of how do I spend 50 you get a guy on my list and make more than 50. OK. So that’s part one. Let’s go to part two here.

All right. Part.

Dose mapping out your content offer machine. So now you got this guy and he’s in here and you paid 50 cents. I’m out 50 cents but I got a list. OK. There we go. About 50 cents. But I got a list. Okay and now we’ve got this list. We’ve got this big database of people here’s our list. And our list has a certain. John wrote about it. Kay our list is the tomato people. All right. Here we are. Here are.

The tomato people.

All right. There’s our tomato. I like that. Incense their tomato people.

We will draw.

The tomato people here they are. These are the tomato people. Try not to laugh at my drawing. Tomato people here. OK. Your list is all these tomato people. OK. And they are interested in growing tomatoes and gardening and and tomato kind of stuff. OK. Good. I know that. That’s excellent. So now what we want to do is we want to map something out with what’s called a brain map our brain map is. Like this and it’s a mixture.

Of content.

And offers. OK so you want to go through and you want to brainstorm. And you want to say if I.

Was interested in tomatoes what would I want to see. Well maybe you could send him something that says you know here’s tomato tip number one. Use alkaline water or whatever I don’t know I don’t grow tomatoes. We tried we spent like six hundred dollars on all these like. Garden beds. And we got one tomato and I told my wife. That’s the most expensive damn tomato I’ve ever seen. And the damn thing like fell and died. Our six hundred dollar tomato. Was no more. But. Moral of the story. People spend a lot of money to get tomatoes. I mean I just got to look at it. All right.

So what would they like. Maybe they would like. Gardening tips garden tips. Cool. What else would they like. Okay.

They might like maybe like tools tools like maybe like there’s old wagons and those little tomato things and in and like the low buckets or whatever and maybe maybe they’d like seeds. Okay here’s the best kind of seeds or maybe oh but they’d also like.

A growth. Chart. OK. Could that be good or maybe even like. Best time to plant.

Your tomatoes or maybe even like what else would they like. Maybe something like. What else would they like. Maybe some like canning tomatoes someone sets up about canning tomatoes.

Okay what about like cooking. You want to cook the tomato.


Or maybe something like add all kinds of stuff right. I’m not a tomato buff but hey you get the idea. Okay fertilizers maybe fertilizers first maybe plans on how to build your own raised garden beds. Okay. So so garden beds garden.


Okay. What else would we have. Like maybe timing or whatever.

Okay so we got all this stuff here and we’re like yay. So we got this content. OK so now we go through the best dirt stuff like that. Okay. So now we go through and we’re like good. So I can go and I could send all this stuff to our tomato guy and tomato guy here.

Is gonna get a smile.

I like that and he’s like man my face is jacked up but I’m still smiling because Marcus sent me all this cool stuff about tomatoes and my tomatoes are gonna be so tasty they’re gonna be so good and my tomato family is going to love it. Right. Woo hoo. We are gonna have the best tomatoes and this guy might even send you an email back with a picture of tomato saying man. Check this out I got a belt. I got the greatest tomato. Look at this because of what you told me.

All right so now what we got to do is we have to pair the content with offers. Pretty cool. So we’re like yay. If I give him garden tips maybe I could just go buy some gardening books on Click Bank. Or wherever. And and I can look at the gardening tips and I can find a couple of tips like I’ll find six tips out of a book of like. I don’t know a lot of tips and I send those and I’m like Tip number one is plant your tomato. In the sun.

Or whatever. Right give him good tips that I don’t know much about it but you get the idea. Play your tomato in the sun. And you talk to him about it. I planted my tomato in the sun and I found out that sometimes shade was this way. Used to have my tomato under a tree. Now it’s not under a tree and now it’s as big as can be. This is really great. It works really good. Here’s a picture my tomato by the way. I got this tip from this book over here. Affiliate link.

Pretty basic right. Got this tip from this book. If you like this tip there’s gonna be more other tips over here in the book. Number two. Here’s some tools I got the best five gardening tools need to have this this this and this.

Affiliate link affiliate link affiliate link affiliate link. Okay now they’re gonna say thank you because you gave him the less the tools and some of them if they don’t have the tools they’ll actually click and buy stuff. The question is is if you send them all this stuff seeds maybe there’s an affiliate program for seeds or maybe. You want to be a big dog and actually like get the seeds yourself and ship them out. You could do that or dropship or whatever or send them books or info products or whatever no info products are usually gonna be the most profitable and the lowest risk. Okay so you can actually later down the line you could come up with your own tomato book. Like literally you want to make a living at this. Get a bunch of things and test out a bunch of tomatoes and build your own business and you could probably make a good living in the tomato market. A lot of people are obsessed with these matters. Okay so seeds growth chart. Okay you can have little things like by week number one you should have a tomato this big is your tomato not that big. Well you need Click here to get this book to see what you’re doing wrong or whatever. Okay. Best time to plant. I got this best time to plant chart from this or whatever. Canning you could do canning supplies unlike Amazon affiliate. Cook tomatoes fertilizer. Garden beds. Home Depot coupons. Home Depot gift cards all kinds of stuff you can do. And here’s the question.

If I get a guy on my list in a really really take care of him and give him good tips. Is there anyone out there that doesn’t think I can make 50 cents over the course of a year with this guy. How many guys are like. No I think you probably can see how like there is as seen on TV tomato products that pay you like fifteen dollars and it only cost nine dollars to the user.

Like when you when you pair this what what I teach you about affiliate marketing and CPA marketing. It’s literally insane. So how many of you guys are like. Yes. I think if you only paid 50 cents to get a guy on your list you could turn a profit type type. Yes profit in the box.

  1. Type it in the box I want everyone to participate. Type. Yes. Profit.

They’re going to wait till I see a bunch of yes profits in their.

Looks like pretty much everyone is typing yes prophet. Then why aren’t you doing it.

Aren’t you doing it.

What is stopping you. From having a business like this. All right. Let’s hear what’s stopping you from this. Petraeus says he thinks it can only break even. I think you can make money if you do it right. Okay. What’s stopping you. What do you think is stopping you.

All right. No proper guidance. Well you got to join one of my courses we teach you. All this stuff in great detail. She had to do it all. All right.

When we look at this this is how it works. Here’s the cool thing I think. Let’s see if Part three is that. Yes. So. Mapping out your content. K. To go through.

You like. There you go. We got this OK got our list here. This is all our content and we make a list of. All the content stuff we’re going to write and this is what I do right. I go through it. I make a list of all the things I want to talk to you guys about and talk to other niches about and I get a list of it. I’m like Okay cool so we’re gonna go through and we’re going to look at the next part.

Okay. Part 3 content and offers right there. Now Part 3 is.

Can I get back up there.

Good enough. Okay. Part three. Is. The traffic recycling loop. Traffic. Recycling loops.

Here’s how it works. Mark is I don’t know how to set all this up. Should I use a blog. Should I use a click funnel. Should I use a click bank. Should I use a builder all should I use H2 UML. Should I just go out and do the rain dance and hope money falls. Well what I like to do is I like to use WordPress. OK. So we’re gonna do is we’re gonna set up the traffic recycling loop. This is why I like to use WordPress. Now if you guys are in one of my courses or the markets mentor dot m e Marcus mentor dot m e you get all the plugins that make all this work. Right. So if you’re here and you’re like Morgan’s I don’t have any tools I don’t have anyone to help me. No one is telling me how to do this. Go to Marcus mentor Academy.

Or get Marcus mentor. M E and sign up. It’s like two dollars a day. It’s dirt cheap.

Okay you get a free affiliate marketing new T-shirt. You get an affiliate marketing dude. Book that walks you through everything. And most importantly because shirts and books are great but you want to make money. What we’re gonna do is we’re gonna give you all of my custom WordPress plugins custom. These aren’t white labeled these aren’t. Other people this is like custom plugins I had a developer make according to my specifications so that you can do this. So here’s what the feedback loop looks like.

Okay you got the tomato people.

Here they are. Here is all your tomato people. You say tomato people game you. Here they are.

This is doing a little dance. This guy has three legs something’s wrong with him.

All right Erica. So there is art tomato people are tomato people come in and they’re like yay we want to check out your page in our page looks like this. And it’s got a big tomato and it’s like you want to grow tomatoes this big. Yay. Then what you want to do is put your name. An email. In the box. Yay. There you go. They put their name and email in the box OK. They go on your list. Next. Now this is all done with WordPress. This is a plug in in your mentor member’s area. Marcus mentor dot M E. That’s called funnel voodoo. It literally turned your WordPress into. A funnel.

Right. So very very very cool.

Okay so turns it into a funnel so you could collect a list. You could do all kinds of things really really cool. Okay. So they put the name and email on the list. Now some of these people aren’t going to put their name and email on the list so we’re going to end up with I don’t know.

Not as many as we’re up there. Okay so we’re just weeding it out. Okay. So there they are.

Now the people that did fill out the list that’s who we’re interested in. Like the other day someone was like Marcus. People don’t type in you or L’s anymore. And I was like I’m sitting here watching people do that live on my Web site. But he didn’t want to listen to reason. A lot of people like to argue with the old buddy Marcus but. Been doing this 20 years. I’ve got a couple grey hairs. I kind of know what’s going on so these people come in they put their name and email on the box.

They come over here to. Your thank you Page. Now this. Is very important. Because your thank you page is where you want.

To make your 50 cents back. Pretty cool right. So I pay 50 cents to get each of these guys on my list.

Okay now what I want to do is want to make my money back instantly. I don’t want to just put a bunch of money out there and hope that it works right. I want to actually actually. Do this stuff and make it work. So what I want to do is I want to put my best. Ofer.

Here OK in the tomato market if I was in the tomato market I would try to find an as seen on TV tomato offer.

That’s gonna be the best converter. Next best thing. Maybe like a toolbar or something free. Something that pays decent. Right. Like I’m looking for something with a low barrier of entry. That pays me between 2. And twenty five dollars. K I don’t want like a click bank book because. It’s probably gonna get a low sales amount. Although it could work. But probably probably want to go somewhere else. What’s up more hard hitting and we talk about this in my courses as well. So the thank you page is where you want to make your money back. Okay that’s the best offer. So we’re gonna go through and this is again this is all set up on WordPress. You can set this up in literally 45 minutes. It’s not hard to do. If you go over to Marcus mentors and EU sign up there’s a video right on the page that says here’s how to do it. And I guarantee even if you’ve never built a site before even if you’ve never bought a domain. Literally gonna be setup. Like. Click a button. Click a thing. There you go. It’ll cost a total of about. If you don’t have web hosting yet it’ll cost about 70 dollars for the year of web hosting and your free trial of the auto responders they give you a free trial of it so you don’t even have to pay for that yet. So you get 30 days to make money. Okay so there you have that. And even after that it’s only like nineteen dollars a month to calm down. Don’t get all mad.

Okay so you have your thank you page you have your opt in page here and you have your thank you page here. Yay. Great. Thank you page we want to recoup the money. Really good. Now what you also have is you have.

What’s called posts post. And you’ll see post on my site there what ranks and Google there what I send you to for my mailing list there whatever. Now your posts. Are going to be.

Like this. OK.

And they’re gonna have all the stuff that you did.

In part two. OK. So you’re gonna go through and you’ll be like OK we’re gonna make a post.

About garden tips we’re gonna make a post about tools. We’re gonna make a post about seeds we’re gonna make a post about a growth chart. OK plant time’s cooking stuff and we’re going to make.

Different posts about all these things. Now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna make a helpful post where I came and check this out. Here’s some help on how to make your tomatoes good.

Whatever. Now on the post we have. Offers offer. Now I find it best to make the offer fit. What the post is about. So if it’s about tools. Put some tools if it’s about information put a book it’s about seeds put a seed if it’s about some you know kind of make it fit.

Now you’re gonna mail these out and these are gonna go out automatically in your auto responder and then boom you’re going to make money as they come back. Now here’s the cool part. You’re gonna build content while making money with your list. The search engines will start to pick this content up. People will start to buy stuff and it’s just going to start to take off. If you stick with it and if you don’t stick with it if you’re like Marcus I didn’t do anything. Why didn’t I make money. And I’ll be like Well let me check. I got to look at my notes but.

I think. It’s just a hunch here. Think it might be because you didn’t do anything. I. Mean maybe it might be. I know I know. But you gotta look at this objectively because so many people are so focused on getting a quick result right now. That they don’t.

Really realize that the result can happen fast. They just have to do the right stuff right. They spent so much time dreaming about a result and trying to get the result and they get obsessed with the chase and they don’t get obsessed with the actual work it’s like marriage right. You go through you meet the girl of your dreams you’re like everything’s going to be wonderful and then you you spend one hundred thousand dollars on a wedding and then after the wedding and the honeymoon you go and you sit down and you’re like. Oh shit. Well I guess we got to talk to each other now. You know what do you get in the mail. Honey you know I got some thing about my tomatoes from Marcus and you know a couple other things and you’re like wow.

When I was chasing this girl to marry I thought life was gonna be so splendid. But now it’s just the day to day stuff. That’s not bad. It’s just not sworn did. Right and we got to look at that and say this is how marketing is. People look at it and I get people all time who were like.

This one person who wanted to fly from a different country just to take a picture with me and I’m like you have seen my face. Right. Because you might want to rethink that. Might break your camera. But.

They think my life is really glamorous and they’re like wow Marcus you know you do all this stuff. It’s like well. Half the time I sit in my backyard office and write sales pitches and and make videos and. Make a little marketing pages.

Right. And that’s why people quit because the glitter and the glamour isn’t so much there when it comes to the day to day operation. But here’s the deal. The day to day operation in my opinion. Is easier than a job like if I had to go to a job I wouldn’t be able to like. Yesterday it was like 10:00 in the morning and I’m like I feel like going swimming. I just went swimming and I didn’t work to like four. And I wouldn’t be able to do that at a job. And you know we’re gonna go do other stuff and then vacation all the time. And you look at it and it’s like okay. Those parts can be good but those are only there because I do the little work. Like. Writing content is not that hard. How many of you guys are like Yeah I guess if I if I had to I could make hundred pieces of content or 50 or 25 or whatever. Right it’s not that hard. And Doro says it sounds fun compared to a job I’ve had jobs and they suck. Like that’s why I only worked like two years in my life. As a regular job. Because I was like This sucks. I don’t want to do that. I want to call my own shots. I was talking my daughter about it yesterday and she was like we were going to get something printed for our male promo I’m doing a male promo right now and. We’re going to get something printed. And she’s like well how does this work. You know. And I’m like well we’ve got gotta send a thousand cause we’ve got a thousand requests on an opt in page with Name. Email. Phone Number postal address.

Like a thousand. That’s a lot. And they’re still going I just dropped it yesterday. And so she’s like. Well how much do you make when you send these thousand things out. And I said Well you know if it goes right the way that I think it will based on other things probably looking at about 60000 bucks and she’s like.

Don’t people make that in a year. I say yeah. People make that in a year. And she’s like and you’re literally going to make that in like.

A week. Just mailing out letters. And.

I’m like Yeah. And you got to think about this objectively now again Results not typical implied or guaranteed. Been doing this 20 years. I know what I’m doing. And I could teach you what I’m doing. If you want to learn it how do you guys are liking this so far. All right scale of one to 100. Let me know. And then as we go through so that the traffic recycling route loop rather. OK so you’re gonna have your email list up here. You’re gonna send them to these blog posts. Hey. Super easy.

They’re gonna get all this stuff. Now what’s gonna happen. Is all these clicks are going to start to multiply.

And you’re going to start to make more money and these are going to start to grow and they’re going to start to show up in the search engines if you do it the way that I teach you and it’s all gonna compound. But the problem is this. The problem is is people get a course they set something up like this and they don’t even do a good job. I know because I critique it. People come to me and they’re like Marcus I tried this other guy’s stuff and you know what do you think. And I’m like. How do I nicely tell you that your site totally sucks.

And I’m like. You know I kind of don’t like it. Whatever. And then they quit. And. They never run traffic. And they never even test anything. And they never really build it. And this is why they don’t get success. But you can actually do this and it’s just as hard as what you’re doing right now. I think it’s harder to go buy a thing. Try to learn it.

Give up and buy another thing and try to learn it and give it. You might as well just stick with something. You might as well be like Marcus I’m going to get your stuff I’m going to stick with it. You know you say it’s going to work. Let’s see it work. But the problem is is so many people quit and so many people. They. Don’t understand the value of a market they don’t understand that a tomato guy on your list is worth 50 cents. Plain and simple they don’t understand like for me to send out that postal mailing cost well over a thousand dollars probably. Too. OK and people go Van I’ve got to invest two thousand dollars. That’s crazy. I’m like Yeah we’ll try it out if I get one sale I break even. There you go. So that’s what you got to look at is you have to be like OK. This is how we’re gonna make it work right. Like Thoreau says failing is much harder. Okay. Now once you’re past that part. Everything is a numbers game. All it is is a big numbers game. If I know okay I can make four bucks on every tomato person per year. How many tomato people do I want to get on my list. I should done. Like as many as I possibly can. Once you have it dialed in once you get it working once you look at it and we help you with this you just go and you make it happen. Now we are still taking preorders for simple sites bootcamp which is starting at the end of the month. Simple sites Bootcamp is a 16 week course. This is going to be unlike anything else because we are actually going to be teaching you sales are going to be teaching you the stuff I learned with direct mail and you know teach you the stuff I learned with magazine ads which I’ve never taught before. OK. It’s a 16 week course we go through everything step by step. We show you how to set this up. We go through and you go in and in week one you’re like I got this and we look at it and Week Five. You’re like I’m getting a mailing list. What would you market to him. And we look at it and we take a look and we we literally walk you by the hand through everything until you get it up and working. It’s a 16 week course also comes with a two day live workshop here in Orlando. Really cool. If you guys want to learn this stuff go to simple sites boot camp dot com. This stuff has been worth a lot of money to me and my life. It’s work extremely well. Really cool. If you guys are wondering about auto responders just go join Marcus mentor dot m e we give you the tools and we’ll show you the auto responders to use. OK.

So civil rights boot camp is good. You can go to civil sites boot camp dot com right now it is on preorder which means you save 700 bucks. Now if you are on a budget and you just want to start setting something up fast if you like my videos and you are not yet part of Marcus mentor got an E.

Like what are you doing.

You got to be part of Marcus mentor. M E that’s what gives you the tools the plugins everything to help you get started and as part of Marcus mentor. M E as if. Two dollars investment is crazy right. We actually have a live training every Tuesday just for our mentor people. You come on Tuesday we look at your sites you ask whatever questions you want. You go through weird like grip and people sign up. It’s incredible. Like it’s well worth it. And you get that all for the whopping price of two dollars a day or something like that. I think it’s two dollars and 50 cents and you get an affiliate dude shirt and the book. I mean come on. Can’t beat that right. All right so any questions on this. While you guys get signed up for the programs. Let me know.

All right anyone getting a ha moment today. You guys learn a lot. And by the way if you’re new.


Our so looks like we ended a little early today. Which is good. Okay. Let’s take some Q and A since we ended early. How do you go from the thank you page to the post that is set up with the funnel voodoo plug in. That’s a plug in you get as part as Mark is a part of Marcus mentor dot m e. What you’re gonna do is you’re gonna set it up to where your pages have the opt in box and your post have specific offers for the post and then you’re just going to link to it. Right. So like your link to it from me see if I can bring it up there wouldn’t be one second. Where we go. OK. So what we would want to do is you’re gonna have your pages. So you’ll see like on affiliate marketing dude. Like this.

You’re going to see we have an opt in on the page here. OK so they can put their name and email. They go to a different page. They could put their name and email over here. We have the products over here we have reviews. And then so you can see like on a lot of the stuff we’re asking for the name and email. These are pages and this is all controlled by the funnel voodoo. And then if you were to go and look at Google for the site you’re going to see a post. So you have like let’s do Wix affiliate. If we go here. You’re going to see like this is a post right so I can actually link to this post. I could send this out. In my auto responder email. And then I’d send him to this page and then these are all the posts here. I could just send them to all this content. So make sense.

Maya Yeah you’re good. I just asked him on on P.C. moneymaking e-commerce support site. How do you write a post. Just click Add post and start writing. It’s easier than Microsoft Word. And we teach that in the. In the markets mentor me as well. And if you guys are not in Marcus mentor me. I don’t know what you’re thinking because there’s a lot of good stuff in there. Which is good. What’s the best email to get in touch with support. None. We don’t use email. We use our support site. P.S. moneymaking

Thorough. Yes the funnel voodoo is what formats the entire block. This is using funnel voodoo. And click voodoo. Or. Yeah I think it’s called Click voodoo used to be called smart affiliate. So the plugins on this site are the plugins that you get it controls. This are not this but it controls the opt in thing like on this page. It controls this stuff on the sidebar. Puts the ads here rotates them and finds you the best ad puts these ads here. Notice how they don’t look like ads. They actually look at content. And it also puts this footer here. And everything is tracked as well. There’s literally like. A bazillion plugins not a bazillion but I think there’s like 12 really good plugins. Did I find the lottery extension. What’s the lottery extension.

Has there ever been a plugin called dropdown voodoo. We had one a while back. It’s actually included there’s a dropdown maker included in funnel voodoo. Can you get the plug ins with simple to make profits. Yes. As a simple sites big profits member you get a month free of. Marcus Benjamin. So yeah. Zaki the 16 week program is simple sites boot camp. That’s a whole different one. That one is 12 77 right now. The normal price is 1997 and it comes with 16 weeks alive meaning everything that once pricier for people who want like hands on want to work with me. Marcus mentor me as our inexpensive one that’s like a coaching kind of thing. And you can cancel whenever you want. On the markets mentor me. Do I automatically send posts as they are published or do you always schedule for me I always do a broadcast. But you can schedule it. There are tools where when you put a new blog post it will actually it’ll send out an e-mail.

I don’t do that but you can.

Is funnel voodoo in simple sites to make profits. The Mentor Program is free for a month with simple sites. So. Yes.

All right guys any other questions let me know.

Let’s see. Where are your posts located on your blog. You’ll be able to get them. They’re usually like a little less here if you have the list enabled. OK. Which course should you choose. If you can afford simple sites bootcamp do that and don’t look back. You’ll love it. I mean that is an incredible course. Being able to hang out live in Orlando is one of the biggest perks. So if you can’t afford that do that. Otherwise do Marcus mentor Amy. Are there comparable free WordPress plugins. Well there’s probably stuff that you could piece together to make it work. But like. Is it not worth two dollars a day. Right and you can cancel you get like go in there two dollars. So here’s how it works. Marcus mentor me when I ship out your shirt and your book. I actually spend more than your first month costs. It actually cost me more to have you there the first month. So if you’re like I want free plug ins and I won’t pay for nothing you can really get one over on me by buying a month of the stuff download all the plug ins get the shirt get all the stuff I’m out two bucks. You get all this stuff and then just cancel. Like if that’s what you’re after if you’re like huh.

I mean I pulled one over on Marcus. And you’re like I want free stuff. And you could do that if you want.

But you got to look at like what is the price of free. Free always has a price. It’s always a free price to free. That would be bad karma that you know we had a good story I’ll tell you a good story. So we went to the 21 pilots concert on Father’s Day and we were in the line getting out of the parking structure. The funniest thing I wish I had my camera going. This lady wouldn’t let a guy in. So he decided to cut in and he FLIPPED HER OFF WITH A BIG OLD finger and he was smiling as he flipped her off. And then he crashed into the car in front of him. Funniest damn thing ever. That was great. Do I still offer the banner ads training I showed last week. Yes and yes we will cover advertorial sort of. Paul I’m not sure what you’re asking. Tech tips what. What course Are you looking at. Imran that would be a good question for our Tuesday ones. And there’s actually a plug in that does that for you. How can I get the link for the live webinars on the third day of the week. I know what you about. It’s always the same link every week.

All right guys. If you are going to join boot camp. Sign up now. Because that big male promotion. Is going to sell boot camp. And that will sell it out.

How fast until my site starts making money there’s no way anyone could know like there are people that follow stuff and they make money. Today. There are people that never make money. It just depends on what you do. But what I try to do is teach you everything right. So I’m like Here’s how it works in a real straight up objective way. Kevin. If you’re looking for that. Just use our support site.

2 on if you are in the high ticket net you had just joined the Tuesday call.

Tuesday call next week. You bring your site we’ll help you out. I took a niche. Where do I ask the questions. Tuesday call. Everyone that needs help should go on the Tuesday call. If you can’t make the Tuesday call. Figure out a way to make the Tuesday call it is that important if you care about this stuff like. You got a you got to get in there and get some skin in the game you’ve got to be like I’m going to make the calls. I’m going to do this stuff like You can’t sit there and be like I ordered it. Now. As soon as Marcus changes his whole schedule. So that I can attend this because you know I I clipped my toenails on Tuesday at 4:00 and I can’t cut into that I figure out make it work. You want the business. Make it work. You guys know the sacrifices I put to make this business work. Like a lot. Yes. Next Tuesday there is not a Tuesday calling in to be not around. But it’s 3 to five. Do people who bought your simple sites course qualify for the Tuesday call. As long as they are a current Marcus mentor me member. Can. We are trying to push everyone in the mentor me as well as the other stuff.

That way you guys always have access to the support the replays the new plugins everything. So even if you have my other staff like you about simple sites a long time ago. Get on. The mentor program as well. Tuesday calls are absurd. Like. There’s so much value there it’s not even funny. And if you break it up. So the Tuesday calls we do four to five a month. So if we do five a month times two hours each. That’s 10 hours. Divided by your seventy seven dollars. You’re paying seven dollars and 70 cents an hour. You’re getting all the plug ins you’re getting all the tools you’re getting all the replays you’re getting live interaction you get people to look at your site. I mean we actually redesigned to people’s sites on the call yesterday. So like literally how many of you guys are like no Marcus that is not worth seven dollars. I can spend my seven dollars on a hamburger and I think that’s a much better investment right. Seriously you gotta you gotta get priorities. Gotta look at this objective. Got to really focus.

The Tuesday call is 3 to 5. Now the Wednesday webinars These are for everyone. These are not paid webinars or just. Something we do to get traffic and more people and stuff like that. Carlos Marcus mentor dot m e Marcus mentor. M E.

Put that in the link in the chat.

There’s four Marcus mentor. M E. For the boot camp. Is there an archive of Tuesday. Yes there is. So like when you get to markets mentor me. Go like this.

Go into M.D. mentorship program. Go into video vault. There’s the archive. You just click them. You can actually download em. You can watch them. But I mean we go over some craziness grabbed my bibles right. So we like over everything. It’s it’s pretty cool. OK and then this is where you get your shirt. Basic Training download all kinds of reports we get tons of reports you can print out. The voodoo plug ins and then of course you get special deals on my my software and everything like that. Which Is call Marcus mentor me is the place to be. 2 1. I don’t. I don’t know what you are in so you would want to talk to our support. Because I don’t know what product you’re in. Yeah because you might not need to get it it just depends on what you got.

Isn’t it competitively risky to reveal one’s Web site on a call with other people in the same game. Not really. Like. You guys have seen me reveal all my sites. Do you know how many times have been copied. Like none. The fact of the matter is is people don’t do stuff like they literally a lot of people just don’t do stuff. Be to be an action taker and do the stuff to warn you if you’re not to get an edge. Get them on support and they’ll help you.

But African flight staff That’s your worry. But. Yeah. You’re just it doesn’t make sense or about that.

Mentor me can I do it off line. No you got do it online as an internet business so it makes sense to do it online. All right guys. So simple sites boot camp dot com. That’s the best place to go if you can swing it. Eight 16 weeks a full on coaching all kinds of cool stuff. And then of course you got the Marcus mentor me. Either way get started do some stuff learn the marketing. Focus more on the marketing less on the Internet and. Let’s make some money. Got any questions. I’ll be out here on live chat till I go to lunch in a little bit and we’ll talk soon. Thanks again for watching.


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