How To Make Money With Facebook Groups

Today, I’m going to show you exactly how I made over $23,000 in one month from free Facebook group traffic. It’s really easy to get. Anyone can do it, and I’m going to show you how. And we’re starting right now.

All right, now there are several times that I’ve done this with Facebook groups over the past year. I’ve been testing various different methods. One time I made $23,000 in one month. Another time I made close to $80,000 in about a month and a half. And I even have a friend who’s done this to promote a product from ground zero to actually making a lot of money. I think she made almost $70,000 off of Facebook group traffic. Now there’s several ways that you want to od this.

Way number one is no product. This is if you are an affiliate marketer. Method number two is if you have a product. If you already have a product, this is going to work a lot better, it’s going to be a lot easier, but you can still do it with affiliate marketing. Now we’re going to put all these things together and show you exactly how it works. But first, we got to look at how we’re going to get the traffic. Because over here, we have our profit centers. We’re either going to make money with our own product or we’re going to make money with an affiliate offer.

Now we got to talk about how we’re going to get traffic. Traffic is going to come from the Facebook group. Now there’s two ways you can do this. You can either have your own group or use other groups. Now it’s very important to remember that your group is going to be your traffic source. So you’re going to need to find or create a group that has a similar interest to what you want to promote. For example, if you go out there and you find a group of people that are interested in weight loss and they’re all in a Facebook group about some certain type of weight loss or diet or exercise, then you can go into that group and start providing value. The key to making this work is going to be provide value. Provide value to your market. Very important.

Now you might be saying, well what is value, Marcus? Value could be anything from a question to a PDF report to a tip. Something that’s going to get them used to you posting in the group. When you get into these groups, it’s very important that you don’t do spam or junk or post unwanted stuff. Got to make sure we keep it legit, right? So the first step, if you don’t yet have a Facebook group, is going to be to go out there and target other groups in your target market. Get these groups, find out what they’re interested in, look at what’s getting engagement. That’s they key to making Facebook work. If nobody engages with your posts, comments or questions, then noone’s going to care what you have to offer, no matter how good you might think it is. So once you have that list, what you’re going to do is you’re going to start to monitor them. Start to learn about them. And start to answer questions and ask questions of the market. These could be simple questions like what’s your number one struggle about losing weight, or what did you do to lose weight today, or how much weight do you want to lose or maybe even something like what kind of diets have you tried in the past that didn’t work for you?

Get people talking, get them to recognize your name. Then what you can do is you can send these people over to one of two things. You can send them to a website you own with an opt-in page. Say hey, get a free report for losing weight. Or get a free report for how to make money. Or you can start sending them and siphoning them off into your own group. You can start building your own group of people from other groups that like the stuff that you have to post. Very important. I would highly recommend doing the website first. Getting them to opt in for a free gift, and then say, thanks, your free gift’s on the way. Please join my Facebook group so you can get more stuff and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah everything like that. Very cool, this is a very good way to go about this. So we can do this if we do not have our own group. We can start using other groups.

Now if we want to create our own group, we can create our own group very easily and very fast by doing paid traffic, using existing traffic, doing video marketing. Any type of the traffic stuff that I teach here on the channel, which by the way, if you like this stuff, make sure you subscribe and click the bell because I’m going to teach you lots of other stuff as well. Now what you’re doing is you’re building up your group, you’re getting people to opt in, you’re getting people to recognize you. Getting people to say hey, you know what, that Marcus guy has some value. I better listen to what else he has to say. And they’re going to start to watch for your posts, start to watch for your comments. Now another thing you can do, if you don’t have your own group, but you have your own product, is you can actually go to other group owners, people who own Facebook groups, and you can offer to do a free training for their group live and split the commissions with them. I’ve done this many times and it’s made a small fortune.

Now the key here is never to directly, blatantly sell on a Facebook post. Instead, what you want to do is you want to sell on your live training that you’re doing. Get everyone hyped up, bring them to a live training, and then you can just simply read a sales letter or talk to them about the product or do a Q&A or something like that and make it very easy for them to buy. Now when doing your Facebook group marketing, it’s very important to have your own little portfolio of domain names that are easy to type in. These are short domain names with a .com that people will recognize your product from. Very simple, very easy and you want to make it something that they can type in when they’re watching the video so they can go to the site and order whatever it is that you’re selling. Very cool, very easy to do. And this is very easy to do with affiliate marketing, because once you have your own domain, you can hop on a live or a training or something like that and you can talk about the product, lead them to your domain, which will redirect to your affiliate link and boom, you get paid.

Now these Facebook groups are really cool because Facebook is actually helping promote them because they want to get more engagement and they found that groups are a way to get more engagement and more people using the platform. So you will be rewarded for actually joining in on the conversation and starting your own conversation which is really, really cool. Now another little last minute tip I want to give you about Facebook marketing is something really simple that anyone can do. You see, on the internet with affiliate marketing, there are little toolbars and little pay-per-call programs you can promote. You can actually get paid when people download stuff or when people call a phone number. A lot of people know that I am five years sober, a couple days ago I hit five years. And I’m a part of a lot of sobriety Facebook groups because I like that kind of stuff. And I notice that there’s this one group where this guy posts pictures and quotes and different things like that with a phone number to a rehab lead affiliate offer. Which means he actually gets paid when people use that affiliate program.

Now there’s a lot of stuff in the addiction market. You might want to stay away from it, but there’s other things you can do as well. For example, let’s say there’s a group of a bunch of people that like to read the Bible and discuss the Bible. You can go out there and post Bible quotes and post your URL, which would be a redirect, to an affiliate offer which actually sends them to a Bible toolbar download that pays you like $2.50 every time they download it. Just imagine if you can get 50, 100, 200 people a day to download that toolbar, you’re going to be making some serious money. Really, really cool. So I hope you enjoyed this little video that talks about all the different ways that you can make money with Facebook groups. If you want to get a special report on this, go over to I’m going to give you a special case study report on how I went in various Facebook groups and made lots and lots of money, over six figures, and I’m a novice at Facebook, I’m not even that good at it. So you’re going to want to check that out.

You’re also going to want to make sure you subscribe and click the little bell notification so I can teach you even more stuff about how to make money online and you can join us live every Wednesday here on the channel. Thanks again for watching, I’m Marcus, aka the Affiliate Marketing Dude.

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