How to Make Money with Canva AI And Copilot

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital entrepreneurship, a groundbreaking opportunity has emerged, combining the prowess of artificial intelligence with the simplicity of graphic design tools. This guide unveils a glitch in the AI matrix, offering a step-by-step approach to leveraging MSN Bing’s new co-pilot GPTs and Canva for generating substantial income.

Discovering the Glitch in the AI Matrix

The Potential Unleashed

Imagine tapping into a strategy that yields $59,000, $28,000, or even $166,000 a month. This isn’t a mere fantasy but a tangible reality made possible by exploiting a unique glitch in the AI matrix.

The Tools at Your Disposal

The fusion of MSN Bing’s co-pilot GPTs with Canva’s intuitive design platform forms the backbone of this innovative method. By harnessing these tools, you’re not just creating content; you’re crafting a revenue stream.

The Step-by-Step Blueprint

Setting the Foundation with Microsoft Co-Pilot Pro

  1. Initiating the Process: Start by creating a table in Microsoft Co-Pilot Pro. This simple action is your entry point into a world of potential earnings.

Bringing Your Creation to Life with Canva

  1. Design Magic with Canva: Transition to Canva and select ‘Magic Studio’ followed by the flyer option. This combination unlocks the gateway to visually appealing content.
  2. Merging AI and Creativity: Download the table from Co-Pilot and integrate it into Canva. Resize and position it, setting the stage for the next transformative step.

Infusing Content with Purpose

  1. Commanding the AI: Direct Co-Pilot to generate a list of 10 high-fiber foods, including the amount of fiber in each. This content isn’t just informative—it’s the core of your monetization strategy.
  2. Finalizing the Design: Overlay the generated content onto your Canva design. This fusion creates a compelling infographic, ready to capture attention and drive engagement.

From Digital Design to Tangible Product

  1. The Transformation: Utilize the Snipping Tool to refine your creation, saving it as a PNG. This format is crucial for the subsequent steps, allowing for a seamless transition to physical products.

The Path to Monetization

  1. Market Research with the Hoth and Jungle Scout: Validate your idea by researching demand for your content. Tools like the Hoth’s free Keyword Planner and Jungle Scout offer insights into search volumes and potential earnings.

Launching Your Product

  1. The Etsy and Amazon Opportunity: Discover how platforms like Etsy and Amazon are ripe for selling your AI-generated infographics, transformed into practical items like magnetic cheat sheets.

Realizing the Profit Potential

  1. The Magic of Magnets: Dive into the logistics of turning your digital creations into physical, magnetic products. Explore options for printing and selling, highlighting the low cost and high reward of this venture.

Maximizing Your Earnings

Scaling Your Business

  • Expanding Your Range: Learn how to replicate this process across various niches, from dietary guides to household tips, unlocking endless opportunities for income.
  • Optimizing for Sales: Master the art of product presentation and online marketing to maximize visibility and sales on platforms like Amazon and Etsy.

Navigating Challenges

  • Overcoming Common Hurdles: Address potential pitfalls in the journey, from production challenges to market saturation, and offer strategies for staying ahead.

Here are some example products you could use

Product Name Niche Price ($) Popularity
Low-Fat Foods Reference Magnet Chart Nutrition/Health 10.99 Popular
High-Fiber Foods Magnet Chart Nutrition/Dietary Fiber 9.99 Popular
Antioxidant-Rich Foods Magnet Chart Nutrition/Antioxidants 11.49 Popular
Omega-3 Foods Magnet Chart Nutrition/Heart Health 10.99 Popular
Vegan Sources of Iron Magnet Chart Nutrition/Vegan 9.49 Niche
Gluten-Free Grains Magnet Chart Health/Gluten-Free 9.99 Niche
Probiotic Foods Magnet Chart Nutrition/Gut Health 12.49 Popular
Anti-Inflammatory Foods Magnet Chart Nutrition/Health 11.99 Popular
High-Protein Vegan Foods Magnet Chart Nutrition/Vegan 10.49 Niche
Low Glycemic Index Foods Magnet Chart Nutrition/Diabetes 9.99 Niche
Calcium-Rich Foods for Dairy-Free Diets Magnet Chart Nutrition/Dairy-Free 10.99 Niche
Ketogenic Diet Foods Magnet Chart Nutrition/Keto 11.49 Popular
Paleo Diet Superfoods Magnet Chart Nutrition/Paleo 12.99 Niche
Whole30 Diet Food List Magnet Chart Nutrition/Whole30 12.49 Niche
Mediterranean Diet Essentials Magnet Chart Nutrition/Mediterranean 13.99 Popular
Super Greens Magnet Chart Nutrition/Health 8.99 Popular
Plant-Based Omega-3 Sources Magnet Chart Nutrition/Vegan 10.49 Niche
Natural Sweeteners Magnet Chart Nutrition/Health 9.99 Popular
Low-Carb Vegetables Magnet Chart Nutrition/Low-Carb 8.99 Popular
High Magnesium Foods Magnet Chart Nutrition/Health 11.99 Popular
Foods High in Vitamin D Magnet Chart Nutrition/Vitamin D 10.99 Popular
Fermented Foods for Gut Health Magnet Chart Nutrition/Gut Health 12.99 Popular
Alkaline Foods Magnet Chart Nutrition/Health 11.49 Niche
Detox Foods Magnet Chart Nutrition/Detox 9.49 Niche
Healthy Fats Magnet Chart Nutrition/Heart Health 10.99 Popular

Here are some non food products

Product Name Niche Price ($)
Kitchen Conversion Chart Magnet Cooking/Kitchen 9.99
Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables Magnet Chart Nutrition/Health 8.99
Classic Cocktail Recipes Magnet Chart Beverages/Cooking 9.99
Baking Measurement Conversion Magnet Chart Baking/Kitchen 7.99
Wine Pairing Guide Magnet Chart Beverages/Food 11.99
Cheese Varieties and Pairings Magnet Chart Gourmet/Food 10.99
Herb and Spice Usage Guide Magnet Chart Cooking/Kitchen 8.49
Meat Cooking Temperatures Magnet Chart Cooking/Kitchen 9.49
Vegan Protein Sources Magnet Chart Nutrition/Vegan 9.99
Sushi Making Guide Magnet Chart Cooking/International 12.49
Gluten-Free Foods Magnet Chart Health/Diet 11.49
Keto Diet Food List Magnet Chart Nutrition/Keto 10.99
Paleo Diet Food List Magnet Chart Nutrition/Paleo 10.99
Mediterranean Diet Pyramid Magnet Chart Nutrition/Mediterranean 12.99
International Cheese Guide Magnet Chart Gourmet/International 13.99
Coffee Brewing Techniques Magnet Chart Beverages/Coffee 9.99
Tea Varieties and Brewing Guide Magnet Chart Beverages/Tea 10.49
Smoothie and Juice Ingredient Guide Magnet Chart Nutrition/Health 8.99
Fermented Foods and Benefits Magnet Chart Health/Nutrition 11.99
Seafood Seasonality and Selection Guide Magnet Chart Cooking/Seafood 12.99
Plant-Based Diet Essential Foods Magnet Chart Nutrition/Vegan 9.49
Whole Grains Guide Magnet Chart Nutrition/Health 8.99
Superfoods and Their Benefits Magnet Chart Nutrition/Health 10.49
Salad Dressing Mixology Magnet Chart Cooking/Nutrition 7.99
Culinary Herbs and Their Uses Magnet Chart Cooking/Kitchen 9.99

More examples…

# Chart Type Description
1 Periodic Table of Elements Quick reference to the chemical elements.
2 World Map Geography enthusiasts’ educational tool.
3 Human Anatomy Visual aid for understanding human body structure.
4 Yoga Poses Visual reference for yoga practitioners.
5 Musical Chords and Scales Displays chord diagrams and scale patterns for musicians.
6 Gardening Zone Map Helps gardeners with planting times and suitable plants.
7 Astronomy and Constellations Guide for identifying stars and constellations.
8 Language Alphabet and Phrases Aids language learners with basic alphabets and phrases.
9 Emergency First Aid Procedures Basic first aid steps for common emergencies.
10 Vehicle Maintenance Schedule Track regular vehicle maintenance tasks.
11 Household Cleaning Tips and Schedule Cleaning hacks and schedule for home organization.
12 Workout Routines and Exercises Various exercises for different muscle groups.
13 Knitting and Crochet Pattern Symbols Common symbols and abbreviations for crafters.
14 Solar System and Planets Details planets and celestial bodies in our solar system.
15 Wine Pairing Guide Pairing different types of wine with foods.
16 Bird Species Identification Identify common birds by appearance and calls.
17 Dog Breeds Features various dog breeds and their care requirements.
18 Herbal Remedies and Uses Information on common herbs and their uses.
19 Essential Oils Guide Benefits and uses of different essential oils.
20 Recycling and Waste Sorting Encourages proper recycling practices.

The printable magnets business model centers on designing, producing, and selling magnetic products that cater to various interests and needs. This model taps into the demand for educational, organizational, decorative, and functional magnets that can be used in homes, schools, offices, and more. Below, we’ll delve into the key aspects of this business, including product focus, sales channels, best practices, printing services, and other considerations.

Product Focus

  1. Educational Magnets: Include alphabet, numbers, periodic tables, maps, and language learning aids. These are popular in educational settings and among parents for home schooling.
  2. Organizational Magnets: Feature calendars, to-do lists, chore charts, and meal planners. Great for personal and office use to stay organized.
  3. Decorative Magnets: Artistic designs, inspirational quotes, or personalized photo magnets. These appeal to those looking to add a personal touch to their space.
  4. Functional Magnets: Such as emergency contacts, first aid steps, workout routines, gardening guides, and cooking measurements. Serve specific practical needs.

Sales Channels

  1. Online Marketplaces: Etsy, Amazon, and eBay are prime venues for reaching a wide audience interested in niche products.
  2. Social Media: Platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are excellent for showcasing designs and driving traffic to your sales pages.
  3. Personal Website: An e-commerce website allows you to control the customer experience and build a brand. Utilize SEO strategies to attract organic traffic.
  4. Local Retail: Partnering with local bookstores, gift shops, and educational stores can help reach local markets.
  5. Direct Sales: Attend craft fairs, local markets, and educational conferences to sell directly to consumers.

Best Practices

  1. Quality Design and Material: Invest in high-quality magnet material and vibrant, durable printing to ensure customer satisfaction.
  2. Market Research: Understand your target audience and create designs that meet their specific needs and interests.
  3. Customer Feedback: Use feedback to improve existing products and inspire new ones.
  4. Marketing: Utilize both digital marketing (email newsletters, SEO, social media advertising) and traditional marketing techniques.

Printing Services

Several companies specialize in printing custom magnets, offering various sizes, shapes, and magnet strengths. When selecting a printing service, consider:

  • Quality: Look for reviews or request samples to assess print quality and magnet durability.
  • Pricing: Competitive pricing without compromising quality is key. Bulk ordering often leads to better rates.
  • Turnaround Time: Ensure their production and shipping times meet your needs, especially if you’re selling seasonal items.
  • Customization Options: The more flexible the service in terms of sizes, shapes, and custom designs, the better.

Popular Printing Services

  • Vistaprint: Known for a wide range of customizable promotional products, including magnets.
  • StickerMule: Offers custom magnets with free proofs, free worldwide shipping, and fast turnaround.
  • PsPrint: Another popular choice for high-quality, custom-printed magnets and other marketing materials.
  • Moo: Offers premium, customizable magnetic products with unique design options.


Can This Method Be Applied to Other Niches?

Absolutely. The versatility of AI and graphic design tools means you can adapt this method to virtually any niche, from health and wellness to home organization.

Do I Need Advanced Technical Skills?

No. This guide is designed for users of all skill levels, emphasizing simplicity and accessibility. Basic familiarity with platforms like MSN Bing’s co-pilot GPTs and Canva is sufficient to get started.

How Much Initial Investment Is Required?

The initial investment is minimal, primarily involving the cost of printing and materials for your physical products. The digital tools used in this process offer free or low-cost options suitable for beginners.

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