How To Make Money Blogging With Affiliate Marketing

How To Make Money Blogging

Frustrated With Making Money Online???

Feel Like You Are Working Hard And Getting Nowhere???

NOTE: any results you see in this livestream are not typical, implied, or guaranteed. building an internet business of any kind takes work, dedication, persistence, and even then, you may make nothing and its possible you could even lose money. the average affiliate marketer earns nothing. marcus has been at this over 18 years and is simply showing you how he makes money blogging.

Marcus’ First Blog And $230

Myth One: If You Build It They Will Come

Myth Two: If I Have Enough Offers I’ll Make Money

Myth Three: It Takes A Long Time To See Results

Myth Four: I Have To WRITE Every Day

Myth Five: People Will Know Who I Am

Myth Six: Blogging Is Technical

Myth Seven: I Have To Be A Good Writer

Myth Eight: I Need A HUGE Following

Myth Nine: I Need To Find Sponsors

Myth Ten: All The Good Niches Are Taken

Myth Eleven: Seo Is HARD

Myth Twelve: I Need Lots Of Backlinks

Myth Thirteen: It Takes A Long Time To Start
Start Your First Blog In 15 Minutes

Action Steps To Make Money Blogging

Step One: Choose A Niche With Good Potential

Step Two: Brainstorm All Possible Affiliate Offers

Step Three: Get A Good Domain For That Niche

Step Four: Research All Possible Keywords

Step Five: Set Up Blog According To Top Words

Step Six: Make Content For Each Specific Keyword And Drive To Offers

Step Seven: Consistency
Start Your First Blog In 15 Minutes

Bonus Step One: Start A Mailing List (newsletter)

Bonus Step Two: Create Videos From Content

Bonus Step Three: Get Involved In The Niche

Bonus Step Four: PPC For Fast Results And Testing

Bonus Step Five: Get A High Ticket Niche From Marcus… And Get Killer Keyword Reports, Offer Reports, Site Setup, Personal Support And Guidance, And More…
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Make Money With Blogging- How I Earned My First $230 And How I Make A Full Time Income With My Blogs

Hey guys its Marcus here and welcome to the affiliate marketing dude note section.  Today what I’m going to do is I’m going to break up how to make money blogging.  We’re going to start with the story of how I first get started blogging and how I made my first $230. Now I want you to note that this report will be kind of long.  This is a detailed note that also answers all of your questions and everything like that.

Now you can go out there on the web to watch a 9 minute or 20 minutes videos or even read short articles on how to set up a blog and make money but are they going to give you the whole details? Are they going to get you the real deal of what you need to do to get started and start making this business work for you? Chances are you’re going to run into a lot of different videos, opinions, and things about what it really takes to make money online through the blogging platform.

A Little Bit About Me

Now if you’ve known me, I’ve been around since about 1999/2000 when I started my business. I got into blogging in around 2006-got really heavy into it in 2008/2009. Since then, I have made 7 figures (multiple 7 figures) from my blog using various different traffic methods, offers, and various different things that I have promoted on this blog in a really cool way.  Just before I started writing this note, I did some research and found out some statistics from popular blogs. And some of those popular blogs are getting probably like 10 times of the amount of traffic that I’m getting yet, they’re not making that much.

We were actually comparing the difference between the traffic and the people out there making between 10 cents to 50 cents to a dollar per visitor.  We are making $3 per visitor and they even include repeat visitors. So we want to take a look at this and hash it out.  We’re going to go through and show you exactly how it works. If you’re feeling frustrated and you feel like your computer is about to just clonk out because it is overwhelmed just like you are, then we’ve got good stuff in store for you.  Or if you’re like, “Marcus, I’ve been running and running and trying to get into that money but I can’t seem to get anywhere.  It’s like I’m on an endless tread-milling, there is no way for me to make money blogging so can you spell it out in a real-world way?”. That’s exactly what we’re going to do and we’re starting right now with how to make money blogging online.

What we’re going to do today is:

  • Talk about how this whole blogging platform thing works and
  • Show you the in and out of what you need to do to actually make this stuff works.

So if you’re frustrated with making money online, you feel like maybe you can set up a blog or maybe you can’t. But you’re just having troubles getting into the money. That’s what we’re going to solve today. Now, do you feel like you’re working very hard and getting nowhere? Would you like to see a forecast in your future? The future where you’re making money every single week? That’s our goal here.

But first what we’re going to do is we’re going to disclaimers because what you’re going to see here is my personal results. These are the results that I’ve gotten from almost 20 years of making money on the internet. Now, are you going to get the same results as me? Probably not! However, I would say, one of my students actually went on to make more than I have and he is doing extremely well.

So what we want to do is to declaimer this and say, “The average person looking to make money blogging literarily makes nothing”. Now you’re going to see some success stories on the internet where people are making $250,000 a month blogging, $50000 a month blogging, 10,000 a month blogging, $1000 a month blogging, and whatever. Sure, you’re going to see these statistics, but what you’re not going to see is the behind the scenes. And the behind-the-scenes of many big bloggers is the fact that they have a lot of traffic. I’m talking “a lot of traffic like a quarter of a million views, a million views a month, and lots of views”. Now, you guys know that traffic can be difficult and daunting to get. We’ve got SEO- how do we get ranked on the search engine? We’ve got pay per click- how can we afford traffic when the big companies are buying all the words. We’ve got all these things that are seemingly going against us and it looks like how are we going to do this.

How is a guy going to start from nothing and be able to get something? And that’s what we’re going to talk about in this course. How do you start with nothing and actually make this work? That’s a very important thing and we’re going to go through that today.

Again the disclaimer: Results are not typical, most people make nothing but I think if you follow these instructions, you can get a little taste of result and that’s all it takes. Just like years ago (almost 21 years ago from here) when I made my first $21 online. Now I had made money online by selling website but I never made passive income from a sit. I remembered that day very clearly as I was over there (4th of July, 18 years ago), and I’m sitting there at my dad’s house. And I go home, looked at my computer and I found out that I made $21 today out of a site that I built. And I thought to myself, “This is crazy”.  That little taste was enough to make me say, “You know what? This works”. Now a lot of people will get that taste, and be like, “Whatever, I made $21. Great, maybe it’s a fluke, whatever”. But the fact of the matter is those who are going to make it are the ones that get the little taste and lash on, go full force and make it work. And that’s the important part that you need to look at. Because if you can make a dollar online, you can make $10. And if you can make $10, you can make a $100 and if you can make $100, you can make $1000. And that’s really what it boils down to. It’s the same exact process. And as you build this blog, as you set things up, you’re going to get better and better. You’re going to learn about your market more. You’re going to understand what they want. You’re going to learn more about offers. Hopefully in one of my coaching courses, you can ask me how to make it better. And you’re going to go, you’re going to build these things up and it’s not as hard as people will think. But I’ve got to tell you, there is a lot of myth about how to make money online. Now when I first started blogging in 2006, I was frustrated. I was listening to tele-seminars( that’s what we listened to back then), I was watching the very limited amount of videos and trying to learn the stuff. They were talking about things like movable type”, they talked about WordPress, and they talked about all these platforms. And back then we actually have to install the services on our server, ourselves.

So there I was, that time I converted my garage into an office. I was in my garage and it was 4 in the morning. It was hot and humid and I’m sitting there and I’m like, “what am I going to do? I know I need a blog. I’ve made millions of dollars online before this point but I knew I had to get into blogging because that was what was taking over and getting big. I was looking at it and I’m like, ‘okay, how am I going to install this or do that?” I’m not a programmer, I’m not that techy. I would like make a file 777 which is the writeable thing that you need when you’re uploading stuff. And it was a very difficult thing to do.

And I gave up. I’m like, “well,, I make money online, do my own stuff, I’m not just going to bother with this, I’m good”. Then couple of years go by, everyone starts talking about blogging, so we looked at this trend and I’m like “okay, 2009 rolls around and I’ve got to get into blogging”.

So I paid someone a small fortune to set up a blog, and make it fancy looking and everything like that. I remember one of the things that I like about blogging because when I set up old web pages I had to go to the search engine. I had to get backlinks,. Tell them I existed, do all this stuffs to make it work. But I noticed when I started blogging; I put up a simple little blog post up to test it. And I literarily got ranked in Google in 53 seconds (I still have the screenshot somewhere on one of my old computers).

I was like, “hey, this site was put up 52 seconds ago, and there it is on Google and it’s really cool. We’re going to look at that and we’re going to focus on what people want. We’re going to be like, ‘how do we make this blog work? There I was, I made this thing rank right away.

Here we are, I set up a blog, it ranks in Google, I’m like cool, “hey this is working, this is awesome”. To me, I lashed on to that really fast. I was like, “hey check this out, this thing ranked right away in Google”. I was happy, that is working and that gets me really good results.

Now I noticed that one of my blogs started ranking for a keyword and that keyword generated me $230, and that was the first $230 that I made with blogging, which is cool. It was for an affiliate product that I sold. We later went on and used the same tactics to rank a similar type keyword for a different affiliate product. And I went in and make like $3000 sale with one ranking, with 131 people who saw the post. Like the amount I made in that post for the traffic was insane.

So we’ve got to look at this and focus, and say, ‘what can we do with these stuffs?”. So first and foremost, we want to look at this and say blogging is powerful, blogging is big, WordPress is one of the biggest platforms in the world. There is a lot of blogs out there that are making lots of money, which are doing lots of stuffs getting lots of traffic. Now on the flip side, there are also lots of blogs out there that get very little traffic. There is also a lot of blog out there that gets a lot of traffic but makes very little money. So, what we’re going to do is we’re going to go through the 13 myths of blogging. What are the 13 myths of setting up your blog and making it work? How do we focus on this, how do we narrow it down and dive into what works? So here we go, let’s go through the 13 myth.

Myth One: If you build it they will come

People say, “Well, you know what? Just go do your thing. Like Garry Ville, he’s great, he’s got good stuff), but over and over he’s like “check this out, just do what you do buddy, keep doing what you do. Keep doing it, follow your passion”. And that’s a good advice to a degree, and I know what he means. He’s like, ‘hey we need to do it in the right way”. What we want to do is we want to focus the right way. If you build it they would come, it’s not going to work. If you set up a blog about, “how to make money, how to lose weight or how to cook” doesn’t promise anyone to visit your site. That doesn’t do anything. I don’t care how good of an idea it is, I don’t care how great your niche, I don’t care how good your content is, I don’t care how nice your blog looks. I don’t even care if you’ve spent $100,000 buying a fancy domain name, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you do things deliberately and focus. What we’re going to talk about here as we get through this course is on how to focus on what’s going on, focus on what really works. If we build it, will they come? No they will not. So we’ve got to get that myth out of our head and we’ve got to say, “If we build it they will come? No, we need to build deliberately based on what we want to do, based on our focus, based on what we want. They can base on what the traffic is doing.

Myth two-If I have enough offers I’ll make money

A lot of people think that if they set up their blog and they have different banner ads for all kinds of different affiliate program, then they’re going to make money. Obviously, someone is going to click on one of those ads and I’m going to make something, right? You’re like, “well, maybe I’d make money if there is a lot of ads”. Well, that’s a very big myth that gets people off on the wrong foot. It gets them off on the wrong foot because of the fact that it’s not targeted. We’ve got to focus and target our ads for our visitors. This is what we call selling within the content or informational marketing.

What we’re doing is we are informing the market of something. So, instead of building a site, going out there and trying to do stuff, we’re going to go through and be like, “hey, you know what? I need to write this content based on this specific keyword. I need to solve this specific keyword problem in the blog post and then I need to point to my affiliate offer”.  The key is streamlining.

Myth three: It takes a long time to see results

Now a lot of people come to me and they are like, “Marcus, how do I make money really fast? I need like $5 today? And I’ll be like “can you do that? Maybe you can, maybe you cannot. But we’ve got to really focus. We’ve got to determine what it is we want. We’ve got to look at that and say,” How can I get results fast?” Like I said, when somebody is ranking 5 seconds( Again results are not typical, some people rank really good, some people take a while to rank, some people never rank usually because they’re not doing it right. But the main thing here is that we need to focus on the word “deliberate”. We need to do everything deliberate. Just before I write this note, I was doing some research on a new keyword tool that I went and look up. Then I looked up that keyword tool and I was like, “okay, let’s look up my site and look up some competitor’s site”. And I went through, and I found on my site a lot of keyword that people were coming to my site from. I went in and I focused on those words and now if I make content based on those words, I’ll start to rank even higher and start to get more.

Then I go look at my competitor site for other keywords that I want to get. I do the same thing: I start to rank for them and I start to focus. I start to really do deliberate actions. And this is stuffs that you guys can see and you know just by listening to me and looking up what’s going out there on the internet that this works. And you know this works because you see it. On every keyword term, 10 people have free rankings. Any keyword you look up in Google has 10 people who are not paying to be there. Think about that! That’s your market. Some of these keywords are generating hundreds of thousands of dollars a month. One little keyword, hundreds of thousands of dollars a month. And I want you to stop looking at keyword as some less relevant stuff: I want you to look at it as something inventory. This is your inventory where you can start getting in there and you can focus.

So we want to look at that and we want to focus and say, “does it take a long time to see results?’. No, it does not. If you do this right and you do this deliberately, you might not make a thousand dollar overnight or whatever. But again, remember that $21 was my turning point,  I was like, “wow, I can get money from the internet from something that I did”. So we’ve got to focus. We’ve got to look at this and understand what is going on and we’ve got to be deliberate.

A lot of time I’ve done paid ads to my blog made a lot of money. Currently, I spend thousands of dollars on paid ads to send to my blog to deliberately boost it up to get sales. So it’s very important.

Myth 4- I have to write every day

Another big myth people have about blogging is, “Marcus if I start a blog, do I have to write every day? Like do I have to be like that guy on Twiter and Pinterest and Instagram where they go out there and write about what I did last night, this morning and write, write, write?” No! Not at all. That’s a big myth. You don’t need to write every day to be a blogger. Most of my blogs, I think we probably write close to every day now because I’m trying to build it really big. But up until then, I probably did like ones a week or something like that. And even now, I just hired people to take my videos, makeup content, put them on the blog and we get traffic from this blog posts in a really easy way. And that’s the name of the game.

And again, remember how I said keywords are inventory. If you have a keyword and you’re like, “well, Marcus is right, I can’t rank for the word, make money online, but I can probably rank for some other keywords that get maybe 50 visitors a day.”

If a keyword gets 50 searches a day, maybe I can get 10 visitors. If I do a blog post and let’s say it takes me 45 minutes to do one blog post and it gets 15 visitors a day. If I can generate 10 cents, 20 cents or maybe 30 cents a visitor( depending on the keyword module). That is $45. Again, you can do another one in the next day and make more. Would that be 45 minutes well spent? Be honest, 45 minutes for 5 bucks, you’re like “that really sucks? Here is what you’re missing. You’re missing the fact that you do the blog post once, it ranks and you get that every day. Someday you might make 40 to 50, some days you might make nothing, some days you might make 20 bucks.

Again, results are not typical, implied guaranteed, most people make nothing. These are all hypothetical except for the stuffs that I show you that I’ve done. I only show you my stuffs. Think about this, if we do $4.50 cent times 365 which equals $1640.  Now again take a look at this in the real world way because if we got another one, if you spend another 45 minutes and amounts to like $400 a year, and another one did $3200 a year, that’s great. This is where people mess up, “do you think that $100,000 is a lot of money?. I want you to visualize and think about what $100,000 would buy, what would it do for your life? I want you to think about, how would it make things work for you? Maybe you’ll take vacations, maybe your wife could quit her job, and maybe both could quit your job. Maybe you could stop living on a fixed income, maybe you could take care of old bills.. Think about that! Is $100,000 a lot of money? Sure, $100,000 may look far away but here is the deal. Did you know that $100,000 is only a $100,000 bills? If you could find a way to make $1000 and do it a 100 times, there you go! Or it’s only 30 multiplied by 3000. So we look at this, break it down and we’re like, “okay so thirty multiplied by three thousand. That means all I’ll have to do is have thirty different blog posts about good topics that are relevant, that makes like $8 a day. I mean, think about that. If I had 30 blog posts making an average of $8 a day, done, that’s $100,000 a year.

Again, results not typical implied or guaranteed. Not every blog post will make $8, some will make way more, most of them that I see people do makes nothing. We’re going to do it how to do it the deliberate and right way that will make the odds in your favor. $8 is not that hard but the key is you’ve got to do deliberate actions every single day.

Myth 5- people will know who I am

Marcus if I’m a blogger people are going to know who I am”. That’s a big myth.  It’s a myth because people don’t need to know who you are. It doesn’t matter.  You don’t have to do video, you can outsource videos or you cannot add videos.  Lots of blog makes money without videos. Lots of blogs also make money with pen names. They are like ‘hey, I have a nickname for myself, I use some other names or I don’t even put my name”.

Myth 6- Blogging is technical

A lot of people think blogging Is a big technical nightmare. They’re like,  ” I don’t know how to set it up, I don’t know how to do plugins, I don’t even know how to get web hosting, I don’t even know how to do anything. How do I do this Marcus,  I mean the tech stuff is daunting. Here is the cool thing: the tech stuff is extremely easy with blogging.  I had a harder time posting things and uploading things to Facebook than I do blogging.  It’s literally easier than doing stuff on Facebook. You just go in, type what you want to type. If you want it red, then you highlight it red.

If you want to upload an image, you drag and drop into the box. It’s like, literally nothing. Tech is just 5% because when this is set up, you can just go in there and focus on what you need to do make it work.  And it’s really not that hard. And the plugins that we give you with my courses all do these stuffs for you.  I made it in a way that’s super easy.  I made them like point and click. So blogging is not technical at all.


The main challenge is the time that it takes to rank s site as you need to build authority for your site and the cost of developing content unless you want to write it yourself.


This student brings up a couple of myth.  Number one- it takes time to rank. It only takes time to rank if you’re going for difficult keywords. This is why people do this.

If you’re having trouble ranking your site, you’re going for the wrong keyword.  Plain and simple. That’s it.  So what I’m talking about here is deliberately going to do what works. Instead of trying to rank for how to barbeque, why don’t you rank for brisket cooking times? I guarantee that you can rank for that one pretty quick.  If not, some subcategories of it.

Another myth is the authority niche

You can actually rank sites that are brand new. I do it all the time.  A lot of our high ticket niche rank right away in the brand new site. Here is the deal: when you build this blog post and you major on the keywords, you’ll do good and you’ll start to get the bigger keyword.  Because what we’re talking about here is getting some kind of result now. Because I’m impatient and I know a lot of people are impatient. A lot of people have their shinning object syndrome where they’re out there and they’re like “well, Marcus I set up a blog, the thing didn’t talk and I’m going to go and learn facebook ads. You know what my Facebook ads didn’t work,  I spent 5 bucks, I’m going to and do email marketing’. Have you ever found yourself in the scenario of giving up because you’re not getting something fast?

So what we want to do is we want to scratch the fast itch. We want to take the fast itch and be like, can I get a ranking.  When you see your site at the top of the keyword even if I get like 19 visitors a day, you’re going to be like, “there I am at the top”. And when you see your first $10.20, 50, then that’s great. The key is no-one does this stuff long enough. Right, no one does this thing long enough to build any kind of recurrent or build any kind of stuff. I almost gave up on blogging. I felt like it was a pain in the bud.  But I’m so glad I didn’t because I’ve made a lot.

Myth 7- I have to be a good writer.

If you have read anything that I’ve written, you know you don’t have to be a good writer.  I write at the 5th-grade level, probably less than that so you don’t have to be a good writer. You just have to be good at solving a problem. We’ve got to look at that because every person who comes into your website has intent.

Every keyword someone types in Google has an intent. So look at it and say, “what is the intent? ” why did someone look up brisket cooking times? Well because they don’t want to dry up their brisket.  They don’t want to come out undercooked, overcooked or weird. Do they want to buy a barbeque,?  Probably not! Do they want to learn how to get cheap brisket? Probably not.  What do they want? They want a printable or easy to read guide to how to cook the brisket and brisket cooking times.  So how can I embed an affiliate offer in that while giving them the info? All we have to do is a focus.

Myth 8- I need a huge following

A lot of people look at this and they’re like, “well, the only people that do well with blogging have a big following or they already have a big mailing list.” Here is the deal: Everyone started where you at. Everyone woke up one morning and say, ‘I want to make money on the internet” and they went out there and set up a site and they try things out. Everyone else started from the bottom. So if you have nothing, if you’re sitting there saying, “I don’t have a blog, I don’t have a following, no one cares who I am, I have nothing”, you’re going to start from somewhere.

Now a lot of people think that the game is rigged and that things are weird. Well, the game is different to what it was back in 1997 when Google wasn’t even around but it has actually gotten easier in a lot of ways. Because, if you knew what you needed to know back then, you’ll probably be rich back then. But not. Now it’s time to jump in and say, “I’m going to do this the right way”.

Myth 9- I need to find sponsors

A lot of people looks at this, a lot of YouTube communities’ looks at this, a lot of blogging communities looks at this and they say, “Well, do I need sponsors?” Do I need to find some kind of people that come to my blog and pay me to blog? You can do that, but what I found is that the amount you get from that is very little. Because here is the deal: if someone is willing to buy an ad on your site, they are making more than you are. Plain and simple. If I’m willing to buy an ad on your site, that means I can make more money than you. So the fact of the matter is that you need to learn what they are doing and learn how to make money out of the stuff. Now what we do is blogging through affiliate marketing. We can get paid through different ways. We can get paid for someone to call our phone number; we can get paid for someone to click our link. We can get paid for someone to fill out a form. We can get paid for someone to download something, someone to try a product, someone to buy a product.

So we don’t have to focus on sponsors, we just have t focus on doing the affiliate stuff the right way. Because here is the thing: if you know about your traffic and you know what they want (which you do because it’s going to be your blog) then the sky is the limit. And you have to remember this one fact: who is in control of your income on the internet? Is it Google? Is it the affiliate network? Is it the pay per click traffic? Who is in control of it? Who is deciding how much you’re making right now? The answer is me! Yes, you are in charge. You are the reason that it’s not working. You’re the reason you’re not making what you want to make. It’s all on you.  Sure I can teach you stuffs but you have to do the stuffs. A very small percentage of people do the stuff. And those who don’t do the stuff like to complain. But if you actually do these stuffs and do them deliberately, and you do it daily or every week, or something consistent, it’s going to work really well.

You don’t make money by finding ways to make money. You only learn by finding ways to make money. But they make money by implementing what they learn and doing what they need to do in a deliberate way.

A lot of people think that it’s some outside force that’s stopping them or it’s the guru that isn’t teaching them enough, or because the search engine just don’t rank their site or the algorithm is not fair. Well, the algorithm is fair if you learn how to use it to your advantage. You might not get the big one right away. There is a guy up there who probably ranks number one for a keyword like, “mortgages “and he probably makes millions of dollars a year off the word. Are you going to beat him? Probably not! But can I set something up for a subcategory keyword and start to get traffic right now? Yes. Here is the deal: everyone looks at the business models that are huge. They look at Amazon as huge. Here is the deal: Amazon is making an insane amount of money. And if you get like 0.015 of Amazon’s income, you’ll probably be able to retire. This is why people that are seller on Amazon make money.

Because they’re getting a small piece of the part. Because you can’t sell everything Amazon sell, or rank for every keyword that you want to rank for but you can probably sell a couple of things which is not that big. I know a guy who was making six figures a month out of selling a oil diffuser. The fact is that there is a whole lot of money out there, all you need is a fraction. If you want to make a million dollar, find out a way to make $3,000 and do it 300 times.

Myth 10- All the good niches are taken

All the good niches are not taken. You can take someone over. Here is the deal: It doesn’t matter what other people make, what matters is what do you want. There are plenty of marketers that makes 10 times, 50 times, even 100 times of what I make. And I don’t care because I stay home, I enjoy the pool with the kids and I live a good life. That’s what I wanted, that’s how I set it up. Now you might want to go and conquer the world, make 50 million dollars, and that’s cool. Personally, I like the way that I have it set up. You’ve got to look at it and say “what do you want?” And you look at it like, “100,000 is really nothing in the grand scheme of things on the internet”. People make that in a month with web hosting offers and simple little offers. Again, results are not typical, implied or guaranteed. You probably make nothing but we’re going to look at it deliberately.

Myth 11- SEO is hard

SEO is hard if you’re going for the wrong keyword. If you go for the right keyword, then it’s going to be a lot easier.

Myth 12- I need lots of backlinks

You don’t need lots of backlinks. Backlinks are a myth. What we want to do if we want to start to build is links from bing. I can do better by getting a yahoo directory listing then paying someone to put a million backlinks out there for me.

You’re dealing with 4 million people every 60 seconds searching Google. Some of them search for “make money”, some of them search for “blog”, some of them search for “lose weight”, but there is also a big portion of words people haven’t even thought of.

Myth 13- It takes a long time to start

And that’s a big myth because it doesn’t. You can literally start your blog in 15 minutes. And you can start to work it, make it, and do what you need to do, which is grow, rank and deliberately target the people you want.

You can even go and get Facebook people to link back to you and get lots of traffic. I just did a Facebook promo last month where we got like 1500 new leads, made like 25 grand, really easy. Didn’t cost me a dime.


I think SEO takes time for your site to rank?

Not necessarily, if you’re going for a big keyword, yes. If you’re going for a small keyword, no!

That’s what we want to do., We want to go for all the small keywords we can get in our niche. And eventually, we’ll get the big one.

If you want to start your blog the right way, we can teach you how to start to finish. We have notes that we put from this video so go check You’ll get your web hosting (costs about $6 a month). They give you your domain name free and there is a little guide on how to choose your domain name and it is really easy. You just go there, you set it up, its simple. You’ll have a blog in 15 minutes even if you’re a technical novice.

Action Steps To Make Money Blogging

So now let’s go through some action steps to make money blogging. What are the action steps? We talked about the myth. Now, what can I do to start getting results?

Action step one- Choose a niche with good potential

What I mean by this is that some niches are what we call one-off. A one-off would be a keyword that doesn’t have a lot of sub-category keyword. We want one with a lot of sub-category keyword. Very important. So we’ve got to find a niche that has a potential, traffic, and the sub keyword we can use.

Action step two- Brainstorm all the possible affiliate offers

If I’m going for something, like a niche about “watch TV shows”, then what can I do? I can start to rank for all the shows that people want to watch and how to watch them. You can get out there and rank for all these things and there is a lot of potentials. Now what you want to do is you want to brainstorm, “what can I do”. Well, I can do “TV on PC- watch TV on your computer”, I can do direct TV or satellite, I can do Netflix, I can do cable TV leads, and maybe I can even get them to buy a smart TV.

You just have to go out there and brainstorm the affiliate offers that are good for your niche. And when you build your keyword based content, you build it with this in mind.

Action step three- Get a good domain for your niche

You want to get a good domain for your niche. For example, if I’m going for “watch TV shows”, I can do like, “how to watch TV shows online”. That’s something easy to remember. And it’s something that has my keyword in it.

Action step four- Research all the possible keywords

You’re going to research your offers, make sure it works, buy your domain, then you’re going to go through and be like, “what are the top keywords that I can go for?’ Are they watching for episodes 2 seasons 1? What are they looking for, I want to rank for them all.

Action step 5- Set up blogs according to top word

That’s a great idea. So go do that too.

Action step 6- make content for each specific keyword and drive to offers

You’re going to go out there and be like, “okay, watch strange things, season one episode 2”, then you put up your content that shows them how to watch it, then you rank.

Now be careful of trademark terms. The way that I understand trademark terms is that they don’t want you to build on something. If you’re out there building on coke, but you’re the Pepsi owner, that’s a trademark violation.

Step no 7- consistency

Do all the steps and do it over and over again and build and grow. Again, you can start your first blog at I guarantee you’re starting in about 15 minutes. It’s super easy, we walk you through the steps and show you what works.


Here are our bonus steps

Bonus step one: start a mailing list

This is a great way to build your income. You can put a mailing list on your site using our squeeze blog plugin which makes it super easy.

Bonus step two: Create videos from content

Now you can outsource this or make it yourself. If you outsource it, just take your content, tell someone to read your blog post and then tell them what you want to say at the end.

Bonus step three: Get involved in your niche

Start to understand your niche, what they want and what they are looking for and help them. Go to other sites, see what they are doing and try to focus on that. You can go to forums to find all the type of different content to build.  You can get involved in Facebook communities, blogs, Quora, and lot more.

Bonus step four- Paid traffic for fast result

If you do paid traffic you can start to get traffic now. In like 5 minutes. You’ll have traffic. It’s not that hard to do. You just get the traffic and see what works. I like paid traffic because it’d isolate it and tell me if its actually going to work.

Bonus step five

Get a high ticket niche from Marcus…and get killer keyword report. Other reports, a site set up, personal support and guidance…and lots more,

So if you want to take that bonus step, you can go to What we do at high is that we actually select a niche for you. Okay, so if you have something in mind and you say, “Marcus, I love watching TV”, we’ll find you a TV niche that I know will work.  You just have to do this step, build it up, make it work, you put your offers on, and we tell you the offers and boom! You’re ready to go. Now, you can actually see on the ticker above the timer. Those are the domains that we purchase in our last round of high ticket niches. And that is the estimated value that Godaddy said these are worth. And again you own the domain. So we’re going to give you the domain name, set up your blog, put all the technical stuff on it. So all you have to do is type and make offers on it that we’ll show you how to do and you build and grow.

Again, results of the domain, I don’t know what you’ll be able to sell them for. That is just an online appraisal service, it’s not anything fancy. It doesn’t mean you can sell them for that. Some of them, I’ve actually sold for a lot more. Again, we do this to show you the value because when you get a high ticket niche today, it’s a $997 investment, we give you the domain, we give you the niche, we show you the traffic methods, we show you the offers to run, we put some content on your site for you . e show you the keywords to go after, and we give you the support and coaching to help you make it work.

A highticketniche is a no-brainer. We want to give you way more value than what you’re putting in. The value is in the niche. And a lot of people are struggling because they don’t know the niche to get into. And the niche is everything. If you are in the wrong niche, this is not going to work. You need to be in the right niche and that’s why we do this.

What You’ll Get From High Ticket Niche

  • A Personal niche market selection from my high ticket niches
  • Top tier niche and domain name which is worth $297
  • Affiliate offers and profit center guidance
  • Easy to follow traffic plan and videos
  • Custom blog theme and logo design
  • Marcus profit plugin
  • Killer content loaded page *4
  • 90 days support and coaching.

On top of that, I’m also going to hook you up with my simple site big profit software that trains you through everything. So if you go through that and you focus you’re going to make it work.

Now if you’re on a budget and the high ticket niche is out of reach, we understand. What we have for you is our new mentorship program. Our mentorship program gives you access to some mentorship plugin, give you access to the full PDF reports of all my videos. No matter who you are, if you have one of my products, you should be in the mentorship program. So if you’ve been with me in a while and haven’t got anything check out

Obviously, these high ticket niches are non-refundable because we’re giving you a domain that’s worth value. We’re giving you content that’s worth value, we’re setting up your site which is worth value. We do have a guarantee on it. If your niche does not work, we’ll get you a new niche.

We’ve been doing this high ticket niche for a long time and we’re getting lots of results.


When the site is ready, what are the things to do after as an affiliate marketer?

You just make simple content.

How is health and fitness, is it good niche?

Health and fitness is not a niche. That’s a category. Now if you came and got a high ticket niche, and you say, “Marcus, I want something in health and fitness”, I’ll go through, find keywords, go do my research. I do the research, I find the domain name that fits and I find the keyword that you can go after.

Is there a difference between a blog and a site?

A blog is a site, but a site isn’t always a blog. A blog is like a content management system.

How much would max bounty charge once you’ve accepted?

They don’t charge anything. They just take a little bit. So it’s like, if you’re getting $10 /lead, they’re probably getting $12. I actually have about 6 good domains that I’m going to give to people.

My domain is `SMS marketing simplified as a back door to test marketing service, does this match?

You need to know how many people search for SMS marketing simplified. That’d be the question. How many people are searching for that?

I’m thinking about bringing the simple site Bootcamp back. Simple site boot camp is something I did about 5 years ago where we took a small handful of student and walk them through the entire affiliate marketing process from getting a niche to building a site to getting traffic, and everything like that.

What’s the time frame to get set up for the high ticket niche?

Right now, we’re running about 2 to 3 weeks. Sometimes sooner than that. Right now we are all cut up on the domain selection so it may not be pretty quick.  Again, you can start your first blog at

How should I start blogging?

Find your niche first; watch the replay of our video with detailed notes of this course. Check out Sign up there and we’ll get you that.

Is Facebook a good place to cross-promoting a site?

Yes! It’s a very great place.

How do you know if you’ve got a good niche?

That’s why you need to get into high ticket niche.  We’re going to give you a good niche and we’re going to tell you why it’s good.

Can you give me some recommendations on places where I can get some info on hiring?

If you do have any question, get us on live chat

Is Gohubsite supposed to convert?

No, a Gohubsite is just for your stuff. You can make it convert but just setting up Ghubsite can make you money.

How do I find the value of the domain you’ve set up for me?

Just put a support ticket and we’ll find it for you or ask me on Livechat.

Hope you enjoyed this content. You can go watch the replay on our YouTube Channel. If you are new, make sure you subscribe and click on the little bell notification icon so that you get all my videos when I come up with them. You can also go and sign up for the mentor program.




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