How to Make $100-$300 per Day with Automated Websites and Affiliate Programs  


Hey guys! It’s Marcus here.


Today, what we’re gonna do is talk about how to make automated autopilot affiliate commissions.

That’s right! We’re gonna tell you how to make money, the best kind of money there is. The money you make when you’re sleeping, when you’re out on vacation and when you’re not even working. And we’re gonna break it down for you step-by-step in a very easy way, so that you can start right now!

So first of all, let’s go ahead and get into how to automate income.

How do you automate your income so that it just comes automatically and it builds and builds and grows and grows? 

Let’s take a look at some of the things we can and cannot automate.

First of all, what can’t we automate? Well we can’t really automate website creation. We can’t really automate the research. We really can’t automate building affiliate links and things like that. So those things, we have to do one time. We got to set them up. We got to make them work.

Now let’s talk about what we can automate.

Some of the things we can automate are the very most important things you see once you set up a website one time. Let’s say we set up our website. We put some content on it. We put some affiliate links on it. Then in order to automate it, all we have to do is have systems in place that generate traffic over and over and over and over and over again. It’s because here’s the deal. You’re gonna get paid in proportion to the quality and quantity of the traffic that you provide to the offers. Plain and simple.

I’ll say it again, you’re gonna get paid in proportion to the quantity and quality of the traffic that you provide. 

Now if we can get this traffic over and over on autopilot, that is the name of the game that’s what works. So well you can’t automate website building. You can automate content creation. You can automate some of the things that will get you traffic which is very important.

Now when I talk about traffic, we’re going to talk about two different types of traffic.


Recycle traffic. Now we got a look at this because again the idea is get more people to your offers, make more money. Now if you get people hours a day, like right now there’s tons of people hanging out on my website. There’s people buying stuff. The only way that happens is because I get people coming to my site each and every day. Now some of the things that you can do to automate traffic in terms of new and recycled traffic.

Let’s talk about new. How can you get new people to your site?

Well you could set up a pay-per-click ad this is where you go to Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, wherever you buy an ad. And it generates traffic. I do this with banner ads. I buy a banner ad. One time, I pay the bill for the banner ad every single month and it generates me money automatically on autopilot.

You can do the same thing with paid traffic. The more you set up that are targeted again quality of traffic, the better your gonna do. And the automated income is going to come in.

Now another way that you can automate your traffic is by creating new posts or content.

One thing I like to do is create new content. If I create new content for my market, it’s gonna get out there. It’s gonna go on the search engines. It’s gonna get me traffic and boom I’m gonna start getting automated income. If I have let’s say 30 different pieces of content out there, every day generating ten visitors a day each, that’s 300 visitors a day. The law of sales averages says, I should get a sale every 100 clicks. That would be three sales per day or more.  You just go. You set it up. It’s automated.


Another way we can go out there and get automated income is to create new sales funnels. Create some new thing that you could give away to your audience to build a mailing list. Very important because once we build a mailing list, this is gold. Here’s the deal. I’ll show you how it works.

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Over Talk Sober, I’ve been messing around with it for a while building a YouTube channel. I got a lot of people interested. Got some people by. I got a lot of people that are staying sober which is cool. That’s like the goal right now. I have those people and I tell them, “Hey check it out! If you go to my website.” I will give you a list of letters that I wrote and I have them over here somewhere. They’re around here somewhere and it’s a list of letters that I wrote to an alcoholic. That basically guides them through stuff. They’re like seven pages each. Took me like an hour each to write. Not that big of a deal. Once I have these written, I have these letters and I could tell people to go to my website, put their name and email in the box and I will send them these letters each and every day.

Right now, what does that do? What that does is it now automates the ability to recycle traffic. 

So now they come in. They fill out the form and each and every day for 31 days they are getting an email with a letter to help them stay sober.

Now if I do a good job in the letter or you do a good job in your content or whatever and you don’t have to be 31, have you can have seven or three or 500 or however many you want right now, we take these people. And each time I send them the letter, I don’t just send them the letter on email and say thank you goodbye. I say, check it out! Today’s letter is about how to stay sober in tough times. Today’s letter is about this. Today’s letter is about that. Go to my website to download the PDF version of the letter.

What does that do?

What that does is it takes these people that came in and filled out the form and it gets them to go back to my website every single day for 31 days.

Now in this process, the people who read every single day and get help by these letters want to buy things. It’s all like these videos. “Marcus why do you make so many videos about how to make money online?” Well I make them because it spreads goodwill and the more you watch them, the more you want to buy things from me. You look at it and you’re like, man this guy knows what he’s talking about. I want to buy some stuff and you go over to my site and you buy stuff.

Same kind of thing happens. Here we give these letters. We give genuine good help for these people so whatever you’re marketing, whether it’s you know how to lose weight, here’s tip number one, here’s tip number two, you send it out and it generates automated visitors to your site.

You literally set this up once and I just started doing this yesterday on my sober side. I set up seven in about 45 minutes wasn’t that hard to do. It’s really easy and now I got seven days to set up the rest of them but I set up those seven and now these people are gonna go back to my website day-in day-out. They’re gonna be looking at this stuff. They’re gonna be watching this stuff. Every time they hit my website is another time for them to see my ads. Every time they hit my website there’s another time to see affiliate offers. Every time they hit my website there’s another time for them to buy things. The name of the game is to get people to come back to your site because here’s the deal, we all know that not everyone buys the first time they see you.

How many of you guys have watched my videos and you haven’t bought in anything yet?

You’re like well you know Marcus has good info. I just haven’t bought anything yet. Now if I took that and said, well those people are just out of here. Forget it. I’m focusing on the buyers. I would lose a lot of money because I know even though you haven’t bought yet you’re going to in the future because you like this stuff and you want to make money with it.

Same kind of thing happens with your website. The more and more they come back to your site, the more helpful info you give them, the more you bond with them, the more likely they are to check out your affiliate offers to click on things to buy stuff.

I got to tell you, it’s really, really easy to set up. Once you set this up, once you could literally populate an entire year worth of content in your autoresponder to send people back to your stuff. Very simple and you just got to look at it in a really really basic way.

Let’s say you’re in the market to sell Bibles or you want to market the Bible toolbar. That’s a big one. I’ve marketed, made money with that one, and we get paid three dollars or something like that, when people download the Bible toolbar.

Now people are gonna come to our site and you might get if you do really, really good. You might get 10% of your visitors to download the Bible toolbar. That’s good! If I get a hundred people to my site and ten of them download the toolbar, that’s thirty dollars in revenue for me. Yay great wonderful.

Now tomorrow I got to get another hundred people to make another thirty bucks. If I want to get more people, I got to do that too. Right? So we look at it and we’re like, yay I got a hundred people. I made $30 wonderful. What about the other 70 people? What if I could get people to put their name and email in a box name, email in a box and they say, yes Marcus. I want Bible verses delivered to me daily. I sit there. I pick out some good Bible verses or I google the top 365 Bible verses. I put them into my autoresponder and every day they’re gonna get a Bible verse and they’ll go wow that made me feel great. And as you say go to my site to see the whole Bible verse or download a picture or something like that, you get them to your site.

Then once they go to your site, you say download the Bible toolbar. Now the same hundred people is going to produce a lot more because you’re gonna get them back to your site, back to your site, back to your site. Those that don’t want the Bible toolbar, you can offer them something else. Those that don’t want the something else, offer them something else.

And we look at it and it automates it in a really cool way. So my favorite way, my favorite two ways to automate your income is to,

  1. Build content that gets traffic every day.
  2. Build a mailing list and populate your autoresponder with the messages that are going to hit them and bring them back to your site.

It’s very important that you get them back on your site. 

If you get them back on your site, that’s where the magic happens. 

It’s kind of like in the olden days when you used to read a magazine ad and you’d reply to the magazine ad and they’d send you like seven letters in the mail over the course of a couple weeks. Then we did this with a magic magazine that I responded to an ad and he sent me letters every single day. Only that was expensive that took work. You had to get the letters out there. This is automated. You set it up and you forget about it and you just run traffic to it and boom you make money over and over and over again. You’re building a huge mailing list and when you have this big mailing list, this can make you money for years to come.

I’m still making money off of mailing lists I built back in 2006 when I first started building lists. Very cool very easy. Very automated. Go do it. Make some money. Subscribe. Click the bell and I’ll see you on one of our live streams. Thanks again for watching! I’m Marcus the affiliate marketing dude.


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