How To Invest $100 – it’s not what you think.

How To Invest $100 – Best Ways Ever!

can you turn a measly hundred dollars into a million dollars or more?

when I first started affiliate marketing over 20 years ago, I never dreamed I’d make over a million dollars from a tiny one hundred dollar investment.

Now, first, let’s go ahead and disclaimer this it’s not like you’re gonna take 100 bucks, invest it somewhere, close your eyes and wake up one day with a million dollars.

It doesn’t work that way.

In order to make a million dollars off a 100 dollar investment… you would have to wait over one hundred and twenty five years expecting an average return on investment of 8 percent per year.

you might be saying, well, Marcus, what if I just cash out in 20 years? Well, if you cashed out in 20 years

you’d only be making like a five hundred dollars. And 20 years is an awful long time to wait for a measly 500 bucks.

you can see it doesn’t REALLY start picking up till around year 75…

So let’s talk about what one million dollars actually is.

One million dollars is quite simply 1000 times 1000 dollars or ten thousand times one hundred dollars.

So in order to make a million dollars off a measly little one hundred dollar investment, you need to get ten thousand times return on your money, which is why so many people are saying invest in some books or lottery tickets or invest in yourself and learn a skill and make money.

But even if you learn a skill, let’s say you’re able to make fifty thousand dollars a year.

That would still take you.

Twenty years of work, that’s a lot of time.

And of course, you’re still going to have to invest in things like the cost of living, housing, food and all that stuff.

So is there a way for someone with 100 dollars to be able to make something?

After all, we hear all these stories about guy starts with nothing and builds a huge business.

Guy starts with six hundred bucks and turns it into 20 million.

How does this stuff even work?

Well, I’ll tell you, from my experience back when I started in 1999, I started with 100 dollars in my bank account.

A merchant account with one hundred dollars.

The bank took 10 dollars to open the account.

And I was left with 90. That is when I started my business with I didn’t have any special skills, any college education, anything behind me. And I didn’t have a plan B.

So the question is, what did I do?

The very first thing I did with my hundred dollars, that was now ninety dollars thanks to the bank is I went out and I said, I want to make money on the Internet.

Therefore, I need a domain name and a Web site. So I rushed out and I got myself a domain name and built a simple Web site.

Now, back then, it was really hard to do. You had to know coding and have all these programs.

It’s not like today where you can set up a Web site in 90 seconds and be ready to go automatically. This was a lot harder. So I set out and I built my Web site and I said, I’m going to try to get people to come to my Web site to buy certain things.

Now, again, remember, I only had ninety dollars so I couldn’t go out and run a bunch of ads or anything that wasn’t enough money.

So what I did is I said, I’m going to target people where they’re at. And I decided to go after search engine rankings, decided to go for forum traffic and decided to find people where they were searching for various things.

Now, again, back then, we didn’t have Facebook and YouTube and all these social media sites where you can reach thousands of people right now at the drop of a hat with no investment. I actually had to go out there and do the work. Now, you can still do the work today, but it’s a lot easier and a lot less expensive because of the tools that are available.

And so I asked myself a very simple question, and the question was, what if I could do something today to get 10 or maybe 100 people to my Web site every single day, whether it’s a blog post, a post on a forum, something on Facebook, a video on YouTube. What if I could do that one thing and get visitors every single day? Because you see, if I could do something one day and get just 10 visitors a day, which I know anyone watching this video can do, that would be 10 visitors the first day and then 10 visitors the next day.

And the next day. And the next day and the next day and on and on.

We go from one day of work. And then I said, Well, what if I didn’t stop there? What if the next day I did another thing to get ten more people to my Web site? Now I’d be getting 20 people a day to my Web site and on and on and on we go. And it adds up and it grows. And then I didn’t stop there. I said, what if I could do another thing on the third day to get another 10 people?

And on and on we go forth day. Fifth day, sixth day.

And by the end of the six day, I am now getting 60 visitors to my Web site every single day. If I could get one out of every 10 visitors to download a tool or join my mailing list, well, then I could start getting quite a few people.

That would be six people every day.

Or maybe if I’m selling something, I could get one out of every hundred people to buy something.

That would mean I’d be getting an average of about one sale every single week.

If that one sale made me one hundred dollars, that would be one hundred dollars every single week.

Now, the cool thing about this is you don’t have to stop at 10 visitors a day.

You can do things that get even more and you don’t have to stop at selling things. You can actually make money giving things away. This is exactly how I made my first million dollars.

I started out with very simple little Web sites explaining different things. I’d research and topic. I put some stuff together, put it on a site, get the visitors in and make money when they bought stuff. Now I also found little downloads that I could give away, downloads that had free little tools, software programs and anything like that. Or I’d get anywhere from 70 cents to four dollars. Every time someone downloaded them using this little strategy where I focused on getting new people each and every day, I was able to build it to where I was getting 50, 100, sometimes thousands of downloads every single day.

And if I’m now able to get a thousand people a day to download a free tool that I get paid two dollars and seventy five cents for, well, then that is two thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars a day. And if you times that by the amount of days in a year, that equals over one million dollars.

And it all started with something very simple that anyone watching this video can do.

All you have to do is find out what people are searching for. Find out what you can give them or sell them. That’s going to pay you lots of money. Pair them together and boom, you’re off to the races. Now, again, remember how I said I started that simple little Web site?

Now, when I started that Web site, I had to focus on what people wanted. You see this happen all day, every day where people are making YouTube videos and they get videos and the traffic goes to the videos and they send them to their Web site to buy stuff. They get search engine rankings.

They get people from the search engine rankings to go to their Web site to buy stuff. This is something that you can do, starting with one hundred dollars or less, because starting your own Web site is only going to cost you about 70 dollars per year. Now, what you do with this Web site makes all the difference. And I want you to think about some of the most valuable companies in the world right now. You got What is it?

A Web site you got Google. What is it? A Web site, YouTube, Web site, Facebook. Yeah. It’s a Web site.

Now, while some of these examples might be extremely crazy, over a hundred billion dollar businesses, we can do something pretty simple and pretty small. And it’s not that hard to build an income.

The problem is, is people don’t stick with it long enough.

So what I want you to do is I want you to focus on this. And if you say, yeah, I’ve got one hundred dollars, I want to start a Web site, I want to make this work, then hop over to go hub site dot com and you can start your first Web site.

Now, remember, not every Web site is going to make a million dollars a year or a thousand dollars a year or even 10 cents a year. We don’t know what you’re going to make, but I can tell you, if you follow a strategic plan, just like I laid out or you say each and every day, I’m gonna do one thing to build on what I did the day before. And I’m going to get more people to check out my site and more people to buy.

What you’re going to notice is what’s called the boat principle. The vote principle pretty much goes like this. You put a bunch of boats in the water. These would be like your search engine rankings or your videos or whatever you’re doing on social media. Now, as you do more and more of these, what’s going to happen is the tide is going to rise. You’re going to get more influence. You’re gonna get more people to visit your website.

And as the tide rises, all boats rise. Everything you do will have a compound effect. Now, Albert Einstein said that the most powerful force in the universe is compound interest. What this means is something small compounding over time. Remember in the beginning of this video where I said if you invested one hundred dollars at an 8 percent return. Per year, you would end up with over a million dollars in about one hundred and twenty five years. Pretty crazy right now if you don’t have one hundred and twenty five years to wait. I don’t think we do. Then what you want to do is you want to leverage either money or time.

You can either put more money in and it’ll grow bigger or you can leverage your time by doing work that compounds. This doesn’t just work mathematically. It works in everything you do. And if you want to weigh that, you could get to a million dollars or more with a small investment. It’s going to take some work, but I’m willing to show you exactly what you need to do and exactly what I did. What steps I took. What niches I went into, how I set up my website, how I got the traffic and everything. Then make sure you subscribe. Click the bell notification icon and check out my other videos on how to make money with affiliate marketing. Of course, the alternatives are always out there as well. You can read a bunch of books, hoping you’ll learn what you need to learn.

Or you can buy 100 bucks in lottery tickets, which I ended up with about 30 dollars, meaning I lost 70.

Not a good investment.

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