How to Get More Views on YouTube Live

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When you go live, how would you like to have a bunch of people sitting there, waiting for you to push the button, waiting to watch your stream, and have lots of people on that stream? Today we’re going to talk about 5 ways to get more views on your YouTube live stream.  

#1: Look at Your Title / Tags 

Title your stream related to whatever you’ll be going live about. Make sure your title is in line with things that are getting views. More importantly, you need to use keywords based on what people are searching for. Make sure that the title isn’t super competitive. You can do this by searching the title in quotes in the YouTube search bar. If you put your search in quotes, then it will show you how many people are using those search terms. If there are 9 million different results, then it’s pretty competitive. But if there are only 500, then you’ve got a winner. You also want to pay attention to your tags. If you don’t actively choose your tags, then they’ll revert to the default tags from your last video. Make sure the title and the tags match each other so that you have a better chance of ranking highly on the search engine.

#2: Schedule Your Live Stream in Advance

You have the ability to schedule when you’re going to go live. When you schedule your stream, you’re allowed to put your title and your tags in. Your subscribers will get a notification saying when your stream will go live, and when they click on that notification, there will be a countdown, and they can go and wait for your stream. If you’re consistent with this, you’ll get a lot more views.  

#3: Have Good Live Content

Why does content matter? Aren’t we just after the views? If you don’t have good content, people are going to leave. YouTube sends out a notification, and all the people that are subscribed will get a little pop-up that says to go check out the live stream. If they go to the live stream, and they don’t like the content, then those people are going to leave and they’re not going to watch it. This will make your view count and your watch time drop. You want to get your view count and your watch time up really high. 

#4: Piggyback Off What is Hot

I found out that there were other people talking about live streaming and how to get more views, so I decided to make a video about it. If I piggyback off this search term, it’s going to work. Look at your niche, find out what people are doing, run searches, and find other category words you can use. You could literally build your entire audience on fads. People say not to go for the fads, but you can build a business on it if you do it right. If you base your live stream on something that’s getting a lot of traffic recently, then you’re going to have a better shot at getting that traffic, and you’ll get a lot more views on your live stream.  

#5: Build a Mailing List and Announce Your Live Stream

You want to own your audience. You want people to go to your site, join your list, and subscribe. Once you own the traffic, you can do whatever you want with it. You can email these people and tell them to check out your live stream. On top of all the emails you send them, they’re also getting the YouTube notifications. So before you even start your live stream, there will be a crowd of people waiting for you. 

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