How To Find A Profitable Niche For Affiliate Marketing With The Best Keyword Research Tools


I’d like to start off by saying that the keywords are the most important thing when finding a market. You can tell a lot about people by the keywords they type in. And when you go to the keyword research programs, don’t use ’em like most people by typing in your subject first. Try to go a different model and find out what people want. Like you could type in “learn.” You could type in, uh, “find.” You can type in “buy.” And this will teach you what people wanna learn, find, and buy. You can even use words like, “care.” Like we found out earlier in the goldfish care in the, uh, different things related to what people care about, and what they wanna learn to take care of.


Um, and this is really vital to your success online, because this tells you the most about the people and your target audience. And it tells you how to design a site, how to make it to where it’s going to fit their needs exactly. How they gonna … How is it gonna make it to where you could tell what kind of language to use, and what to talk about on your site, and how to make it. I mean, like for example, I know that someone typing in moneymaking online, or business opportunity online is different from someone who types in “press release optimization.”


Because the people who want making money and business opportunity are the same kind of people who read the business opportunity magazines. They have the same kind of mindset. They’re looking for a way to make money from home. The press release people are looking to optimize a press release and they’re looking to find a way to do that, already having a business in mind, already having a site in mind. So, it’s a whole different ballgame, and it’s a whole different marketing method that I would use on these various people.


Okay, so just so you can get an idea of what we’re doing here, and how I go from beginning to end on a site, we’re gonna go ahead and work with the word care. So, we’re gonna go over to ClickBank, and we’re gonna type in “care,” and we’re gonna see what people want that’s related to care. So, let’s go ahead and do that now. Okay. If we go over to care, this is gonna tell us, which book sell the best for the word care. And we have, “Starting A Child Daycare.” That’s not really under the term care as in someone’s caring about something, or wants to know how to care for something.


Uh, number two is the Betta Fish Care Guide. And this is about how to make your Betta Fish happy and live long, and prosper, and whatever. So, we know that that is the second most popular book in this network for the word care. And that’s out of, you know, uh, we got tons of pages here, books, um, that you could look at that have to do with care. Uh, there’s rat care and all this stuff. But I’m gonna show you first how I develop a market, how I tackle that market, and how I evolve from starting with a market to having a full-blown site that makes money, and growing, and duplicating, and things of this nature.


So, we’re gonna go ahead and go with the Betta Fish Care Guide. And we’re gonna look up on my keyword “research program.” We’re gonna find out under the word Betta. We’re just gonna go Betta. We’re gonna do with one T, and two T’s, because I’m sure people spell it wrong, and you wanna definitely look out for misspells, because there’s a ton of those out there. And in early 2003, I made a fortune with misspells on pharmaceutical drugs, you know ’cause no one knows how to spell those names. And, uh, (laughs) actually one of them was a site I made about prescription drugs. And I spelled it P-E-R scription on accident, and the site ended up getting thousands of visitors a day. And that was back when the companies were paying you know, anywhere from, uh, a dollar to $20 a click for those terms, uh, back before it was regulated and all that stuff.


Um, but at any rate, that site did well, because I just took ’em from that, uh, search term that was misspelled and took ’em to my simple site, which took ’em to what they wanted. Uh, one of the funny ones (laughs) was, uh, people type- were typing in Viagara instead of Viagra, which was pretty stupid. Um, (laughs) but at any rate, we’re, we’re gonna look at Betta with two T’s and one T. So, let’s go over to the keyword program here. And we’ll have this up on the screen for you in just a minute. Okay, let’s take a look.


We have … Let’s start it off with one T. And then what we’re gonna do is I’m actually gonna use this to analyze the competition in this particular program, um, whi- which you can find on as one of our, uh, programs, We’ll put that at the bottom of the screen so you can see it. Um, it actually shows you the price per click on, um, overture, which is the res- same results that show up on Yahoo. And it’ll show you those costs, which you can use as a guide for any market, because if they pay that much on overture, it’s probably pretty similar on the other markets. And you can use that as kind of a- a- a really rough edged ruler, if you will.


Um, so we’re gonna go ahead and add these words into the cart, the ones that are related, you know? Some people might use Beta for something else, I don’t know what else that would go for. But we’re gonna add the ones with one T here. Uh, Beta could also be Beta testing, um, for things like that. So, let’s see here. Okay, so for Beta Fish with one T, I’m showing 802 searches a day. And that is the misspelling for that. Uh, let’s see what else we have here. Beta Fish Care with one T, 103 searches a day. Uh, we have let’s see, okay, that looks like about it for the, uh, single, with the single T.


So, let’s go and try with double T. So now we have Betta Fish and Betta Fish Care under the misspelling, which is gonna provide us almost a thousand searches a day on the search engines. Uh, so that alone is a, is a great market. Okay, we’re gonna go Betta with two T’s. Let’s see what comes up. We have Betta Fish, 807 a day. Betta just B-E-T-T-A, 406 a day, Betta Fish Care, we got a 151 a day, Bettas, plural, 140, Male Betta Fish, Betta Care, Betta Fin Rot, 67 searches a day. Breeding Bettas, Betta Won’t Eat. That is a fantastic word.


Whenever you find something where they’re very you know, like, um, m- m- stinky toe hurts, that’s something that (laughs) you know, they have a problem, and they’re looking for help on that. Uh, so Betta Won’t Eat, if you could show them, “Hey, click here for the guide that teach you how to get your Betta to eat,” that is an ace in the hole. And you’re gonna get a lot more sales off of that. Breeding Betta Fish, Betta Fish Care, FAQ for frequently asked questions, Male Betta, Betta Fish Diseases, excellent. Betta Fish Bowl, we could use that one. Betta Diseases, excellent. Uh, Betta Fighting Fish, that’s pretty generic. Uh, let’s see here, Betta Fish Breeding, Sick Betta Fish. Excellent, you know they’re looking it up, because they have a s- a sick fish.


Female Betta Fish, Female Betta, uh, Sick Betta, excellent. Betta Fish Pictures, uh, that’s okay. Um, but make sure when you go for words like “Betta Fish Pictures,” make sure that the title of your ad clearly states what they’re gonna find on your page. Um, for example, if I was to w- bid on the word Betta, I don’t want everyone that’s … I don’t want people looking to buy Betta Fish. I don’t want people looking to look at pictures to print out for a Betta Fish Report at school.


What I want is people who want to learn how to care for the Betta Fish. So, in my ad at which you’ll have up on the screen for you, it will say, “Betta Fish Care Guide or Veta- Betta Fish Care, or Help Your Betta,” something like that that lets them know, “Hey, this is about taking care of your fish.” Okay, so I think we have enough words here. Let me see. Okay, Sick/Dying Betta Fish, that’s excellent. Uh, Betta Breeding, Betta Fishes for Sale, Betta Fish Tank. Okay, so I think we have enough here. We have a total of 28 words.


Now, we’re gonna go ahead and do a competition search and see what the click prices are on overture, uh, slash Yahoo, “Yahooverture,” as people call it. And through … Let’s see here, s- entering the code. And in a minute, it’s going to generate a report, which is gonna show us the competition. And keep in mind, there’s a lot of clicks here to deal with. And when you have something on Overture that has a zeroed out, or even a 10 cent click or lower, you know that a lot of times you can get those on Google for about 5 cents, uh, or 10 cents, or around that, depending on if your site meets the criteria.


You have to have a site that it talks about the words you’re bidding on, and gives the advice. Because they want a good user experience. They don’t want Betta Fish people go into the pet store. They want Betta Fish people go into a Betta Fish site. And if you have a pat- pet store, make a Betta Fish page for it. And then you can bid under that, and provide a good user experience. So, let’s take a look here. I’m showing that for Betta Won’t Eat, I got 37 clicks a day. No one’s bidding on that term.


Betta Fin Rot, 52 a day, no one’s bidding on it. Betta Fish Care FAQ, no one’s bidding on it. Bored Betta Fish, no bids. Sick Betta Fish, no bids. Betta Fish Pictures, no bids. So, we have a lot of words here that have no bids on ’em. And I’m showing even Betta Fish Care, which is the best word where you’re gonna get the most sales most likely has a 117 searches a day. And I’m only showing 5 sites competing for that term. Uh, we also have Betta Fish Care with one T, 80 searches a day, one person bidding on that term.


So this market is perfect and ripe, and ready for the site. So, now we have the market, we have the words. Now, I’m gonna show you how I go from I got words to buying a domain name to setting it up, to getting offers, and actually making money with this market. Uh, a little bit later we will jump ahead and show you how much this site actually makes, and how well it does, and we’ll even show you some of the days where the site might have lost money or gained money. We’re gonna show you everything. I want you to be in the driver’s seat. I wanna s- you know, I want you to see what it’s like to tackle markets, and make money in markets, and test, and try, eh- and let your site evolve based on what the people are looking at. So, let’s go ahead and get into how to build a site now that we know what people are searching for.


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