How to Create Digital Products And Software That Generate Up To $100,000 Per Month Or More

What If I Was To Tell You That The Contents Of A Little 2 Gigabyte Jump Drive Has Been Worth Over Four Million Dollars To Me Over The Last Few Years?

Well, of course I’m not gonna give you the jump drive that’s made me 4 million dollars but I am going to show you how to make your own software to rake it in big-time! sometimes as much as $50 to $100,000 a month or more from the comfort of your own home!

Now, you might be thinking that software’s difficult to build. It’s hard to put together and you need to have a huge company like Microsoft to make it happen…

It’s actually pretty easy! Some of the software, like this CD I have here,

was made in a few hours! It’s made me lots of money!

You can actually build these yourself or outsource the work in a really easy way to create software and build a killer passive income stream for you, your family, and whoever else you want! it’s one of the easiest ways that I find to make money  online!

I’ll never forget that first piece of software that I started out with years ago when we were renting a room in a house in Lakewood California. it was my wife, my Child, and myself renting two rooms in a house. I was there in the extra room that we used as my office and I came up with this idea for a software and we put it on a floppy disk and I remember it like it was yesterday. I was sitting there depressed in this little house that I was renting, trying to make a better life for my family… we sold over $10,000 worth of the software within one hour of going live and I was flipping out because here I was and now we’re making money! which was really cool!

in this video I’m going to show you exactly how to start your own software business.

  • how easy it is
  • how you can get started
  • what you need to get started
  • how to piece it all together

Some of these softwares make $50,000 – $100,000 a month or more and I’m going to show you how that works!

if you were to take a look at some of the top YOUTUBERS that teach how to make money with affiliate marketing and everything like that such as Alex Becker, Russell Brunson, Neil Patel, and hopefully I’m in there somewhere – they all have one thing in common.


Having your own piece of software or code or tool is going to give you the leverage that you need to break out and start earning big money. If you want to make $100,000 a month or more, you’re gonna notice that all these people have software!



You can use like a little tool that might convert files or download mp3s or something that is useful on Windows or Mac that’ll change a file. That’s a utility! Or a calculator or a budget software would fall under utility.


You’ll notice that I use toolbars quite often. Toolbars are good because you can give them away free and get people back to you over and over and over. We saw this with the honey app. It’s a little app that you put on your Chrome when you shop and it saves you money. That company is making a ton of money! There’s also stuff like wish, who is set to do billions of dollars this year! It’s all an app based on social media traffic which is crazy!


A lot of people have suites. What are suites. Suites are something like you might see russell brunson has the clickfunnels or you might see neil patel has the crazy egg software and different things like that where you get a whole suite of tools. That’s gonna help you with something! For example, you might have a suite of tools that’s for accountants or a suite of tools that’s for realtors or something like that!


Plugins are very popular! Lots of people make millions of dollars a year with plugins for wordpress, phones and different things like that! Extremely easy to build! I outsource these! I have a full-time outsourcer that i pay $200 a week to build these for me and oftentimes he can build them in less than two weeks which is crazy! That means i’m getting a full on software tool for $400! Outsourcing is extremely inexpensive and very easy to do!

I want you to notice that having these software tools, having these little downloads, having something to give away or sell is going to put you light years ahead of the competition and you will be on a pillar of your own in your marketplace! raking in all the cash!



For example, you can have a downloadable book, video product, or you could even have something like a theme download!


One of the things that i’ve used over the years is having themes that are custom for certain things! You can have a theme that’s built for wordpress for realtors! You can give that theme away or charge for it AND THEN BOOM!

You have a list of all the Realtors who want to make more money with real estate sites! It’s absolutely astounding when you think of the potential that you could have! You can also create generic wordpress themes and put them out there and build a huge mailing list of people that are interested in wordpress! Then all you got to do is listen to what they want!

Create some plugins and bam! You have a business literally overnight!

It really is that easy!



A lot of people say…

“well, Marcus… I got lots of ideas for software and everything like that”

and that’s all fine. That’s all good. But what we want to do is –

we want to start where people are looking!

Let’s hop in the computer and I’ll show you exactly how this works…

    1. go to something like the Google AdWords tool or have some kind of idea in mind based on what we’ve seen. if we start with the Google AdWords tool, we can go here and we could type in things like WordPress plug-in…

There’s lots of different plugins that people want for wordpress!

This is kind of the software that I specialize in.

I create little wordpress softwares and I don’t actually create them myself, I outsource them and I found this guy that I outsource, been working for me since 2007 and I found him through and hired him. He’s been making our plugins ever since.

There is a little bit of a curve here. Sometimes you have to work through a couple of people to find someone you like but you can also do like a one-off job where you say hey I just want you to make me a wordpress calendar plug-in and i’ll pay you $500. You could do a one type deal and try different people out to find someone that you like which is really cool!

And we can type in different things like “pop-ups”…

These are very low competition and with 33,000 searches, 49,000 searches a month!


You can create a simple pop-up blocker or have one built. Use it as a chrome add-on!

another thing you could search for is different things like “calculators” CALCULATORS ARE GREAT!

I like to use as like giveaway type things where it’s like  “hey you get this calculator if you put your name and email in the box!” – that way I could build a mailing list.

You could see there’s lots of things!  They have a lot of traffic for all of these calculators! You can get them built for like $50! You can make them yourself and have them converted! Very very easy to work with!

Another thing that you can do is look at “converters”

A lot of people are looking to convert things online like money converter or convert mp3’s! That would be a great software tool that you could give away! You could even charge for it!

You can see there’s lots of people searching and the key to this is that there’s really low competition even with the wordpress stuff! Pretty low competition!  If I go and I do a Google search for a “wordpress calendar plug-in”  You’re gonna see there’s probably not that many people

If we do Google here we could see no advertisers

There’s no one advertising on this!

Super cheap!



If you had a calendar plug-in, you could put this bad boy up, Charge like $7, $27, $90, or even $97!  If it’s a robust one and do really well! Then you got a list of people who you know use wordpress! Same kind of things gonna happen with directory plugins, gallery plug-in…

The gallery plugin is good because you know that these people are probably going to be like photographers or image based sites and stuff like that! Again, no competition! Literally nothing!

You can also run Facebook Targeted Ads to WordPress Groups and Sell Tons Of Plugins which is something that i do and it works really well!

You can also see pop-up blockers and things like this. Very very little competition!

Let’s do pop-up blocker and see what kind of competition we have here

No advertising – Literally no competition for this stuff

And you know it’s really easy to get into!


You can offer a free version to build a list or you could sell it for $20 – $100

Same kind of deal with calculators!

Same kind of deal with Exchange Currency Converter kind of things for WordPress!


Imagine if you had a bunch of wordpress themes that you could give away, you could go outsource someone to create a thousand themes or a hundred themes! Put those on your site and say “hey we’re gonna give you a bunch of themes!”

I make really good ones with a purpose and we can give those away!

That’s like a digital product that i now have that can make me lots of money!

Same with templates! Same with plugins! Same kind of deal!


 WordPress website builder

Right now that’s a little bit more competitive but that’s going to compete with things like clickfunnels that, as you know, the dudes making like a hundred million dollars a year off that wordpress page builders site! Lots of stuff there!

You can even go in and do “site builder”

This is kind of expensive on google so i would probably buy my traffic on facebook, i would also do youtube videos about how my builder works. A great way to get a lot of traffic as well!

I actually had a plug-in that I created that makes instagram bio links!

You see in your instagram profile, you have the little spot for a link and most people use a link tree which is a service and it creates links and it’s very basic and silly. I don’t particularly like it because the conversion rate on that type of stuff is usually pretty low so I CREATED MY OWN.

Instead of having a link tree with a bunch of stupid looking links, i actually put image ads that you can rotate that work really well. When they click on instagram, they go here 

This is a little software that i built.

This one literally took the guy 6 hours to make which means it cost me $18

We’re outsourcing to different countries where the wages are a lot lower

We got that there and it works like crazy and we’ve actually had a lot of people buy and download this plug-in. I prefer to use this as a giveaway but a lot of people do pay $17 a month just to have this plugin!

I went for people that are looking for  

  • Link tree
  • Instagram bio
  • Best bio for instagram
  • Creative instagram

People that are looking for the bios and people that are looking to monetize their social media! This works really well!

I want you to think of the power of this!

I got a bunch of people on instagram, they all want to get more traffic to their websites or their affiliate links. I give them the plug-in or maybe charge $17 which is super cheap! They get the plug-in and now, i have a list of people that are interested in making money with instagram!

Boom! Jackpot for me!

I can make a lot of money with that!

Let me show you how this works in the real world so that you can see how to develop this stuff.

Let’s say we have the idea here and our idea is to do the instagram bio type thing..

I would go over to my sketcher program here and i would map out what i want the plug-in to look like. I would go through and i’d be like…

”Okay, well first of all… I want there to be some boxes.. I want images that look like this…”

You just go find images that look like this and then i use the snagit program. So i just capture this and i would map it out in a really easy way. AND THIS WOULD BE OUR END RESULT…

So i’d map this out here and have the little boxes here and then i’d say…

I want them to have a spot where they can upload the image.

I’d have an image spot where you have little boxes or something

And then i would tell them that for these images just put like an arrow here and  that images should be centered

We’d do something like 600 by 300


And then i just work with the programmer and tell them exactly what I want..

  • It’d be like this…
  • What will happen is…

Your person is actually going to build this for you in a really cool way!

They’ll have questions so as you build it, you’ll be like…


and they’ll come back with like a demo

You’d be like…




They’ll send you the file and once you have that file you’re good to go! You’re golden!

Some of the other stuff you can do is downloadable products.

You can make products like video products, pdf products, writing book products and different things like that!


The cool thing about these is that once you own them, you can use them for whatever you want!

You can get people to opt-in! You can sell them! I’ve done a combination of both or i’ve sold them and made millions of dollars off them! I’ve given them a way to build a mailing list!

These are like your digital assets and if you want to build a good income,



If you want to outsource the creation of like an article or a book what i use is GETWEBSITECONTENT.COM

You can actually go there and for like $100 or $200, someone will actually write you a full-on book! For a couple bucks you could get different articles and things like that but they’ll write you books and everything! Anything you want! You can literally outsource in a really easy way!


I have lots of friends who outsource books and post them on amazon and make lots of money!

I prefer to do this with software and plugins because software and plugins stands the test of time and you can always improve and you can always build your mailing list and build your database and build up a huge income!


You see lots of people who do different software as a service Like autoresponders and things like that!

My advice to you would be DO SOMETHING SIMPLE. Just do something super simple that solves one problem and do it really good! Build a little tool, spend a hundred bucks or a couple hundred bucks to build the little tool. Get a good one and then go out there and use it!

I, myself, have bought hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of little software tools over the years. One of the ones i use is text crawler to help me build things. I used old video editors. I use pop-up makers. All kinds of things and i bought over the years that work really really well!  If you have that, YOU OWN THE MARKET!!


If you like this kind of stuff, we are teaching this in the simple sites course


We have a special section in the new, updated version that’s coming out soon

So you want to go there and order now at the price that its at now

Because when the new one comes out, it’s gonna be more expensive!

But if you order now, you get the old one and the new one!


So if you want to learn that, we teach software creation, outsourcing, and everything in the Simple Sites Bonus Course at SIMPLESITESBONUS.COM


If you actually are interested in doing software as a business, i also have a service where we go through and we build a software with you personally and work with you for a year on setting it up, building it, and creating an income!

If you want a way to work with me, it’s like a private type deal – you would have to contact us!


Put in a ticket and tell ALISA

“Hey i’m interested in the software long course”

It’s not cheap.

That’s why we only do it by request only.



Submit a ticket and say

“hey, i’m interested in this course and building software with marcus”

and she will send you the info on that as well.


Learn how to do this!

Start building software!

It’s not that hard to do!

Outsource it or build it yourself!


Some of the ways that i build software myself…

You guys have seen the simple sites big profits course. That looks like this…

This pops up in little software and you can actually log in here and you can see what the software looks like. It’s basically video and then little tools and things like that. As you’re going through…

The way that this works, this software is nothing more than a glorified webpage

If i was actually to go through…

I just went and got a bunch of icons and i put these icons into a file. It is super easy!  All i’m doing is taking MICROSOFT FRONT-PAGE or whatever HTML EDITOR you use, i’ve used front-page 2003 and then i just drag my file in here and you can just make it. If i want a different icon, i just take another one out  and then all i have to do is link these two different pages on my site and boom! I have like a full-on software program and i have used this little method to MAKE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS with a little membership site software!!

Really easy to do and all you have to know is how to folder works and it’s basically the same as how a computer folder works. Where you’re linking one thing.

If you want to link to this file, it’s going to have properties and it’ll show you the url of the file or the folder and stuff like that.

The same thing happens online!  If you were to look at like the online version of that tool, it’s the same exact thing!


You would just go


So here we are! You can see here up in the top, it’s law

I have this behind a protector so people can’t see it unless they log in

All i have to do is have a little page for each one, put the little video code and boom! I could make a FULL-FLEDGED SOFTWARE OUT OF AN INFO PRODUCT and make a lot of money!


The Tip Is To Find Your Niche First!


Go to your adwords tool

Find out what you’re gonna build your software for.

You gonna make a wordpress menu plug-in?

Is there enough traffic?


Yeah! In these there’s definitely enough traffic!


If you’re gonna make a pop-up blocker or something else, you use that!

And then go mock it up! Outsource it!


Maybe it’ll take you a couple of weeks to build this,

Maybe a couple of months to build it…

Even if it takes you a couple months to build it,

you’re gonna have something that’ll generate income for a long time!


Do this the right way! Don’t mess around with little “here’s the quickest way…” –

Just build it!

You’ll make a sustainable income as i have for almost 20 years now!

It’s not that hard to do!

You just got to get in there!


Put the pedal to the metal!

Build it out!

Sell it!

Then off to the races you go!

And you can even get affiliates to sell your product for you!


There’s people on JVZOO that build little softwares all day long

And they’re making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year!!

Some of them – millions of dollars a year!!

with little software tools!!

You’ve probably bought them and you could be doing that too!

Here’s to making this work!


If you want to learn this stuff in detail,


Get our Simple Sites Course

We teach it in there!

If you want to join our private secret software year-long course where i build software with you – i actually have my team build your software and come up with your ideas and everything! Write us at PCMONEYMAKING.COM and tell us you’re interested in that!

Click on submit a ticket

Make a ticket

Say “i’m interested! What do i do?”

We’ll give you those details!


Until next time, have fun learning about how to build software!

It’s not that hard!!

There’s little tools you can use!

We teach you more about that in the Simple Sites Course




Thanks again for reading!

I’m Marcus!

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