How To Create And Sell Digital Products And Online Courses With Kartra And WordPress


Are you ready to learn how to make a business that’s going to pay you over and over from something you do? Just one time (Or maybe it’d take a week, a month), but you can set it up and actually get paid, over and over again If you do it right! In this article, I’m going to show you how to do it right. So let’s get started!

What we’re going to be doing in this article is to talk about something very important, and something I haven’t really discussed with you before, which is how to create your own business based around something that you own.

Now, something you own could be anything from a software product to a book to an article/content, or whatever it is. We’re going to talk about how that works and show you how to map everything out.

What I want to do is to get you in the act of realizing that your business could be like an interesting person or group that supports your lifestyle.

You’re going to learn exactly how to take care of your market, and how to use them to promote a whole lot of things. For example, over the last couple of weeks, you can notice that I’ve been promoting a certain software product which, by the way, is an awesome product.

That product actually made me a quite a bit of money promoting it because of the fact that you guys like my stuff, training and everything like that. But none of that could have been possible had I not set out, about 10 years ago. And I’ll tell you that story in just a minute about how I started 10 years ago by going into my garage and setting up a product.

My Little Humble Story

I started doing affiliate marketing in 1999 and I got really good results. Then, I was just 20 years old kid. I had a baby on the way, and then I had my second baby in a year and a half later.

I and my wife started hard. I started this business because I really didn’t know how to do anything else. I never really went to college, I barely graduated high school. Society told me that I’d never make it and everyone was like, “you should be an accountant, be this and that.” (But I wanted to be a magician at that time though).

So I started affiliate marketing and made some decent money doing search engine optimization. I started doing affiliate marketing in 2002/2003 and made a bunch of money. Here I was, I was making sometimes as much as a million dollars in a year on a simple little one-page website. And I love it.

Sometimes, I remember the summer of 2006; I’d wake up and be already like $2000 in profit. One of my friends was like, “Hey dude, I know you’re doing a really good stuff on affiliate marketing, can you come on a “teleseminar” and teach what you’re doing with affiliate marketing”, and I’m like, “Yeah, I’d love to”. And so I did this teleseminar. I started talking about affiliate marketing, how the stuff works, and how I made money with it.

At the end of the teleseminar, everyone was like “hey dude, Marcus is awesome”. Now, where do we go to buy your stuff? What I’d do is, I’m going to go in my garage and fill a DVD And That DVD Became The Pinnacle Of The Simple Site Course. I was in my garage for like 4 days and I wrote this. I probably could have done it in one day but I had the stigma that it has to be fancy.

So, what I do is that I actually created this DVD. Now, we have this DVD that is our profit seller. What I realize is that by having a product (whatever it is, From a DVD to a resale right product, to a software product, to whatever) allowed me the freedom to be able to buy traffic and break even. So it looks like is “Okay I’ve got this DVD”, and I can go over to Google Adword, Bing, and Yahoo search. I can buy banner ads and everything like that.

I can buy these banner ads, and I can pay like $1-$3 per click because I knew my numbers. If I sell one out of every hundred visitors, then I’ll break even and build a mailing list.

Let’s say I get a hundred people to my site, and it cost me $200 to get them into my site. Out of that $200, I get one person to buy and I get $297(my actual price). And this was happening on a daily basis. When we look at it on a daily basis, I’d be like “okay, now I’m making a profit of $97 on every hundred visitors to my site with a 50+ people to join my mailing lists”.

So I get paid $97 for every 100 visitors to get 50 people on my mailing list. basically, I was being paid $2 every time someone joins my mailing list. And I got to tell you, I still make money from these ads that I run back in 2009. I still get people who are buying my stuff back from 2008 and 2009. I did this approximately three to four times per day.

So, I was purchasing 300-400 clicks a day. Basically, I was tripling my money and I was doing it four times a day. Isn’t that insane? So you’re getting paid like $1200 to $2400 a day to build a mailing list to sell more stuff to more people.
This works in any industry that has people that are willing to buy something.

For example, maybe there is a guy that knows how to fix a computer or knows how to start a blog, it just works anywhere. So having your own product is the way to go. You can spend a couple of weeks diving into Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word or any other software for that matter. You can make your own product about that and now you’re in the race.

What Do We Need To Make This Work?

Maybe you’re out there (like so many customers I have) and you’re like, “Marcus, you know I read a book but I don’t know what to do with it, I created this thing but I don’t know what to do with it.” Now, we’re going to talk about that because if you’re able to create (that’s what marketing is), then you should be able to sell them.

Internet/Affiliate marketing is all about creating something of value so you can sell other things. Now, when you create content for your website, that content can be turned into a product as well. One of my sites (, I basically created a series of 30 letters that I also turn into products and things like that. Same thing on

I want to ask this question, the last time you got a product (hopefully it’s not mine, if it is, go to, you’ll get support), got a service, and something went wrong. And for some reasons, you were not able to get the help and support that you needed. How did you feel? If you feel left out, guess what? Millions of people do as well.

Millions of people buy a lot of services, and they don’t get the help they need. They don’t know how to use them. As painful as the experiences are, they are what I call gaps in the marketplace. Here is the deal; we need to bridge the gap.

How Do We Bridge Those Gaps?

Well, some people buy franchise. For example, let’s say your phone company doesn’t care about you and a guy who buys your franchise to bridges the gap. And he’s like, “we’re going to advocate for you, we’re going to show you how to use your phone.”All they do is getting the product and earning the commission.

Did you get that? There is a guy I know that makes entire living creating/building videos about video software.
First and foremost, the most powerful thing in marketing is marketing to Feelings. A lot of people (including myself) like to feel like we are very logical people but we’re not.

Now, the goal and idea here are to have something of value. We can call it a product; we can call it content or whatever you want. I want you to realize this: organized content is a product. Like what is my course? My course is organized content. I have videos, tutorials, training and I organize it in a way that, “if you follow this steps; you’re going to get this result.” So you can do the same thing in any market.

Products and contents are together, it just depends on how you decide to distribute it. So you can be a product creator if you’re a content creator. And if you’re not a content creator you can outsource it. And if you’re not a product creator, you can outsource it. So we’re going to show you how this works, and how it makes sense and the things that you need to make this work. So, first of all, we have our content and products. You can use your content to sell affiliate stuff. You can turn your contents into a product to build a mailing list and sell a lot of stuffs. It’s really cool and it worked extremely well. You can get paid over and over again.

So we’re going to look at, how do we roll, how do we set it up, and how do we turn this into business? If you knew how to make a product and turn it into a business, you’ll do it. You’ll be like, “If I have a product even if it’s like a $9 product, $50 or a $900 product if I could sell one of them a day, then that’s pretty cool.”

The cool thing about this is once you make it, then it’s done. So what we want to look at is we want to focus and we want to make it work. So here are so many things that you’re going to need to make this work.

Finding a Niche Market

First and foremost, you’ll need a NICHE MARKET. So, I’ll go into the computer and show you a screenshot of what the niche is going to look like:

So here we are, we’re in the Google keyword planner. So let’s find a niche. Okay, so let’s say excel tutorial.

People want excel tutorials for Microsoft Excel. Approximately 50,000 people every month look up excel tutorial. On top of that, 14000 looks up excels training. 2700 look up to learn Excel. Do you now get the idea that people want t to learn Microsoft excel and are willing to pay for it?

If you want to get a bit lazy, you can literarily go and do Microsoft excel PLR product.

There are probably some other products you can check out there as well.(see screenshot)

So we look at that and we’re like “a lot of people are actually looking at that product, great!”. So we create a product to whatever that would work. Now, there are lots of other stuff as well, like excel tutorial too like Camtasia tutorial.

Camtasia tutorial is pretty cool; you can buy the software cheap and sell together with your training.
You can also look at WordPress plug-in because people are really crazy about it (I’ve made a lot of money with that).

We look at this and we say there are a lot of people looking up WordPress plug-in and we can put in “Wordpress plugin and we can see what people are searching for. (See screenshot below)

For example, Membership calendar, Menu, directory, Gallery, comment, hosting CMS, plugin, and other tons of stuff. I can sell it, a giveaway as a gift; I can give the small version and sell the big version. Did you get the idea?

You can also look up, like tutorials. You can look at the course (what kind, of course, do people want?)

Buying A Domain

For example, if your product is the WordPress plugin. Let’s say you made the WordPress plugin and let’s say you sell it for $27. And you sell 10 of them a day (that’s $270 a day, and $100000 a year), you’re going to need some traffic and the traffic will come from a part of your mailing list. You’ll have to get them to buy all those stuff and focus on other things they need as well.

What we’re going to do is we’re going to look at that and say “okay, how do we use that to our advantage to turn a profit?” What is it going to look like? As said earlier, first of all, we’re going to have a niche market. Niche market could be a word press calendar plugin.

Now what? Now we’re going to get a domain. WordPress doesn’t like you to use the word “Wordpress” in your domain for obvious reasons. So you just do something like and get your domain. Then you get you and you get the products created and you’re ready, go! Now, what do you need?

Now that you’ve got your domain, you’re going to need a website or a blog. Then you’re set up and ready to go.
Now, we have a blog/website; let’s make a blog about the calendar plugin, maybe teach them about some other plugins and tell them to put a name and email, some of them are going to buy this plugin.

Great, so we set up this blog, get the name and email box which sends people to our auto responder or database. So to get your domain, it’s going to be like $8 (You’ll get a free one if you go to )And your website or blog which is going to cost us about $6.And that’s necessary, you’ve got to have that.

Installing The WordPress On Your blog

Next, we install the WordPress on our blog, Now we have our autoresponder, and that’s going to cost us anywhere from $17 to $150 a month. We’ll have a list of these tools at the end of the article, and we’ll show you a tool that does everything for you.

We Have To Have A Way To Sell It

What’s next is that we have to have a way to sell it. We’re going to have the way to get the money from the customer, deliver the product and the money goes to our bank. Now, this is done with a merchant account. You can do a stripe, you can do PayPal, you can do a traditional merchant account, and then it’s going to link to your stuff.

There are membership plugins, and they’re going to cost anywhere (I paid $179 for one and $400 for another). We’ve got to have a way to have the autoresponder on our blog; we’ve got to have a way to have another page on our blog with the buy button or the order page. Then the money goes into your account from here and then boom! They get the product delivered. So, you got money, you got the database, and they got their products.

Now you can email people about the other products. The reason I like this is that it grows. Let’s say you sell excel tutorials, you teach people how to use excel or whatever. It’s going to grow because now you have a lot of keywords, a lot of things that are all following people to your blog which has your order links, optin page, and everything and boom, you are now after the races. These people will be over it, and they’ll be like, “dude this is awesome, I want more of this, I want to buy more stuffs from you”.

As a recap, you find your niche, get your domain, and your traffic method can be a pay per click, youtube traffic, traffic from Facebook and Instagram, and if you do it right, you can do really cool.
And if you don’t have a product, don’t worry. We’re going to show you how to set this up and how it works and it’s really not that hard. The problem is people look at this as if it is like a giant milestone to get to. But, really it’s nothing more than 10 years ago when I went into my garage and I took a camera( it cost me $699) and I filmed myself talking about a subject matter.

Then I put it on DVD, and I sent it out and sold thousands of DVDs over the years. To me, I got tired of doing DVDs so I went to the Digital Lab and create a membership site because I wanted to be automated. I wanted to be like, ‘Hey you sign up, you’ll get access.” So, let’s get into the computers and show you how these things work. Now you’re going to need the stuff that makes all this works.

So, I’ll show you the easy method on how it can work and we’re also going to talk about some other stuff as well.
So here is your screen, I’m going to show you exactly how this works. An example of how this work will be with my website.

Now, this is a website I have that does exactly what we’re talking about. What I do is that I offer a toolbar ad on. Let me show you what it looks like.

I give it away free for your emails. This is a good stuff but it’s also designed to sell things.
And what I do is to say, “Hey, welcome, you’re going to get this free toolbar ad on.” It costs me $200 to outsource the toolbar. And we have about 5000 people every month that uses the tool bar. They go to my page and download the tool bar.

They can also go to other pages to buy my stuff. And it’s like I’m sitting here, and I’m like, “hey, you know what? Do you Guys want to get my course that teaches affiliate marketing? You go to” And it goes to my order form .

In the order form, you fill it out, you pay and it’s going to send you some logins automatically. I could be sleeping at 2am, you can come on here, buy, and I’ll get paid $297 and you get your access.

I remembered what I really had to go through to make this order form (it was really a pain in the bud). But now, what I found out is that there is a tool that can do this for you. But for the price of the auto responder that use, you’ll get a tool that works for everything. If you want to get the tool, go over to

You’ll get the bonuses if you stay past the trial. We want you to use this because it is something valuable. Let me show you a screenshot of what it looks lik.

So, it’s like if I have a product and I want to sell that product, all I’ll need to do is to go to my products and create a new product and name your product.

For example, the product name is “WP calendar plugin”, description “calendar plugin. And next, we’re going to choose “credit card here”, then you put the details and click on confirm/next.

Here you can set up a stripe account, Paypal- It’s simple; you can set it up within 20 minutes. It could be a page on a WordPress and it could be a page on the kartra system. Follow the instruction as stated here.

You can also send them a downloadable file, securely, automatically. Like, I can just upload my plugin right in here and kartra would be like, “Thank you for ordering, here is your product”.

Also, we can make our membership site here.

Can you now see how this tool can set up your entire business? So, literally in a matter of minutes, I created a product, I created a way to deliver the product and the membership area and I’m done.

Katra has worked for me because I like to embed things on my blog rather than just having one funnel. I like to have it on my blog. The katra payment plans is actually cheap. It can start from $80 a month. I have one of the most expensive plans involving two to three domains. But you’re not going to actually use domains in Katra.

That’s because, now I don’t need a domain, I made this product, I got the code. I can put this code on 150,000 different domains if I want. That recommended, keep it to the ones you’re using. I can go on and like “okay, check out this plugin”.
And I can show you like, let’s make this really work. What I’m going to do is to do this for a different product that I set up. And we’re going to use the social profit tools plugin for WordPress and input “make money on Instagram” and follow the instructions.

In addition to that, it also has an inbuilt list builder and it goes through all the people on your list. You can see what they bought, you can see what they opened, and you can see what they clicked. You can be like, “hey, check this out, so today people clicked on my stuff”. It’s pretty new. For example, here.

Now if you want to build a mailing list, it is pretty easy create a new form and call it “opt-in social profit”. Then you follow the instructions.
This software does everything for you; there is a free trial that goes for $1 in a month. Now you have to get past the free trial to get my bonuses. The smallest plan goes for $89/month. Now, you have to make you go through my link so that you get the bonuses. Here are the bonuses, you’re going to get:

  • Full training on How to start your online business ($127)
  • We’d do a niche market research live class ($127)
  • I’ll show you how to make your own info-profit business
  • 3 ways I’ve made a ton of site with membership sites ($1,997)
  • I buy a domain for your niche (up to $1000 value)
  • Special interaction welcome call, pay per click class ($1277 value)

Here is what you’re going to do. Go to www. Watch this video, or skip down and click on “Request Invite”.

This will pop up. You’ll put your name, email and an invite message will be sent to your email. And you go sign up.
Now let me tell you why this is not just another tool. It’s something with marketing-embedded and unlike other tools this allows you to embed it on your site. The email in this software that you’re going to get has an email sequence that is preloaded with the forms to get people to open, click, and buy.

All the templates are in there. It also has an order form templates.
This is a step you need, take a step and you’re very much closer to setting up your business. And when you get in there, you’re going to be blown away by how easy it is. And when you get my training, you’re going to be like, “this is like a match made in heaven and I think I can go out there and make it work”. You can integrate it with your blog, payment system, and so on.

Another incredible thing is that kartra is that it has all the marketing in it. You don’t have to be a marketing genius.
How do we link it to Bluehost email?
You don’t actually need it. You can actually use direct email server, they already have it here. It’ so simple! You just go to “campaigns”, as shown here
Where can I go to get a list of the trigger words for a search engine?

That is in the simple site course. If you’re interested in that, you can just go to and sign up there.
For the plugin partnership products, what I’m doing is I’m giving people the chance to develop in the Affiliate marketing niche.

I want to set up a membership site, any ideas?
You can either do the plug-in partnership deal or you can ether talk to me about that on live chat or you can use that as your niche. When you sign up for and you can find your niche.

When you get to kartprofits site, there’ll be a video. Click on Request invite, put your info, and request invite. They’d actually send you an email for you to sign up. Again, remember you’ll be enjoying our bonuses when you sign up through me:

  • Full training on How to start your online business ($127)
  • We’d do a niche market research live class ($127)
  • 3 ways I’ve made a ton of site with membership sites ($1,997)
  • I buy a domain for your niche (up to $1000 value)
  • Special interaction welcome call, pay per click class ($1277 value).

If you have any question, feel free to check me on live chat. Do have a lovely day!

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