How to Create a Profitable Mailing List Using OPC and CPT

Hey guys! It’s Marcus here from Blog Profit Network and which is my new site where you can go to learn how to build a five-figure per month niche business in a really easy way. 

I know a lot of people out there are looking for that magic money tree that they could just pluck money from whenever they want, no matter what. But unfortunately, most of the Guru’s touting that instant money stuff is kind of like this, trying to shake every red cent you have away from you. Very very threatening.

So let’s talk about how you can actually get a money tree and get money pretty much whenever you want by using a little tool that I call, CREATING A PROFITABLE MAILING LIST WITH OPC AND CPT.

So let’s take our money guy and put him here on the back burner and talk about how this whole thing works.

Now there’s a little problem online with most people who use the internet, and that is that MOST PEOPLE DON’T KNOW HOW TO SEARCH. And you might be saying, well Marcus, how do you know that? I know that because I have access to the search records from google as do you. We could just go to the Google AdWords tool right like this and search for anything we want.

Let’s say we search for money and you can see that people have no idea to search. I mean obviously so you can’t search for money and then get money. You have to search for how to make money or how to earn money but you can see that 33,000 people a month or just searching for money.

Very very very interesting.

And what we want to do is look at that and say, okay WHAT DO THEY WANT, WHY ARE THEY SEARCHING IT. And our goal is to take those people who don’t know how to search. They’re just looking for stuff like this guy here and actually do the search for them to fight them the things that they ultimately wanted, while making money in the process.

Now we know that the Guru’s often like to say that the money is in the list and for the most part that’s pretty true, but I’m going to show you a way to get even more money from a mailing list.

First of all, the question is, “How do you create that list in the first place?” That raises all kinds of new questions like where do you get the content to offer them for their name and email address, what do you want to send them, how do you keep track of them, and all these other questions that are going on.

And that brings us to the idea of what I call OPC.

Now you’ve heard, it said that some people get rich using OPM which is other people’s money. Other people’s money and a lot of people have gotten rich with other people’s money like the bank. To take your money, they loan it out. They take some interest. They throw you a couple pennies and they get rich.

So let’s say that you want to go into a certain niche market.

Now two of the things that I recently searched for online, one of them was some barbecue recipes and the other was some self-help type tapes from a guy named Alan Watts. Interesting stuff. Don’t subscribe to everything he says but it does make you think. So I was looking at some barbecue stuff and some self-improvement articles.

Now I was looking at this and let’s say that I don’t really know that much about barbecuing, and I really don’t know that much about self-help stuff. That’s fine. That’s good because chances are, neither does the person searching.

So YOUR GOAL is to be one step ahead of them and provide them with options. Provide them with options. Provide them with content. Provide them with things that they could use to benefit based on what they’re searching for. Perhaps you could tell them what cuts of meat are the best, or perhaps you can give them a list of different authors, or recording people that talk about self-help stuff.

So we take a look at this and we say, well what do we do? How does this work in a real world? Example, Marcus break it down for me and tell me how this works.

Well, let’s go back to our search tool here and let’s search for Alan Watts, or you could do Tony Robbins or whatever you want okay. We could do all kinds of different things and you know it helps if you spell it right. So we could see here that low competition and we have 9900 almost 10,000 people a month searching for this low competition word. So we can go to google and we could search for this word and take a look and see that there’s very very few people bidding on this term. Not a whole lot of people bidding on it.

Very very important to realize there’s actually no one bidding on it, which means that this is super inexpensive traffic. So the question is, “What do we do with this traffic?” and ultimately, “How do we get the money now?”

We know that our goal is to build the mailing list but we need some kind of bait. We need some kind of hook that’s going to get them into the mailing list. Now one interesting thing that you can do is use the search tools that I have taught you to provide killer content for these people, in exchange for running ads and getting their email, which is very very easy, as long as you provide some cool options that have to do with what they searched for in the first place.

So you have this guy. He’s searching for you know whatever it is. Barbecue tips, or self-help, or one thing I just looked up a couple minutes ago was how to start an internet radio station. I notice that this traffic is really inexpensive and there’s lots of things you can do with it. So basically we have the guy searching and he’s searching for personal development stuff. And our goal is to say, “Well hey man! We got this cool content that we are going to give you. Now I want to ask you, how many of you guys store different articles, different emails, different mp3’s or videos, or you save things to your computer? Like me. I’m kind of a nut case when it comes to this stuff and what I like to do is I like to keep files of all kinds of different things. You can see here, I have tons of PDFs that I downloaded free as well as mp3’s and more PDFs on everything, from healthy emotions to making money online. And here’s one that’s a gigantic book about psychology and all kinds of things that you can read. And it’s really cool.

This is stuff that people think of as a valuable. It’s very very valuable stuff. And they just simply don’t know how to do the research to find them. Most people give up after a couple of pages. Anyway, so what we want to do is we want to do the research for them and find all the stuff.

Here’s some TED Talks that I recorded. Some videos of some audios, different things like that. We also have different audios from anything, from Alcoholics Anonymous stuff, to Alan Watts, to different people that are speaking on self-help like Werner Erhard, the big book. We have creation and stuff. All kinds of different things that you can find from interviews to whatever it is. And this is all valuable for the people searching for it. If you were to take stuff and look at let’s say Werner Erhard or perhaps Alcoholics Anonymous or whatever it is, you can find that people are actually searching for this. So we could do something like sobriety tips. See what kind of tips people want on sobriety and then all I have to do is say, Hey you know what, I found for let’s say how to stop drinking I found 87 mp3s on how to stop drinking that you can listen to, or 15 or however many it is.

You can also do AA. See what comes up for that or alcoholic anonymous. So we can see that people are searching for like Alcoholics Anonymous and different things like that. So meetings, alcohol anonymous big book, different stuff like this. And they’re doing this because they don’t know how to find what they’re looking for. So our goal is to take all these things that we can find and offer them to them. We say, okay here he is searching and though he say, “Hey you know what, if you join my mailing list, what I’m going to do is I’m going to give you content.”

Tons and tons of cool stuff. Then once we get the name and email, what happens is this person now goes on our mailing list and has given us permission to email them. And our job is to email them to get them back to our content.

What we do is we say, “Hey you know what, Marcus how you doing, I found a cool interview from you know Bob on the big book or Allen or whatever on ontology or whatever it is, or maybe I found you a cool article or a neat quote or spreadsheets or video files or PDFs or whatever it is.” And you’re emailing this stuff to them to get them back to your blog. Back to your blog, and the idea is to get them back to your blog. Get them to consume your content and provide ads.

Now you don’t want to just provide ads like you know get this or get this or buy this or whatever.

What you want to do is you want to give them options based on what they’re looking for.

So you say, hey I hope you enjoyed this. You know, if you’re having trouble staying sober, why not go to my rehab site or whatever it is and you use all this media to keep them coming back, and keep them anticipating the next video. The next mp3, the next whatever it is, so that you can make money.

Basically, my friends this is a way to build a mailing list, and basically have a money tree that you can pluck money from whenever you want.

So if you want to learn how to do this, how to build a killer mailing list with other people’s content, and super cheap paid traffic, what I want you to do is go to The link is below in the description of this video, or we’ll put a banner on the site. But click that link. Get over there and try out the five figure niches for one full week for just one dollar.

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