We are going to go over how to create a lead magnet…
How do we create lead magnets and magnets that are going to pay us over and over?
We’re talking about creating something for your market that is going to provide money for years to come or at least for a good while.

WE WANT TO CREATE A RESOURCE FOR OUR NICHE MARKET. If you create a resource for your niche market, then you’re gonna have something that’s gonna pay you over and over! Because people are gonna want to watch it!

For example, I’m taking a couple hours out of my day, making a live recording. After the recording is done, this is something that’s going to live out in the internet forever right and make me sales. If it makes me a couple of sales a week or maybe a couple sales a month. This is going to make me some sales over and over and over. I’m also gonna get the initial bulk of sales that we do on the livestream as well!

We want to take take this into account and look at it and say
“How can I create something that’s gonna be out there forever?”

Because back in 2013 or 2014, i used to do all of my stuff on what was known as a one-off webpage. I would build a web page, I put my video there or my content there and then it just kind of like died out and I’d have to create something new to get more traffic.
In about 2014 or 2015, I started looking at it and said
“Hey, what if I had something and I positioned it in a way that it’d be out there all the time?”

What if…..

  • I had something that was out there working for me even when I wasn’t working?
  • I had something that was out there getting traffic even when i wasn’t trying to get traffic?
  • I had something that was out there that was selling people even when i didn’t have to sell?

Look at the fact that these lead magnets and these content pieces and these sales magnets and money magnets are all designed to do things when you’re not working! If I create a good document, a PDF, a video or anything and I get it out there and people start to look at it over and over, that’s gonna be out there no matter what! Some guy might print it out, read it while he’s on the subway train and then decide to order my product! This how this stuff works and that’s what you want to do! You want content that’s going to be consumed!

Let’s break it down and make it really easy for you guys to understand…
Let’s take Johnny for example…

Johnny is in the home and auto insurance niche. He is looking for ideas in his home and auto insurance niche.

How do we sell people?

You want to look at your niche and you’d want to say…

“What kind of thing would help sell insurance even when I’m not out there?”

If we were to go to the Google Adwords Keyword Tool and we were to type in “Auto Insurance Guide”, I don’t think there’s a whole lot of people looking up Auto Insurance Guide because most people already have Auto Insurance. Think about that for me, most people already have Auto Insurance! Auto Insurance Guide really only has about 30 people a month searching for it and it’s Super Super Competitive! It is crazy!

What kind of resource could we create for someone who is in the auto insurance?
Let’s take a look at who the customer is…

  • Who would it be that we would ideally want to get into our funnel or contact us for insurance?
  • Who is looking for insurance but doesn’t know they need it yet?

Johnny could go over to the Google Adwords Tool and, instead of typing in auto insurance guide, which is super competitive, he could do something like “After Buying New Car”

Let’s see if people are looking up anything related to that… We got 50 people who say “after buying a new car”! Now this one is low competition! But I’m not gonna touch it because 50 people is not enough to deal with. maybe there’s something like “Register New Car”

Look what happened here: “Register A New Car” is low competition! There’s 320 a month!

You’d probably get maybe 3-5 maybe even 10 people to actually sign up for his insurance which would probably be worth it! If you could tackle this and get maybe 3, 5, or 10 people a month to sign up for your insurance… probably be worth it!

When you look at these numbers you want to look at it based on what you’re doing…

If I only got $1 when someone got new insurance, this 320 searches a month wouldn’t work.
But because someone like Johnny is getting paid a good amount having his insurance company then BAM! That that’ll probably work!
If he’s getting $100-$500 for a new sign up, then this is going to work!

Your competition here is 37 cents which is probably less because of the fact that there’s low competition. Let’s go to Google and let’s take a look at this!

By the way, see how all the different states and everything come up here,

That’s good! That means we could probably get a lot of cheap or even free traffic!

Not Too Many People Looking
No Advertisers

Johnny Can Now Take And Create A Resource! A Guide thats Gonna Answer Questions On How To Register A New Car.
How long would this take you? Probably an hour at the most!
An hour to create something on what to do when you buy a new car
You would make a little report saying: here are the things you need to do when you buy a new car!

There’s probably gonna be a lot of other things too! Like vehicle registration!
He could even do things like “how soon do you have to get insurance on a new car?”
Different things like that!
When you think about it, so many people are buying new cars every single day in the United States and different countries. This would work extremely well!

Here’s what to do after you buy a new car
…including new car registration
…including insurance things

Another thing Johnny could do by finding people who don’t know that they want something is…
…something like DMV Test new drivers
He could actually go after and say

“Hey, what if I helped people who are doing the DMV test?”

Maybe put together a little cheat sheet or study guide or something?
And then BAM! We could go through and say…

“Hey, when your daughter or son starts driving, insurance is expensive!

Here’s a little guide on how to get insurance by the way. If you think you want to save money, give me a call!”

If Johnny had 10, 20, 30 of these little profit magnets out there then he could go in
and it’s gonna be selling over and over and over again!

This is the same kind of thing that that I’m sure Johnny’s competitors or maybe Johnny even does where he’s like “Hey, we send out little reports on what to do when you get in a wreck…”

The difference is…
Instead of just being a dude out there on the road, hoping that people contact you for your california insurance…
The difference is… It Says Affiliate Marketers!
These things are gonna go out there, people don’t throw them away, it’s out there all the time!
We can use them to build lists and everything!


The name of the game?
How can we create a resource for these people and get customers to us?

This stuff works like a charm. It works very very well if you do it right and you focus on providing info because if you are able to help people understand something, Help people learn something, Help people do something… That’s What’s Gonna Work!

Just like those little calendars that you put on your fridge, it’s like here’s the top emergency phone numbers for your area. The purpose on it by bob the realtor! Same kind of deal! …only instead of being like the annoying realtor guy,

We’re Actually Providing Info That People Ask For!
These People Are Actually Asking For Our Information.

The question is…

  • “What kind of things do we do?”
  • “What kind of ways do we go into our market?

Let’s take a look at some of the other markets that we have…

David says he’s a notary public… “I have a website. What could folks be looking for that I could provide?”
You would want to go after all the documents that need to be notarized. You would want to look at “Buying a house out-of-state”

You would go for something like this where they’re buying a house out of state. You got to get the document notarized! You would do a guide on how to buy a house out of state and not get ripped off.

or “Applying for a corporation”
You’d need something like that or maybe signing documents, i know we had to get it notarized. When we have contractors on our house, we have to have that notarized.

But… I would rather see you spend your time on a niche that’s nationwide that has nothing to do with your notary or maybe a niche like how to become a notary public. You could go out there and you can use your knowledge of become a notary! You could see what kind of courses are out there. If there’s not one, YOU CAN CREATE ONE!

Look at this Become a Notary Public Application!

These people want to become notary publics and there’s probably not that much competition.
You could get in this market and you could teach people how to become a notary!
That’s what I would do because yours is too specific to niche down

Gabriel says…

“What’s your minimum threshold for a keyword to be considered worth pursuing?”

That all has to do with how much you’re making on it. If I’m getting like a thousand dollars every time someone signs up for a notary course, then 3600 searches a month? That’s gonna work! Even at a hundred dollars a sale, this one would work!

If I was only making 5 cents per sale, then 3600 x 5 cents isn’t that good…
so it wouldn’t work for me. It all has to do with what you’re making!

Another niche: Food recipes
Food recipes is super easy. You can actually go for recipes like this and when you look up recipes, you’re gonna have a lot of people searching for recipes. You want to go specific. Instead of like dinner ideas, which is way too broad, we would want to go for something like maybe a crock-pot recipe or chili recipe or something like that. Something very specific! You take a look at this and then we’ll just isolate it.

“Pizza Dough Recipe”

What you would want to do is make a site about just pizza dough recipe

  • Look at your competition here, pretty much nothing!
  • Your resource would be a pizza dough recipe guide!
  • I’d want something printable or something they could put on their phone or their tablet that they will use over and over!

Now imagine if you had 20 or 30 different recipe pages out there online that people can print out as like little recipe note cards and they led back to your site. That’s something that we’re talking about as a resource you can use!!

When you’re doing your resource it’s very important to realize that you’re using these to do several things.
1. You want to go through and you want to USE IT AS AN OPT-IN

You can make a page like AFFILIATEDUDE.COM where you want to give your resource away, in exchange for people putting their name and email. They have your resource: Put Your Name And Email, You Get The Resource!
Same kind of thing we’re doing on where you go through and you put your name and email and you are gonna get my free affiliate marketing dude toolbar.

Same kind of deal right?
You got the toolbar and this toolbar is something that I create once. Now, I have over 6,000 people every month using this toolbar! It didn’t take that long to create! My programmer helped me make the search box and it probably took maybe 3 days to make the actual thing. I want you guys to think that this is something of value!

This is like a profit magnet! Why?
…because people are using this over and over and over again

If you were to take a look at companies like, companies like askjeeves, minespark…
All They Do Is Create Toolbars Based On Different Things
If you see the toolbar, a really simple tool that people can use and I create it once and that’s gonna drive people back to me over and over
It’s gonna make me money because that toolbar actually leads to other stuff!

In that tool bar, which is my resource, we can get it to show like members area, new stuff…

If they click on Start Here First

That’s gonna take them to my page. That gets them to webhosting, money getting tools. It takes them to money-getting and then they could buy my products and everything!

It’s very cool because they’re using it over and over and the idea of these lead magnets/profit magnets is to get people to use them over and over! To provide something of value!

Let’s go ahead and dive into the Different Types Of Profit Magnets you can make because there’s lots of different ones..

Make anything from a tool bar to whatever you want which is really cool!

If you guys are new to the channel

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and you can join us live and everything

The Different Types Of Magnets That You Can Make To Generate Money Over And Over Again
These don’t take that long to do.

An example of a magnet would be like this little bonus guide. This is a little bonus guide that I created. I think it’s 34 pages. Probably took me a day to make. It’s a little bonus guide on how to make affiliate profits fast. I put together this little guide and it’s got some little screenshots, not too difficult. This is an example of something that people downloaded all the time. They like to read it and as you guys can see, i actually have links to the products i want them to buy/download within the actual product. It’s a little pdf that i could distribute as many as i want. This thing has been downloaded thousands and thousands of times. It’s responsible for making lots of sales.

You could say… …i got my hosting affiliate links
…it’ll get the simple sites program in here
Lots of different things that you can use to get people in
It’s very easy when you think about this.
Think about the magnitude of what you could do!
Go out there and Do Any Niche!

If you want to make little guides on wordpress
You can make little guides or you could outsource it
You can go on fiverr and people make you guides about different things to do on wordpress

How many of you guys would like a really cool resource pdf or video on how to build a wordpress website?
Guess what? In order to build a wordpress website you need hosting
Which is a great affiliate program that pays between $50 – $300 when people sign up

You can also do “How To Add Plugins To WordPress” It’s not that hard to do!
A lot of you guys can do a lot of this stuff!
o How to add code
o How to embed in WordPress

Another thing you could do when you get into different types of lead magnets and profit magnets
could be LITTLE TOOLS! One that I use all the time is like an iframe tool. its like a little way to embed a website in another website.
You have this thing like an iframe html, you could go to google and you got 80-100 people a month looking this up. Iframe html – no competitors. These guys have been in the top for years because they have a resource. It’s a little tool that creates an iframe for them! And BOOM! There you go!

It’s not that hard to make. I guarantee you that I would be willing to bet that my programmer can probably make this in an hour! If I said “make me a little iframe code generator”, it’d probably take them about an hour. This is the same kind of thing we do with the simple sites big profits tools, if you were to go into your simple sites big profits tools area, and you go into money getting tools, you’re gonna see lots of different tools that we have and we’re updating a lot of them. You guys will see that in there…
…like a “buy now” button creator. This actually creates a button for people, watch this as a resource. i give this away free, just this one tool on my site to people looking for a paypal button generator.

Watch how many people search for this…
o Paypal donate button
o Create paypal button
o Paypal button checkout button
o WordPress paypal button

These people want a paypal button and now, my tool actually creates it!
They click paypal, they choose the button they want, they put their item number, they put their item name, they put the price $50, they put their email address, and then boom! Makes the code for them right there! They copy the code, real easy to make!

My programmer or an outsourcer would literally make this in five minutes
I can go and people will come in, Every day looking up paypal donate button, paypal create button, paypal button
And they’re gonna use it and then, i could say… “By the way, do you want to make more sales?”
Boom! Do this or buy my stuff!


What kind of things can I offer?
There’s lots of things you can look at!
There’s lots of information that people want and i want you to realize that people are looking for information tools. They’re looking for information. They’re looking for downloads. They’re looking for reports. They’re looking for guides. They’re looking for all kinds of stuff! If you were to go in the theme market and you create a bunch of wordpress themes, BOOM!
Now you have a resource!
Now you can Make A Lot Of Money!

What kinds of things can we do?
We can go out and we could do a price report or a review. You can create a review of different products or find cheap prices on things. I could go and i could do prices. You could go out there and you can do price comparisons! You can do all kinds of stuff! The best use for a price report or a review is after an opt-in or as a Stand-alone give away.

What do I mean by that? You would have a page and say “Hey, find the cheapest video camera!” You take him to your site and your profit magnet can literally be a page on your site. Doesn’t have to be a download; doesn’t have to be a tool; it could be a page on your site as long as it’s designed to get traffic and funnel people to things that make your money. You can go there and you’re gonna review this video camera and we’re gonna show you the cheap prices. You Can Do This Just On Your Page or you can say “Put Your Name And Email In! To Get My Detailed Review On The Camera And The Best Price To Get It”

This is something you can use! Extremely easy!
Making a priced report on something
Making a little review is so easy to do
This stuff will take you maybe 1-2 hours
or maybe a day at the most
if it’s a complicated one.

I created that Paypal button that’s in simple sites, that was created back in 2009…
I still use it today because nothing’s changed! I do this with lots of stuff in addition to it…
We also have the ones that only our members get, like our opt-in box creator. This one’s a simple one that creates an opt-in box and it’s all just based on the code. Programmers know how to do this.
Super easy! Right? You just go out there! You make it happen!

We actually teach you guys outsourcing in the simple sites course as well.

One of the things you can do is a price report or review. Another one you can do is an article or press release. You want to create an article that helps the user get information on a topic. Sounds really complicated but it’s actually not that complicated. The best use on this is site content with affiliate links. When you create this, you want to create this as a website content and put affiliate links in it.
An example of this would be my page. It’s on the first page of Google for making money with a Wix site. This was created September 18, 2017 so this is over a year old this gets me sales each and every week!

Right now, I created a video on How To Use A Wix Site and then we made a little report. They could put their name and email for the report and they can actually read the report here. This report shows them how to do all this. I didn’t even write this myself, i had someone write it. This little resource page is designed at getting these certain people from wix website. This isn’t really an affiliate marketing article, it’s more talking about like a wix website but i’m able to spin it into what i want.

This would be an example of creating an article or press release.
You create an article that helps the user get information on a topic.
The best use is site content with affiliate links.

I’m actually using this as site content and then i have my affiliate links in here
for hosting different links to my products as well.
This thing gets me traffic every day!
Every day, someone comes to my site from this article using Google.
If I tried to rank for affiliate marketing, i’m probably not going to do it! but i can go out there and I can rank for different types of things that people are looking for in a roundabout way. I can rank for adsense!

If anyone has a niche and you want me to show you how that works for your niche, I can do that as well!

You just go out there you find out people that want what you have to offer that don’t know they want it yet!
And then you bring them in to you and you say “Hey, this is how it works!”
Articles and press releases are good

  • We got praise reports
  • We got articles and press releases

You can do a pdf download where they download the report and you could build a mailing list with it

Here’s the thing: PEOPLE LOVE PDFs
How many of you guys want me to give
you that pdf from the beginning? That is the special bonus. It’s a 34 page report that teaches you how to get started fast with affiliate marketing.

if you guys want to get that pdf all you got to do is go over to
put your name and email in the box
I will send it out tonight in tonight’s email with a new video that i made you

  • You just go there
  • You’ll get the toolbar
  • You’ll get the pdf

You can make pdfs on everything! You guys could see that that works!
You can make a report just like i did and you can sell in the report.
You can use it to build a mailing list or bonding with your market.


Another thing you can do is a List… You want to find a good niche?
Go to your Google Keyword Tool…
You type in the word list and we’ll just go ahead and isolate it…
Look at all these lists

o STD list
o Html list

Let’s do HTML list!

This guy has a list of all the html things and because he has it,
this guy dominates the market!

He can get people in the web hosting, he can get people into html code schools

and it’s all based on a simple resource that 6600 people a month are looking for!

You can do this with

  • grocery lists
  • html elements lists
  • list of all websites
  • list of whatever!

You can even do anything! Write anything having to do with lists! You can create that list and make it a value!
– Selling health insurance? Go for the STD list!

Let’s see what else we have here… REFERENCE PAPER OR A GUIDE?
You can do guide! A lot of people look up guides. TV guide was an ultimate resource! That was a huge one that People look at.

What kind of guides are they looking for?
 TV guide Tampa. You can make your own little TV guide for Tampa and get people to download toolbars to watch TV online.
 Digital TV guide
 Homework guides

There’s another one like math tutor help…
I had a student, i think he was 76 years old. He was a retired guy, built helicopters and stuff. This guy made a site with little resources on how to help people with homework. It was a homework helper site. He gave away downloads and i think his best month with that site, he made $4,000 or $7,000! It’s all free traffic! All people looking for homework help! That’s all they were looking for – his homework helping.

You can do this stuff!
It’s not that hard to do!
You just need to go through and create your resource and that’s what he did!
His resources were web pages that ranked in Google and linked them to the stuff

A search engine or tool could be something that helps people find stuff…

For example, I had a tattoo search engine. It was a little search engine and it just looked up tattoo stuff. It just went to different search engines and found tattoos. It took me about 5 minutes to create. It actually searched with my affiliate link. It searched on this certain tattoo site that I was an affiliate site of and they were able to search.

A search tool would work good for people looking up restaurants in their area, movie times…
People that look up movie times are great for stuff like this. You can make like a little movie time finder, they put their zip code in and boom! There you go! These get a little technical but they’re really easy to make. You can outsource them or you can learn to create them yourself.

In your simple sites big profits desktop, we actually have a search box creator tool! You could go to the search box creator. All you would have to do is go to where you want it!

Let’s say you want to do like movie times 90210.
That would be the zip code. It’s gonna find the movie times in the air.

All you’d have to do is copy the code and put this code into this box and then just replace the zip code with the word “variable” and then boom!

Copy this on your site and it’ll put a search box! It’ll link right to there. Now, You Have A Little Search Box!

Search boxes and tools are good things you can use as well!
The best use for this is anywhere you can use it!
 If I have an addiction site, maybe I could link to the AAA meetings in an area
 If I have a site about movie times, I can use that or pizza or something like that

The next one is a converter… What kind of converter can you use?
This is a really good one because when you look at the things that people type in…
You could do the word “convert”

Mp3 converter
If you created an mp3 converter, let’s say you spent a month and $2,000 to create an mp3 converter. Boom! You now have something that 1.5 million people a month are searching for. That’s insane! That would be a profit magnet that would work over and over!

You can create a little converter and you can even make it downloadable so they have it over and over!
This is a great way to get people to use your stuff over and over again!

You have a little tool and you can actually make it downloadable!
And on the bottom of your converter you can have a link to an affiliate program or a link to something to buy or maybe like an advertisement. If you go to offer vault there’s all kinds of things you can offer people!

How do you get all the people searching to get to your product? There’s lots of ways you can do it!
 If i had a converter for recipe stuff, i would do paid search. I pay for him to come to my site.
 If i was doing stuff like the wix article, i’d go for free stuff.
If you have a tool like a little converter download,
you could actually go to different download sites like CNET

If you did like… Download Money Converter

You would see currency converter here is in the app store so you could actually put it in the app store or you could put it on softepedia and you would show up. You can also do it on facebook ads. If I had a really good report like that little report I showed you earlier that everyone wanted, we can actually put that on facebook and get people to download it! Get people to check it out and build a list that way! I Can Get People To My Site Super Fast!

Buying ads is the fastest way to get traffic. I know a lot of people talk crap about buying ads but why would you not want to buy ads if i need traffic for 5-10 cents a click, driving my thing and build a mailing less than BOOM! There you go!

Another one would be a video! Creating a video is really cool!

How do we get traffic?
How do we get in front of these people?

Let’s go to Google first and we’re gonna do “closing cost calculator”

and it’s not too competitive. It’s not crazy, not too many ads. If we wanted to rank quick, we could actually go to videos. We can look at close and got 618 results!

I could put this on youtube and I would probably rank pretty fast!

What am I gonna make a video on?
You’re gonna go to your closing cost calculator and you can show people how to use it!

And you’re like… by the way, if you want this closing cost calculator, go to my website!
On your website, you have ads for mortgages, for closing costs, for realtors!
If you look at this, some of these guys are getting quite a bit of traffic!
55,000! 11,000! 7,000! 109,000! 67,000! 20,000!
Lots of people getting lots of traffic and it’s not that difficult!
You’re gonna see that it’s super non-competitive!

Making a video would be something of value. Years ago, I made the video about How To Make 300 A Day With Affiliate Marketing.
This video is a little resource. It’s got almost three hundred thousand views!

I know there’s lots of other gurus getting lots of other traffic but this one does well for me!
I get visitors every day! I get subscribers on my mailing list! People download my toolbar! People buy my product! All because of this!! You just have to focus on it!

This is a competitive market but if you go into some of these markets that we’re talking about where it’s like a report or a calculator or whatever, boom! You’re gonna get in there and you’re gonna be in a market of all to yourself!

 You could create a video for an opt-in page, a giveaway, or for traffic generation
 You could create it and say “hey, put your name and email to get the video on this.”
 You could do it as just a giveaway on your site like i give away a video on youtube.
 You could do it for traffic generation where you’re simply going out there and generating traffic.
 You could send them to your mailing list.

The best uses for video is opt-in sales and traffic generation.
Those are the best use for that resource

Another resource you can look at is a calculator…
These work really good. Kind of like the closing cost calculator but you can actually go and look at all the people that are looking up all the different calculators. The idea is to spin them from what they’re looking in or looking up into what you want them to go to. If they’re looking up a math calculator, i want to eventually get them into like the homework toolbar.

If you do a mortgage calculator, 2.7 million people a month are looking for that!
I actually had a mortgage payment website. I sold it to one of my students years ago.
But this site made like $1700 a day in its peak
Literally made money with adsense!
Made money with mortgage stuff!
And the whole reason it worked is because i had the calculators!

“Isn’t it hard to make all those calculators?”
No! I actually literally bought the calculators.

How much do you guys think i paid for 20 customized calculators for my website?
I actually got them for $150 which was crazy! I think you can still get them today if you do like mortgage payment calculator for website. You can actually go in, you can get them free. You can buy the rights to tons of them you can use. There’s free tools here and you could put these on your site. All you have to do is put them out there. Get them and get them going!

Literally for $150, I had a resource and it worked really well!

…It had amortization calculators

Look at your competition
Why would someone search for that?
They’re searching for it because they’re interested in prices of loans.
If i go in and i do refinance and i’m like boom! Here we go!
We got Refinance Mortgage!
Look at how much they’re paying per click!

That’s the same traffic, they just don’t know it yet.
All i do is i make my tool bar or i make my calculator
and then at the bottom i put calculate how much you can save!
Click here to get a mortgage based on today’s rates!

We got our last one which is Software And Tools!

In the simple sites course, i teach you guys all of this in detail.
If you do not have the simple sites big profit software yet…
What are you thinking?
Do you want to make money or do you not?

Same kind of thing with lots of stuff out there…
They create it once, BOOM! THERE YOU GO!

The guy who created Facebook created Facebook once.
Got a bunch of people to use it and boom! One of the richest guys in the world!
Amazon created this software that ran his site that found different things that you can buy for cheap.
Boom! Done deal!
If you want to learn this stuff, I teach you how to build it in detail.
All you got to do is go to SIMPLESITESBONUS.COM
You can pick up a copy of our course!

You can go here
when the anniversary edition is out,
The price is going up to $997

You can get it right now and
you actually get the upgrade free!
It’s $297!
You save $700!!


The Simple Sites Course Goes Through This And It Walks You Through Everything!
We actually teach you how to create your resources! You’re gonna go in content creation and setting up shop. You’re gonna learn how to create these resources.

In the anniversary edition, we’re actually taking it a step further.
I’m actually giving you access to my software creation stuff.
You’re actually going to get those videos as part of the simple sites course
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Don’t overcomplicate this!
Too many people are worrying about what their website looks like, what page builder they’re using, what kind of picture they’re using, what they’re opting… That stuff doesn’t matter!
What matters is…
Do you have something that your market wants?!

If you don’t, you’re not going to make money!
If you don’t have something that your market wants, then you’re not gonna make money!

I don’t care how good your site is. I don’t care how great it is. I don’t care how many webinars you do. I don’t care if they don’t care. If they don’t want what you have to give them or sell them, you’re not gonna make any money!

You’ve Got To Focus On What They Want

How do you know what they want?
It’s very simple. You go to the google adwords tool, you type your keyword in. You see what they want.

These guys want to refinance, this guy wants a refinance calculator! That’s what he wants!
I make a calculator – i have something he wants! Done deal! It’s not that hard! It’s not rocket science!

You got to put this stuff together which is what we teach you how to do in
You follow the videos. You walk through the guide. You learn how to do it.
Once you have that, it works really well!

Let’s talk about some of the other things you can do!
More specifically, that you can create of value!

Let’s say you’re in a market…
Let’s say you go into a market like bible stuff or inspiration…
I want to tackle all these people looking up inspirational quotes because there’s a lot of them!
There are tons of people looking up inspirational quotes! Positive quotes!
You want to get into the self-help market!

This is your back door… You start providing good quotes

What would be a good resource?
 Images could be a good resource
 You could do a video! You could make a little video of quotes!

We could see how many people are searching inspirational quotes…
63,000 views! 432,000 views! 416,000!
There’s a lot of views here! I mean, literally, this is insane!
There’s so many views it’s not funny!
People are looking it up and all they’re doing is putting like little quotes with like royalty free music and there you go!

A buddy of mine does this all the time. He has the site or the channel “evan carmichael” and on his channel,

  • Here’s The Secret Habit That Oprah Day Uses
  • Here’s How To Say Yes To This
  • Here’s Five Secrets From This Guy
  • Here’s This Here’s Mentoring Advice From This Guy

He just goes through and he does this. Look at how big his channel is!
1.6 million subscribers!
And his view count is through the roof!

He makes a full-time living doing this he’s a heck of a guy! We actually have an interview. We actually sat down and talked about how he did this! If you want to watch that – highly recommended!

You could make a video
You could do a video ad
You can get tons of people to watch it
And then you can get them to Go To Your Site To Download A Pdf That They Can Download Of The Quotes!
They download it.
They print it out.
They use it.

Another thing you can do is spreadsheets…
If you know how to use microsoft excel, you can make money! It’s not that hard to do!
You go to google “spreadsheets”

Watch the spreadsheets people want:
• Google spreadsheet
• Budget spreadsheet
• …………………..

There you go! You could create a budget spreadsheet.
Actually, i created a full-on budget spreadsheet in 3 hours. You can use that budget spreadsheet and you could put it on your site! You can put it, you can make a video on how to use it, and boom! There you go!

Look at this budget spreadsheet 661,000!

There are no excuses for not making money on the internet!
It’s just like you just really don’t want to do it or you don’t want to learn from people who know how to do it!

Results not typical implied or guaranteed. I don’t know what you’ll make.
You might make nothing, you might make a bunch.
We have no idea.
Watching videos never makes anyone rich!
But you can look at this and you could say
“Hey, I could learn how to make this budget spreadsheet!
I can create my own and i can make it as a giveaway”
You can even make one based on someone else’s teaching!
Another thing you can do is infographics!
Infographics are great! What’s an infographic?
It’s like a graphic that explains something. It’s like a report in an image.

There’s two ways that you can learn this in more detail:
i. The first way is through the SIMPLE SITES BIG PROFITS PROGRAM which we talked about. You can get at! Great course! Teaches you everything! You can learn everything there!
This is a course. It’s like to do it yourself version (DIY) training. You go in there, you learn, you build the stuff, you follow the example.

If you want me to pick you a niche, go to
I’m going to pick your domain. We give you a domain. These are all based on the niche and based on the fact that i know what i’m doing. I know how to find these niches and domains.

You’re Gonna Get That Domain
If you get the one for $1200 and you end up selling it for $1200 bucks,
You pocket $1200 and you only paid me $997 for the site!! It’s A Crazy Crazy Value!!
I don’t know what you’re gonna be able to sell these for.
I have no idea but that’s the value that that Godaddy says they’re worth.
I don’t know what you’ll be able to sell it for; might be less, might be more, might be nothing.

You’re Gonna Get A Domain That Is Worth Value! You’re Gonna Own That!

You’re Gonna Get A Custom Website And Theme With Plugins! We’re Gonna Custom Make This For You!

We’re Also Gonna Give You The Market!

We’re Gonna Tell You The Resource To Create!

We’ll Tell You How To Get Traffic!

I’ll Tell You The Offers To Run And I’ll Walk You Through It!

And Help You Make Money With It!


If that sounds good go to HIGHTICKETNICHES .COM!
Get all these cool bonuses worth a lot of money
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and then BOOM!

so you’ll be off to the races in a brand new niche ready to go!
it usually takes about 2-3 weeks to get them done

We actually give you a copy of the simple sites course as well!!

The high ticket niche is the best value!
If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, high ticket niche is the way to go!
Especially since you’re getting a domain!

What kind of domain metrics are behind these high ticket niches? Spam score, trust, follow, or age domains?
These are actually domains that i buy. Usually they’re new so they don’t have a spam score or trust or age
Or anything. They’re just brand new domains. I usually buy them on the spot brand new. I just happen to really, really know how to buy domains that are valuable. One year, i bought a domain for $15 and it was a domain about the national debt and i actually sold it a year later for $25,000 which is crazy!

Moral of the story is that I know how to pick the domains.

If you do that, you’re getting something of value and you actually own it!

This isn’t like another training product or a pdf or whatever…

You’re actually going to get a website you own that’s hosted on your hosting and the domain will be in your account. There is no better training on the market for this! For someone who doesn’t have a niche yet, there is nothing out there that is as good as this!

Advice on using PLR private label
I’ve probably made less than $50,000 on private label just because i haven’t really done much with it. Most of the PLR out there’s junk unless you know how to use it the right way. I used a chilling recipes book once and then from time to time I’ll buy themes or something as plr. You can use them as resources but it has to be very specific!
Now, if you get a high ticket niche and there is PLR in your niche that I think you should use,
we will tell you and we’ll show you where to get it!

I have students that have come to me and they’re like…
“I’ve been trying to do this for 10 years! I’ve spent money after money i got shiny object syndrome and i buy this thing and i buy that thing and they never really get started! This forces you to get started because now you have an itch!”

I think that it will really really work for you if you guys want to get started!
We’re not gonna include simple sites forever so that’s gonna go away pretty soon!
You will have to get them separate!
If you want to get the simple sites with the high ticket do it now!

When you get a niche there’s a process:
1. You sign up
First you go to and you sign up!
2. You submit a ticket
You go to and you put in a ticket.
3. We come back with niche suggestions
“I found you a niche about trade-in value. Do you want it?”
“I don’t really want trade-in value…. I want this…”
If you like the one, you say “Yes! I want it!”
4. We start build
Once you accept the name then we start to build it.
5. Delivery

If you’re waiting for a response for the build or the suggestion, just wait. Sometimes it can take 4-5 days to get because I’d rather give you a good niche instead of trying to rush them. That’s the process and it works really good and you guys are part of the process!

Funnel voodoo
I’ll give you a quick tip to make it work! Instead of using your aweber list name, use the aweber numerical list name. Put that in, it’ll work really easy!

If you go and you submit a ticket at pc money-making, they will help you with it!
That’s one of the things that they know how to do!
They’ll just write you back and be like i need to do this.

If you guys ever need to get help, we have a live chat feature which is insanely valuable!
I get people all the time that talk to me on here! You can actually talk to us live on live chat and be like…
“marcus where’s my niche markets?”
“what do you think about this?”
“marcus, what do you think about that”

If you’re new, i will probably try to sell you stuff because that’s what i do! And you guys should buy my stuff anyway because, obviously, if you think my free training is good, you’re gonna love the paid stuff! It’s better and more! And you get a niche!

So you could actually go in here and you can talk to us on live chat.
If you ever need help, you just go on here!
It’ll either be Andy, Myself Or Jackie on there to help you!
We’re usually there some time during the day, during normal business hours.
There’s usually someone on there.

Stop delaying! Stop messing around! Make 2019 awesome by having your own niche ready to go!
What am I going to do for my new year’s resolution?
You’re gonna get an itch and you can go make money with it!
That’s what you’re gonna do! You’re gonna make money by doing these resources

Do you need a landing page before you direct them to your blog site?
Yes, you could create a landing page with the tools. With the high ticket issue, we actually make your squeeze page for you. You just add your offers and some other stuff.

When you guys get simple sites and the other stuff, you guys get all myplugins which are awesome and which are cool! You’re gonna get some good stuff

Learn this stuff! Do it!
Stop thinking about it!
Stop just liking free videos and stuff!

Get Yourself Simple Sites
And do both of those or one of them
Whichever you choose before the price hike!
I Don’t Want To See You Guys Pay More!

Go create resources!

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