how much do bloggers make – the truth

Fake Screenshots, Unrealistic Expectations,
And The Truth About Blogging For Profit…

Todays Lineup:

Part One: The Truth About Screenshots And Income Stats

Part Two: Major Flaws When Trying To Profit With A Blog

Part Three: What You Need To Do To Actually Get Results

Part Four: What Can You Expect

Part One: The Truth About Screenshots And Income Stats

Over The Last 20 Years I Have Seen A LOT
Of Blogs, Websites, Income Reports, Statistics
And Behind The Scenes Of Many Business’



False Claims About Donations

Claim: All Money Donated To BLM Goes To DNC

1. I Am Not A Biden Supporter

2. Black Lives Do Matter

Truth! ActBlue Is A Payment Processor For Donations… Donations Go Where YOU Send Them.

Think Critically About Everything… Understand How The Internet Works!

When Looking At Screenshots Ask Yourself

1. Are The Results Something I Can Do?
2. What Is The Primary Traffic Source And Offers Promoted?

3. Is This Something Sustainable For Any Niche Market… I.E. Are They Teaching Marketing… Or Just How To Hock Their Product.

4. Do They Have A Big Following / List / Channel… This Will Make A HUGE Difference In YOUR Results

(recent video story… blog didn’t match income claims)

Surprisingly… A Was Voted As The Fake Screenshot… But Its Actually 100% Legit

Part 2: Major Flaws When Trying To Make Money Blogging


Parenting Tips And Baby Advice – $4,882 MO

Food Blog (Large) – $60,000 MO

Travel Blog $22,000 MO

Finance Blog – $17,714 MO

Small Food Blogger – $5,097 MO

Interior Design – $5,000 MO

Sewing – $3,100 MO

Knitting Seriously lol – $9,755

Celebrity Babies (larger blogger) – $30,000 MO

Weight Loss Organizing –

The Random Blogs Do Not Make As Much – Be Focused

PRO TIP: 90/10 Rule 90 Percent Of Results Come From 10% Of Your Work!

Traffic Waste: Going For Non Intent Keywords

Same Blog Rankings… Notice The Intent On This List

Offer Pairing: One Size Fits All Offer

Visitor Flow: Not Focusing On What You Want Them To Do

Reach: Focusing On The Wrong Reach Of The Blogger

Part Three: What Does It REALLY Take

What Does It REALLY Take To Profit In A Niche Market

Right Market + Right Keywords + Right Offer + Right Flow


Part Four: What Can You Expect

524,499 PV = $3,300 = $0.006 PV

300,000 PV = $61,000 = $0.20 PV

547,00 PV = $9,700 = $0.017 PV

1,500,000 PV = $23,000 = $0.15 PV

231,000 PV = $45,000 = $0.19 PV

How Much Traffic Do You Need To Make This Work

My Average $0.11 Per Click On JUNK Traffic (a lot on the same site)

Bottom Line: Who Do You Trust / Want To Follow

1. Find Someone Getting Results In OTHER Niches

2. Watch Out For Similar Screenshots (ie clickbank, legendary, clickfunnels, ect)

3. Learn From Someone Who Has Gotten Results… Real Results

4. Find Someone Who Knows How To Target And Cut Out Waste

5. Get Someone You Can Actually Talk To

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