How I Make Up to $15,000 or More Each Month Selling and Giving Away Simple PDF Files

Can you make up to $15,000 a month or more selling and giving away free PDFs on the internet?

Disclaimer, we don’t know if you’ll make $15 000 a month. You might make nothing. Most affiliate marketers make nothing but some of them do really well.

In this video, we’re gonna show you exactly

what to do if you want to do really well.

If you don’t know how to make a PDF, let me show you.

  • You simply go to Microsoft Word.
  • Hit file save as.
  • Choose PDF.

It’s really that easy!

  • If you don’t know how to put a PDF on your site, you simply drag that PDF you just saved onto your WordPress site. Hit save and boom there it is!

We’re gonna talk about exactly what kind of PDFs you need;

how to make money with them;

how to get them out there

and all kinds of stuff to help you make money with PDFs!

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Now let’s dive in to PDF profits. First and foremost, you want to realize that making money with PDFs can in fact happen even if you don’t have a website. Although I don’t recommend this method, you could simply put your affiliate links in the PDF, distribute them and make money.

I highly recommend that you have a website for list building and link tracking which I’ll teach you how to do over at It’ll take you about 15 minutes, cost you about $70 or $90 for the entire year of web hosting and you can have as many sites and PDFs as you want on one account.

Let’s go ahead and dive right in and talk about what kind of PDFs you’ll want.

First and foremost, what you want is a PDF with a good title.

You want something that’s going to attract visitors. If you’re in the weight loss market and you want to do a PDF about weight loss, it’d be something like the 7 tips that help you lose weight, number 3 is really good or something like that.

If you’re in the make money market, maybe it’s gonna be how to make money with PDFs in as little as 15 minutes a day or something like that.

Also, one of the things you want to realize is that people are searching for PDFs each and every day.

The third thing you want to realize is that people love PDFs!

I don’t know why the same content that’s on your blog could be turned into a PDF and all of a sudden everyone flips out and says, yeah I want the PDF! It happens all the time. You guys see me do it all the time here on the channel where I say if you want notes, downloadable PDF notes of any of my videos, go to and people go there every day by the droves and get PDFs of the same content that they just watched.

The first thing you need to know is you need to have a good title.

It’s gotta be something that’s gonna grab people in. Something people are gonna want to look at, download and consume.

Next, what you want to do is choose your distribution method.

You could distribute these on your blogs. You could send people to them from your videos. You could do a press release. You could put them on Facebook. You can put little links on Instagram, Pinterest, anywhere that people are at that want the kind of info that you have to offer. Hint, it’s pretty much damn near everywhere if you have the right title and the right hook.

The second thing you need when doing your PDF business is you’re going to need good content.

You gotta have something good that they’re gonna consume. This doesn’t mean it has to be 500 pages long. It could be like a three to seven-page book or PDF or whatever it is, just as long as it gives the good information. It’s very important that you want your information to lead to the next step.

At the end of this video I’m gonna say, hey if you want to learn more, go check out simple sites big profits my training course at!

If you’re doing an affiliate link, you would say I hope you enjoyed these workout tips, by the way check out this book on workout tips or by the way I use the Ab Roller for big buff abs.

We got to look at that, good content that leads to the offer.

Let’s put good content leads to offer. Whatever you’re offering is very important. To show you how simple this could be, you could simply make a PDF about how to create PDFs and distribute it and get people to download a PDF downloader.

Really cool and it’s easy!

The company pays you two dollars and fifty cents or more when they download it for free! They don’t have to opt-in or anything, you simply give away your book, give away the tools, you make money!

You could do this with expensive products. You can do it with cheap products and these will get distributed. Hint, PDFs actually show up in the search results of Google, MSN, Yahoo or any favorite search engine you have. So these are gonna rank.

Next, we got to have good offers.

You got to have a good offer to make in your PDF. If you’re using an affiliate program, make sure that the way you lead them into the affiliate offer is very seamless and very easy.

Just like when I go, hey go to If you want me to teach you everything about how to make money online, get the course! Very simple! Segues in a really easy way and you could plug these on your PDFs. The cool thing is, the more PDFs you have out there, the more people consuming your content, the more people that are going to click your affiliate links or your product links, and the more money you’re going to make!

Bonus tip number four is that you can use your PDFs to build a huge mailing list.

That’s right! PDFs are like a hook if you’re going fishing, and you are going to lure the fish in saying come get my PDF. They put the name and email on your website. You build a mailing list. You can market to them over and over. Send them other PDFs and videos or whatever it is you want to send. Get people back to your offer and you can make money!

Lastly, number five, this is why I recommend a website among other things), is you could use these PDFs to send people back to your website.

You can build a following simply by getting these PDFs, getting people to opt-in for the information, sending them affiliate offers and following up with them in a really easy way. You could simply follow up with them since you already know they want PDFs with PDFs every day or every other day or whatever. It’s all automated and easy to do. So we go through and we look at this. We’ve got to have a PDF with a good title. We have to have good content and offers.

Now you can learn about how to find offers over on my offer finding video which we’re going to show you at the end of this. Just click it! It’ll go right over there. We’ll show you how we find offers.

You got to have a good offer.

You gotta have a good content that leads to the offer.  

You got to have a good offer.

You gotta build a mailing list.

You gotta send people back to your website.

If you do this in the right way, people will consume your PDFs. They’ll come back to you for more content. They’ll appreciate the work that you’ve done compiling the information and boom there you go! Now let’s get into some other stealth tips.

Let’s say you don’t want to write your own PDF. You’re lazy. You want to sit around and do nothing. You could actually go over to a content writing service and have them write your PDF for you for about 25 to 50 dollars. Very Inexpensive!

Again, remember when this is written, if you’ve spent twenty-five dollars you’ll probably get like a 10 to 20-page report and when it’s written, it’s your job to plug the affiliate offers and make it fancy and put a logo and everything like that.

It’s very very easy to do!

The last tip I’m gonna give you is that when you put these on your website, they will start to get indexed in the search engines.

You can use this index on social media, you can use this on your videos, you could use this anywhere you want to drive people back to your PDF. You can use that to get people to buy things. I’ve used PDFs to get people to buy three thousand dollar products and they sign up like that. I don’t know how easy it’ll be in your market but hey it works if you do it!

So focus! Look at it like a very simple process. Make PDFs based on what people are searching for. Get the offers! I teach you that in the video that’s going to come up next.

Lastly, distribute your PDF in a very simple way so that people can find it!

If you look around go to the MSN homepage. These kind of things are over there all the time or the Bing homepage or whatever it’s called now. These kind of things are there all the time and you can use that to make this stuff work.

Again, Remember, your title, your headline is everything!

Look at news headlines. Focus on studying how headlines work and make something juicy that people are going to want to read and want to consume.

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You can ask questions and learn about how to make money online. Learn all about how to find niches for your PDFs and offers that’ll make you money. Thanks again for watching! I’m Marcus and I’ll see you in the next video.


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