how i made my first $100,000 online

Studies show that if you could make it through the first 90 seconds of this video, your odds of making $100,000 a year online go up exponentially. Because making money online isn’t just about your skill set or what you know, it’s about your ability to focus. And that’s why the first 90 seconds of this video are so important. So let’s go ahead and start the clock. How I made my first $100,000 online. BTG, DCM, ESB equals money for you. When I first started out, I was a magician and I worked at McDonald’s. And I realized that being a magician paid a lot more than standing around and serving hamburgers. So I decided to learn marketing. Now, this brought in some pretty decent money, but not enough to live with a child on the way in southern California.

So I decided to take what I learned about marketing my magic business and apply it to the web. And I came across this local company that was selling cigars and wanted a website so that they could build their business. And they said, “Marcus, we want to rank number one on Google for the word cigar.” I said, “Wait a minute, fellas. That word is way too competitive.” Wait a minute, what? Did you just say that when people Google the word cigars, advertisers are willing to pay for each click to their website? Yep. Remember, this is all about focus. So these guys wanted to rank for cigars, but that was too competitive. So instead I found all the different cigar names that had no competition at all. I built their site, ranked for a bunch of those words, and got paid $10,000. And that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Once I realized that people were willing to pay for rankings on Google and that when you go for the right keyword there’s literally no competition, I went like crazy. I went out there and found businesses that wanted more traffic, wrote them a little email, found them some non-competitive keywords, outsourced the dirty work, and put money in my pocket. Some people paid like $2,000, $5,000, $10,000, or more. And that brings us to part number one, bridge the gap. You want to find a way to bridge the gap between businesses and customers. Number two, direct contact marketing. What I did was very simple. I would go to different places that had lists of websites that used certain processors, like PayPal. Then I focused on the businesses that weren’t very popular and weren’t making that much money. Then I wrote an email that said, “I have some ideas to get more business to your,” blank, “website.” The blank was filled in by the website niche, magic stores, cigar companies, car dealers, limousine companies, you name it. And the key to making this work was to be the expert in their field.

Because let’s face it, there was no cigar website expert or limousine website expert. So I stood out in the field all alone. And to do this is actually pretty simple. You can use sites like BuiltWith, different PayPal shop directories, Shopify stores, drop shippers, local business websites and magicians, and on and on we go. And if you don’t want to pay for a fancy tool, what I did back then was just type in “magic store” in quotes and then put PayPal. This showed me all the magic stores that took PayPal, which meant they were usually a little bit smaller and I could get paid via PayPal like that. And you might be saying, “But Marcus, I don’t know how to get search engine rankings.” Well, truth be told, I’m not that great at it either.

Which brings us to number three, ESB, or easy service business. You see, my job is quite simply to bridge the gap between the person wanting the search engine rankings and the person who can get them. Then all I need to do is focus on finding good keywords for that market. Notice how my first customer said, “I want to rank for cigars,” and I said, “Sorry, no amount of money is going to make that happen. Instead, what if we went for low competition keywords?” And badaboom, badabing, a customer was born. Then I just wash, rinse, and repeat with more customers. And when it comes to keywords like this, the name of the game is having good content and low competition. And if you nail that, you can make money.

Here’s another little money tip for you. Use sites like Fiverr not just to outsource the work, but also to find customers. If you were to go to Fiverr like this and type in “keyword research,” you could see that there’s all kinds of services getting lots of customers where they just find keywords for a website. Why would anyone want keywords for a website? Like I mentioned earlier, people are willing to pay to show up on Google. So if I can already do the keyword research, get paid a little bit of money, and then use that to promote bigger services, pretty soon I’m going to have me a Lamborghini full of cash. Smash that like button, subscribe, because now I’ve got to clean all this stuff up. And to learn more about how to make money using search engine rankings, check out the videos in the description.

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