How CPA Affiliate Networks and OfferVault Work

Hey guys it’s Marcus here from!

Today I’d like to talk to you about one of the biggest questions that I get online, and that is,

“How does a CPA network or affiliate network actually pay you?”

I’d like to illustrate this with our little friend here named Bob and Bob wants to start making money online. He’s like, okay “How do I make money online as an affiliate?” Then he comes to a guy like me and he says, “Marcus oh great wonderful guru, how do I actually make money and how do the CPA networks pay me because Marcus I’ve heard of all this stuff like

  • COST PER DOWNLOAD, where I get paid per download or
  • COST PER LEAD, get paid just for people filling out forms or downloading things
  • COST PER SALE where I’m getting paid when people buy things or even the
  • COST PER CALL when you get paid, when people call a certain phone number about a certain topic or a lead.

Basically here is what happens and here’s how you get paid.

This is one of the ways that you can get away from getting scammed online is by number one, write this down, UNDERSTANDING WHERE THE MONEY COMES FROM because you can get paid per download per lead per sale per call or per month, but unless you know where the money’s coming from you’re not going to have a viable business. 

Here is our business guide. This is our business guy and he is willing to do something because he has a business. So you know how those people advertise and spend lots of money on ads on the Superbowl? Well, the reason they’re doing that is that they’re hoping for action.

GoDaddy advertises because they want people to sign up for hosting and Coca-Cola advertises because they want people to drink Coke and Bud Light advertises because they want people to drink beer and so on and so forth.

So that is the essence of what they want.

If a lawyer was to advertise he would want leads for his legal business. If a cellphone company was to advertise, he wants signups for his cellphone company. Now the cool thing in being an affiliate marketer is the fact that we know that TV advertising costs a lot of money. But when these people come online they say I’m willing to pay for a certain action whether it is a lead someone filling out a form on my site, whether it is a sale someone actually buying something, whether it’s a download someone downloading something or whether it’s a call to my business or any other one of the various models that there are.

You can get all the model at and blog profit Network as well.

Very important, very easy to go through! But now let’s talk about that because here we have our business owner. This is our big business guy and our big business guy has a bunch of money.

He’s like ok I want to spend money to get customers. I want people to buy stuff.

Now Bob could go to this guy directly and say,

Hey dude you got money, give it to me directly and I’ll promote your site.”

But Bob most of the time doesn’t really know how to do that so he says, “Well you know I really can’t contact Sears by myself or I can’t contact some big network or company by myself.”

So what he needs is an AFFILIATE NETWORK.

An affiliate network, basically works like this.

You have Bob on one side, we have the business who’s willing to pay for something, says “I’ll pay $ a lead $ a sale  cents a download or  bucks when someone calls me.” Then he says that’s what I’m willing to do.

Instead of going to you directly and you going to him directly and making this agreement and doing all this tracking and getting a check and figuring out how much people owe you what happens is you have the affiliate network.

The affiliate network is this computer up here. What they do is they contact all these guys that are willing to pay for stuff. So you got big companies like Verizon and you got companies like mine spark and and, and all these other companies that are willing to pay for something. They want to get something for their money whether it’s a download a lead a click a sale, whatever it is they want to pay for that.

Then the network goes to them and say, “What are you willing to pay?” and they say, “Well I’ willing to pay ten dollars for someone to fill out this form okay and they put that in their Network You, Bob, log on to the network and you find that offer. This network is taking the money from the business okay and they’re saying okay this guy is willing to pay $20 per lead, good and they say “Hey Bob the dude is willing to pay 20 bucks a lead. We’ll give that to you.”

They take a little bit for themselves, so this guy pays like 20 bucks a lead, they take two bucks and they say,

We’ll pay you 18 bucks, they take care of the accounting, they take care of the tracking, they take care of the refunds, they take care of the disgruntled customers, they take care if the guy doesn’t pay them all this stuff, they are taken care of and they have someone that is there willing to help you.”

Very very very very easy!

It starts with these businesses and these middlemen which are the affiliate networks. The affiliate networks are our friends. Most of the time if they’re good ones and what they do is they make sure that we get our check, we get the tracking, the reporting and everything that we need to make money online.

Very very simple and we are paid on a per action basis. That’s what CPA affiliate marketing is. It’s cost per action. You’re getting paid for a certain thing. Basically you’re getting paid for the action.

Let’s take a look at it in a different realm.

Here we have our affiliate network and here we have our Bob. Bob’s like, “Dude Marcus I want to make money online I want to get into affiliate network marketing. What do I do?

Basically what happens is there’s several different ways that these affiliate networks pay you.

They could pay you in, sometimes, cash if that’s what you want. Sometimes they pay you with a check. Sometimes they do a direct bank wire.

A lot of people ask me, they say “Marcus well what about offer vault? What does offer vault do?”

Offer vault is basically exactly what it says. They are a vault that checks the offers that in the network has. For example if this network has 500 offers, there’s now going to be 500 offers on offer vault for that specific network. So if we go to offer vault and we search for something, you’re going to see exactly what’s going on.

Very very very simple!

This is basically how the whole thing works. An offer vault is like a directory of all the offers on all the networks.

Here is a recap of what you need to pay attention to.

Basically you have these guys who are willing to pay cost per download, cost per lead, cost per Sale, cost per call. He’s willing to pay money for something. You can’t really go to him directly and even if he could, it’d be very difficult because you’d have to have all the tracking and all the software and all the junk that cost millions of dollars to run.

So what happens is instead you go to an affiliate network, you have this affiliate network which is at the top here. The FL affiliate network bridges the gap between this guy willing to pay for stuff and you the affiliate. You the affiliate guy paying for stuff, they take the money from the dude. They give the money to you. They take a little bit for themselves.

Now we know what we get paid for. We know what’s going on. We know how the affiliate network works and again offer vault is a bridge between the affiliate networks and us.

So instead of going and signing up for a thousand different affiliate networks, you could offer vault. You’re like okay I want to find an affiliate program about the word noodles and we have the word noodles and they’ll go find a program about it and that’s basically what happens.

How do we get paid by the network?

The network basically pays us either in check bank wire or sometimes cash which is also known as an ATM card that they give you.

That’s basically how it works!

Thank you for watching this video.

I want to show you how to make money online as an affiliate marketer by getting people to download things from your site, fill out lead forms, call, cost per sale clicks whatever it is that is how you make money online.

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Again my name is Marcus and I have been making money online for over 14 years and in that time I’ve made over $5,000,000 which I know a lot of people have made more. Most people have made less but it’s not too bad from one guy working in his backyard offers to play with his kids most the time.


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